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The Arkham Knight is like a dark reflection of Batman. He seems to know everything about him: tactics, gadgets and weaknesses. He has used this knowledge to create an identity that mocks the Dark Knight and creates a striking image on the battlefield that inspires his army and terrifies the enemies.


Damian + kids his own age (ft. Nell Little, Maps Mizoguchi, Colin Wilkes and Maya Ducard)

One of the things I’m most loving in the New 52 is seeing Damian interact with kids his own age, like Maya and Maps, and even start forming friendships. I still miss Colin, though

My little demon baby finally learned to form (sort of) normal relationships with kids his own age! I’m so proud. <3

(Also, check out how non-whitewashed he is in the more recent comics! THIS PLEASES ME SO MUCH.)


“You know, I was proud when you took the name Nightwing. And now, a little part of me is kind of sad you gave it up. The great rebuilder, the catalyst of change, eternally reborn to start anew. But then, I think there’s a more appropriate name for that title now. Grayson.”


Trinities in Trinity


  • the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • a group of three people or things.
  • the state of being three.
List of Trinities:
  • The Trinity (Top Row)
    • Superman
    • Batman
    • Wonder Woman
  • The Dark Trinity (Upper Middle Row)
    • Bizarro
    • Red Hood
    • Artemis
  • The Mystic Trinity (Lower Middle Row)
    • Deadman
    • John Constantine
    • Zatanna
  • The Unholy Trinity (Bottom Row)
    • Lex Luthor
    • Ra’s al Ghul
    • Circe
Related Posts: Image Used:
  • Trinity #7 by Miguel Mendonça (Lex Luthor)
  • Trinity #12 by V Ken Marion

One-Eyed Birds

Two incidents is hardly a pattern make – however, it is trending close to it. Hopefully, the incidence of one-eyed Robins is waning. In retrospect, I like the idea of one-eyed Robins, there’s a poetic dichotomy of having an acrobat (Dick Grayson) and a sharpshooter (Jason Todd) with no depth perception. In spite of the fact that I’m partial to it, I don’t want it to spread.

Image Source:

  • Dick Grayson: Batman Beyond (Vol. 3) #4 by Ryan Benjamin (Right)
  • Jason Todd: Batwoman (Vol. 3) #6 by Renato Arlem (Left)