batman palace

The Flu

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Requested by: @cupcakequeen1999 

Batman follows enemy all the way to the Wakandan palace & he runs into T’Challa’s 4 yr. Old son (the reader) who’s a little sick with the flu & T’Challa walks in on them talking & thinking Batman’s an assassin goes all overprotective!daddy!panther! On him & the son who’s all innocent is like “Daddy, it’s okay” & Bats finally gets why T is so protective of his baby boy after he sees him put his son back to bed?

“Alfred, you’re going to have to cancel dinner for tonight. I’m gonna be home late,” Batman said though the speaker of the batplane.

“Might I ask why, sir?” Alfred asked on the other end of the line.

“The Joker escaped from Arkham again and seems to have headed towards Wakanda,” Batman said in an unwavering tone.

“Will you be telling the King of the current situation?” Alfred asked.

“I don’t have time to do that,” Batman replied. “I’ll have to inform him later.”

“Good luck, sir,” Alfred responded before ending the call.

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Batman hosts a variety show, Oct. 8, 1966.

If Ulquiorra and Batman were locked in a room...

As requested by trunkai. :)

In this crossover edition of my locked in a room series, we are going to imagine what would happen if Ulquiorra found himself locked in a room…with Batman.

Ulquiorra: Who are you?

Batman: I’m…Batman.


Ulquiorra: Why are you talking in that voice?

Batman: What voice?

Ulquiorra: That artificially gravelly voice.

Batman: …this is my voice. It’s not artificial.

Ulquiorra: Are you attempting to hide your identity?

Ulquiorra: You do not need to do that with me.

Ulquiorra: I don’t care. And also I am dead.

Batman: I’m not hiding my identity.

Batman: I am…Batman.


Ulquiorra: Well I can certainly see why we were paired.

Batman: Is it because you look like one of my villains?

Batman: With that weird helmet thing, that ridiculous teardrop makeup, and your artificially porcelain-white skin?

Batman: To say nothing of your sword.

Batman: Who other than comic book villains fight with swords these days?

Ulquiorra: No, I meant because I am also a Bat-Man.


Batman: I’m Batman.

Ulquiorra: I realize that I do not look much like a bat now.

Ulquiorra: But in my release, I have leathery bat wings and fuzzy bat legs and a long tail.

Ulquiorra: …although the tail is probably not something you associate with bats.

Ulquiorra: I just now realized that the tail is weird.

Batman: Wait. If I am following you correctly, this means that you have the ability to turn into a giant bat?

Ulquiorra: Exactly.

Ulquiorra: Hence - bat but also man. Batman.

Batman: I hate bats.

Ulquiorra: You named yourself after something you hate?

Batman: Yes.

Batman: I conquered my fear and made it my own.

Batman: Now I dress and fight in the manner of bats.

Batman: Batman!

Ulquiorra: You do not look much like a bat.

Ulquiorra: In my experience, bats do not wear body armor.

Ulquiorra: Nor do they have horns.

Ulquiorra: Or belts.

Batman: My costume is bat-inspired. It is not supposed to look like an actual bat.

Batman: Anyway, you literally look nothing like a bat right now, so I don’t know why you’re criticizing me.

Ulquiorra: At least we have that in common.

Ulquiorra: Perhaps we have other things in common as well.

Ulquiorra: Are you emo?

Batman: I have been known to be melancholic.

Ulquiorra: Do you live in a giant palace?

Batman: A mansion, yes.

Ulquiorra: Do you have bad luck with women?


Batman: Batman does, sure.

Ulquiorra: You see. We have much in common.

Batman: Do you fight using complicated and cool gadgets?

Ulquiorra: No I mostly use my hand.

Batman: Any old faithful man servants?

Ulquiorra: Ew.

Batman: Dead parents?

Ulquiorra: I do not have any parents to be dead

Batman: Not so similar after all.

Batman: Now I must go.

Batman: I am the night.

Batman: Gotham needs me.

Batman: And my throat is realllly killing me.


Ulquiorra: You are a strange human.