batman kite

War of Jokes and Riddles in 5 panels

Selina, we just made sweet love. Now, allow me to ruin a lovely evening by telling you a reeeeeealy long and possibly way to convoluted story.

I’m the Joker. I’m mopey because clever writing, I guess.

I’m the Riddler. I’m in this story to have my status as a Batman villain elevated… even though I’m already one of Batman’s most famous foes.

I’m Kite Man. I’m very important because I’m lame.

We are villains who sided either with Riddler or Joker. Why? Well…. Um…
… Clever writing?

You know, for a storyline with “War” in it’s title, it sure as hell could use a bit more fighting.


“Because tomorrow morning you… Tomorrow morning I go away… This is everything I have, put aside for when I might have nothing. I want you to have it, Bat. Take it. After I’m gone, build a new orphanage. Build a dozen… But first we have to stop. Just for a second, stop. Stop doing what we have to do. And maybe… just this once do what we’d like to do… I want tonight. They can have my life. Without parole. But this night, right here… It’s a diamond. It shines.“

Batman #14 (2016-)

Written by Tom King
Art by Mitch Gerads
Letters by Clayton Cowles