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Head Cannon that Bruce has hidden cameras set up so he can keep an eye on his SO while he's off patrolling as Batman. Theyre everywhere (her office, her bedroom, her favorite resturants, even the bathroom at her work) & his SO finds them one day and leaves like little love notes and inspirational quotes in view for him to read

Because the only thing Bruce wants to do is to make sure is S/O is safe. He couldn’t bare losing someone he loved again. He went threw that pain with his parents and when he thought he lost Jason. And the s/o is a little confused at first cause hell “Im a strong woman I can handle myself Bruce” Though she sees how sweet and protective it is so she needs to do her own things and Im just melting now.

My sister: Who’s that? He looks really cool. *pointing at a picture of Jason on the internet*

Me: Oh, that’s Jason Todd. That’s “the bad Robin”. He was really an awful character. Nobody liked him because he was such a whiner and he treated Batman really bad. The fans hated him so much that they voted to have him be killed off. *my sister still seemed interested so I for whatever reason directed her attention to my other fav* But this guy here is Nightwing. He’s the original Robin. I like him a lot! Second only to Batman of course. 

That really happened a couple years ago when I was just getting into comics and I was a HUGE Batman fan. I kept coming across pictures of Jason and I loved his casual looking work clothes. He looked so badass, like batman, but even better! But everywhere I searched I read the same thing about Jason. That he was not a “good” or “likable” character, and even though something kept drawing me to the character, something which drove me to read more than 10 different articles about him, every site said the same exact things about him. 

Then after watching every single movie or animated show (besides the cheesy ones) that had Batman in it, I finally watched Under the Red Hood. The moment the movie was over, my curiosity for this character was reawaken. So I started researching again, still only finding negative things said about him, until finally, I found ONE essay someone had about him. I don’t remember the name of it, I wish I did, because it was soo good. They pointed out all the deceptions that were commonly preached and how monstrous the lies were. And they, unlike all the others, actually showed comic panels to back up everything they said, and therefore proving that Jason was in fact a good-hearted and profoundly interesting character. And as Robin, he was in fact a really good one, who did  towards the end of his life become angry and have an attitude. But they also pointed out that the writers changed him towards the end of his run so that they could propose a vote to have Jason killed off. So then I went to my library, after discovering that they had comics there, and I picked up as many comics as I could with him (or Batman) in them. 

Jason Todd has now become my absolute favorite character EVER! Surpassing even Batman! And I have no doubt that that will ever change. I love Jason Todd.

I just realized…So the 90’s anime showed us that Mamoru keeps roses in his olive jacket even when he’s not Tuxedo Mask. Multiple ones. So does he like, line his jacket with them? If you shook that olive green nightmare would 20 roses fall out? Is he waiting for a situation where he can just fling it open like he’s Batman and shower roses everywhere?



what about when he didn’t know he was Tuxedo Mask. Is this a thing he only started doing after he realized. Or did he stock his jacket with them as Tuxedo Mask and then his detransformed self was just like “why are all these roses in my jacket. Oh well it smells nice.” Because that would be great.