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After Damian died Alfred stopped letting anyone disobey Bruce’s orders to stay in the cave. And for a while, no one even wanted to argue.

The first time Tim tried to convince Dick to help him go after Bruce on a mission they’d been ordered off of Alfred overheard it. The reprimand Tim received for his suggestion has gone down as the harshest Alfred has ever given. After that no one even considered crossing Alfred’s follow Bruce’s instructions line.

Once Damian was back things didn’t change very much. In fact it wasn’t until after Damian had been back a month that Alfred could watch the kid leave even the house without worrying. The whole first week he forbade Damian even leaving the manor grounds.

Once they’d established that Damian’s powers made him practically invulnerable Alfred was a little more lenient on his rule as long as things didn’t look too bad.

After Damian lost his powers? You bet Alfred was back to being super strict on the rule. Damian learned very early on that crossing Alfred on this was a bad idea (he hadn’t believed Tim’s story, but now he did)

As time went on Alfred finally let up on the rule, but it was mostly because so much had happened.

All the kids were out of the manor most of the time, with Dick in Spyral, Jason running around the world, Tim with the Titans, and Damian on his redemption quest (something Alfred would have forbade had he learned of it before Damian brought home Goliath and introduced him to Maya)

Plus he had his hands full with amnesiac Bruce. So yes, he let the rule slide, more so because he couldn’t monitor the danger than anything.

Even so, Alfred made Damian agree to check with him on a regular (if not daily) basis to make sure the kid was ok. If anything seemed even slightly off he was ready to send in one of the family to make sure he was ok, secret year of redemption or not.

Every time Damian was even a little late checking in Alfred would get this flutter of fear that he might not ever check back in. The fear was quickly erased the moment Damian did call, but still. And every time Damian came back home or to the cave Alfred would absently touch Damian, on his hand, or by ruffling his hair, even hug him, just to make sure Dami was really there. Anything to remind him that the kid was ok, more than ok. Alive.

Anyways can we please praise the Lego batman movies for incorporating our beautiful Spanish into the movie, it was really nice to see batman and Robin saying Spanish words and then having batman give the audience a brief definition such as “padre” idk about you but little things like that make me happy because there’s so many of us out here that speak both languages and it’s nice to be remembered ya feel me

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Do you have a complete list for Grant Morrison's era? Never read it, but all this debate over it made me curious.

Batman and Son: 6/10 because it introduces Dami but only for like 15 pages then it’s a weird ass overly complex story I don’t really get

Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul: 9/10 for boring plot but BEAUTIFUL characterization on the part of Tim, Dick, Dami, Talia and some of Bruce

The Black Glove: Never read

Batman RIP: Never finished, probably should do that

Batman and Robin v1-3: 8/10 for also shit plots but these astounding moments of Dick Bats and Dami Robin bonding that make me want to cry. It’s worth reading the terrible stories for those moments

The Return of Bruce Wayne: 2/10 because it sux. Bruce returns, all you need to know

Batman Incorporated: 5/10 also never finished but I didn’t much care for what I read but the Damian scene is both terrible and I hate it but also very emotional damn them


Nine Faces: 40/∞

  • Stephanie Brown (New Earth)
Daughter of Crystal Brown, a nurse and Arthur Brown, a failed game show host turned third-rate criminal, The Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown donned the vigilante disguise of Spoiler to in effect spoil her father’s criminal plans. Over time, she managed to become a part of the Bat Family, having a romantic relationship with the then Robin, Tim Drake. Brown eventually became the first female in-continuity Robin and the only Robin to have another secret identify before becoming the ill-fated Girl Wonder.

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  • Batgirl #17 by Pere Perez (Upper Left)
  • Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! by Cameron Stewart (Middle Right)
  • Catwoman #43 by Paul Gulacy (Lower Right)
  • Detective Comics #647 by Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna (Middle Left)
  • Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? by ChrisCross (Center)
  • Green Arrow #5 by Phil Hester (Lower Left)
  • Red Robin #10 by Marcus To (Upper Middle)
  • Robin #54 by Staz Johnson (Lower Middle)
  • Young Justice #20 by Todd Nauck (Upper Right)

Times Kate has operated internationally as Batwoman:

Batman Incorporated vol. 1 #5 (Falkland Islands)

Batman and Robin vol. 1 #7-9 (London)

Batwoman vol. 1 #12-13 (wherever she went to find Wonder Woman and wherever Medusa’s prison was)

Batman Eternal #15 and #18-20 (Brazil)

Batman & Robin Eternal #23-26 (United Arab Emirates)

So… not exactly new for her, ya numpty.