batman in cuffs

He was grinning madly reading the not so small piece of paper filled with Zayn cursing Harry and sappy words for Liam like

‘I don’t know why the fuck they had to separate us before the wedding, I think this was Harry’s idea’

Laughing at that part cause it’s true.
Harry thought it will be perfect if they separated for a week “you’ve been joined at the hip since forever, miss each other for a little for God sake”
it was at the engagement party all of their friends and family was there and that’s when Zayn answered him with a “but I do miss him!” Turning his head to Liam “with every time I blink, and I barley can handle it” nosing at Liam’s cheek who’s blushing madly at that.

Hearing a lot of awwww’s and a few gagging noises. And a shouted “Smoooth Zaynie”.

Zayn said a lot in that letter that made tears fill Liam’s eyes. He huffs a laugh at himself letting a sob as he reads “I love you” it always feel like the first time.

It still overwhelms him. Both of them. He talks about their first kiss and how he thanks god for that moment of bravery that made him forget his fears and just do it.

‘I know I’ve told you that I fell for you by high school by the time I came out but I never told you that I think I always knew, I remember a moment between me and mom. At your 8th birthday party? God you were cute. And when we all wore our customs? You were so into character batman!’
Liam blushed, he was.

'I was with my mom outside before dinner, and I asked her “Mom, Can I marry batman?” And you know what she answered? You will.. She knew. I knew. It was always you Liam.. I love you and can’t wait for you to be Liam Malik Payne My friend, my pratner, my soulmate, my husband’

'P.S: I know you’re crying now, so put that tissue in the envelope in use"
Liam wipes his tears smiling shaking his head. So that’s why he put it in there the little shit. He knows him.

He placed the paper back into the envelope. And opened the box.

Batman Cuffs!
He should’ve known. He started undoing the ones he’s wearing and wore them instead of the ones Ruth bought for the wedding.
He hears a knock. He sits down back to the door. “Come in”

He wore the second one and before he could turn to see who. Someone embraced him from behind. He relaxed.



Liam turned his head to look at his husband. “You shouldn’t be here, it’s bad luck” smiling at him.

“Well what I know is I shouldn’t see you in the wedding tux, and I came to get you out of it” Smirking.

Liam laughed turning his to look out the window. Where the ceremony will be.

Zayn brought him closer to his chest. Whispering “you wore them”.

Liam looks at the cuffs. “What’s Hermes to batman cuffs, sure I wore them” looking up at Zayn. Who chuckled and kissed his head.

He takes out his cell. “Let ma take a picture”.

He takes it and quickly kisses his cheek. Heading to the door.

Liam turns “Really Zayn? A kiss on the cheek? I thought you were planning on getting me naked and you leave me with a kiss on the cheek?”.

Zayn answers with a wink “I will keep you naked the whole honeymoon Jaan, this tux will be the last thing you wear for a month” with a cheeky smile he leaves shouting back “I’ll see you at the alter Leeyum”.

And after a second he hears “What the hell were you doing in there!”
It’s Harry!


“You saw him didn’t you!!” Harry was yelling. And he’s sure Zayn walked away like he’s done nothing.
Then the door opened. Harry entering looking at him from top to bottom. Having this huge smile.


Liam nods a soft smile on his.


I got inspired by this post post by Ziamspaynus