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ok but….damian wayne is my grumpy bird son.

ive been experimenting with comic book styles and colouring! this is one of many doodles


tim: [ranting] i work DAMN hard to make this relationship work and what do i get out of it??? what have you brought to the table huh? i’ll tell you! NOTHING. you can’t even help me in the Cave and you  d r a g  m e  d o w n  you asshole

steph: are you aware that you’re shouting at a coffee mug


I-see-this-at-netflix-all-the-time! Am I only one who think they will kiss and stuff??? Please tell me I’m not only one!


Lois Lane: More worthy and more woman than anyone else

Is a woman unworthy of being a woman if she serves her guests, makes dinner for her family, takes out the trash, and is simply taking a break and not working 24/7? Does this mean that stay at home mums, and housewives are unworthy of being called a woman? Does this mean in this modern world only a business woman, or working woman, or a woman fighting and kicking ass is a real woman? Does this mean everyone who is raised by a mother was not raised by a real woman? Does this devalue a woman? Let me call bullshit right here and now on this nonsense.

Being a housewife is a Nobel duty and job. Being a working woman is a Nobel duty and job. No one job is better than the other, and all the respect in the world to women who do what is required by their families, be it working or staying at home, or both.

I’ve seen things said, about Lois, that she wouldn’t serve Batman. She wouldn’t take out the trash. She wouldn’t just be around the house.

Why wouldn’t Lois Lane help out around her house with chores, when her husband, Clark, is clearly busy tending to his farm work, and her son, Jon, is allowed some play time with a friend?

Is Lois Lane above such normal tasks around the house? Is she a Princess or a Queen to be waited on hand and foot by her son and husband? No. Lois Lane is not above such tasks, because we all do it. And Lois is the epitome of humanity, that’s what Clark loves about her.

Are you saying that because Lois Lane is serving coffee to a guest in her house, this makes her what? Less of a woman? There are literally hundreds of panels of Martha Kent serving food to Jonathan and Clark. Does this make Martha Kent less of a woman? Maybe it’s something in my culture and religion, but it’s not considered beneath a person to serve a guest in ones house.

You know it’s funny: if Lois was sitting down here and Clark serving the coffee, people would call Lois a ball busting bitch or Feminazi. Now because she’s serving coffee in her own home to a guest, she’s seen as a 1950s housewife. Lois is not either, or. No woman is either, or. Women are complex creatures that have many personalities.
My mother for example. She and my dad ran a business together, a local diner. My dad then joined the local council and my mum was left completely in charge of the diner. She did this with ease, and also took care of my sister and I, while running a home. And then she came home and made everyone dinner. And guess what, served or dished supper for everyone. Today she is a CEO of her own company, and still makes dinner and serves everyone. It’s not to say that we don’t serve ourselves, but she is the woman in charge and she can and has done it all. Wife. Mother. Businesswoman. Protector. Provider. Women can be defined by more than one label.
But also, lets look at my grandmother. She was a woman who was a housewife for many many years. But she was also a seamstress. So she hand a home-industry. But she also helped my grandfather run their clothing business. And you know what… She made supper for him, every single day of their 50 year marriage, and she served him. Does this take away from my mother and granny that they served their husbands supper? Does this make them less of a women? No. They are more woman than anyone I know. Again, serving someone in my household and religion is not seen as demeaning. What I see in these comic panels is a fully capable woman.

But getting back to the book at hand… You all completely miss the point. In the previous panels, Lois knows her husband and son are out of bed, in the dark barn. She not only reprimands her son for not listening and being in bed, but shines a light on Batman… Literally and figuratively. No one can keep up with the big bad Batman, because he’s Bat-God… But here we have Lois Lane not just keeping abreast of the situation, but one upping Batman. Lois then brings Batman into the light of a family kitchen. Lois says a very important line that shows her love as a mother: “We can talk indoors, like normal people”. Like normal people. Lois is trying to keep her sons life and her husbands life as normal as possible. By doing things like chores, or offering Batman a meal and a warm place. No one person is above the other, Lois serving Batman coffee and pie doesn’t demean her, in fact the very opposite, it makes her more human. Humanitarianism … That is what Lois and Clark stand for, and what they are teaching their son. No one person is better or greater than the other, we are all equal. And besides that, BATMAN IS A GUEST! YOU SERVE YOUR GUESTS IN YOUR HOUSE!

In this panel, in this equal relationship between Lois and Clark, Lois is in charge of this situation which is why Clark, being the gentleman he is, gives her the spotlight here. This is like the kids being scolded. The kid being Batman, and Clark is sitting down and admiring his wife’s tenacity. In this picture I don’t see any mere housewife, I see Lois Lane in charge of two of the biggest deals in DC Comics: Superman and Batman. Lois has given them an instruction, and Clark, Batman, Jon, and Damian (the RUDEST being in the DC Universe) all listen and pay attention to Lois Lane. It’s why Batman is helping the Kent Family, because he admires them. All I see in this panel is the utmost respect for this powerful force of nature woman.

As for Lois taking on the name Kent… It’s a small town, that’s how people roll in small towns. She’s still Lois Lane. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It doesn’t matter what you call person. Peoples actions define them. And as far as I’m concerned, whenever Lois Lane shows up in any comic that I’ve read in the Rebirth era, she is Lois Lane!

Then there’s the issue of why is Batman investigating and not Lois? Well, Farmer Cobb did save Jon twice, and Lois and Clark as well. I don’t know about you but if someone helps me, I’m not going to be suspicious of them. Maybe it’s the old fashioned way, but I trust people. I’m not like Batman who has never had any friends. Clark and Lois would both not take it as suspicious that a friendly farmer is helping them, because Clark grew up on a farm, and Lois learnt the way of life of a farming community. Anyway, with Batman taken out of commission, I’m guessing Lois is going to step up again, as she has in Action and Superman, to help save the day. Peter Tomasi has promised this on his Twitter.

Lois Lane is a woman that can put away corrupt police officers and politicians, figure out Mr Mxyzptlk is posing as Clark Kent, make dinner for her family, teach her son, and serve guests. That’s not saying that Clark doesn’t do all this (shown just two books back, he made an anniversary dinner for his family, and served them), it’s just saying that in this particular scene, Lois is in charge and Clark knows it.

This was a great family story, about a great family, not bordered by boundaries as Clark is shown in previous books to have cooked and served food, there is no designated duty to one person. They all pitch in and help in the house, as a family.

The ending matter is that people should learn to enjoy more from life. If you sit around and complain about every little thing, and you can’t see the happiness and joy in moments, well, you’re missing out on life. Let the story play out. Don’t judge everything at face value, sometimes there’s more than just the surface, these stories have depth that go into the legacy of these characters. Respect the author and let the story play out first. But most importantly, if you are a true Superman fan, live in hope, not fear.

Draw the Squad: The Cool kid Gotham club.  
I think this accurately describes them, yes? :’D 
[[ Draw the Squad base link here, by the fantastic cROXovergoddess . u w u ]]


There used to be a point to this but then it became a hot mess.


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Can I please have some fluffy hcs when the clown prince is born. And how Joker, Harley and the clown princess reacts. The clown princess is a toddler (like 2-4 years old).

The clown princess takes all of her fathers knives and places them under the crib to help protect the baby thinking she can fight off the batfamily with them.

Joker has the hospital blown up after they leave to introduce his son to gotham, Harley and their kids watch the flames as Joker drives them all away laughing.

Harley sits with him in her lap while she sings and carves a new lullabye into her bat.

Anyone in the criminal underground that doesn’t send congrats or pays their respects to the new prince gets a laughing gas bomb in the mail.

Whenever Joker holds his son, his daughter is at his feet tugging on his pant leg to get his attention and very jealous. This is how Joker learns to hold them both at once and comes in handy when he needs to run away from the batman with them.

Joker has his old straight jacket from arkham that they put in their sons crib like another blanket. Having something with his fathers scent helps him sleep.

Harley teaches her daughter how to draw a lipstick smile on her baby brother so even when he cries he’s a laughing clown.

Joker has a mobile constructed for his sons crib with gold skulls and dice to match the ones on his bracelet.

Joker brushes his sons green strands of hair back already styling it like his.

Red and black gucci onesies.

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Oh jesus what is arrow doing now??

i don’t know if you have been keeping up with the show or not. however, this stupid show that wanted to replace laurel lance with a new black canary with some chick named tina decides to try be clever and is basically going, “no guys, this isn’t some oc character. look, here’s a twist for you! her name is actually dinah drake! see what we did there? she’s actually a character from the comics! isn’t that great! we’re sticking with the source material! don’t you love us?”

No, Arrow, I do not. I am raging because for some reason this show thought it was ok to do this. It’s basically like me watching smallville again when they did the same crap to jimmy olsen. 

What irritates me is that suddenly people are all onboard with this character because she’s actually from the comics, the original black canary who had the mantle before dinah laurel lance did. This show is trying so hard to fix itself and it’s failing so hard. I have never been so frustrated with a show in my life and this coming from someone who used to watch the vampire diaries. 

As a Laurel Lance fan, the show basically just slaps you in the fucking face and disrespects you and a character that has over 70 years worth of stories from the comics. Look, I can already see people correcting me and going well, Dinah Drake was Golden Age Black Canary and she had the mantle from from 1947 to 1983. After 1983 then it was Dinah Laurel Lance. Listen, that still means that Dinah Laurel Lance has been the black canary for about 33 years now, which means she has 33 years worth of stories and you’re telling me that the writers of a CW show couldn’t fucking pull from the source material and use any of that? You’re trying to tell me that Laurel Lance had to die so we can finally get the Black Canary that people have wanted from the beginning when it was clear that Laurel Lance was already heading in that direction, anyway? Are you fucking serious?

I usually hate quitting shows, but at this rate that is what’s happening. I will stick with The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow or go back to watching Gotham because I’d rather watch a show that has batman characters in them than a show that wants to be a batman show, but is hiding behind the name of green arrow. 

on a side note: talia al ghul has no purpose on arrow. like get the fuck out of here with that stupid shit too. 

do you think jason cared about steph’s death, hearing about it before he made his big debut back in gotham? sure, she was an usurper just like tim was and he could hate her for that, but – he can’t help but feel some kind of kinship toward her. bruce got her killed. 

she was just a fucking kid, and bruce got her killed, and just like jason, he let her death go unavenged.

jason didn’t even know why he was surprised. 

there were logical reasons he went after black mask – controlling the drug trade was very important for controlling crime, and he needed to get the bats’ attention so that he could avenge his own goddamn death – but some part of him was all too ready to take down black mask for reasons that had nothing to do with those crimes, and instead were reasons all laid at the feet of another dead robin.

after the joker and the apartment and the healing required from that disasterous final confrontation (and fuck bruce, he’d just made it very clear he would choose the murderer over the murdered), jason goes after black mask again. he doesn’t waste time with pleasantries. black mask tries to get his identity from him – jason doesn’t care he’d figured out the connection to batman because he didn’t actually try to hide it – but he does let it slip, just before plunging the knife into black mask’s chest and watching the light leave his eyes. 

“you killed a robin.” the depth of fury and pain in his voice is terrifying. it gives everything away. “this is for her.”

he includes that in the note – if you want to call it a note – that he leaves for the gcpd and for batman. it’s written in large letters on the wall of the building behind where he strings up black mask’s body.



if you look closely, the H looks less like an H and more like a roman two, with only the faintest lines connecting the strokes.

if batman won’t avenge the fourth robin’s death, the second robin will just have to do it for him.