batman beyond: batgirl beyond


“Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” probably has some of my favorite animated sequences in the DCAU

Atmospheric, sharp, fluid and a very slick pallet to boot. The ragdoll physics are pretty good considering this was an animated DTV film made in early 2000s.

Coupled with some of Mark Hamill’s best lines for Joker, this is probably my favorite media with Mark!Joker next to the Arkham games

Quite possibly the Mark!Joker at his most sinister, to be honest

Who you should fight: BatFam edition
  • Bruce: Don't fight Bruce. Fight WITH Bruce. Help him clean up Gotham. Plus just because he doesn't kill doesn't mean he won't fuck you up. He will tear your fucking arm off and beat you with it and then use his charity to pay your hospital bills.
  • Jason: Fight Jason. Do it. Someone needs to knock the angst out of that boy. He'll enjoy it. He might even NOT kill you afterwards.
  • Tim: I mean, you could PROBABLY take Tim. He's smol and nerdy. But only fight him if you're prepared for him to hack and delete all your social media afterwards.
  • Damian: Don't fight Damain. Pls don't fight Damian. That kid is fucking savage. His first kill was when he was three years old. You won't survive a fight with Damian. He will feed you your eyeballs. Plus he's like 10 years old why would you fight such a smol little bean?
  • Alfred: Sure, he's old af, but even then you still might lose. Even Bruce is kinda afraid of Alfred. Don't fuck with Alfred.
  • Cassandra: Lol have fun with that I hope Wayne Enterprises pays for your funeral
  • Steph: Fight Steph, but not too hard. She's been through so much already. Fight her lightly. Maybe give her a black eye. You two can laugh about it afterwards over waffles.
  • Babs: Go ahead. Push her wheelchair down the stairs. She'll crawl back up and beat your ass with a stick.
  • Terry: Fight Terry. Show no mercy. He's a little punk ass bitch and he knows it.
  • Dick: Why would you want to fight Dick you fucking monster?

Terry has his own version of the Bat Fam Beyond. Max counts as Oracle (Babs approved of it), Carrie Kelley’s daughter, also named Carrie, is Robin, and Nissa is still Batgirl Beyond. The child of Dick and Babs, James, would rather focus on Wayne Industries and help out Tim & Steph. Terry doesn’t want Matt to become Robin for safety reasons and told him to team up with Max at the Manor instead.