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Batman Beyond Fact #82

Did you know Annie Wu still holds a soft spot for Batgirl Beyond even to this day?

Annie Wu worked on the Batgirl Beyond arc during the tail end of Adam Beechen’s story. It dealt with Barbara going to the lower levels of Gotham dealing with several riots in the street and meeting a new Batgirl. While only three issues, Batgirl Beyond grew wildly popular among the fans. SInce then, she has been the artist for several DC titles, such as Dr. Fate and Black Canary.

During a quick interview at C2E2, Annie admitted that she had a blast in Nissa’s introduction story in the comics. “Scott and I talk all the time and we had a lot of ideas still” she admitted. “I loved Nissa and I loved drawing Barbara Gordon. She was such a silver fox” she added with a laugh. It’s currently unknown if she and Scott have pitched any new ideas for the next installment of Batgirl Beyond.


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