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Let's Try to Piece Together Zack Snyder's Vision for JUSTICE LEAGUE [*SPOILERS*]
There's enough left over from Snyder's version in the finished film that we can make some educated guesses about what he was getting at [*MAJOR SPOILERS*]
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Warner Bros. : Zack Snyder's director's and Tom Holkenborg's Score for Home Release.

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JUSTICE LEAGUE was released worldwide on November 17th, 2017. Fans around the world gathered to see the culmination of a trilogy that Zack Snyder started in 2013. To the dismay of many, the film released by WB was NOT the one fans were expecting.


Not another goddamn oc

Caprice Mercer / Wraith (Justice League)

She would be lying if she said she wanted a quiet, mundane existence. Normality was something Caprice was never destined for - after all, she was born the daughter of Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, and Lauren Mercer, heir to Central City’s biggest law firm. So despite keeping her mother’s surname to keep under the radar, between the circumstances of her parentage and her status as a meta-human, Caprice really isn’t ordinary.

Studying civil law at Central College and interning for her grandfather’s law firm - oh yeah, and the occasional modelling shoot, because which magazine wouldn’t want to feature Bruce Wayne’s only child? - you’d think she has her plate full. Caprice keeps her mercenary activities on the down-low, operating under the alias of Wraith. What else would you call a meta-human with the ability to phase through solid objects and an unearthly banshee wail?

Then Steppenwolf comes along and starts messing things up in the form of practically trying to doom the entire planet. Needless to say, Caprice is pissed. And she’s joining the Justice League no matter what her dad has to say about it.

Clark: *has Diana, Victor and Arthur under his grasp*

Barry: *runs behind Clark to defend them*

Clark @ Barry: