batman badass

Since I’ve watched Jack playing the tell tale games Batman: Arkhem Asylum I just HAD to draw the games style like this! 

I wanted to turn him into batman with his own logo on the suit including the bat signal for which is now a eye signal. The best part was that he would deepen his voice to batman and do his quotes - which is also another thing to add to my list. I’m glad that i get to make this stunning art, it was a struggle but I managed to pull it off!

I call this JackSepticBat…xD 


Unite The League - Batman

You know that post about Wonder Woman getting blinded by Medusa

And yet she still kicks ass afterwards and then gets her eyesight back?

WELL the post kinda seems to imply that she gets her eyesight back, like, right after the fight with Medusa.


I’m just innocently reading a Superman comic and I come across this:

YEAH you’re seeing that right, that’s Diana casually guest starring in someone else’s comic as a Batman-saving bullet-deflecting badass, having a conversation with him while doing so, also while absolutely blind.

Fucking badass holy shit.

Last year on this day Suicide Squad dropped, so here’s some Wedding Harley! ♥️💙
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