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Vader is secretly snarky as hell. In Darth Vader Annual #1, he’s sent on a diplomatic mission to a planet that’s having trouble deciding whether to side with the Empire or the Rebel Alliance (if you think that’s a clear choice, you must live in October 2016). He’s met on arrival by a local princess, Trios, and almost immediately makes his presence known by telekinetically body-slamming someone who gets a little too forceful with his insistence that Lord Vader hit the dance floor at his welcoming ceremony.

Vader and Trios then wind up caught in a trap to kill them with lava, as if one of those people wasn’t powered by lava. This only makes Vader angrier – something that he makes all too clear when he lightsabers a hole in the wall, knocks out Trios, and floats down a lava river carrying her unconscious body.

When Trios reawakens, she discovers that Vader had her entire family wiped out (they’re the ones who set the trap), and also, surprise! He has a gift for her, the new ruler.

It’s a piece of Alderaan, the planet we all saw get death-lasered in the first Star Wars movie. Yes, he was carrying that with him the entire time. Most villains would have settled for a curt “Alderaan, just sayin’,” but not Vader. He’s the one who flies into the debris field of a destroyed planet, scoops himself up some souvenirs, and dishes them out like the geological equivalent of that horse’s head from The Godfather.

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Roman Sionis / Black Mask

Criminals 4/?

I am the new, undisputed, absolute crime lord of Gotham City. I am everything this city deserves – and more. I am the darkness that fills the heart of every living soul in this sordid little town… including the blackest, most twisted soul of all… I think you know who I’m talking about.


Wonder Woman : Amazon Warrior Princess

“I have fought warriors you would not believe. Monsters…Gods…with the power to make worlds tremble.”