batman baby clothes

If you are still wanting some Damian with pregnant reader to read…..
- He is scared cause he wants to be the best dad.
- Happy though too because they are going to be a family.
- Constantly going to Bruce and Alfred for advice.
- Went to Dick for advice and well Dick cried.
- You get the best doctors in Gotham.
- Damian is worried about you often. Like if you say owe he will be there in seconds.
- Good luck doing any manual labor or heavy lifting. He won’t let you lift a finger.
- He starts to take a few nights off patrol here and there.
- He cried when he first felt the baby kicked.
- The nursey has a mural of animals that he did.
- You laugh as you watch the family try to baby proof the manor.
- Buying robin and batman baby clothes for fun.
- Him coming home after patrol with whatever you are craving.
- Non-stop text when he is at work. Asking how you and the baby are doing.
- Jon has got to hear all about the baby and yours progress.
- Somehow one of the sonograms made it to the batcave.
- When you actually go into larbor he freaks out.
- Turns out Damian Wayne is scared of something.
- The sight of him holding your newborn baby is the greatest sight you have ever seen.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaz! Thank you!