batman at midnight

how to spot a fake geek boy
  • says batman and punisher are basically the same
  • thinks harley and ivy are just friends
  • aggressively rejects the notion a comic book character could be bisexual
  • thinks robin is a useless character
  • thinks joker is great and all the other batman villains are lame
  • defends sexist/homophobic/racist things in comics by saying “they’re just comic book characters lmao chill out”
  • thinks superman is lame
  • thinks batwoman is hot but is grossed out by midnighter because he’s a gay man 

Fandom Trash Hole / Shipping Shit Hole

I’ve currently been obsessed with some certain ships and uh. I can’t really stand myself right now.
And another ass ended up joining me and we created our own hole.

How Hosts talk to their Scarabs

Blue Beetle: responds to the scarab out loud but usually in a hushed voice so he doesn’t draw attention. for some reason he can’t get the hang of speaking to Khaji-Da with his “mental voice”. periodically has outbursts whenever Khaji-Da says something really outrageous and he forgets to keep his voice down, which is usually followed by his hurried and embarrassed escape from the room.

Black Beetle: only keeps his conversations with his scarab a secret for whatever he deems to be too important for a random passerby to overhear. otherwise he responds out loud to the scarab and doesn’t bother keeping his voice down. are there people who get confused by this? yes. does he care about that? nope. he’s the Head of Security for the Reach and he does what he wants, and he doesn’t have time to explain why he’s talking to himself. deal with it.

Green Beetle: no one has ever seen or heard him talking to his scarab. most people figure it’s because he’s from Mars, and Martians use their telepathy to talk. so B’arzz responds to his scarab in the way that feels most natural to him. the only instances where it seems like B’arzz might be speaking to his scarab is when he’s been observed standing silently and looking blankly ahead. then again, some people aren’t sure if this is the case, because from what they’ve seen, Martians are just pretty strange in general.

Scarlet Scarab: everyone will know whenever Scarlet and his scarab are speaking to each other. he has absolutely no shame, and will loudly carry on a conversation (usually about harvesting organs as trophies). he sometimes raises his voice to be louder than necessary just for the sake of annoying the people around him. he’s found that this is a good way to get people to leave whenever he wants a room to himself.


So @DCComics  implied there was no  love and hope in the new 52. Yeah, not sure what Geoff Johns was reading but there was.

Here are some touching, heart warming and poignant moments we will never forget.

Stop trying to shift blame , DC, on the new 52  to justify Rebirth. All you had to do was allow creators the freedom to tell good stories.