batman and nightwing 23

In which I decided that I wasn’t a true bat-doodler unless I doodled something for Batman’s 75th anniversary.

The batfamily’s certainly a lot different now than it used to be 75 years ago!


It’s New Comic Book Day!

On My Pull List This Week:

  • All Star Batman #11 – The First Ally: Part Two (Upper Left)
  • Batman #25 – The War of Jokes and Riddles: Part One (Upper Right)
  • Batwoman #4 – The Many Arms of Death, Finale: Blackstar (Middle Left)
  • Harley Quinn #22 – The Family Circles: Part One (Center)
  • Nightwing #23 – Blockbuster: Part Two (Middle Right)
  • Super Sons #5 – Battle In the Batcave (Lower Left)
  • Trinity #10 – Dead Space: Part Two (Lower Right)
comic rec: justice lords beyond

i would like to highly recommend the justice lords beyond crossover arc that recently finished in batman beyond 2.0 and justice league beyond 2.0!

it expands on the story from the JLU episode “a better world” which introduced the “justice lords”, a corrupt, dictatorial version of the justice league. you don’t have to have watched the episode to understand the comic, it explains everything. (i would recommend it, though, because it’s one of the most phenomenal episodes from the series.)

the comic story features blond terry mcginnis, the return of wonder woman, wonderbat and dickbabs romances, eeeevil superman, further verification that dick grayson is good in every single reality, superhero bABIES (completely unrelated to the recent bruce knocking up babs debacle), ethical quandaries, and feelings. too much feelings. you will cry. 

written by kyle higgins (nightwing) and chris gage.

reading order:

  • batman beyond 2.0 #17-23
  • justice league beyond 2.0 #17-23
  • batman beyond 2.0 #24
  • justice league beyond 2.0 #24

Nine Faces: 38/∞

  • Jason Todd (New Earth)
Just another orphan growing up in Crime Alley, Jason Todd’s fateful encounter with Batman was sealed when he decided to steal the tires of the Batmobile. Seeing promise in Todd, Batman invited Todd to train as Robin and eventually adopted him as his son. Todd was a quick study, but Batman worried over his aggression and hoped that Todd could fuel his rage in a more constructive manner. Todd later died the hands of The Joker with his biological mother, Shelia Haywood, in Ethiopia.

Related Post: Image Source:
  • Batman #645 by Doug Mahnke (Upper Middle)
  • Batman Annual #25 by Shane Davis (Upper Left)
  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #100 by Dave Taylor (Lower Middle)
  • Batman and Robin #23 by Guillem March (Center)
  • Countdown #1 by Tom Derenick (Lower Left)
  • Countdown #48 by David Lopez (Lower Right)
  • Nightwing #119 by Joe Dodd (Upper Right)
  • Red Hood: The Lost Days #6 by Jeremy Haun (Middle Left)
  • Young Justice #44 by Todd Nauck (Middle Right)