batman and carrie kelly

  • <b> Random Civilian:</b> This is unbelievable- who do you think you are?! You can't just come in here and disre-
  • <b> Jason:</b> Fuck you! Come on, Dick. We're leaving! [Dramatic exit 1]
  • <b> Dick:</b> Yeah, fuck you! [Dramatic exit 2]
  • <b> Random Civilian:</b>
  • <b> Dick:</b> [Pops head back through door]
  • <b> Dick:</b> Just a quick- uh, sorry. He usually isn't like that- well, he is, but I'm not, I just... Sorry we shouted- actually I don't think Jason's sorry, but I am. Sorry. That I yelled. At you. Sir.
  • <b> Random Civilian:</b>
  • <b> Dick:</b>
  • <b> Dick:</b> Have a nice day.
  • <b> Dick:</b> [Pops back behind door]
  • <
You Do?

Request: Nah, but shout out to my b*tch @thesebatbrats this one goes out to you

Prompt: ”Jason Proposing”

Relationship: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader

Warnings: N/A

A/N: I wrote this a long time ago and thought I’d actually post it

Playlist: While writing this I listened to “Lie” by Park Jimin, “Mama” by J-Hope, “Stigma” by V, and “Silverspoon” by BTS


  Flower petals littered the polished wooden floor, fairy lights decorating the four pillars on each corner of the stage. Everything was perfect, that fact easing a grin out of the raven-haired boy, his acoustic guitar strapped to his back and decorated with paintings and carvings of marigolds, roses, and your name in cursive. The one name that Jason would hope to cherish forever.

  The stage was set outside in an open field of green grass, the night was falling and slight traces of fog rolled in from across the field but it was nothing a few hundred candles couldn’t help, each white, vanilla scented, and burning all around Jason who sat on a wooden stool at the centre of the stage. A small narrow path was made through the sea of candles from Jason all the way downstage to where a red carpet made its way down a set of stairs and all the way down to the dirt path at the end of the field only a hundred feet away or so.

    Jason grabbed his guitar from his back and swung in over to his front, strumming a few notes to tripled check that the guitar was tuned.

  Jason wore a crimson suit jacket and a white collar shirt, the first three buttons popped off with a black tie draped around his neck untied. Black jeans and maroon converse finished off the outfit, his hair neatly combed with his frost streak curled over his forehead like a classic Superman look that he wore so much better than the red-caped crusader.

  Jason had Tim on camera waiting at the stairs of the red carpet wearing a crimson suit to match Jason’s and polished black dress shoes, his Polaroid camera was white and decorated with colourful stickers. He turned his head and shot Jason a wide-mouthed smile, the gap in between his two front teeth visible from where Jason sat several feet away.

  “Nervous?” He asked, giving him two thumbs up before he answered. Jason put a thumb up and nodded with a playful smile on his face causing the younger male to laugh and shake his head.

  Jason took a deep breath when Tim turned back around. Jason sat thumbing his coat pocket and feeling around for the objects inside before returning to the strumming of his guitar, mouthing the words nervously under his breath as if he’d forget any minute. Not that he hadn’t been rehearsing for over a month, he just wanted this to go perfectly was all.

  Stephanie wore a dress that matched Tim’s suit, picked up at the waist with a touch of pink on grey. It was sleeveless and had a low sweetheart neckline. She was on pick up duty with Dick who wore a black and white three-piece suit and white converse.

  Tim’s phone rang with a glissando, he scurried to check the message and turned to Jason with a knowing look. “They’re just down the block, they’ll be here in 2 minutes.” He informed, jumping off the staircase with his camera at the ready. Jason nodded, taking a deep breath, his fingers hovering over the strings as he stared straight at the end of the red carpet, waiting eagerly.

  When a black car finally stopped there where his eyes stayed glued to, he found himself frozen, the blonde woman who stepped out made him speechless in a way no one has ever done before. Not even death.

  You carried a look of utter confusion as Dick urges you to walk, Jason’s grin returning as he found his fingers strumming all the right notes, lights flicked to life along the carpet, trailing behind you as you walked closer to the stage. Jason opened his mouth, licked his dry lips as he started singing, the look on everyone’s face brightening with disbelief as he sang, his voice husky and smooth like honey like a true baritone.

  “What are you doing?” You asked finally reaching the stairs, your face bright red and full of confussion. 

  Bruce, Damian, and Cassandra were suspended above the stage, tossing petals as you finally found your feet again taking the first step up the stairs, the white petals cascading down like snowfall in January.

  And then there was Duke, Luke, and Carrie singing backup in the far back of the stage, swaying to the tempo and smiling giddily because they knew what awaited.

  When you reached Jason, eyes full of glee and realization, the ravenette stood up, his face flushed and his foot tapping nervously as he sang to you what would later be known as “our song” in the near future. And with the space he had at his disposal, Jason got down on one knee and finished the final verse of the song, shoving his guitar behind him and reaching into his jacket pocket with quick precision and pulled out a red velvet box.

  “[Y/F/N] [Y/M/N] [Y/L/N],” he started, blushing hard as he swallowed thickly at the lump forming in his throat. “Will you marry me?”


When I’m real bored I get some of the most silly ideas ever. 
This is one of them.

I can actually see this work well. I mean there are like 100+ Batman villains, so I’m sure they’ll suit at least one horror character.

anonymous asked:

i feel bad for bruce bc like. his children used to b so small. dick was so tiny!!!! and now he’s an adult???? he does his taxes???? he is engaged???? and jason!! the scruffiest lil thing!!! n he’s like so big he can’t even fit in the front seat anymore bc his legs r too long. and timmy’s always been short but he’s talking ab college and he’s kinda maturing a bit? like he’s sleeping better and he looks healthier and he’s doin his hw and bruce is just so sad :( damian’s growing too :’)

bruce, crying and holding damian and carrie to his chest: ur growing up too fast!!!

damian, squished against bruce with his legs dangling: father pls,,, i must grow

carrie, also squished: bruce,,, i need to do my hw,,, damian’s kicking my shins,,, this hurts

i think the reason Dick Grayson looks like Carrie Kelly in the lego batman movie is because he’s supposed to symbolize a “ROBIN” not just Dick, as in the roll a robin is supposed to play as batmans partner.

And both Dick and Carrie go along side two versions of batman that are kind of polar opposites of each other. Carrie paired with Frank miller’s gritty, edgy batman and Dick paired with the silver age goofball version

And i feel like LEGO batman falls inbetween those two versions. comically dark and edgy to make fun of how he’s usually interpreted today but just as goofy as he used to be before the comics started getting unnecessarily “serious”

So a robin that’s a spiritual mix of Richard and Carrie (while obviously being his own character) is kind of perfect


Happy Mother’s Day! #WonderWoman 

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
N.K. Jemisin

Diana faces the real battles any mother has to face. Not only loving,  protecting, nurturing, guiding and supporting her children but dealing with the challenges of a child trying to find her identity and place in life. Motherhood involves dealing with rebellious, angry and stubborn children. It is not only rainbows and picnics. As a Queen and superhero  she has to protect her offspring, her people and the world from darkness and tyrants. She does it with true inner and outer strength, courage and wisdom. 


“We live in the shadow of crime with the unspoken understanding that we are victims.. of fear, of violence, of social impotence. A man has risen to show us that the power is, and always has been, in our hands. We are under siege. He’s showing us that we can resist.”
― Frank Miller, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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Do you think you could educate me on the batfam?

My dude, that’s a weighted question, but absolutely I will try! Thank you for trusting me with such a task!
So, this got really long (sorry!) but I wrote some shortish descriptions of each character, mostly basic facts/traits with some fandom interpretations sprinkled in because that’s important to understanding the character if you a) want to get involved in the fandom or b) just want to understand how people see the character. I hope this helps you!

Your Basic Batboys
Bruce Wayne/Batman: The father of it all. Billionaire. Emotionally traumatized by the murder of his parents when he was 8 and copes by dressing as a bat beating up criminals (no killing rule #1!! and no guns). Usually has a flashy, playboy public persona. Serial adopter, but a distant father. Tries his best. Fandom portrayal is varied, but Batdad being an unconventional yet surprisingly sweet parent is relatively common trope (and a personal favorite)

Alfred Pennyworth: The Wayne’s butler who raised Bruce after his parents die and puts up with all his vigilante shit. Not much is written about his background. Has medical training and seemingly combat training. He’s old but how old?? How does he have all these skills?? No one knows. Everyone respects him, and he’s the true boss. Canon king of sass.

Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing: Acrobat. Parents died in a trapeze act that was rigged by Tony Zucco, and Bruce saw himself in him and adopted him and trained him as Robin, eventually helping him to get the justice for his parents killer Bruce himself never had. Member and leader of the Teen Titans. Moved out to Blüdhaven and became Nightwing (who fights with enscrima). 80s Nightwing costume was a mistake. Was a cop, and a secret agent, and also faked his own death once. Canon flirt to the max. Usually super nice, a good leader, everyone likes and respects him. Basically another parent to Damian.

Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood: Street urchin, canonically stole the tires off the batmobile and called Batman a big boob. Rebellion Angsty Teen™. There was a whole thing where he was looking for him mother, got captured, and got beaten then blown up by the Joker. Got revived and became Red Hood. He and Bruce have lots of issues, some of them over Jason’s use of guns and breaking the no killing rule. Morally gray character. Red Hood costume where the hood had a face was a HUGE mistake. His black hair with a white streak in the middle was not.

Tim Drake/Robin/Red Robin: Stalked Batman and Robin, figured out their identities, and saw that Bruce was too emotionally unstable without a Robin after Jason’s death so he inserted himself as the new Robin. His parents are rich and fairly emotionally distant, and in most stories they die (read Identity Crisis for the tragic death of Jack Drake). Undoubtedly an excellent detective, rivals Batman in intelligence. Fights with a bo staff. Very depressed. Everyone thinks he’s dead but he’s not.

Damian Wayne/Robin: Biological son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul. Raised by the league of assasins and very smart and skilled in hand-to-hand combat and weapons. Maybe 10, grumpy, doesn’t like to admit he needs help or liked people but actually adopts a lot of pets (including Goliath, a giant man bat demon thing). Actually died and came back. Calls Bruce “Father,” most of the fam by their last names, and makes a “tt” sound a lot when he’s exasperated.

Duke Thomas/Lark/Robin: New addition to the fam. Smart guy, first met Bruce after working on Riddler’s challenge to the city. Joker fucked with his parents, and then a lot of stuff went down in foster care and We Are Robin, but long story short he came out and became Lark. Skilled in combat. Just a super heroic and resilient dude (who hopefully will be in more upcoming media).

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