batman 2008

TLBM did not disappoint

February 11, 2017

This movie was better than I thought!

  • The shade thrown at Suicide Squad was solid. I do not recall the exact line but Batman made a comment about villians fighting villians being “a stupid idea!”
  • Alfred listing out every Batman film: 2016, 2012, 2008, 2005, 1997, 1992, 1989 “and that weird one in 1966.” A lego representation of Batman in each film made the line even better, but instead of lego 1966, an actual clip of Adam West was shown.
  • Richard: “My name is Richard Grayson. The other kids call me Dick.” // Bruce: “Well, children can be cruel.”
  • One scene showed a lego version of The Dark Knight’s Joker in the nurse costume. 🙏
  • Adult and child proof humor.
  • The lines were quite brilliant.
  • Common slang and phrases were included such as ‘bro’.
  • Batman’s hatred for Superman was priceless. He claimed him to be a villian - ha ha.
  • Joker referring to himself as The Clown Prince of Crime was nice to hear.
  • Soundtrack was perfect except for two (or three?) songs.
  • Batman narrating the production companies and opening of the film was simply amazing.
  • Computer: “What’s the password?” // Batman: “Iron Man SUCKS!”
  • Other television show characters as legos such the Daleks a.k.a. British Robots.
  • Joker stating he’s been around–known Batman for 78 years.
  • Batman being extremely offended over not being invited to a The Justice League party at Superman’s place. Once again, I forgot what he said (sorry!), but it was along the lines of “You’re having a Justice League party without me?” 
  • Superman blamed technology for not inviting Batman to the J.L. party.
  • Selfies.
  • “DC Comics: the house that Batman built. That’s right, Superman. Come at me bro. I’m your kryptonite.”

This is all I remember and loved the most about the film. I definitely recommend The Lego Batman Movie- it’s great for kids and adults. I might add on to the list if I remember anything else. Well done!


The Dark Knight (2008) & Batman: Earth One (Geoff Johns)