batman 2004


“Hey, it’s me. You okay?”

“Alfred said you tussled with that Scarecrow monster thing and..”


“Jason..? Aw, man. Batman, dont’…!”

“You shouldn’t have come back!!
Who did this to you?!
It’s wrong, Jason!! It’s wrong!!”

“Batman.. it’s me!!
It’s Tim!! Jason’s not..
I’m Tim!! Tim Drake!!”

- Batman Vol 1 #629(2004)

So, since both the Lego Batman Movie and The Batman (2004) sorta ramped up Alfred’s ‘Britishness’ (”You just got union jacked!” Lol, I need a gif of that asap), I ended up getting this random thought: Do you think Alfred ever uses British terms without thinking and accidentally confuses the Batkids? 

“Hmm, It looks like the light to the cellar went out… Well, I’ll have to just get a torch from the Batcave.” *Jason hears this and does a double-take* “Wait, Bruce has torches now? Geez, I know the guy likes to be dramatic but, isn’t that overkill even for him?” 

“Oh, Master Dick. While you were out, I went ahead and picked up a couple of new jumpers for you since it’s supposed to be cold tomorrow.” “Thanks Alfred. …Wait, new what?”

“Pennyworth, I thought you said we were having chips as a side for lunch today.” “Those are chips, Master Damian. Or rather, they are to me, at least.” “No they’re- Wait. …Nevermind, I understand now.” 

Bruce is the only one who never gets confused, just because he’s grown up hearing all these terms, lol.