EW Has Wonder Woman on the Cover

SDCC is just around the corner and today we got a new look at Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie via EW. First here’s the cover.

We still have no idea how much Wonder Woman is in the movie but it is clear she is front (and center) in the promotion.

We also got a look at Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in photo that is interesting.

Let’s hope they are plotting to take down Lex there.

You can see some other images over at EW.

Are you getting excited for this movie?

Batman v Superman Cirtics

- Gal Gadot it too skinny

- Ben Affleck sucks

- Zack Snyder sucks

- Jesse Eisenberg’s hair looks stupid

- Ben Affleck looks stupid in the Batsuit

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- It’s too dark, it won’t be enjoyable

- Wonder Woman’s costume is too dark and muted