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Okay why do your headcanons make me like Lutz so much I can't even--- Here's a scenario: what would the 2ps do in a /not important/ meeting? :D (PS: ily bby keep making these awesome headcanons)

((*le gasp* i’ll seduce u with my lutz capability (。♥‿♥。) and omg no, you’re the bae & ily too okok–))

2Ps in a useless world meeting

2p!america: -na na na na bATMAAAAN *is the one running around shouting stupid shit* fUCK BITCHES GET MONEY

2p!china: *going up to random countries* who wants to get high with me

2p!england: dear allen, watch your mouth– ZAO, DON’T SELL DRUGS TO THE MICRONATIONS ANd oh my goodness luciano put the knife away and ajhgsdhj;ashdg LOOK THERE’S FRANCOIS HI FRANCOIS HIIIIIIII

2p!france: oliver get off me

2p!russia: will everyone plz stop fighting *pulls 2p!finland away from 2p!sweden* it’s annoying

2p!italy: everyone listen to me


2p!japan: *rolls eyes* this place is full of idiots

2p!canada: *is the one asleep in the corner who no one is bothering to wake up in fear of his wrath*

2p!romano: oliver you have a lovely outfit today omg you look almost as good as santiago and LUCI PLZ *shoves a mic in his hands* you’re welcome brother dear

2p!austria: *is dragging around 2p!prussia* ohohohoho gilen you are glorious and perfect now go talk to them and speak up darling

2p!prussia: why me i-i-i can’t they’re scary *bursts into tears*

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soy el que te pregunto si sales en el blog de pole-bear y si hacias un dibujo de puppet y mangle con su diseño, y nomas vine a revelar mi identidad porque no quiero ser como nananananana batmaaaan, no, enserio, debo dejar las drogas, y con salir me refiero a que la gente te pide dibujos y pole-bear los publica en su blog, bueno, es todo, deberia usar mi poder de anonimo para el bien o para el mal... ÑEH, A ROBAR IMAGENEEEEEESS!!!