Hannibal AU - X-Files Crossover, Wendigo Style

“Why should I believe you Krycek?”
“Because, Mulder, you’re the only one who will.”

When Fox Mulder suddenly receives a call from Alex Krycek, he is suspicious at first. Until he hears what Krycek has to say, according to the known rat, there is a real live wendigo hunting people in the Batlimore region. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who were recently taken off the X-Files, head up to Baltimore to investigate unbeknownst to the bureau. Scully believes they could have a cannibal on their hands, while Mulder believes Krycek’s wendigo story. As Scully investigates the man, Mulder and Krycek team up to investigate the monster. They receive help from tabloid writer Freddie Lounds, and also begin to talk to Will Graham. But several hours before Hannibal Lecter’s big dinner party, Mulder and Krycek come face to face with the wendigo, where they quickly make their escape. Realizing that Hannibal is in fact the wendigo, the two must warn Scully, who is on her way to Hannibal’s that moment. 


Megan Livingston - Liquid Light