June Beauty Haul - The month when I ran out of EVERYTHING!

So… It seems June was the month when everything ran out. It was also the month where I found out I was wearing foundation that was 2/3 shades darker than my face/ rest of my body, but the less said about that the better!

First, I finally ran out of the crazy silly amount of Soap & Glory shower products that I was bought for Christmas; after hearing nothing but amazing things about Orangeasm Shower Gel I decided to snap it right up when I saw it was on offer, along with my favourite body scrub, The Breakfast Scrub and some much needed Batise Floral Dry Shampoo.

Then came all things face related… So a little trip to Lush was needed to get my favourite cleanser Ultrabland and I couldn’t resist picking up my current favourite bath ballistic, Sakura (which makes you smell amaziiiiing! I couldn’t stop smelling myself…)

Then came the proper purse bashing, the make-up…

Oh dear.

I’ve been hunting for a cheapish neutral palette, so when I fond the Sleek Au Natural palette on Amazon for £7.99, before I knew what I was doing it was ordered, and I haven’t looked back since. Purchase of the month for sure! 

Then it was time to rectify to ‘looking like an orange situation’ with Bourjois Pais 123 Perfect in Light Vanilla, the 'face like an oil slick situation’ with Bourjous Happy Light Matte Serum Primer (which is a tiny god send!) which then made my eyes feel a teeny bit left out hence the Bourjois Volume Glamour mascara and Record Gel Liner.

Finally, I just picked up a new make-up brush, and I admit it, I was impressed by the sponge Eco-tool (it looks so snazzy and feels divine) and my fail safe eyebrow saviours, the Eyelure Eyebrow Shapers.

Phew… After all that, I’m now on a self-imposed spending ban… Purse you can rest safely.

October 3, 2016 - White-tailed Shrike, Chatshrike, or Flycatcher Shrike (Lanioturdus torquatus)

Found only in Angola and Namibia, these birds share characteristics with several families, including Old World flycatchers, helmet-shrikes, batises, and wattle-eyes. Foraging mostly on the ground, they eat insects, including beetles, moths, butterflies, and grasshoppers. They nest in thickets or brush, building shallow cups from rootlets and twigs. Both parents incubate the eggs.