Transistor is a love story, honestly

Obviously Red’s love for Boxer that makes her do what she does in the very end. But also Sybil’s maniacal love for Red that dooms the town. Asher’s love for Grant that “helped fuel Grant’s fire”. Grant’s love for the town that made him put his plans in motion. Royce’s love for… well mostly himself and his designs. Royce is a dick. But all of these characters did what they did out of love, and believed it to be right, even though it ended up horribly in almost all of the cases (Royce seems to be content with his fate in the deleted lines, Red’s fate is bittersweet at best)

Which is like the opposite of what happens in Bastion. Calamity device was made because of Caelondias hate towards Ura, and activated because of Ura hate towards Caelondias. Zulf’s hate makes him betray the survivors. Kid’s hate can make him leave Zulf to death,

“I’m loving the new hair, Tianna,” smirked Bastion, eyeing Tianna’s wild curls.
“Well, look who’s back!” said Tianna, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “As much as I would LOVE to shoot the breeze with you, I have work to do.” Before Bastion could say another word, the young bartender shoved past him and disappeared into the crowd. 

So, before I could even stop myself, my hands accidentally Bastianna’d

I, and probably everyone else, imagine that Tianna is hardworking bartender on the docks and Bastion is a pirate. He frequents the bar when he comes back from sea. Tianna is hardworking, snarky, sassy, and a bit tsundere while Bastion is a laidback, easy going, adventure loving fellow who frequently tries to get Tianna to take breaks and loosen up a bit, even though he fails almost every time.  YEAH I’M SOOOOO ORIGINAL HURRR DUUUURRR.

But yeah, I imagine these two having epic sass-offs to the enjoyment of all the bar patrons. ALSO, flirt fighting. LOTS of flirt fighting. Maybe unintentional for Tianna lol

Please excuse the crappiness of the drawing I drew it really quickly and roughly, but most of my work looks like crraaaaap and the image quality, the scanner is busted so I can only do webcam pics.


Public cello-bation is a crime.

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WIP (maybe, i don’t know anymore)

I started this drawing based on Fab’s Bation AU like a month ago more or less. At the beginning i liked it, i enjoyed playing with the acrilic brush on SAI and the result looked rather good in my eyes, But as I touched it more, I started to dislike it with a passion, so I stoped working on it. I want to eventually finish it, but it doesn’t call for me anymore. 

(this was also going to be Eis birthday present but since i didn’t finish it she now has no present from me and i feel awful because i promised but since i stoped working on this i have no time nor motivation you just have to look at the doodle i posted yesterday i mean lazy man. Sorry)

Omnic Overlords.                      Closed Starter.

STARRING: @overwatchphoenixoc

tank-treads rumbled through a desert. the savanna. Bation Unit F-108 rumbled into Numbani. its destination. looking around, it saw some omnics and humans. everybody was still around it as it rumbled up to an omnic. sending a frequancy.

>.– …. -.– / .- .-. . -. .—-. - / -.– — ..- / -.- .. .-.. .-.. .. -. –. .-.-.-<

“why kill? the humans are nice. they are at piece with us omni–”

the omnic was cut short as 108 blasted a round of machine gun bullets into the poor robots chest. 108 reloaded, staring around before opening fire into the crowd. shooting at innocents.

if only SOMEBODY could save them *hint hint*