Batillus - Furnace [2011]

Batillus - Furnace
[Seventh Rule, 2011]
genre: doom, black metal, metal, sludge, post-metal
Album Review by Sovereign

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This is another doom metal album(?) Is this something special? Is there something really modern and inspiring? The answer is came out of your speakers. Listen to this raw and sludgy doom metal album and you will understand how the modern noisy version of doom metal should be. Greate noises and fantastic ‘dirty" vocals which disrupt your fantasies. New York doom act Batillus is finally dropping the long-awaited debut full-length album “Furnace” , an album which could attract fans of noise rock, sludge metal, post-metal, post-rock, doom, black metal and other genres around modern noisy acts. The result is a well constructed album with a lot of influences around modern american sludge bands. The best point is the great harmonization of vocals and slow motion music. In my opinion these compositions are good and every fan who appreciate bands like Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Thou, Tombs, Cough, YOB, Indian and KEN mode would love this band as well.

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Tracklist :
1. …And The World is as Night to Them (8:53)
2. Deadweight (5:39)
3. Uncreator (3:39)
4. The Division (8:21)
5. What Heart (7:44)
6. Mautaam (10:03)



Batillus - “Mirrors”

Favorite song off of their new album.

Top 10 of 2011 #3: Batillus - Furnace

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Alright down to the final three! Fuck if Batillus isn’t one of the best, if not the best, new doom bands out there. Furnace jumps from black to grinding drone to doom seamlessly and leaves you exhausted from the beating afterwards. Here’s hoping these Brooklynites (yeah yeah!) keep on slowly trucking forward. Best tracks include “…And the World is as Night to Them”, “What Heart”, and “Mautaam”

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Batillus - “Cast” (new song) featuring special guest vocals by Kat Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, ex-Salome)

March 26th, 2011 @ The Studio at Webster Hall


Batillus - “Mirrors”


Batillus | Thorns | Concrete Sustain


Batillus - Concrete
Reverend's Bazaar - Death Is Dying

The latest edition of my bi-weekly, backhanded analysis of the current trends in heavy metal.

Thoughts on new music from Batillus, Jesu, and Morbid Angel, as well as a treatise on the dismal state of death metal in 2011. (Admittedly, I’m just as stoked about Ulcerate and Mitochodrion as the next guy, but if you’re going to stick up for the state of the genre, you’d better provide better examples than the latest snoozefests from Abysmal Dawn and Deicide. And that new Neuraxis is shit, too.)


Batillus | What Heart | Furnace