Rose self-love bath magick!

You will need;

  • Rose bath product(s) (I used a Lush bubble bar called ‘Rose Jam Bubbleroon’)
  • Rose petals (I used potpourri because it’s what I had to hand) – for self love
  • Lavender (Again, I used potpourri) – for calming, love and purification
  • Vanilla candles and tea lights – for sweet thoughts about oneself
  • Sea salt (I used the dead sea protection salt from this month’s witch casket - contained nettles and patchouli) – to dispel any negative thoughts and to protect oneself from doubt
  • Rose quartz (I used a necklace) – for unconditional love and compassion


  1. Run your bath using your rose bath products
  2. Throw in your rose petals and lavender, speaking the words;
    “Lavender and rose,
    For calming and love
    I draw my power
    From the moon above”

  3. Scatter your sea salt throughout the bath
  4. Light your candles
  5. CAREFULLY get into the bath
  6. Wash yourself with the warm water, feeling the warm energies flow into you
  7. I suggest some mindfulness or meditation at this point! There are a million and one posts about how to do that!
  8. When you’re finished with the bath, say these words before you get out:
    “I feel the magick and energy flow,
    With each incantation, I grow and grow
    And to finish my spell, on the candles, I blow”
    [blow out your candles]
  9. Empty the bath and save the petals for a charm bag to carry with you and continue feeling the effects!!