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Seventeen in Bed [NSFW]

this turned out longer than expected! but it was fun to write >///<

warning: nsfw

S.Coups: daddy kink ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) he would be focused more on your pleasure than his own. but only if you’re a good girl/boy. if you say “please/thank you, daddy” then he’ll award you. but only then. also, i think he’d be into costumes. not so much for him, unless you were into that, but for you; maid/nurse/school girl outfits, all those typical ones. he’s v private about your sex life though. if he was ever to talk about it, it would be to jeonghan or jihoon. and he would be very vague and blushy. but is very strict about the younger boys having sex. is on high alert if they bring someone over & has a stash of condoms just in case. then he’ll disappear to yours which annoys the boys bc they know what he’s doing! why can he get laid but not them?!

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Jeonghan: surprisingly v dominant. he acts like such an angel around his members, then is like, “oh, i think i’m meeting (y/n) today? later guys!” and arrives at yours where he left you tied since this morning to the headboard, a vibrator stimulating you enough to keep you aroused but not enough for release. he looks like an angel, but acts more like a devil. he won’t give you what you want until you’ve completely surrendered yourself to his power and are begging, tears in your eyes. even then, it mightn’t be enough for him

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Joshua: would be into creating an atmosphere, i feel. so don’t expect too many sudden nights of passion w him. he’ll prob warn you or drop hints before the chosen night like “babe, we’re free to spend all of Sunday in bed, right?” and you come home that day from grocery shopping and there’s rose petals leading the bedroom filled w candles. jisoo, like the gentleman he is, will help you put away the groceries before getting frisky. i get the feeling he’s kind of a sub? seeing you dominate him just makes his balls clench. but if you’re shy or whatever, he knows how to take charge too

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Jun: absolute tease. he knows your body like the back of his hand; knows just where will make your toes curl and make you whimper or moan. he’ll tease and tease until you beg him for more. he’s usually in charge but also has a soft spot for being sub. he loves when he teases you so much that you snap and pin him to the bed/table/bathtub/whatever, climb on top and take the dominant roll. he just loves how confident and fierce you are in those moments

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Hoshi: hyper + dancer stamina = sore body tomorrow. this boy is like an energizer bunny, he can just keep on going. idk but i feel like he would be inexperienced and unsure, looking at all your parts like, “what am i supposed to do w those?” so he might pinch a lil too hard or not prep you properly for penetration. but once he gets the hang of it, sex is mind blowing. i mean, you can’t walk and there’s bite marks everywhere but ayy, worth it!

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Wonwoo: is awkward and blushy at first. but he learns quickly and is teasy af. he won’t give you what you want unless you beg for it. daddy kink maybe? or at least a dominance one. he likes being in charge, likes when your hands are tied up and you’re bare and vulnerable before him, begging for pleasure only he can give you. he brags a lot, esp to mingyu

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Woozi: i think he’d be hella shy and careful in bed, prob blushing the entire time. he might be smiling from nervousness or embarrassment, ducking his head and not making much every contact. until he was more practiced and assured that he knew what he was doing. then he’d be a bit cocky, “i’m the only one who can make you feel this good, aren’t i?” and lots of eye contact. he’s more of a grunter, i think, as he’s thrusting. maybe let’s out a moan or two

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DK: has such a loving personality and is just a v nice person overall, so sex with him will be full of emotion. any kind. like, if he’s upset over not getting as vocally noticed as seungkwan, you’ll be able to tell by his rough thrusts and the dark bruises he litters on your skin. if he’s happy or just in a romantic mood, it will be slow and sensual, kisses being pressed to every inch of your skin. imo he’s a moaner. a loud ass moaner at that. there’s no way you’re getting away w sneaky quickies w this boy unless there’s no one within a mile radius

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Mingyu: learned everything he knows from wonwoo but doesn’t tell you that. he acts like he’s just a natural, awkward only for the first ten seconds until he realises that wonwoo actually gave sound advice and you’re moaning loudly for him, him! now he’s all cocky. “ah, so loud, jagi? do you want the neighbours to hear?” but if you even lightly brush against his dick, he’s a twitching and moaning mess. he’s the loudest in bed out of all the boys, trying to hide that by lip biting or muffling his moans by biting your shoulder while cumming. you wake up to breakfast in bed, curtosy of the sex god himself, and wonder where he’s gone when he says he’ll be right back. a minute later, you hear the rest of seventeen cheering and you groan

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The8: is kind of spontaneous about initiating sex. like, you’ll both be watching a movie at yours and he’ll suddenly lean over to kiss you. which seems innocent at first until his hand is resting on your butt and then you realise what he wants. he’s not cocky or shy either, just somewhere in the middle. he doesn’t feel like he’s the greatest ever but knows by your moans that he’s not bad either. it’s 50/50 in the bedroom. sometimes he gives you oral, sometimes you suck him off. sometimes he’s on top, sometimes you are. it’s not forced, just natural and fun

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Seungkwan: sassy but passionate. i think his vocal bg will make him loud af in bed. the entire dorm will know when he gets laid. but he’s so proud of himself, strutting down for breakfast and ignoring the stern, fatherly look s.coups is giving him. “how did everyone sleep? i slept great!” lil shit. if he’s in the mood & you’re not or vise versa, he could get snappy. also, i see him as a sub? a whimpering, hot mess that begs for your touch. and i don’t see him as being the best giver? bc he’s pretty self conscious about his looks compared to the rest of 17 & he’s also still so young. so sex is spent w you reassuring him? idk

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Vernon: considering he’s still young, i doubt he’s too experienced in this field. also, he’s awkward af. so it could take forever of dating before he’ll move past making out. and even then, his touches are shy and gentle, always checking you for your reactions. you’ll have to tell him how to move his fingers and maybe he’ll cum quickly but that’s cool. there’s an intimacy and awkwardness to sex that’s lost in movies. sex is a constant learning experience and who better to learn w than hansol?

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Dino: is still a baba so let’s just think about how adorbs this fetus is

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let’s spend our week nights eating cereal on the floor
when there is a perfectly fine table behind us.
we can go to the movies and sit in the back row
just to make out like kids falling in love for the first time.

we’ll paint the rooms of our house
and get more paint on us than the walls.
we can hold hands and go to parties we end up
ditching to drink wine out of the bottle in the bathtub.

and slow dance with me in our bedroom
with an unmade bed and candles on the nightstand.
let me love you forever.

—  unknown
Taking a bath with EXO (analysis)

Thank you for your request my love. ;-; <3

Just to be on the safe side: SLIGHT NSFW WARNING

Kris: Sensual, no doubt. Although Kris is relativity ‘eccentric’ in terms of sex, I don’t think full blown intercourse would transpire, but there is definitely an intensive level of intimacy. He’ll be especially touchy with you, hands coursing over your slicked skin not withholding in granting attention to all parts of your body; heightening the nerves over your body. He won’t say much aside from a few husky chuckles, while admiring you in this state. 

Kai: Hmm, more than likely, bathing with Jongin will be strikingly congruous to being with Kris. Jongin comes across as a sensual person to me, so this would be especially titillating. He may come across a bit modest/reserved initially, but once becoming immersed in the temperate water, his reticence will gradually dissipate. Soon, distance will alter into broiling temptation, as your body presses against his, kiss locked in while still encompassed within a soapy body of water. 

Suho: He’d be adorably bashful at first. You’d be the one who would come up with the idea, much to his initial perplexity. “R-really jagi? It’s not a bad idea! Just different.” He’ll agree indifferently only to find himself enjoying the sensation of sharing such closeness in an unexpected place. Most of your time with Suho would consistent of him pampering you, benignly offering to soap your body over, complimenting you throughout the process. 

Chen: This would be a mixture of placid and sprightly. “A bath huh babe? Well, not the weirdest thing you’ve asked me,” he’d snicker playfully. Jongdae would be able to get you to tend to him while he smirks promising to wash you next. When it’s your turn, he’ll groan aloud with reluctance profound in his tone, much to your befuddlement. “Nah~ This feels really nice jagi. Maybe next time. Or maybe you could continue on me? I really like your hands on me.” To which you would respond by playfully jabbing him. 

Sehun: One thing will eventually lead to another. At first, a bath with Sehun would commence in a lighthearted, jocular manner with your inner, puerile senses manifesting once you both enter the water. Playful water/bubble fights, while he comments on how competitive you can get with how much water there is on the floor. Once settled, Sehun will opt to observe you as you lather yourself in various soaps, becoming increasingly enticed. “Okay, I’m pretty turned on. Come sit here,” he’ll request, a controlling tone in his voice as he straightens himself, smirk evident awaiting your next move. 

Chanyeol: Ahhh, he’d probably be the most awkward of all the members initially. Inwardly, he’s wondering what he’s getting himself into with you, however, Chanyeol wouldn’t want that to become evident. “A bath? Ahhhh~” he would drone aloud, trying his best to conceal the lucid abashment. “You’re sure we’d both fit?!” At this point, he’s trying to start a humorous banter with you. And no, a bath with Yeollie would be incredibly innocent and not sexual in the slightest. It would be him huddled in a small corner, making misshapen figures with the bubbles. 

Lay: Another innocent instance in the scenario. Of all the members, Yixing would love this the most. I feel as though he would see this as very romantic and sentimental, gladly agreeing to your request without hesitation. His loving and affectionate side would show luminously while bathing with him. Your senses would heighten immensely as his gentle touch courses from the back of your neck, delicately outlining the shape of your back. “Mm, so perfect baobei,” he would murmur softly, beginning to dose your body in more soaps. 

Luhan: Bathing with Luhan would be most intimate. Lots of caressing, kissing, holding, etc. It wouldn’t get…overly sexual, but expect a ravenous Luhan to quite literally whisk you from the bathtub and into the bed afterwards. Like Yixing, Luhan would be enthralled with the idea of bathing with you, perhaps a little hesitant at first, but once a scented candle is illuminated along with scattered, crimson rose petals embellishing the effervescent water. 

Baekhyun: Instantly, you’d entice him with your request, as evidenced by the naughty glimmer flickering within his gaze. “Naughty girl~ Is the bed getting too boring for you now?” Despite the sexual implications he’s granting you, bathing with Baek would actually be incredibly playful and not at carnal. He’s going to tempt you into having a fight involving bubbles and water, probably managing to sneak in a small water gun, when you least expect it. 

Xiumin: Minseok is pretty nonchalant and wouldn’t think much of your request, willingly going along with you, even suggesting a specific type of soap to use or shampoo to use for your hair. “This one has a nice scent jagi. It has flower notes in it.” Of all the members, Minseok is the one that would be most diligent and attentive to actually bathing you, since he is assiduous when it comes to cleanliness. He’ll be sure to express his gratitude for bathing with him, solemnly. 

D.O: Kyungsoo would be pretty reluctant at first, seeing as this request has come up rather randomly. Caught off guard lucidly, he’d run it by you once more, contemplating the thought himself. Eventually, he’ll concur with you, prepared to pull out all the ‘sentimental’ cliches, such as the lowly light candles, the incenses, and flower petals scattered upon the bubbly surface. While humming a soft melody, you’ll feel his hands upon your shoulders, gently easing away any lingering tension. 

Tao: Interestingly, as opposed to you being pampered by Tao, your focus would be centralized primarily on him. At first, Tao wouldn’t be too keen on the idea, only to dip a hand into the tepid water, instantly re-thinking his thoughts. “Baobei~! More water on my back please?” he’d request in that diva like tone of his, relishing in the feel of the water. “We need to do this more often baobei! No! Not just for me…” 

~Hope you enjoyed my loves. <3


Turians and Sleep

Unlike many other species—for instance, asari, humans, and quarians—turians don’t sleep for a solid block of hours. Instead, turians have a divided sleep schedule: they sleep deeply for three to four hours during the night, and they make up the difference with naps during the day. In fact, a turian is likely to find a human or asari’s sleep schedule peculiar, in the same way that many humans would find it peculiar and unsatisfying to eat one giant meal and then eat nothing else for twenty-four hours.

Turians sleep very deeply for three to four hours in the middle of the night. They then take much shorter and lighter naps frequently during the day—a turian might nap for fifteen minutes every four hours or so. Night-sleep and nap-sleep have different terms in turian languages, because they are so different in practice. Unlike the night sleep, the daytime naps are very light; a turian “napping” can wake within seconds and without any grogginess. Because daytime napping is entirely normal and natural to turians, it’s planned in scheduling; indeed, when humans began working for C-Sec, many of them found it peculiar that their tough, often-stoic, duty-oriented turian coworkers had “naptime” scheduled into their shifts. (The turians find this no stranger than having a lunch break.) On military operations, a turian may need to go eight, twelve, or sixteen hours without a nap due to external circumstances, but it’s generally considered that this is a stressor and the soldier will need recuperation to make up the lack. Because these brief sleep breaks are so normalized in turian culture, it’s not uncommon to walk into a C-Sec break room or a turian military bunkroom and find a turian literally sleeping on their feet.

—”on their feet,” because turians also don’t lie down to sleep. They aren’t built for it: with a high cowl (and pointy fringe) in back, a sharp keelbone in front, and protruding hip-spurs on both sides (plus the sides of the cowl), it’s very difficult for turians to find a comfortable way to lie down on any firm or semi-firm surface. Turians evolved to sleep in a crouch; their leg- and hip-spurs, so inconvenient for reclining, help them balance easily while crouching, and lowering the center of gravity more than makes up for the weight of the bone cowl. Turians who may not be able to balance well while crouching—the very young, very old, injured, disabled, and ill—often sleep sitting up instead; those who can’t manage that are usually accommodated with special beds that support their weight without putting uncomfortable pressure on the cowl or spurs.

Of course, while turians evolved to crouch for sleep, modern turians are not above making it more comfortable. While there’s no single turian bed in the same way that there’s no single human bed, the most common way for turians to bed down is in a nestlike bowl that most humans would compare to a deep bathtub. The bed is lined with thick bedding called alteviar, which is something like a cross between a small comforter or duvet and a large pillow. Alteviar serves both to keep the turian warm and to cushion them if they want to rest their weight against the walls of the nest-bed. (Turians in the field may carry lightweight flat-pack alteviar, which give them some comfort during sleep even without a bed, but contract easily to fit in a pack.) Beds and alteviar are reserved only for deep night-sleep (unless the turian in question is ill or injured and needs extra support); turians taking a daily nap generally do so with no bedding or special furniture at all, and simply crouch in place. (It’s not uncommon, for instance, for Garrus to take naps by hunkering down in the main battery, although his sleep is light enough that someone keying open the doors will generally wake him.)

Turians sleeping alone may rest some of their weight on the walls of their nest-beds; turians sleeping together may do so as well, but are equally likely to lean on one another. (Small turian children often “learn” to balance while sleeping by leaning on their parents at the beginning.) Turians who partner with asari usually compromise with a very soft bed and lots of pillows.

Turians don’t associate beds with sex; they may have sex in a bed, but they may just as likely have sex on, say, a couch.

(Figuring out how Garrus and Femshep would sort all this out led to me writing The Private Space [nsfw, Shakarian]. And I have thoughts on krogan sleep… but that will have to wait for another day.)

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 82 - The Vase

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 82 - The Vase

[Blake returns to her room, upset, in tears…just as familiar face turns up to her door…]

Blake burst into her room, hand clutched over her mouth, her chest rising and falling hard.

And it was only a second later, when she had shut the door behind her hurriedly, making sure she was safe and out of earshot of anyone else, did she burst into floods of tears, unable to hold it in any longer.

This was killing her. Truly and utterly.

Blake couldn’t bear to think about Negan with his wives…touching them, kissing them, holding them, just like he had done with her just over a week ago…in that RV….in the bathtub…in her bed back at Alexandria.

Blake gave another sob, closing her eyes and crouching down to her knees.

Everything felt hopeless now…even as the warm evening sun drifted in through her window, shedding a golden light across Blake’s neat and tidy room.

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HannibalCon RDC3 - day 2: personal recap

Day2: Hopefully with a few less spelling and typing errors (sorry!).

So my inner clock woke me again at 5:30, making me extremely grateful that I actually went to my room, bathtub and bed yesterday evening after the truly astonishing, hilarious and fantastic FannibalMusical and the equally awesome Cosplay contest. My voice was nearly gone from all the squealing and whistling and cheering on :). More of that later.

The hotel has english breakfast, which is yummy but I truly can’t quite stomach it on not enough sleep so I stuck to croissant with fruit which is also quite alright^^.
My first stop for the day was for my photoshoot with Aaron and Scott and I asked them to do bunny ears on me and I LOVE how their expressions turned out^^.
(link further down)

They are both very sweet and kind and it has been my honor to meet them here, hopefully will happen again (damn, I’m getting emotional and there is still one whole day ahead, geez).

Anyway, small break after that, got my additional autograph vouchers and then went back to queue for Hugh. Probably the longest and fastest building queue…. ^^. They went through the queue to get to the room for the group photo (which I didn’t take) and you know, it’s something you have to say for Starfury: they’re “near”. Meaning, they don’t just show up for two minutes of stage time and then get escorted back by heavy security as in other cons, but they’re actually there, walking around. Of course they retreat after the various shoots and panels but they don’t get hid away in a sense. You get to walk by Hugh Dancy in a corridor on chance. They walk right through the crowd to the shoot. They sit next at the table to you or at the contest at a table just over there. It’s…. intimate :P. And very very precious and appreciated. There is like a feedback loop of energy that will buffet you for the days there, and, from experience, for the months to come.

Anyway, I have to say Demore’s calming me down the evening prior had helped and of course having seen them up close before I wasn’t -quite- as nervous as at the last con anymore for the photos. Still ran little circles into the carpet and probably drove everybody around me nuts. I’m sorry guys (whoever stood around me).
Hugh did something close to what Eddie Izzard did, he greeted you (with a smile) and then offered you an open embrace. I know other people asked for various poses (and got them, he said at the panel he even picked someone up^^ (which he apparently shouldn’t have^^)), but honestly, that posing was just fine with me. I mean, I got to embrace Hugh?^^
(link farther down)

Just noticing that you can’t see my hand which was around his back and very lightly on his waist. Well you all know he is built from The Path. Just sayin’.
I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and ‘I love your shirt’. Which is so nice because these little comments aren’t prompted. And I love that the smile reaches his eyes. I think / hope he had a fantastic time this weekend, as we all did (imho).

I had to go right to the next queue for Bryan and Bryan + Demore next. And you know Bryan probably had the time of his life (bless him). I asked him for a hug and I got a really tight one - not for the camera. *sniff* He asked how much I’d slept and laughed when I said 'not much, 3h’. Got another hug for the camera. It must have been hell for his back because he bent down and went slightly low with his legs all the time but… look at it.^^

(link below)

He is taller than Hugh^^. Thank you, Bryan. I hate myself in here but I remember the feeling and that is the bestest ^^.

Just a few minutes later was the pic with Bryan and Demore and I asked them for bunny ears as well and look. At. Their. Faces. *g*

I love^^.

(Pics here: and

I went to the main hall after since Aarons and Scotts panel was up (Hughs and Bryans signing was moved through sheer fannibal queuing force^^ (another thing, Starfury does not cut the lines and I’m grateful for that… it just might take longer and things might get moved around a bit. I heard from the SDCC? that they cut the autograph lines for Hugh there and… imagine that. That sucks.)
You can see the pics from the panel (you may take photos as you wish, but no filming) on twitter. It was -hilarious-. I mean, even Martha commented on it^^. Somebody brought Hannibals collar from Digestivo and “Margot” had a riding crop and… well. There were high heels involved as well and Aaron lost it on stage.
Just…. read through the tag. They reaaaaallly love to play off each other. God I hope we get more of team Sassy Science.

I admit I skipped Ellens and Demores talk after that because I needed food. We went over to the unhealthy but cheaper option and collected our autograph items for later. Hughs and Bryans panel was next. Only…. Bryan was still busy and so Hugh did the panel alone for the most part. And I think he was a bit … not reserved exactly but careful as to how he phrased things? He did have a lot of fun though I think, some of it made him laugh in earnest and blush :P. He gives very honest and deep answers and that is fascinating to witness. Also, yes, his face is that mobile and it is astonishing^^. I had to go and queue for autographs close to the supposed end, I learned later that I just missed Bryan (though I did hear the cheering and surmised as much) and well. Go and read the tag. Bryan apparently almost opened the thing with telling everyone that Will&Hannibal would switch. And appently nobody even really asked the topping/bottoming question *g*. Anyway, I’m told it was a blast and that Hugh really was a bit relieved and Bryan called Hugh his crutch and that Will would stay part of Hannibal. They will give another panel today and I. Cannot. Wait.

Signing was very nice and relaxed, I had he ad signed and I had to grin a lot when I saw that they had put Scott and Aaron on opposite sides of the line….. LOL.
Anyway, went and collected photos inbetween and then went to the lobby to distribute more badges to their owner. At least I managed 3 (yay!) Also got to meet the lovely @vourer (Twitter) and I got my art book from @hanniwill (so beautiful!).
Went to my room for an aspirin and a breather and then queued early in front of the door to the main hall because I wanted a seat at a table in front (and got it, yay!).

The Hannibal musical was a riot, as mentioned before. And the booklet is extremely beautiful, made up with art and pics of the performers and I was so happy when 'they’ joined and watched as well, and I think they had the time of their lives as well. Or I hope so, because we did^^. Hugh blushed with the final scene^^. (They were in my direct left side line of vision when I watched the stage, I ended up holding up my arm the whole time because I got distracted watching them^^^).

Kudos to all those that made that happen, what a highlight.

Cosplay contest was another one, topped off by Bryan coming in with -his- Hannibal suit (you know the red black one) and Hugh in pyjamas, slippers and Masons blue robe. Thank you gods^^. The cosplays were diverse and hilarious at times (Funko pop hawaiian murder husbands!!) but Kay blew them away with her Mason makeup. And yes, it was…. whoa. ^^

We sang happy birthday for Demore and I think he was really moved. Precious.

I went to bathtub and bed after that because my inner clock sucks and I wanted to be able to be fit “enough” for the next day… because there’s still one photoshoot coming up… Bryan and Hugh. *giddy* And their autographs^^. And panels.

And lots of tears tonight.