bathsheba at her bath

David and Bath-Sheba

Bathsheba reclining at the edge of her bath on a palace terrace, while a maid washes her foot, with King David leaning from a balcony in the background to left; after De Troy; in a foliate border; illustration to Rider’s ‘Christian family’s Bible’ (1763-67).

Etching and engraving

.Print made by: Charles Grignion

After: Jean François de Troy.

Date: 1763-1767 (circa)

The British Museum

That smile….

It could have seduced Cleopatra out of her golden boat.  It would have lured Bathsheba from her bath.  It was the smile of a wicked man, a man who didn’t bother much with honor, but promised to bother a lot about…other things.

                 ~ Eloisa James.  A DUKE OF HER OWN