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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 5 (ok whats happening ive gotten so far)

a/n: HIIIII *nervously sweats and smiles* i cant believe im writing another part with 600 followers, this is insane! i love you all so much. so this part is like… idk they talk and such. i just got this idea. btw, it’s immediately after the last part, immediately, okay? and oh, the joker has two bathrooms - one with a bath and the other has been mentioned before. oh the picture isnt mine - its not the best joker edit cause he has eyebrows here and his eyes arent dark but i will forgive the person :D

characters: why do i bother but JOKER and READER

warnings: nudity, smut once in a while, bathing together (idk is that a warning? :D)

J stood up from the bed, looking at me. The emotions in his eyes were changing. It looked like he was trying to resist something. With a growl, he placed his hands on my sides and lifted me off the bed, placing me on my feet. He reached out his hand and I looked at it. I was still a bit afraid of him, he could kill me too. Any moment. J then took my hand in his, not caring about the way I looked at it. He never took my hand, either home or in public, and it felt weird, different. He dragged me to the door of his bigger bathroom and faced me.

“Stay here.” J said, pointing his finger at me. I nodded. He opened the door and went into the room. I sighed. Couldn’t I just go to sleep? I was so tired… How wasn’t he? All day out, business, sex, and he could still ran around the world. How is that possible? 

What was he doing in the bathroom? He never did anything by himself except killing people. 

J returned shortly after I started wondering about his actions and he pulled me into the room, closing the door after. He had turned on the lights, and I heard the water running in the bath. There were towels on the floor next to it. He had prepared a bath for me? For us?

I looked at him, he seemed calm. He walked me to the bath - it was in the size to fit four people next to each other on the small side, but ten people next to each other on the longer side. He again placed his hands on my sides and placed me into the bath full of warm water. 

J got in himself and laid down, so only his shoulders and head were out of the water. His hand stretched out for me and I hesitantly gave him my hand. J pulled me down, so I was laying on him and moved us up in a sitting position. I was sitting between his legs, mine around his waist, my back against the side of the bath. We were in such position that there was no way he didn’t like to show that he was in charge. Joker turned off the water and turned back around to me. His one hand on my cheek, and the other one on the back of my thigh, J looked me deep in the eyes.

“I feel like…” he looked up, in thought, then looked back at me. “There is something bothering you, angel.” He stated. “You haven’t spoken much, you act a little different. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

I took in a deep breath and exhaled, looking down, avoiding his gaze. I have to tell him, even if he’ll think I’m vulnerable and weak. If he wants to know, he will.

“I-I’m afraid..” I finally said.

“Afraid?” His non-existent eyebrows furrowed above his eyes and he lifts my chin up to him. “Of what?”

“I-I, it’s-”

“Is it my men? I can-”

“No, it’s not them.”

“Who is it then? Have you got somebody outside our home you’re afraid of? Your family? Friends?”

“No, J, it’s….” I sighed out a shaky breath. 

“Go on, tell me what you’re afraid of.”

“I’m.. afraid of you.” I said, looking him in the eyes.

“Me?” His face was a mix of several emotions. He drew back just a little bit. “Why? Did I…” his face hit the sight of realisation, “Oh..” J was looking down while a few tears escaped my eyes. “Why does me killing a man scare you?”

“Why? Why? Maybe because that’s never happened to me.” I gained courage, I spoke, looking him in the eyes. “I have never seen you or anybody else kill someone. You were nice-ish to him and then you just shot him! Makes me think that you could kill me any moment.”

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it long ago and you know that, doll.” His face was close to mine again, his hands on both sides of my neck on the bath’s edge. “But.. since you’re loyal and I enjoy your company, I’m not going to kill you. I like you too much to kill you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that I’m scared of you! You terrified me tonight. You shot a man in the head and didn’t change a shade. How can a person do that?…”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sweets, but… I’m not a regular person. Am I even a person? Who knows?” J chuckled. “But you don’t have to be afraid of me. Or anything else. I will protect you at all costs, my dear angel.” His hand stroked my cheek, placing his thumb in between my lips. “Does that ease your mind at any way?” He asked and I nodded. 

J moved his lips down to mine and kissed them roughly as his hand slid down my body and stopped at my heat, placing his hand over it. I inhaled a sharp breath and kissed him back, reaching my arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into me. As his tongue entered my mouth, his fingers teased my entrance, making me whimper into his mouth. J pulled back suddenly.

“Do you want to touch me, baby doll?”

“What?” His words took me by surprise. 

“I said, do you want to touch me?” He repeated. “Can you touch me, doll? You’ve never touched me.” He spoke in my ear, stopping the actions of his fingers.

“Well, I-I..” I stuttered. “I don’t have much experience.” I admitted.

“Oh, I can teach you, baby.” He smirked. “Do you want me to?”

“Y-yes,” I replied, “If you do.”

“I very much do.” He said, laughing quietly. “Give me your hand.” J said, reaching out his other hand for mine. I put my hand in his and he guided it down between us(a/n: jesus h christ i swear to you i havE NEVER WRITTEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE SO IF ITS HORRIBLE IM SORRY IM JUST NOT A FAN OF …. DOING THIS TO A MAN). My breaths were shaky, I had never touched a male in that way before, I was nervous. He placed my hand on his member and started slowly moving it up and down. “Slowly, slowly…” he said and then let go of my hand, leaving it there. I looked at him. “Go on.” J urged and I nodded. Wrapping my fingers around, my hand slowly, gently moved up and down his length. J closed his eyes at the feeling and his hand worked on my intimate area, fingers pressing down, drawing circles. I moaned, my hand wrapping around his cock (a/n: god i hate this word) tighter and J groaned out.

“Oh, J…” I moaned out in a high-pitched voice when he entered me with his fingers. I started moving my hand faster up and down at the pleasure J was giving me.

“Yes, baby girl, just like that…” He sighed into my ear, curling his fingers and I was a moaning mess before him. Our actions continued for a while until we were both moaning and groaning each other’s names, close to our peak. I moved my hand up one last time before I felt him cum in my hand (a/n: ok so maybe this is against some erotic physics bc i’ve heard that a male can only cum once, while women can cum multiple times in a row but you know what? this is an imagine, this is not supposed to be reality so idgaf :)))) ). J’s fingers continued to work on me, he pressed his thumb on my clit and I moaned loudly.

“Cum, baby, come for me..” him whispering into my ear was what it took for me to reach my orgasm. Moans and J’s name left my mouth multiple times and I finally came over my high. I sighed, J taking his fingers out and chuckling. I was so tired, I could fall asleep at any moment. 

“That was wonderful, baby,” Joker spoke, smiling. “You did great.” He complimented, making me smile tiredly at him. He leaned down to my level - at the lack of energy I had, I was leaned back into the bath - and kissed my lips with a growl. 

“That was your first time touching a man, wasn’t it?” He asked and I nodded for a reply. “Your hands seemed so innocent…. As you do. No matter how many times I’ve fucked you and done other dirty things to you, you always look innocent and pure.” J spoke, making me laugh a little. J smiled at me laughing, it was a genuine smile. “Tell me… when I fucked you for the first time, was it… your first time?”

“Well…” I trailed off, sitting up straight so I was in his level, “my first time was with an asshole boyfriend from high school, but he never went all the way in… let’s just say, he didn’t reach my virginity wall so I don’t think it counted. God, that guy was a jerk…”

“Was he really? You know I could-”

“J, it’s alright, he wasn’t abusive or anything, don’t worry.” I stopped him. “He was just really annoying.”

“Well, then…. Do you regret having me take your first time?”

“No, I don’t.” I almost whispered, shaking my head with a smile.

“Flattering.” Joker purrs in my ear, his hands on my sides.

“J, I want to ask you something.”

“Anything, my doll.” He said, placing a kiss on my cheekbone. 

“Who’s Harley? The man mentioned her.”

“And why would anything he said be true? He didn’t do his part of the deal, so why should you take what he said to your head?”

“I saw the way your face changed when he mentioned her name. Tell me about her, I want to know.” I said.

“I’ll tell you, fine. Harley was a… beloved toy of mine for some time. Unfortunately for her, she left me a while ago. Even though she’s strong and knew how to fight, she couldn’t resist me after all. So I just… got rid of her one day.”

“Oh…” I replied. “Do you miss her?”

“No, I don’t. Never did.”

“Did you love her?”

“I don’t like that word, baby doll, never use it again in that context.” He growled. “But I didn’t. I told her I did, but I just used her for business.” As he spoke, i furrowed my brows, listening. “She was strong, naive and in love. Annoying, also. She realised it only after a long time and left.” He finished and there was silence for a while.

“You would… never do that to me, right, J?” I asked, my arms around my legs, knees resting against my bare chest. 

“Of course, not, doll.” J answered, resting his chin on one of my knees. “You’re different than her, better than her. More beautiful, smarter.”

“And how do I know you’re not lying to me now like you lied to Harley?”

“I told you that I would never treat you like her.” He sternly spoke. “But I also know that you’re smarter than her, you know when people are lying and when they’re telling the truth. So,” he traced his finger up my leg, “can you tell if I’m lying when I tell you that I will take care of you, keep you safe, never treat you like Harley… That you’re better, different, beautiful, smarter, attracting… Am I lying to you?” 

I decided to change things up a bit and smirked. I put my hands flat up against his chest and pushed him to the other side of the bath. Closer to the large window, where the moonlight was shining down. J was sat up against the bath’s side and I put my legs around his waist once again, my hand on his cheek.

“You’re not lying to me, I can see that.” I replied. “But have you ever lied to me?”

“I don’t think so, my dear angel.” He said, and rose up a little bit so he was even slightly above me. He hated to be the little one. “Have you ever lied to me?”

“No, J, I haven’t. And I promise I never will.” I said and kissed him on the lips. He felt different now. It felt like he was… in my power. What? Did I really have the Joker… weak? For me… 

He kissed back, trying to regain his power, but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted to take the chance of controlling him. I pushed him down and kissed him again, harder, my hand latching into his hair. I gripped his glowing green hair, tugging tightly on the roots and J let out a groan of pleasure, I think.

“Do you like that now?” I whispered with a smirk. J must’ve caught up with what I was trying to do and pushed me away slightly. He laughed and sat up, taking my wrists in his hands. 

“Nobody can be above me. Nobody can out-power me.” He snarled. “Now, you better apologise to Daddy before he changes his mind about being in a good mood.” He warned. Well, I have learned my lesson to never try that again.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I will never do that again.” I spoke in a more innocent tone that I wanted to. 

“Good.” He said. “Never try it again or Daddy will be very, very angry.” He warned and I nodded. “What do you want to do now, angel face?” His mood immediately changed. “Do you want to continue bathing or do you want to play a little…?” Joker smirked. Was he so turned on all the time? Always in the mood…

“I don’t know..” I trailed off. “What do you want to do?”

“I think Daddy wants to play some more. Would my doll mind?”

“I think your doll would very much enjoy that.” I smiled at him. 

“Why don’t you turn Daddy on a bit more? Could you do that, baby?”

“I could.” I smirked and moved a bit lower on him, right above his member. I moved around it, grinding down on J with my eyes closed. I got myself turned on, moving around his cock to get him hard. My mouth hang open as moans left my mouth, my breasts lowering onto J’s neck every time I went down.

“Alright, doll, that’s enough.” J spoke, holding my hips down to stop my movements. He was looking right into my eyes when he lowered me onto his length, making me moan out. J actually loved it when I was on top of him, he never told me, but he didn’t need to - I could see it, feel it even. He was always watching me intently from below, getting turned on more and more by the sight before him.

By my hips, he guided me up and then down again. He was going painfully slow, but he liked to tease me. I moaned out, eyes closing at the wonderful feeling and mouth agape caused by the moans. 

“P-please go faster, Daddy…” I begged and he moaned out himself. As asked, he picked up his pace to a deviously fast one, pounding in and out of me like there was no tomorrow. I was screaming, moaning, yelping, making very sound possible come out of my mouth. 

J placed one hand on my back and lowered my body down on his, kissing between my breasts. It drove me completely mad. I brought my nails down his chest to get relief somehow, scratching the pale white skin. There would be marks. His grip on my hips tightened so much it was painful, he was controlling my body in every way.

“O-oh, my God…” I moaned out. J whispered encouragements into my ear and I came for the third time tonight, along with him (a/n: damn joker trash back at it again with breaking the erotic physics rules). I fell on top of him once he had pulled out of me and breathed loudly, heavily. 

“Are you tired, baby girl?” J asked. I nodded, unable to speak. “I’ve tired you out, my doll. Rest now, I’ll take care of you.” He said and I rested my head against his chest. I traced over his many tattoos and got an idea.

“Daddy?” I asked with my last energy.


“Can I get a tattoo?”

“Of course, sweets.” I heard him say right before I drifted off into sleep.


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OMG I totally agree with your Lush Employee!Sirius thing - he'd be cheerful but not to the point of annoying, and it happens to be where he meets Remus (who comes into the shop once to get something for his mum's birthday, but continues to come back again and again just so he can shyly watch Sirius from behind the moisturizers)

yes omg!!! remus goes + tbh he barely washes his hair, a shop that sells soap is not somewhere he thought he’d be spending his saturday afternoon
but then there’s this really helpful (+ good looking employee lmao remus stop looking at their butT)
+ their like this fountain of knowledge + remus is feeling kinda overwhelmed over here i mean wtf is a bubble bar???
but their so kind!!! their smile is gentle even when they teases remus a little
+ ofc he goes back, pretty much all presents he gives to ppl include something from lush just so he can pine from behind the selection of face masks
(lbr sirius is so gone on this guy + he doesn’t even know his name, poor bby)
+ then one day sirius is showing off a new range of bath bomb to remus + he puts too many things in the lil bowl of water + it’s fizzing everywhERE
remus laughs + sirius probs just mumbles remus was meant to be impressed this was now the plan whilst blushing so bad omg
+ yh, they probs go on dates after + when ppl ask how they got together the retell the Great Fizzing Bowl of 2015 with fond smiles on their faces
(why is this so long i’m so sorry)

Pushing Forward

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Pairing: SamxReader, DeanxSoulmate!reader, CrowleyxDaughter!reader
Word count: 5,777
Warnings: Swearing, blood
She’s Leaving Dean Masterlist

You sat there for as long as you dared, but you needed to compose yourself before your dad saw you. Taking a deep breath, you wiped your cheeks and zapped yourself back to the seamstress. She had finished your dress design, and you gave her your approval.

It didn’t take you long to finish up with her before it was lunch time. You weren’t even that hungry. Sam was expecting you at the bunker, but he wasn’t there, and he wasn’t in hell with you. Shaking your head, you zapped yourself to the woods in some random state. You just wanted to be able to think clearly.

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Annie, I need some help. Do you have any tips to healing a broken heart? xx

Hi beautiful, I hope you are doing well and I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly as I think others also might find what I have to say helpful.

🔴 What I am about to write is my OWN opinion based on my OWN outlook of the world and therefore others may disagree. 🔴

First of all, realise that what makes a certain experience NEGATIVE or POSITIVE is how YOU react. Example - you broke up with someone you liked or loved for a long time. This is neither negative or positive until it triggers a REACTION. You can either be happy about this and realise how much you have learned about yourself and what you are truly looking for in a partner, you can be thankful and grateful for this experience, and accept it, which is what will make it a POSITIVE experience. Or you can react by thinking you are worthless, something is wrong with you, you will never move on and won’t meet someone better, feel empty and upset, which is what will make it a NEGATIVE experience.

The BEST thing about this is - you can turn your negative experience into a positive one. All you need to do is realise that this experience is negative in your head only. It can be a positive one if you want it to be. I KNOW that it is said easier than done. BUT it is very possible. Look at the highlights of your experience and what you learned from it.

An important point that I would like to make is, whatever happened, happened. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever will happen, will happen. TRUST THE UNIVERSE AND GO WITH THE FLOW. There is no bad, no wrong, no mistakes, no faults. There are LESSONS and experiences that make you grow, make you evolve and learn. And that is beautiful.

In the grand scheme of things, that person was only a PART of your entire life that will be filled with so many experiences, so many people, so many places and things and feelings. That person was just a small part of it.

What I think is important in order to move on:
HEALTHY MINDSET & RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF. Your heart does not need healing. You are NOT broken. You are whole. You always were and always will be.

Be kind to yourself. Spend time in nature (this is a big one - it truly helps). Take a bath. Eat that chocolate. Light up that scented candle and listen to a guided meditation (YouTube has some great ones). Go to bed early. Rest is essential not for physical only but for emotional healing also.

Make plans with family and friends. Surround yourself with positive people.

TALK about what you experienced. If you don’t feel comfortable telling anyone - talk to yourself on camera (it truly helps). WRITE about what you experienced. PAINT your emotions. Turn it into MUSIC. Its okay to cry.

This isn’t about food only! I believe you can mentally ‘detox’ by getting rid of things that remind you of experiences that you labeled as negative, deleting old phone numbers, even cleaning your room. You are living in the present, not in the past. Get rid of things that you don’t need or use.

“Your current situation is not your final destination.”
“Every struggle you have known has shaped and made you the person you are.”
“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward.”

Tell yourself, OUT LOUD, that you WILL get through this. Tell yourself how much you BELIEVE in yourself. And finally, give yourself time.
Time heals all.


Hyde's Diary Vol.57 (2008 Jan 30th ~ 2008 Aug 21st)

Tour 2007-08 Theatre of Kiss Nippon Gaishi Hall
… I don’t remember anything (laughs). (manager: you ate hitsumabushi, shikimen, tenmusu, ebi katsu sandwich) That’s right, mostly we eat each area’s famous dishes during tour!

Shooting of Drink it Down PV
I got to touch foreign girls and I got excited wufufufufu (evil laugh)

2008.2.6-7, 9-10
Yoyogi Gymnasium
I don’t remember anything either (laughs)

Marine Messe Fukuoka
We had this concert like a musical, so the master planning behind was a lot of work, but well we thought this is good entertainment isn’t it? Besides, just doing a concert, we’ve done that like millions of times. And since we’re a band of over 10 years, we cannot just simply repeat the same routine of having an album, having a concert, again and again, at some point we’ll forget what happened in which year… like “ Oh what happened in that LIVE? ” So if we have something like this tour, at least it becomes a memorable historical event.

Vamps & Hydeist photoshoot
I didn’t want to just take a picture of us two (with KAZ) side by side. Like, if we’re side by side, just standing there, that sucks. So we tried to think of what else we could do.. so at the end we ended up choosing the picture of us lying around this carpet in front of the toilet.

Vamps pre-promotion and recording
During my break from Laruku, we wrote the single for Vamps. And since it’s the first song, we tried our best, well although we always try our best, but you know, if it’s not like really really good I don’t want to release it. For “ Love Addict”, we had like tens of different patterns and arrangements. Changing the A melody, changing the Chorus, keep changing and changing and it took us closer to what we wanted.

Tour 2008 L'7 Trans Asia via Paris Rehearsal
This stuff was real heavy! We had to come up with 2 plans, one for overseas and one for Japan. For Overseas, we wanted to focus more on singles, like a “BEST” album. Since many fans were to see us for the first time, we wanted to do a straight forward, something like what we’ve done with all the past Laruku concerts. (Hyde I would’ve preferred if you had done it the Japan way : ( i wanted to hear the c/w! anyway…) We wanted to present LIVE to the fans what they have had an impression of before. For example, the use of feathers, although some other people might have used that now, but we really did our trial and error to come up with the best effects. I mean, in the past, we even used a net to shake it that’s why occasionally you’ll see a whole bunch falling down together (laughs). We even did research on the size of the feathers, you know stuff like that. And because we did stuff like this, we feel that this presentation belongs to us and want to use it to represent us. It might be a cliche, but we do want to show the best stuff to people who has never seen it. On the contrary, for Japan, they already know we’ll have a 20th anniversary in 2011, which would be mostly focused on a review on singles probably, so this time we want to do a concerts which will satisfy the hardcore fans. So we sat together and were like “Come up with 2 songs that you wanna do just because you hadn’t done it” and we came up with “Eien” and “ Sell my soul ” ( >_< Droolll i want sell my soul!) So the Japan show was very maniac but also gorgeous like a Dome show should be.

L'7 Shanghai
I learnt some Chinese! I wonder why we had ended up deciding that the MC of each country would be done in their language….(laughs). I know it’s kinda lame, so we’re not doing it because we think it’s cool. Because I wouldn’t think foreigners who come to Japan who can say “ Konnichiwa ” are cool either. So I know I would be looked at the same like I look at foreigners speaking Japanese, but even though it’s lame I think this way it carries more of our love( awwww >_< so sweet!) No matter what, to work so hard to say word by word in another language, is like putting love to each single word, so not only through music, but also through language, I hope that we can get closer to another cutlure. Although on the other hand, Japanese fan wouldn’t understand a thing I’m saying and it wouldn’t be too nice to them…(laughs)

It really sucks because it rained! But even though, the audience still enjoyed the show so it was good. Like, “ We will not let the stupid rain own us!” And we didn’t want the audience to think that we have to skip anything from the performance because of the rain, so we performed like how we did usually.

This is probably the only overseas country which I have stayed in for so long in my life (probably from filming MOONCHILD?). I know we have a lot of fans in Taipei, and I know they go to Japan to see us, so when we did ASIA LIVE 2005 we didn’t have Taipei it was kinda weird, but at least this time we finally made it here. Here we did outdoors too, and the weather was perfect so it was great. I was gonna get a tan, so I was topless the entire day until the show. (laughs). Afterwards, I went to dinner with Wong Lee Hom whom we filmed together for Moonchild, and we had much fun. It’s very different from the more severe parts of Taipei I know previously. (Manager: Don’t you think this is the real Taipei! you’ve only been to the nice places!) Laughs.

Filming of Love Addict PV
The clothes here is the same as Yukihiro’s from Theatre of Kiss. Well we basically go to the same stores, and I know we both have a lot of stuff similar, but I really hadn’t imagined that this look is the exact same one that he had in the finale at Yoyogi for Theatre of Kiss. (Hyde sama you don’t remember what Yuki was wearing *_*) laughs. And the coffin used in this PV, actually was in our office for a long time. It was especially made for a Halloween LIVE we had before, and thanks to this shooting now its wrecked haha.

The streets are more feminine than those of England, feels like it really matches flowers. No wonder they call it city of flowers (?I think..?) It looks like an illustration book, it would be wonderful to fall in love in a place like this (>w< kyaa) Drinking with friends by the river. I wish Japan could be more like this too. Admiring beautiful architecture and drinking with friends, I think that is really great. But in Japan, you can’t really look at the Kinkakuji Temple and do that right? So Paris has a very nice culture. Also like in Taipei, the audience got really hyped up before the concert. So at that point I already know its going to be a great success here. And we had live broadcast in Japan, which made us feel like we’re somehow connected emotionally, and I would feel like I would wanna do something for our Japanese fans watching too… it was complicated (laugh)

Day off
Went to the Louvre. and then went to the Eiffel Tower. If I had more time I also wanted to visit some churches. Then we also went to the Montematre, when it turns dark it turns into like a disco…like on the hill there’s a party going on. By the river people gather, there were DJs, and music, and everybody having fun in the square. And behind stands a Church, its very nice. The street itself is very beautiful, I would love to visit again!

Hong Kong
We had been to Hong Kong a couple of times previously for promotion, but LIVE is a first. We brought with us from our experience from the other countries and had a great show here. And then I was in the hotel bath afterwards. The bath was beautiful because I could see the night view. I soaked in the bath, read books and ate fruits, really got to recharge myself!
(Editor Kikuchi: “ So what’s your comments about going around the world?” ) Having our fans sing together in a foreign language Japanese, it feels that we are all connected, like we have crossed boundaries, it is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter how far away, they waited so many years for us to come and I can feel that in them. In this, I can feel a lot of love given to us.

Tokyo Dome
MC was easy!! (laughs) In Paris Kenchan was hit by the silver tapes, and I don’t know if it’s OK to talk about it. And he was like don’t do anything that wasn’t in my plans! (laughs)

Osaka Kyocera Dome
We did for Tokyo dome too, but here when we did Hoshizora, looking at the neon sticks held by the audience here from the stage, it was so beautiful that I was touched. Since it’s the last day, we had a huge after party. It was in an open garden so it felt good. (Editor Kikuchi: “ So how was this L7 tour?”) Hmm of course this is not just any other tour, its a special tour, something historical for the band. Even our Saccho said, the scale of the concerts were even quite big for local Japan, let alone overseas. So I feel this live was very meaningful. And this had triggered us to think that, we are going to keep doing stuff like this right? and Saccho was like “ you go try do it, if you think you can huh!” laughs.

NEXUS 4 PV shooting
It was really so scary!!!~~~ I thought I was gonna get killed… but the other members were not scared and got at it. Didn’t they step around even more than usual!?! … Like Tetchan, did he move around so much usually!? but the finished product is very cool!

Shine PV shooting
A little different from what we have had, and we think this new feeling is very beautiful. Basically it was all filmed under green background, like we were told to do this and that. But since the director is not an expert with L'Arc~en~Ciel, we do what he tell us to do and it kind of became a different L'Arc~en~Ciel. So we had discussions on what each member has to do to look cool, etc, and we were very satisfied with the finished product.

VAMPS LIVE 2008 Rehearsal
It’s our first time to play with this member, so we did song by song. So we’re not at the level to perform emotionally yet (Editor Kikuchi: From this rehearsal what feelings have you got towards this new band?) I wonder if we’ll get along and be good friends….? (laughs). Like going to a new class in school. But in a class at least you could choose, but if there’s no room to choose, you’ll have to make friends with these dudes here now. (laughs). Well I know that both Ju-ken and Arimatsu are very good performers, so the problem is whether we can become good friends (laughs). Especially important since we’re going to go on Tour ne.

VAMPS LIVE 2008 camp
I hadn’t really noticed at all, but when I was asked in an interview “ so you will perform in the same place, so you’ll change the menu a bit?” …and I was like “ Oh, really? I thought we’d just do the same stuff everyday! ( laughs)” So anyway we started thinking of a few different lists during rehearsal. When we were in Tokyo, we went drinking once with everybody. Then when we’re in the camp, we drank every night! So I feel that we’re getting to be good friends. We also had a Barbeque. Also my first time to cut a watermelon.. I had so much fun!

VAMPS LIVE 2008 Zepp Sendai
I was so nervous. It’s the first because…and I haven’t sang while play a guitar for these 2 years so I feel like I can’t do it just naturally. But after the concert began, I was like “ Oh, like this..feeling”… it’s something that I cannot get a feel of from rehearsal I guess. So once I start playing LIVE I start getting the jist of it again. Then thereafter I slowly get into the mood and focus on the performance at a more emotional level, which made me feel very good. It feels like I’m growing with the tour. (Kikuchi: “ So whats it like to perform continuously in the same area”) I cannot think of anything bad! I mean, it’s easy, and playing at the same venue means I don’t have to start from scratch each time. And this way I am able to increase the quality of the performance each night, besides we can go drinking every night too (laughs), because we have extra time. Well, although changing venues means the atmosphere also change every time, and it feels more like in a TOUR and it is also fun. But here now I can do things tomorrow what I didn’t do today. Also, on a day off, I wanted to do something that’s very Summer, so we went to the sea side. I don’t get a lot of chance to go to the ocean in Japan. I went to check out girls in their bikinis, but the beach was full of families (laughs). Well I had a good time getting a change of mood, I had curry at a seaside house, it feels so summer!

Summer Sonic 08 Osaka
It feels so much like Summer! (laughs). Since the performance time is short, I needed to have a good short term focus, building up the tension. Like go out do it with a bang and go with a bang. Perhaps there were a lot of first-timers in the audience, and also the cheering from the crowd was in a lower key than usual (laughs, more guys!?) I wish they had thought I did great?

Zepp Sapporo
Having so much fun! drinking every night. The drinking must go on! Coming to Sapporo it feels like we’re close to the end. I wonder if we have a day off for my liver….. I guess not.. (laughs) 

Credits: L'arc en ciel Forth avenue cafe

soldelata  asked:

ummm.... Do the thing you did with chiyo and nozaki if you dont mind :)

Y’all are making me want to rewatch GSNK… 

Who is more excited for Halloween?

Need I say more?

Who gives the best gifts?

Chiyo is so precious. She gives the best gifts, but she’s too humble about it. Anything that Nozaki gives her is instantly ten times better than anything that she could give him.

She’s in denial.

Who sings along to the radio the loudest?


Who actually finishes a book they’ve started?

Both of them. Chiyo reads for enjoyment, while Nozaki reads to get ideas. But he gets way too into his books, so Chiyo has to make him take a break, lmao.

Who falls asleep during a movie?

Chiyo is so cute when she’s slumped over onto Nozaki’s shoulder. She’s snoring just a little bit, and Nozaki doesn’t want to wake her, so he just pulls the covers up to her shoulders and falls asleep himself. 

Who plans a surprise getaway vacation?

Nozaki wants to take a vacation. He tries to make it a surprise, but Chiyo finds out and tells him that he can’t take one if he’s going to obsess over getting ideas for his manga. He promises, so they go, and it’s hard at first, but he soon relaxes for once and has a wonderful time. Chiyo’s surprised that he could plan such a great vacation. Nozaki’s not sure if he should be offended by that or not.

Who comes home with useless decorative knickknacks for the house every single day?

Nozaki. He’s always finding something.

Who takes more pictures?

AHAHAHAHA. NOZAKI FOR SURE. He takes pictures of so many things that Chiyo has to go through some of them with him so that he can have more storage on his device. They’ll spend hours debating on what to keep and what to delete.

Who likes baths? Who likes showers?

Nozaki actually likes baths more, but he usually takes a shower because of time. Chiyo prefers baths as well. 

Who keeps a weekly planner?

Chiyo keeps a small one in her phone, but Nozaki’s has a non-digital planner. It’s a mess. Chiyo’s not sure how he can read or keep up with any of his notes. They’re scattered everywhere within that thing.

Who actually watches the Discovery Channel?

Chiyo will watch something on there every now and then, but she doesn’t allow Nozaki to watch the channel because he’ll start wondering how he can use the premise of a certain show for his manga. She doesn’t need him obsessing over something else. That poor man. He can’t catch a break.

Who brings up having kids first?

Would you be surprised if I said that Nozaki does? He actually likes kids, but he’s so deadpan most of the time and doesn’t even realize it, so kids are kind of weary of him. 

But he wants kids, and he would love to raise some. He daydreams about it a lot. He’s too cute.

Chiyo almost started crying when he brought it up though because the thought of having children with Nozaki was so surreal to her. 

Who fixes things around the house when they break?

Nozaki! Chiyo assists a lot of the time because he appreciates her opinions, and Chiyo appreciates his skills.

Who leaves their dirty towels on the floor?

Neither of them. I think they’re both pretty neat in this department. Nozaki’s planner is just a mess, is all.

Who makes the coffee in the morning?

Nozaki does. He needs coffee to stay alive sometimes.

Who gets jealous over very petty things?

Chiyo has fire in her soul and gets jealous so easily. No joke.

Who exercises more?

I feel like Nozaki does because he’s sort of athletic??? Chiyo exercises, too, though. She’s a trooper.

Who starts listening to Christmas music in October?

Chiyo! She gets super excited for Christmas, so she starts preparing early. Nozaki finds it fascinating and finds her adorable.

Who actually reads the newspaper?

They both do. I don’t know why I feel like Chiyo would read the newspaper, but Nozaki would be reading it to get ideas for his manga. What a nerd.

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MoM | 10 Ways to Help a New Mom
External image

The first few weeks of being a new mom are unlike anything I’ve ever been through in my life. It’s such a mix of highs and lows and it’s such a blessing to have friends and family to help out. 

Know a new mom? Here are ten ways to truly help her out in the days and weeks after she gives birth.

Care Package Gifts for baby are great, but gifts for mom (and dad!) are even better. When we brought Felix home from the hospital, my friend Jana had left a little care package on my back porch. It had Mother’s Milk tea, vitamin E cream, little healthy snacks, nail polish and lavendar bath goodies. I didn’t know I’d need/want those things, but they were so wonderful to have at my bedside. 

Bring fresh food Don’t get me wrong - comfort food like stew, lasagna and casaroles are so yummy and delicious but too much of a good thing is just… too much. Because most people drop of meals that can be frozen and warmed up when you need them, it’s a great alternative to bring over fresh foods like grapes, veggies and dip, apples, etc. I remember thinking that grapes were just so juicy and refreshing after eating so many hearty meals! 

Chores Mom doesn’t need you to hold the baby so she can vacuum or do a load of laundry. She needs you to vacuum and do the laundry so she can hold her baby. Period. I will be forever grateful for our friends who did our laundry when our dryer broke down, folded it up and quietly delivered it to the back door. No popping in, just a text when they had left saying “clean laundry out back!" 

Other chores might be to take the trash to the curb, take out the kitty litter, take the dog on a walk, shovel the walk (in the winter), rake leaves (in the fall) or water the plants (in the spring/summer). 

Errands You get so much stuff in preparation for your new baby, but somehow, you always need something else. We didn’t plan on using bottles, but ended up needing them when we had to use donor milk for the first week. Thankfully our parents and friends did a lot of Target runs for us in those early days!! 

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anonymous asked:

Your corgs bring a huge smile to my face everyday! What is your favorite characteristic about each dog?

Aww. They bring a huge smile to my face everyday, too. :)

One of my favorite characteristics of Gatsby is his extreme patience. He is so tolerant of so many things. Getting his nails trimmed with the Dremel? No problem. Being blow dried after a bath? Falls asleep. Putting costumes on him and asking him to pose for a photo? You got it. He’s really such a fantastic dog. He listens well and is very eager to please. 

Oh boy,  Scout. I mean, where do I even begin?! Really though, she’s a great dog. One of my favorite things about her is actually her sassy nature. Don’t tell her, but it cracks me up so much. The other day, she was bothering Gatsby while he was trying to nap (she was barking in his ear, biting his face, pouncing on him) and corgdad and I simultaneously said to her, “Scouuuut! Stop!” to which she responded with a short bark along with a ‘high five’ paw motion. We cracked up because it felt like she was brushing us off and saying, “No!” (She talks back a lot.) Also, when she gets in trouble, she performs tricks in an effort to get out of it. Like when I caught her trying to chew up the carpet. I said, “SCOUT! No!” and she offered me her paw. When I didn’t take it, she played dead because she knows that always makes me laugh. She’s a silly girl, but I love her all the more for it.

The Domestic Life of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers - Part 14

This one is for missingthebetterhalfofme.  The song Steve sings is an old Irish Gaelic lullaby entitled “Seoithín, Seo Hó”. I’m not Irish myself, so I apologize if I have this wrong.  Enjoy! This is up there in terms of sugary sweetness…

14. Lullaby

              Steve couldn’t carry a tune to save his life.  Apparently the serum had brought every other part of him (and when Natasha said every part, she meant every part) to the very peak of human perfection, but his singing voice had somehow been omitted.  Completely passed over.  And it was strange.  She knew his sense of hearing, of determining and differentiating pitches, was phenomenal. She knew he could perceive sounds with the utmost clarity and at a far greater distance than a normal person.  He was the furthest from tone deaf as could possibly be.  But singing? His version of it was more like strangling a cat.

              He was completely oblivious to it.  Once they’d gotten to the point in their relationship where they’d been comfortable enough with each other to actually be comfortable around each other, she’d made this sad discovery, that he really couldn’t sing.  They’d been living in DC at the time in his apartment.  She’d started sleeping there, sleeping with him, and one thing had led to another and pretty soon the barracks at the Triskelion was too far a drive after a night at his place enjoying his company.  And it was too dismal to be there, too depressing. Natasha had never had a home in her life, had never settled anywhere with anyone or had ever even fathomed that she’d desire, let alone need, such a thing.  However, she found herself needing him.  Needing the comfort and security of his home.  She didn’t like to be away from him anymore.  It hard started out as a small, timid realization, and it had morphed into her leaving her toothbrush beside his in the bathroom and him emptying out some drawers in his dresser and making space in his closet for her clothes.  She’d never dreamed such simple things could make her happy, could make her feel like she belonged.  Her phone on top of his on the nightstand.  Her make-up next to his razor.  Her favorite foods in his refrigerator.  Her guns and holsters right alongside his shield.

              Her body lying right next to his in his bed.  And her snuggled up in his comforter and breathing in his scent and listening to him sing in the shower.  Steve had never told her, but she knew how much he loved a shower.  It made sense.  Growing up back when he had during the height the Great Depression and before the advent of so many of the conveniences everyone now took for granted, bathing had probably been at best a tepid affair.  Now there was seemingly endless hot water.  His issues with being cold aside, just being able to enjoy that was still such a pleasure to him.  So she’d snooze in his bed or check her phone, and while she was doing that, she’d hear him singing, off-tune, soft at first but then louder like he was confident she was sleeping.  He would sing things from his era, melodies she didn’t recognize. Things from the last seventy years. Steve’s taste in music was predictable yet somehow not; he liked a lot of classic rock and older tunes, of course, but he also seemed to be interested in new things, things she wouldn’t expect. Like pop.  And dubstep, of all things.  Who could imagine that Captain America would like dubstep?  Of course, it hadn’t been love at first listen. Natasha (and Tony, it seemed, from the volume of movies and music piling up in Steve’s apartment) had taken up the effort of educating and exposing him to pop culture and media.  Not everything was a hit.  Still, more often than not, she’d catch him humming a song she’d played for him or sneak a peek at his phone at the playlist to which he’d been listening on his jog or during his workout and find a new slew of music obviously inspired by her guidance.  And him singing in the shower.  His memory was so good that he could sing an entire song, exactly word for word, that he’d only heard once.  Off-key and horribly flat, but he could sing it verbatim with military precision.  She knew that for a fact.

              She’d teased him about how awful he was at singing.  He’d gotten (mostly) fake offended.  And, of course, she’d made endless jokes about it.  If only the world knew that Captain America wasn’t perfect.  Captain America, the worst American Idol contestant in history.  The judges would have to give him a chance out of pity.  People would vote to keep him on just because it’s a solemn, civic duty.  He’d rolled his eyes and sang louder in the shower every morning, just to annoy her as she lounged in his bed and smiled.

              Well, she was lying in their bed now, trying to sleep.  Trying and failing.  The baby was extremely busy inside her, twisting and turning and kicking.  James was wide awake and intent on keeping her the same way.  First it had been hiccups, little bubbles and pops that used to tickle and amaze her to no end but now were a tad bothersome.  Whatever calm state the baby had been in earlier that day, the hiccups had dashed it, and now he was very much on the move. This was happening more and more, that he was getting started just as she was trying to stop.  There was still another month until James was born, and she was already exhausted.

              “What’s the matter?” Steve asked from her left as she turned over yet again (not that there was anywhere she could lay that was comfortable).  He was sitting cross-legged beside her, a few field reports and tablet computers strewn around him on the bed.  He was catching up with paperwork for SHIELD, carefully scribing his notes with an actual pencil (she didn’t think she’d ever convince him that writing everything down by hand first was a waste of time when the forms were all computerized now).  He set a folder aside, turning to her.  “Can’t sleep?”

              “It’s not me who can’t sleep,” she grumbled.  Another kick nearly sent the air out of her lungs it was so sharp. Being pregnant with Captain America’s child was an experience, to say the least.  The SHIELD physicians who were caring for her couldn’t tell her if the baby had inherited the super soldier serum.  Even Bruce, who was the world’s foremost expert on Project: Rebirth and Doctor Erskine’s work, wasn’t certain.  But Natasha was convinced.  This child was strong and healthy and incredibly active.  Incredibly active.  Steve didn’t need a whole lot of sleep; living with someone who could go multiple days without a lot of rest, who typically only slept three or four hours a night and only “faked” the rest out of courtesy to those who required more, had taken some acclimation on her part. However, she could still go to bed when she needed or wanted to and sleep through when Steve got up at the crack of dawn for his jog.  When little James Rogers decided to start his day, mom had to start with him.

              That left her exhausted, through and through.

              The baby turned over completely.  Steve’s brow furrowed when he saw her stomach move.  It was a bit freaky, to be honest.  Natasha had never fathomed being pregnant, and so the idea of feeling another little person doing somersaults inside her… It was something incredible.  The number of nights they’d just laid there, his hand flat on her belly and hers atop his, feeling and waiting and wondering about what lay ahead of them…  Incredible.

              Right now, though, she just wanted him to quit it and let her rest.

              Steve went back to his paperwork for a few minutes, and James settled down enough that Natasha entertained the idea that maybe that was it, that the acrobatics show he’d been intent on performing since dinner was over.  She breathed deeply, finally finding a comfortable spot on her left side, and let her eyes slip shut, drifting to the sound of Steve’s pencil scratching over the SHIELD forms.

              Nope.  James kicked her again, kicked her hard.  She gave a short sigh, rolling as much onto her back as flat as she could tolerate and putting her hand over the offending spot the lower left side of her stomach. There was another kick.  A flutter.  Something that felt like a punch?  If he was this energetic inside her, how would he be outside?  Would he ever sleep?

              She tried to doze again in this new position, thinking maybe that would soothe him.  It didn’t.  She grunted in irritation and sat up in defeat.  “What’s wrong?” Steve asked again obliviously, shifting his papers around.

              “Your son won’t sleep.”

              “Why is he suddenly just my son?”

              “Because you’re the one with the super serum that’s keeping him up and therefore keeping me up,” she explained, closing her eyes and leaning back into the headboard tiredly.  “Make him stop.”  That was a plaintive, exhausted moan, a plea for relief that she knew couldn’t be answered. A want that couldn’t be fulfilled. But Steve had been fulfilling her wants for years now.  She heard him shifting around, his papers being pushed to the side, and she wearily cracked open an eye.  “What are you doing?”

              “Shh,” he said.  He’d crawled somewhat in between her legs.  He slid his hands up the swell of her stomach slowly, almost reverently.

              “What in the world are you doing?” she asked again, not in the mood for this.

              “Shh.”  He was more insistent this time.  “I want to try something.  Do you trust me?”

              “Trust you to do what?”  This was plain crazy.  And dumb.

              He smiled slyly, teasingly.  “It involves me singing, and I know how you feel about that.”

              Flabbergasted beyond rational comprehension, she just nodded after a mute second, gesturing at her pregnant stomach.  He scooted closer, dropping his face closer to her belly. “James,” he said, summoning a stern note to his voice.  His Captain America tone, as pretty much everyone put it.  Natasha smiled and rolled her eyes.  “James, this is your father.  Stop bothering your mother and go to sleep.”

              Little James Rogers was his mother’s son, too, because he kicked hard right at his father’s left hand almost defiantly.  Despite her weariness and deflating mood, Natasha couldn’t help but chuckle.  “He listens about as well as you do.”

              “Like you should talk.”  Steve smoothed his hand over the area.  “It’s bedtime,” he reminded more softly, clearly speaking to the baby. “You want a lullaby?”  Natasha opened her mouth to complain but Steve gave her a look that silenced her pretty effectively.  “You want Daddy to sing you something?”

              For some reason, that made her uncomfortable.  “Steve…” she whined, sitting up further.

              “You know, maybe your son would go to sleep if you just settled down,” he teased. “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  Now let me do this.”  She hesitated a moment more, unsure.  But then she followed his advice and settled back down.  She watched as he caressed her belly in silence for a bit, almost like he was imagining holding James.  And then he started humming quietly, a low, gentle sound.  “Seoithín, seo hó, mo stór é, mo leanbh…”

              “What does that mean?” she whispered down to him, unable to keep a sheepish grin from her lips.

              “Shh,” he shushed again, giving her something of an annoyed look.  She flushed and conceded, nodding her acquiescence and slumping gingerly against the headboard.  He started humming again.  Singing again.  “Seoithín, seo hó, mo stór é, mo leanbh…  Mo sheoid gan cealg, mo chuid gan tsaoil mhór.” She didn’t understand the words, and she didn’t recognize the language, but it had to be Gaelic.  His voice was so quiet, low and pleasant, and it reminded her of night, of deep, dark, endless skies and waves rolling against a distant shore.  Gentle and serene, low tones and peaceful swells.  Soothing. It was beautiful, this lullaby of his, and as she listened, she felt the tension leave her muscles so easily.  She felt her body sink into the pillows and quilts, her mind slip away from the worries of the day and the aches of pregnancy and the silent anxieties in her heart.  There was nothing but his strong hands sweeping in gentle caresses across her stomach, the lulling tenor of his voice, and their child between them.  “Seothín a leanbh is codail go foill.”

              She hardly even noticed when he stopped singing. She opened eyes that had slipped shut to find him still tenderly rubbing her belly, his gaze unfocused but teeming with tender grief and love.  He, too, seemed far away.  She reached down to slip her fingers through his hair.  “Your mother?”

              He focused on her, blue eyes gaining a familiar glint.  “Yeah.” He smiled faintly.  “Every night when I was little.  My favorite lullaby.  Put me right to sleep.  First song I ever learned how to sing.”

              She could have poked fun at him, maybe something about how it should have been the last or how sappy and sentimental this was, but the thought never even crossed her mind because she’d never heard anything as beautiful as her husband singing their unborn child to sleep.  Never. She reached down for him, blinking away the little bit of stinging in her eyes.  He kissed her tummy again before pushing himself up and moving over her, careful not to put his weight on her.  She took his face and brought him in for a sweet kiss.  “Sing it again?”

              Steve smiled.  “Sure.”

              She closed her eyes as he gathered her in his arms, his hands over her heart and over their son.  His lips pressed to the nape of her neck, his voice a vibration on her skin that went straight to her soul.  She sighed, melting against him, and finally, finally James was quiet as Steve sang them both to sleep.

thisisamadhouse  asked:

MMMh well for now my tired brain can't come up with anything better than reusing one of the OQ classic lines "You can't steal something that's been given to you" ?? Could be applied to a pirate context?

an extension on oq pirates + “you can’t steal something that’s been given to you”

this is lightly R rated… or maybe upper T-ish.


Later, standing at the pier of some seaport he won’t even know the name of, Robin will remember how he swore everything he had — and didn’t have — to her.

It’ll be one of the many memories forever etched into his brain from the two days before.

Such as her beautiful, frustrated face as the ties of his breeches curled around her fingers and refused to let up. Her threatening glare at him when he mocked her for the leather trousers she insists on wearing, such a challenge to push down her legs in the tropical heat. The taste of salt on her skin that he licked anywhere he could reach and her every gasp and every moan as he thrusted, bit and caressed. The waves washing in and pulling gently at his legs whilst they kissed, long and deep, laying in the white sand. It had made a nice rhythm, the tide and her soft tongue against his, and for once he did not think of what might happen after she remembered who she was and who he was.

Sand had gotten everywhere, troublesome and inconvenient thing that it is, but it had been worth it to see Regina huff underneath him (after many a minute sighing underneath him) as she remembered her distaste for it and its way of getting into everything. She’d blamed him, of course. Him and his rapscallion ways, for making her forget her surroundings. Making her lose her mind.

He’d laughed and lifted her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to the first patch of grass he could find so they could finish things and start again somewhere a little less uncomfortable.

He’d promised to find a stream so they could bathe after, and then he’d promised a great many other things, just to get a reaction from her. 

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