If I ever had real authority & influence on policy and construction within a library I would have a bathroom with a shower installed and would also have a room with an oven/fridge that you could reserve and I’d have little portable washing machines that could be checked out. And a room with soft furniture & blankets where people could sleep if they wanted.

Meeting Ryan
Bill McDonagh

I met Ryan the day me and the lads were installing the bathroom plumbing up in his posh Park Avenue digs. “Oi!” says he, “What’s with all the brass fittings? General contractor had me down for the tin.” “Well,” I says, “I supposed it’s the contractor then who’ll be bailing out your loo once a fortnight, is it? If it’s price you’re worried about, I’ll be picking up the brass, so not to worry, squire.” “And why would you be doing that?” says he. “Well, Mr. Ryan, profit or not, no man bails water out of privies built by Bill McDonagh.” The next day I finds out, I’m Ryan’s new general contractor.

Should the women’s bathroom have urinals?

If trans women are women and don’t want to get surgery and that still makes them valid as women, when they get access to the women’s bathroom, should urinals be installed to accommodate them?

If gender fluid people born with male bodies want to use the women’s bathroom, should they also be accommodated with urinals?

Should every bathroom be set up like the men’s room?

Just some headcanons for what I think life might be like for a human living on the Lost Light (during S1 at least)

Life on the Lost Light

  • All the rooms on the ship are huge by human standards. Like a small hab suite is probably like the size of a house to you? You probably could fit all your possessions on a circuit slab.
  • There are ladders and tiny entrances installed all over the place so you can actually go places more easily without having to ask other people to carry you all the time. Also hidden bathrooms were installed everywhere after a week of you complaining about needing to pee but nowhere for you to actually do your business.
  • You have sessions with Rung where he helps you adjust to living in space and dealing with homesickness. He also teaches you Neo-Cybex so you don’t have to rely on a translator all the time.
  • Your fashion sense might change a lot over time if you decide to buy new clothes on alien planets when you go on shore leave.
  • Ultra Magnus spends a lot of time looking out for you at first, he doesn’t trust at least 80% of the crew to either handle you gently or treat you like a person instead of a pet.
  • Swerve will sometimes hold avatar parties in his bar where everyone has to be at more human heights, so you don’t have to feel like the shortest person on the ship all the time (he knows that feel).
  • Brainstorm and/or Perceptor make exosuits for you, and you have a say in the overall appearance and colour scheme (Brainstorm will try and hide as many weapons as he possibly can in the suit but won’t tell you where they are or how they activate. Perceptor has to disarm 90% of it before you can even try it on).
  • Ratchet makes you take routine medical exams to make sure you aren’t being made ill/experiencing side effects from constant exposure to quantum radiation.

Because an anon said Yoonjin making flower crowns for each other oiajsdofasfd

Yoongi might not look like it, but he’s good with his hands.

And he doesn’t mean he’s just good at doing woodwork and fixing their bathroom and installing household appliances. He’s also good at making things. Pretty things. He pulls the stems of the wildflowers through the loops of the others, and the flower crown he’s made looks fit for a princess.

Yoongi eyes his boyfriend, humming as he threads a flower tiara of his own for Taehyung, and a small smile quirks at the edge of his lips. Princess, indeed. Seokjin’s made a pretty nice flower crown of his own, pink and white flowers braided together into a thin band. Not too flowery, but pretty enough for Taehyung to be satisfied.

Yoongi slides over to Seokjin and carefully place his own flower crown on the ashy green locks. Seokjin flinches, and then he turns to see Yoongi and he relaxes, smiling a little. “What is it?”

“Bugs,” Yoongi grins, but Seokjin isn’t even fazed. “It’s a crown.” He brushes Seokjin’s bangs out of his eyes, and Seokjin beams at him. “Better than the one you made for Taehyung.”

Taehyung snorts and sticks his tongue out to Yoongi, fiddling with the one on his head until he’s satisfied with the way it sits. Seokjin doesn’t touch the one on his head. Yoongi knows it’s because Seokjin innately trusts Yoongi to have made a nice one that sits well on his head.

Yoongi watches Seokjin as he gets up and flits about the field that they’re taking pictures in, picking flowers he can’t see and carefully making them into a small loop. He comes back with a crown of dandelions. “Dandelion,” Seokjin says, placing it carefully on top of Yoongi’s head, “symbolizes happiness. Exactly what you are to me.”

Yoongi grins and leans forward to catch a kiss. No one but Taehyung sees them, not when they’re covered by flowers everywhere.

The most beautiful time in his life, indeed.

Found this Lpt today:

When wiring up a bathroom, install dimmable lights and light switches. They are MUCH easier on the eyes for those middle of the night events, and can double as a night light when you have guests.

Similarly put a timer switch for the fan like this one:

The fans aren’t for s**t smells. They are for moisture. They need to be on anytime you take a bath/shower and probably stay on for at least 15 minutes afterwards.

It hadn’t taken that long to get the hot tub done he had promised Erik. A few calls to the guy who had installed his bathroom, a few more dollars as a promise if he’d get it done quickly and roughly a month after Christmas, the hot tub was done and ready for use. No matter that it was cold outside, Zach had taken a bottle of bourbon to the tub and was soaking in the hot water, trying to drink away the memory of what had happened in the bar where he had been so close to losing everything he had worked for. When he looked up, he saw Erik coming and he rolled his eyes. “Come to tell me I’m breaking my promise?”, he asked while he held the bottle up. “I know. I just want to take it back.”


When wiring up a bathroom, install dimmable lights and light switches. They are MUCH easier on the eyes for those middle of the night events, and can double as a night light when you have guests.

I did this to our main bedroom years ago, and have installed them in other bathrooms since then. In many cases, it’s as easy as replacing the light switch. Of course, this doesn’t work with fluorescent bulbs, and I’m not at all sure of the state of the technology with respect to LEDs.


Bathroom renovation – limitless options

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