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HQ!! OT3+ week ~ Day 1

Red ~ Bokuakakuroken

Bokuto can tell it’s going to be a bad day. He can tell from the moment he opens his eyes – no, actually, he notices even before that, since the sadness is there from the moment he becomes conscious, weighing down on his chest.

He doesn’t want to get up.

He has class later, but he feels no motivation whatsoever to move a single muscle. His eyes travel across the room and come to rest on the half-empty canvas leaning against the wall opposite his bed.

The picture is an assignment that is due next week. Bokuto originally planned to work on it today, finishing off the scene fitting the theme ‘Spring Has Sprung’. Though, now he knows he won’t be able to complete it.

It would be surprising if he actually managed to do anything today.

Bokuto turns around in his bed, unable to get comfortable. His dejected state of mind has taken over everything, making his bones ache and his heart, too, deep inside where he barely feels it. Though, he still knows it’s there.

He wishes Akaashi was here with him, but he is also aware that isn’t possible. Akaashi is preparing for his finals right now and can’t visit a lot. Bokuto won’t bother him. He needs all the time he can get to study.

Nonetheless, Bokuto can’t get Akaashi’s picture out of his mind. The reserved setter has always been the best at handling his former captain’s moods. Akaashi always managed to make Bokuto feel better in the past and now that he isn’t there, the crushing heaviness on his chest weighs down even harder.

How is Bokuto supposed to handle today without Akaashi?

Looking at the wall, he feels like he is drowning, like everything is slowly fading to black but he can’t leave. He wishes he could.

Bokuto is slightly afraid.

This has never happened before, but the thought of Kuroo seeing him like this gives him chills. His boyfriend and former best friend has never really witnessed how he acts in his dejected state, and Bokuto is afraid he won’t be able to handle it.

What is he even supposed to do? It is one of those days, hence nothing can make Bokuto feel better. It’s just that, despite all of his usual energy and liveliness, there are days he is depressed.

Days when he can’t get up. Days when he wishes he could stop breathing. Days when he stays in bed, tormented by hazy dream mazes he just can’t escape.

Kuroo can’t make him feel better, especially not now that Akaashi isn’t there.

How is he even going to tell his bed-headed boyfriend, Bokuto muses. At that moment, he wishes he had a colour system like Kenma, one that provides an easy way of telling others how he is feeling.

Today would be a red day, Bokuto knows. He briefly wonders if that is what Kenma feels like on red days. If he senses the same hopelessness buried deep under his heart.

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Sister Zoned - Dean x Reader

A/N: Later than usual, but it’s been a crazy day! Anyways, hope you all enjoy! Also, moment of Sam X Reader.. I may be more than a little Sam Curious… *Sighs Dreamily* Those damned Winchester genes just kill my ovaries… Plus, the roughness… Wow… Anyways, this is the final moment we’ll see of it. I have most of six written already, and we’re starting to get to the fun Dean stuff. :D Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing

Previous: One | Two | Three | Four 

@rusticbellamy @jazminwinchester

Word Count: 2212

You were half awake. Something warm was surrounding you, and you didn’t want to move away from it. Once the fogginess of your brain left, you started remembering the night before.

Dean had insisted you sleep in his bed instead of Sam’s, and you hadn’t argued much. You were too tired once the alcohol started wearing down, and the puking had finished. Not to mention the fuzziness that remained in your brain. Sam and him had some kind of conversation, but you hadn’t been able to make it out before you fell asleep.

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He Asks You To Move In- Imagine #132
  • *requested by anon*
  • Luke: Recently moving out of his parents house and getting his own place, Luke had asked you to help him settle in. You said yes, but just wondered why he hadn't asked you to move in with him as well. "Is that the last box babe?" He called as he heard you close the door with your foot. "Yeah, I put the rest in the garage for now." You set the box down on the kitchen counter and began unpacking his pots and pans that his mother had given him. "Help me move the couch?" He said pointing at the suede couch he had recently got. "Sure," you said jumping over the island and pushing on the front cushions until the couch hit the wall. "That was a lot of work for one day," you said sitting down, him joining quickly after and leaning his head on your shoulder. "Are you tired babe?" he asked as you began playing with his hair. "A bit. We can go set up your bed and take a nap," you said as you felt his arm wrap around your waist. "How about instead of calling it my bed, we call it our bed." You look at him, slightly shocked. "Did you just ask me what I think you asked me?" You said moving so you could get a better look at him. "Would you like to move in with me?" He asked, taking a key out of his pocket. "Yes!" You said taking it from him and hugging him tightly. "That's great babe. Now, do you want to go and break in our bed?"
  • Ashton: Rolling onto your back to gaze at the ceiling, memories from last night now flooded your brain. You remembered how Ashton had took you to dinner at your favorite restaurant, how his fingers trailed down your body delicately as he undid your dress, how his lips left soft kisses on your skin. Last night was the night he took you, and you willingly let it happen and you were glad that you did. "You're smiling," he said quietly, turning your head to face him. "Is it because of me?" He asked, running his thumb across your cheek. "It's always because of you," you said quietly, turning on your side and leaning over and kissing his cheek. "I could get used to this, waking up and seeing you in the morning." You smiled and moved over so you were resting on his chest. "I could get used to you every morning, you're a nice pillow, Irwin." You felt his laugh before it left his lips, and you felt his lips before they met your forehead. "So how about it then?" He asked, tilting your chin upwards. "What do you mean how about it?" You leaned up on your elbow and looked down at him. "Would you like to move in with me? I mean we have been dating for a good seven months. Seems appropriate doesn't it?" He sat up, practically mirroring everything you did. "I...I'd love to move in with you," you said quickly kissing him before wrapping your arms around his neck. "That's great babe. Now how about we get you in the shower so you can clean up?" "Only if you join me," you said winking before making it into the bathroom.
  • MIchael: "DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS DIE!" Michael yelled at the TV screen as you sat beside him, tossing your own gaming controller to the side. "God you sound like a girl on her period the way you yell Michael," you said turning yours off and getting up to go to the kitchen for a beer. "Babe I've seen you on your period and I know that this isn't how girls act." You smirked at his comment before tilting the glass bottle to your lips and letting the amber fluid into your mouth. "Do you want one?" You asked before even hearing his answer because you knew it was yes. "Thanks babe," he said as you walked back to the couch, clinking his bottle against yours. "Do you have any laundry that needs to be done Michael?" You asked as you leaned into his side. "Why do you ask babe?" "Well it's just that I have to do mine and I'd like to kill two birds with one stone." "It's weird that you have to do laundry at my place when you don't even live here." "I know, I just like staying here with you. You make me feel safe," you said kissing his cheek. "So, Y/N," he said with a questioning tone. "Can I ask you something babe?" You nodded as you pulled the bottle away from your lips. "Would you like to live with me, I mean just cause you're here all the time and it'd be a lot less of a hassle and all." "Michael, I'd love to move in with you!" You said happily, putting your bottle down and hugging him. "Great babe, wanna get started now with that laundry?"
  • Calum: "HEY BABE, HAVE YOU SEEN MY BASS TUNER?!" Calum asked from his recording studio. "ABOVE THE TV BABE," you shouted back, not looking up from your laptop. You had your last final exam tomorrow, and you wanted to get a good grade and you couldn't be bothered with looking up. "Found it," he said coming out of the room with the tiny black box in his hand and his bass in the other. "What are you doing babe?" "Studying for my debate class. I have to give an argumentative essay on why Henry David Therou was a genius. Quite frankly he isn't one." You closed out of the tab you were in and turned your computer off. "One more test for my entire life, and I feel so confident about it." "Do you feel so confident because you're at my house?" You didn't answer, you just sat and thought. You did turn out to be a lot calmer at his house, mostly because you were away from your parents who were always arguing and you were also away from your disruptive little siblings. "I do seem more relaxed here don't I?" He nodded before plucking strings. "Your parents like me, don't they babe?" He asked, glancing up at you. "They love you. Why do you ask Cal?" He shrugged, just kept plucking his strings. "Just wondering if they'd be okay with you moving in with me." You looked at him with wide eyes. He wanted you to move in with him. "Are you sure you want me to?" You asked, getting up and sitting in his lap. "Of course. I like seeing you more relaxed and not so stressed out." "Cal, o-of course I'd love to move in with you!" You said throwing your arms around him. "That's great babe. We can do it tomorrow after your test." "Like an early Christmas present," you smiled before kissing him.
A Piece of Rough (6817 words) by Schwoozie [AO3]

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Walking Dead (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Daryl Dixon/Beth Greene
Characters: Daryl Dixon, Beth Greene, Maggie Greene, Glenn Rhee, Merle Dixon, Caesar Martinez
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Zombies, Bathroom Sex

Screwing a stranger in the bathroom of a biker bar was never part of the plan—but Beth’s rolling with it. Every good girl needs her piece of rough.

1. Not Just Another Day

The number one most irritating noise in the entire existence of the universe, is the noise of an alarm clock buzzing. Because that’s all it does, is buzz and buzz and buzz until you finally roll over and whack it hard enough to get it to shut up. I mean crying babies at 4 am is a close second to the most annoying thing, believe me, I know exactly what that’s like, but alarm clocks are the most “I’d rather be deaf,” annoying sounds in the world.

Yes it’s Friday and I should be waking up like Cinderella, but no, I’m definitely Ana in the comparison of how realistic people sleep compared to Disney princesses. Even if I am a drooling, hair everywhere, mess like Ana, there’s no way in hell I’m singing after I get ready. Who even does that, life isn’t High School Musical, you can’t just sing whenever you want.

If I did sing in every situation I could, everyone in the world would be deaf. Then they wouldn’t have to deal with alarm clocks. Maybe I’d go deaf if I sang more.

“Andy, get up!”

Queue the third most irritating noise in the entire existence of the universe.

I let out a huge groan, and fall out of bed. I literally fall, like I thought there was more bed, but nope. So here I sit, lying on the false carpet of my cold bedroom, questioning life. It’s 6:53, on a Friday morning, do I really have to wake up and go to school?

“Andy, now, you can’t be late again.”

Yes, I really have to wake up. Groaning again I thrust myself up off my floor and trudge out of my room, to the bathroom. Thank his that I’m the only one who sleeps in the basement, because there’s no way I could share a bathroom with any of my siblings.

Moms in the laundry room, trying to find something to wear like always. I don’t understand why she cares so much, she just sits behind a desk all day, aside from when she’s selling people houses. All I ever wear are sweats and on my good days maybe some jeans.

Today is not one of my good days. After I finish in the bathroom, I zombie walk to my bedroom, hearing my mother sigh before I hear her footsteps go up the stairs. I shut my door and get dressed, throwing on a fresh pair on sweats, and a hoody over the t shirt I’m wearing now. I throw my hair up, not caring what it looks like. After I throw on some socks and shoes, I grab my phone, keys, and backpack.

“Andy!” My mother screams for the third time this morning.

“I’m coming!” I shout back as I stomp up the stairs.

“Watch your tone with me young lady.” Mom scolds me, which I return with an eye roll.

“Bye mom! Have a wonderful day!” I shout sarcastically as I slam the back door, and open the drivers side door of my crappy Honda.

“God it’s about time.” Brandon sighs, turning on the radio as soon as I turn on the car.

“Oh shut up you little insect.” I whisper and smack his hand away from the radio.

I glance in the rear view mirror to make sure that Ruth is safe in her car seat. After I finally pick a good radio station, I pull out of our garage and head to Ruth’s nanny. Since she’s only a year and a half old, and both of the parents in our household work full time, she goes to the nanny every day while everyone’s at school and practice, etc.

Once I’m outside of Jenny’s house, and the car is off I carefully take Ruth out of the car, in order not to wake her. Even though she is a deep sleeper, waking her up while she’s sleeping peacefully is not a good idea.

“Good morning Andy!” Jenny chirps in her irritating barbie doll voice.

“Hi.” I glance up at her, then return my gaze to Ruth.

“Okay, Ruthie, see you tonight. Have fun with Barbie.” I whisper as I kiss her forehead.

Reluctantly I hand her over to Jenny.

“See you Monday morning! Have a great day Andy!” She widely grins at me.

I nod at her and walk away. I continually am amazed that no matter how loud or how much Jenny talks, Ruth never wakes up. But when I even talk in my normal voice, she wakes up screaming.

As I drive away from Jenny’s house, I crank the radio, and drum my fingers on the steering wheel. Brandon groans, and I grin evilly, then I start to sing (more like screech) along with the song. His hands immediately go to his ears, as he shouts at me to shut up.

Two seconds later we pull up to our school, right next to the gym entrance where I always drop him off. I slam on the brakes and turn town the radio.

“Get out.”

“Gladly, god you’re such a freak!” He exclaims then slams the door and runs into the building.

I roll my eyes, and drive away, completely use to the names that he, and everyone else call me.

Once I’m at Starbucks my mood brightens slightly. Coffee makes everything better.

“The usual.” I say to the worker, and he punches it into the computer, knowing my order by heart, since I do come here every day; a caramel macchiato and a plain buttered croissant.

By the time I’ve driven back to the school, found a parking spot, and eaten my croissant the tardy bell rang ten minutes ago. I lazily stroll through the school continuing to sip on my warm coffee. Eventually I end up in the office, signing a late slip. I sloppily write that “Starbucks or school, you choose.” As the excuse, and once it’s signed by an ornery woman who’s name I still haven’t cared enough to learn, I head to math.

“Ms. Ross, how nice of you to join us.” my balding math teach exclaims once I hand him my slip.

“It’s great to be here, Bill.” I wave my had behind me as I walk to my seat, earning a few snickers from the class.

“As I was saying…” Blah blah blah, it’s too early to think about math right now.

I doodle all over my binder as Mr. Reed teaches something I will most likely never use in life.

No wonder I’m failing this class.

I sigh, and attempt to pay attention to what he’s saying but it’s so incredibly boring.

When the bell finally rings, I lazily exit the room, ignoring the looks that Mr. Reed. The next hour I have is Financial Literacy, and I don’t pay attention in that, Physics, or English. Lunch rolls around, and I go through my usual routine; buy nasty food that is only half edible, find an empty seat, eat the stuff that doesn’t taste like cardboard, dump the rest, sit by locker until the bell rings, listening to my musical choice of the day during the whole lunch hour of course. I would go out to have lunch, but I spend my allotment of cash on gas and StarBucks everyday, so sadly I can’t afford the luxury of McDonald’s for lunch.

Gym is torture like always, especially after lunch, like who would put a child through torture like that? Today we played dodge ball, so double torture.

Finally, the last hour of the school day arrives, and it’s the only class that I actually enjoy; Art.

“What are you working on today, Andy?” Ms. Abbott surprises me, making me jump slightly.

“Just a black and white self portrait.” I answer, slightly embarrassed.

“It shows a lot of emotion, you’re a true artist, keep it up and you’ll be famous.” She grins at me, then walks away.

I stare at the dark drawing I front of me. It shows me lying flat on my back in the middle of the road, dark clouds above me, and rain falling, the tiny droplets resting on my face. I used to paint, and draw, with loads of different colors, they were all so bright and happy.

That’s not how it is anymore. For three years now, anything I’ve done has always been in black and white. Ever since that damn night, that changed my life forever.

“Andy, go call your father, will you? He should be home by now, dinner’s getting cold.” Mom ask’s, rubbing her temples. She’d been getting migraines lately, and all she wanted to do is have a nice family dinner. We haven’t had one in months, because dad started working later, and mom has been to tired from her work.

I look over at Adam, but he’s too busy texting Katie, his actually serious girlfriend. They’ve been together for a month now, and he’s happier than ever, but he’s constantly with her. Not that it matters, he thinks I’m an annoying pest, so he never is around me anyway.

In the family room, we have a phone, and that’s the only one I’m allowed to use. Mom doesn’t allow me on hers, and I’ve never touched Adam’s, not that I want to, who knows what a 17 year old teenage boy has on their phone. I dial dad’s number, and wait for it to ring.

“What?” he asks gruffly.

“Mom wants to know when you’ll be home.”

“I’m almost there, probably ten minutes, you can all eat without me.” He slurs, and I know he’s been drinking, again.

“Okay, drive safe, love you.” I sigh.

“Love you too.” He grumbles, then hangs up.

I walk back into the kitchen, “He says to eat with him, that he’d be ten minutes.”

Mom sighs, “Go ahead, I’m not hungry anymore.” She then leaves, making me frown.

I serve myself some cold Ziti, and chew on the cold pasta. I glance up at Adam, to see him shoving food in his mouth, whilst texting.

“Who knew you multitask.” I mutter.

“Shut up tiny.” He sends me a quick glare, then focuses back on his phone.

I sigh again, and push away my food. I stand up and leave the table, heading straight to my room. The walls are light pink, with flowers all over them. I’ve kept bugging mom and dad about changing it, to more mature colors, instead of keeping the colors I picked out when I was six. They always brush it off, saying we’ll redo it soon.

I grab my sketch pad from my table, and collapse on my bed. Paging through everything I’ve ever drawn, I stop on my latest one. The back of a girl, who has long, gorgeous blonde hair. She’s holding a white rose, and has loads of different kinds of flowers in her hair. She’s standing in a field of gorgeous flowers, and the sun is shining down on her.

I’m reminded of Rapunzel, but a more modern version. I’ve colored it with my new pastel colored pencils I saved up for, and love. Once I’ve finished the sky, I start on the field, and here the phone ring.

“Hello?” Mom’s the one that answers the phone.

“This is she.”

“What?” her voice is light, and shocked, and my stomach instantly drops.

“I’ll be there right away.” I can tell that she’s about to start crying.

I walk out of my room, and see her hang up the phone with her hand on her mouth.

“Mom what happened?” Adam asks, standing up.

“Your father, he was driving, and he didn’t see the girl crossing the street. They said that he was drunk.”

My eyes widen and a gasp leaves my lips.

“I need to go to him.” Mom’s already got her keys in her hand, and is slipping on her shoes.

“We’re coming with you.” I say, but mom shakes her head urgently.

“No, there’s not enough time, you two stay here.” She decides, and is out the door.

I look at Adam pleadingly.

“Did he sound drunk when you talked to him?” his voice is completely serious.

“Adam, you kn-”

“Did he sound drunk?!” He shouts, causing me to flinch.

I just nod, and look away from him.

“And you didn’t bother to tell us that?!”

“I didn’t want to stress out mom more, and you never listen to me!” tears form in my eyes.

“If it was about him I would have.” he’s not shouting anymore, but what he says hurts me, causing a tear to stream down my face.

Adam walks away, leaving me alone in my thoughts.

We’re at our house, without a single word from anyone for two hours. Two hours of self loathing, and blaming myself. Finally the phone rings, and Adam’s the first one to it.


I move closer to Adam, to try and hear what’s going on. He pushes me away, sending me a glare.

“Seriously? Okay, hurry and be safe.” He hangs up and starts to walk away.

I grab his arm, turning him around with all my strength, “What did she say?”

He pushes me away, making me repel back and hit the wall, causing a sharp pain to shudder down my back, “She’s coming home, alone.”

I look up at Adam shocked, that he actually hurt me like this. He walks away without another word. I slide down the wall in shock, of everything that’s going on. The second the door opens, I’m to my feet, asking mom what happened.

We all end up at the kitchen table, that still has our cold dinner on it.

“You’re father was arrested for vehicular homicide. He hit a little girl who was crossing the street, and she died instantly.”

I’m shocked, while Adam opens his mouth immediately.

“Was he drunk?”

I squeeze my eyes shut, knowing the answer already.

“Yes, he was driving while intoxicated.”

“Jesus Andy this is all your fault!” He shouts, standing up.

“What?” mom asks, completely lost.

“Andy knew that dad was drunk when she talked to him on the phone, and just like the child she is, she didn’t bother to tell either of us!”

I look up at mom, with guilty eyes.

“Is this true?” She whispers.

“It’s not the first time, so I just assumed everything would be fine.” Oh how I wish I could disappear right now.

“Telling us could have prevented this Andrea, you could have prevented this.”

The look she gave me, is one I can see every day, and try to forget.

All I want to do is forget, but I never can.

My father was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. I haven’t gone to visit him, mom refuses to let me. I used to write him letters, but eventually mom stopped letting me. She despises him, and doesn’t want anything to do with him. Adam’s 21 now, so he can see him if he wants. He’s done it behind moms back once, made me promise not to tell her about it. I wanted to go with him so badly, but he wouldn’t let me.

Mom got married two years later, moved on real quickly. She never really loved dad, she just stuck with him because of me and Adam. She married a big shot pediatric surgeon, and is the happiest I’ve ever seen. Phillip, has two kids of his own. I got a new step sister, Tiffany, the head cheerleader that’s a senior at my school, she loathes me, and lives to make my life hell. Brandon, is the most irritating fifteen year old I’ve ever met. Him and his friends love to torment me, and prank me.

A few weeks after mom and Phillip got married, she announced that she was pregnant. Ruth looks like both mom and Bill, she’s got black hair, and bright blue eyes. She’s the only one in our house that doesn’t hate me.

“Andy?” Mrs. Abbott snaps her fingers in front of my face.

“Oh, sorry.” I blink and look up at her.

“The bell rang, schools out, go home so I can too and watch Gossip Girl.” She shoo’s me away, causing me to grin.

“See you tomorrow Jules.” I say over my shoulder as I leave the room, holding my sketchpad to my stomach.

“See you.” She answers.

It’s pretty sad when you’re art teacher is the person you talk to the most at school.

Sighing, I make my way out to my car, and drive straight home, excited for a few hours to be alone. Mom and Phillip have work, Tiffany always has cheer practice, and Brandon’s either at football or with his friends. I’m the one that doesn’t have a life and stays home everyday.

Not that I’m complaining, it’s great to be alone. I can blast my music, eat all I want, and not care about anything, sometimes I don’t even wear pants, because I don’t have to. It’s that great. Then they all come home eventually, and it goes back to normal.

My music suddenly turns off, and my phone starts to buzz. I look at it to see that Adam’s calling me.

“Adam!!!!” I scream.

“Jesus Andy, I’m gonna go deaf.”

“Well hello to you too.” I grumble, with a mouth full of leftover pizza we had for dinner last night.

“How are things?” He asks, knowing my situation at home.

I sigh, “Still the same, they all still hate me.”

“They don’t hate you Andy.” Adam groans.

“Yes they do.” I reply in sing song.

He sighs, “Ruth doesn’t, she adores you. How is the little booger?”

“She’s good, still going to Barbie’s house everyday.” I walk around the house, not knowing what else to do.

“Mom’s still working full time?” He sounds shocked.

“Yup.” I pop the ‘p’.

“God almighty, Phillip makes more than enough to support everyone, there’s no reason for her to be at work.” I can tell that he’s putting his face in his hands.

“She goes just so she doesn’t have to be around me.” I mumble.


“Adam.” I copy his tone.

“She doesn’t hate you.”

“Whatever you say. How’s college?” I change the topic, because I don’t want to talk about our mother, and I want to know how he’s doing.

“It’s great, the classes are a difficult, of course, but the parties, the girls, it’s great, you’d love it Andy.”

I scoff, “If it’s anything like high school I doubt that.”

“Do they still bring it up?” he immediately asks.

“Every damn day.”

Adam sighs, “I’m sorry Andy, they don’t even know the whole story, so just ignore them, you know it’s not your fault, right?”

I stay silent.


“I could have prevented it Adam, you said so yourself.” My voice is weak, and on the verge of tears.

“Andy, it was three years ago, we’ve gone over and over this, it was not your fault at all. I was an ass back then, you of all people know that, but what I said was so wrong. Even if you did tell one of us, what would we have done, called him and had him get into an accident, and possibly die?”

“We could have went to pick him up, or had him catch a cab, or-” he interrupts me.

“Stop, just stop. You think about it a lot don’t you?”


Adam sighs, “have you been taking the pills?”

“I ran out of them months ago, and mom hasn’t bothered to notice that they’re empty.”

Adam’s quiet for a few moments, “Sometimes I think you’re better off living with me.”

“Me too.” I whisper.

“I have to go, my roommates home, and needs help with something. I’ll talk to you soon, just talk to mom will you? You need those pills Andy.” Adam speaks quickly, and seriously.

I hear noise in the background, “I will.” Complete lie.

“Okay, love you tiny.”

I smile at the old nickname, that I used to hate, “Love you too, Apple.”

Adam laughs lightly, then hangs up. I sigh, and toss my phone on the counter. I walk into the bathroom, and wince at the site of me. My eyes are bloodshot, with huge bags underneath them, my hair is all over, and my wardrobe is boring. Overall I look like a zombie. Turning on the water, I splash some on my face, trying to rid the bags under my eyes. I give up after a few seconds.

I stock downstairs to my bedroom, grabbing my glasses, so I can actually see the homework that I’m not going to do. I notice clothes all over my floor, and groan, knowing that mom will yell after me if she see’s it. Right as I start to clean up my room, the door bell rings.

My head snaps to my window, and I don’t see any car in my driveway. The doorbell rings again, and I start to walk slowly towards the door, slightly worried by it, because I never get anyone knocking on the door when I’m home alone.

The person knocks on the door, repeatedly.

“Calm your tit’s I’m coming!” I exclaim, as I make my way up the stairs. I open the door with a glare on my face.

“What do yo-” my voice stops working when I see a head full of bright red hair.

“Are you Andrea Ross?” his Australian accent sounds exhausted, and out of breath.

My eyes widen, not believing my eyes. Michael Clifford stands at my door step, looking like he just got hit by a bus. What do I do?

I slam the door in his face.

authors note:

New Michael fanfic! I know that he’s not in this chapter a ton, but it’s more of an introduction to Andy’s life than it is actually getting into the Michael part.

What do you guys think? If it gets enough attention and people tell me to continue, I will because I have some amazing ideas for it, and I’m excited.

I’m still writing Dollhouse (Luke), but I though this would be fun to write too. Both of the stories are going to be updated slower than usual though, because my life is so busy at the moment.

Vote & comment if you think I should continue it!


What If...Lily fell in love with Sirius?

Author: untoldshortsofthefandoms

Word Count: 2068

Warnings: Drinking

Rating: PG-13

A/N: I came up with this idea a long time ago, it was apart of a book of what ifs me and friend of mine were doing but it just fell apart I still have some of the works. I might start this up again. I don’t own all characters in this story. I do own Alex and Cassidy.

 It was a normal day for Miss Lily Evans. The birds sang out her window, the sun rose in the east, the broom were flying around. The great game of Quidditch was being played. Slytherin V.S. Gryffindor. Lily could careless about the game she was more interested in the book she had her nose in all day. Every once in a while she would look up to see the score. Gryffindor winning like always. She had a feeling she was being watched as James flew by with Quaffle in hand. Lily looked around and met the gaze of Severus Snape. He blushed and turned his attention back to the game. Lily smiled with a look back to her book. Unknowingly to her there was someone else looking at her. James Potter, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. James thought him scoring would get her attention but it didn’t. He stared at her, day dreaming, till a bludger came flying right in front of his face. Almost grazing his nose. With the sudden realization, of being in the middle of a flying sport with balls trying to kill him. James flew off to get the quaffle which were in the hands of a Slytherin.

Back at the Gryffindor Common Room, a party broke out, seeing that the Gryffindor team creamed the Slytherins. Lily never took part in the parties. She could always be found in a dark corner or in her dorm with a book, reading. She never really liked parties, James on the other hand loved parties. He could be found in the middle of the dance floor or being the idiot everyone was laughing at. Sirius always had a girl on his arm or lips or both, loving the party. Remus liked to party but he was always the first to go to bed and made sure the boys got to their dorm. Peter was weird he would try and get a girl every time but he would always end up drinking alone. Most Gryffindors drank Fire Whiskey. Lily sat up in her dorm on her bed reading. She kept yawning, her eyes got heavy. So she put her book down and went to sleep.

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A Piece of Rough (3916 words) by Schwoozie [AO3]

Chapters: 10/?
Fandom: Walking Dead (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Daryl Dixon/Beth Greene
Characters: Daryl Dixon, Beth Greene, Maggie Greene, Glenn Rhee, Merle Dixon, Caesar Martinez, Mitch Dolgen, Pete Dolgen, Dale Horvath, Jimmy (Walking Dead), Hershel Greene, Otis (Walking Dead), Patricia (Walking Dead)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Zombies, Bathroom Sex, Angst, Romance, Developing Relationship

Glenn comes to dinner.