bathroom wall writings

Hamilton Characters as more things said by me and my friends
  • <p> <b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> *i need coffee is written on a design for a skateboard* I made it relatable<p/><b>John Laurens:</b> sometimes I look at a hot girl and think oh no I've been lying to everyone then I realise I'm gay<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> *screeching* I NEED BAGUETTE<p/><b>Hercules Mulligan:</b> I owned a horse once, his name was Pepper and he was part of the family<p/><b>Aaron Burr:</b> every day I crave death more and more<p/><b>James Madison:</b> *sneezes once* yeah I'll probably take the rest of the month off<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> I look hot in short shorts *poses*<p/><b>Angelica Schyler:</b> sometimes I like to pretend none of you exist<p/><b>Elizabeth Schuyler:</b> die, die! *burns ants while laughing like a maniac*<p/><b>Peggy Schuyler:</b> ok but what about a pair of glasses that detect when there is a gay nearby<p/><b>Maria Reynolds:</b> my hobbies include sleeping and crying<p/><b>George Washington:</b> *adds a tick to bathroom wall writing that says tick if you're depressed*<p/><b>King George:</b> I'm pretty sure Ringo was always the worst Beatle<p/><b>Charles Lee:</b> what about a bowling ball, but with blades<p/><b>Samuel Seabury:</b> *shoves friend into a wall* haha fuck you<p/><b>Philip Hamilton:</b> I'm short, angry, dangerous and ready to cry real hard until you give me a cookie<p/><b>George Eaker:</b> *in the middle of a conversation* I killed a man<p/><b>James Reynolds:</b> fuck you, fuck this whole table, you're all gay, why do i hang out with y'all, fuck whoever is calling me right now they can go fuck themselves<p/></p>
  • Honey, crying: Someone wrote a mean comment about me! What do I do?
  • Haruhi: Report them.
  • Kyoya: You have a lot of options: Hunt them down, frame them for a crime they didn't commit-
  • Nekozawa: -Put a curse on them, write about them on a bathroom wall...
  • Kaoru: Write a novel, name one of the characters after them, then kill them off gruesomely.
  • Hikaru: I'm partial to laxatives in tea.
  • Haruhi: Jesus Christ, you all need to calm down.
  • <p> <b>Hunk:</b> Someone wrote me a mean comment. What do I do? :(<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Report them<p/><b>Coran:</b> You have many options. Hunt them down, put a curse on them, frame them for a crime they didn't commit, write about them on a bathroom wall.....<p/><b>Lance:</b> Write a fanfiction, name a character after them and then kill them gruesomely.<p/><b>Pidge:</b> I am partial for laxatives in the tea.<p/><b>Keith:</b> Just straight up murder them.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> You all need to calm the fuck down.<p/></p>


Ever since my trip to NYC, I’ve had a lot on my mind in terms of creativity.

I had a dope conversation about Baquiat’s use of language and how much he’s jazz *and* rap.

I took photos of cryptic street art and bathroom wall writing and realized how much they had in common with the floor-to-ceiling graffiti in a Bushwick warehouse apartment.

Layers on layers. History on history repeating. “Samples” shining through. It’s stirring around in my head as I type this.

To be honest, I got a little tired of where my work was at. I had “figured it out.” Now, I’m back in discovery mode again and I’m excited to see where it takes me.