bathroom upgrade


House Upgrade Level 2: Country Style, Japanese Style & Tropical Style.

Note that even though it always cost 150.000G (135.000G with discount bonus) to upgrade your house, different materials will be required for each style, so you better spare right stuff so that you can build your dream house! Or else, you can always buy the materials too, I guess. You will also get access to toilet and bathroom after upgrading your house to lvl 2. Using toilet and bathroom will restore a little bit of your stamina in exchange to some minutes (15 for toilet and 30 for bathroom).

Country Style: Brick Stone x50, Lumber x40, Maple Branch x35, Chamomile x30.

Japanese Style: Lumber x30, Stone Material x50, Pine Branch x30, Bamboo x7.

Tropical Style: Lumber x50, White Cloth x5, Red Down x20, Green Down x20.

the bisexual aesthetic:
having someone light for you
“I just really like frank ocean, you know?”
thirst trap bathroom mirror selfies
needlessly upgraded basics i.e. gold-plated lighters
having a scene phase
hair dye
name-plate necklaces

jen's guardians of the galaxy fic recs


  • Revisionist History by hitlikehammers [He writes the book as a coping mechanism. The Adventures of Star-Lord isn’t a best seller, but it does help Gregg Quill get over the loss of his daughter, his grandson: helps him pick back up and keep on living. He doesn’t expect, almost thirty years later, to find that his little Star-Lord has grown into the galaxy's Star-Lord. He doesn’t expect to have the story come to life before him, in the flesh: with a few crucial revisions. He certainly doesn’t expect Peter to come back home.]
  • Sympathetic Development by shreddingstars [Of all the things to become routine on the ship, it’s Mandatory Leaf Time.]
  • Hot Water by goddamnhella [Unfortunately, Nova Corps didn’t upgrade the bathroom facilities on the Milano.]
  • The Care and Feeding of Flora Colossus by Donatello7 [“The feared warrior known as Drax the Destroyer has built a blanket fort in my cargo hold.”]
  • the song went on forever by salvage [Peter shuts the tape deck off and drops his jacket on the floor on the way to his room, unbuckles his boots and steps out of them one at a time in the little hallway that leads to his door—and stops. They’re all in his fucking bed. Assholes.]
  • “Damsel” In Distress by plinys [“Holy shit! I’m Princess Leia!“”]

(but there should be a fic where they’re all hockey goalies, you know, GARDIENS DE BUTE)

jikook w/ badboyjungkook!

title: crushes, badboys, and frienemies?
chapters: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9]
description: jimin’s got a not-so-secretive crush. taehyung’s the definition of worst bff ever. jungkook’s a Badboy with a capital B.
“he’s right over there, jiminnie–”
“i swear to god, kim taehyung, if you say one more word i’ll burn all of your one piece volumes.”
“how dare you such horrific things, you midget!”
“taehyung, i swear to god, i will strangle you if you don’t shut up!”

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