bathroom re do

The Wedding (part one)

Imagine having to go to your older brother’s wedding, but bringing Dean as your date.

A/N: Takes place somewhere in season 6. I also wrote this on my phone, so if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. Blame the iPhone

Warnings: Swearing


“Hey y/n, have you found us a new case yet?” Dean asked walking into the motel room with your food.

“Sort of…” you trailed off, taking the food out of Dean’s hands.

He looked confused sitting down next to you.

“okay, so my older brother Joshua is getting married next week down in Maui, but there have also been some strange killings down there, I’m thinking either a demon, vengeful spirit, but there are a million other things it could be” you rambled on hoping to convince Dean to go to Maui.

Dean just nodding looking at you, shoving more burger into his mouth “So you’re saying that if I go to your brother’s wedding with you, you’ll let me go on a hunt?” Dean asked trying to clarify what I had meant.

“Well… the wedding is a week-long thing. All the guests are staying at a resort, but the ceremony isn’t until the fourth day.” You replied, digging into your salad.

“And we’ll be able to go hunting and do research every other day…smart thinking y/n”

“By the way…I kinda told my brother I had a boyfriend, and I was hoping you could pretend –“ You started by Dean cut you off “what do you mean you told your brother you had a boyfriend?” He asked putting his food down and glaring at you as if he was mad that you had lied to your family.

“Please Dean, I would really appreciate it. Joshua thinks I am alone all the time with no friends, but I’m just s hunter and I can’t have friends. He was riding my ass about being alone so I told him I had a boyfriend so he would leave me alone. So help me out here” you pleaded trying to explain.

“Fine, but you know how I feel about PDA” he agreed.

“Thank you!” you stated grabbing a fry from him.


Pulling into the resort you could see guests unloading their luggage and piling into the lobby. You took a deep breath; you hadn’t seen your brother in 8 years, when your parents died you were only 20 at the time, your brother being 22. You would video chat with him and email him every once and a while. He was the only family you had left, other than Sam, Dean and Bobby of course. You had no idea why you were so scared to see him.

“You okay y/n?” Dean asked pulling into a parking spot.

“Yeah.” You said looking over at him and smiling “let’s go.”

The two of you climbed out of the car, retreating to the trunk grabbing everything you would need. Both of you stuffed a gun into the back of your waist band; Dean grabbing the duffel bags of clothes swinging one around his shoulder, holding the other in his hand. You picked up the empty duffel and lifted the false bottom of the trunk, putting in guns, knives, rounds and bullets. Everything you would need for a hunt.

“Ready?” you asked slamming the trunk.

“Hey! Careful with my baby!”

“I’m just gonna take that as a yes” you chuckled.

You and Dean walked towards the lobby, seeing your brother standing outside the front doors talking to someone in a uniform. He looks in your direction and sees you. “Y/N” he shouts jogging towards you.

You meet half way and give him a hug. Holding him close “God, I missed you Josh”

He was the first to pull away, holding on to your arms on either side of your body. “You’ve grown” he laughed and pulled you into another hug.

This time you pulled away first, “Josh, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Dean.”

Dean stepped forward and shook your brother’s hand. “Nice to finally meet you, y/n has told me so much about you”

“You too, why don’t we go inside so you can get settled in? Tonight we are all eating in the court yard at 7:30, so don’t be late. I’ll introduce you to my fiancé then” Joshua smiled. He seemed so happy. Quite the opposite of you, ever since you and Dean had been to hell the world was different. Once Dean had gotten out of hell you died a month later and were sent there. The hunting life really had a toll on you physically and emotionally.

You and Dean followed your brother into the hotel. While Joshua went up to the front desk to get your room key.
“You’re quiet” you said to Dean, linking your hand with his.
He looked down at your hands, then he looked into your eyes.

“You’re supposed to be my boyfriend, you dumbass. This is what people in love do” you stated flatly.

He chuckled then said “I know”
“Dumbass” he mimicked you.

You ripped your hand from his and walked towards your brother. Dean following after you.
Josh turned from the front desk and handed you two room keys.

“I gave you guys a room with a king bed, a balcony with the view of the beach. Room 412, fourth floor”

“Sounds nice. We’ll see you at dinner tonight” you said before turning and heading towards the elevator with Dean.

Once you get to your room, you immediately put everything down and get out your laptop. Dean takes his time looking around the room, on the balcony and in the bathroom.

He comes out of the bathroom “ocean breeze shampoo and conditioner” he chuckles and shakes his head, putting it back then plopping down on the king bed.

“Do you maybe want to help me with the case Dean?” You questioned him, hoping he would get the message.
“Lighten up a bit y/n. This is as close to a vacation as we’re going to get” he told you.

“Yeah Dean, I know that. But just because we’re in vacation doesn’t mean people are going to stop dying” you stated, this time succeeding with getting the message across.

“Fine. What do you say we go check out the bodies? We don’t have to be at the dinner for another 3 hours or so”

“FBI?” You ask

“Yep, let’s get suited up.” He says going through his duffel bag and pulling out his suit.

“Don’t tell me that’s the suit you’re wearing to the wedding too?” You groaned.

“It’s the only one I got” he said walking into the bathroom to get changed.

You grabbed your pants, blouse and jacket and got changed, you were done before Dean made it out if the bathroom.

“Let me fix re-do my hair then we can go” you said.

~time lapse~

Before getting out of the Impala both of you grabbed your fake badges. Walking into the station you flashed your badge and were directed to the morgue.

The Medical Examiner showed you the three bodies. The fist victim being male, second female and third being male. Each Vic had long slashes in their chests and their eyes melted inside their heads.

Taking a copy of the autopsy report, you left not knowing what did this to them.

“So I’m thinking that it’s not a demon” Dean stated climbing into the Impala and starting her up.
“Not shit Sherlock” you retorted.

“Okay, so there are three Vics, each two days apart. Which means we have until tomorrow before someone else dies” Dean says pulling out of the parking lot.

You just looked at each report, just thinking. You had no Idea what connected the victims, not yet.

“We need to talk to the families” you suggested. “ maybe we could get some insight on their personal lives and how they might be connected” you continued.

Dean nodded, turning the corner instead of staying on that road and going back to the hotel.