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Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace burns birth certificate on stage in North Carolina  

The band turned the concert into a protest over the trans-bathroom law recently approved by the North Carolina legislature.

Watch the full clip here:

“This is what 24 hours postpartum looks like. Baby in sling. Skin to skin. Adult diapers. And a rosy glow. My body feels like it ran a marathon and my heart is wide open from yesterday’s travels. Birth opens us like an earthquake opens the earth and I am still in the intimate, fragile throes of that opening. I feel raw. Emotional. Different. I feel like I’m on the undulating surface of the rippling ocean being tossed back and forth between happiness, gratitude, melancholy, and grief. 23 hours ago I held life within and 24 hours ago I surged and transformed allowing life to flow through me, into my waiting hands. The emptiness in my womb brings a heavy feeling crashing into reality but then this new little life whimpers, searching for the breast with soft rooting, and I feel whole again. I am still processing the beautiful transition my whole family has traveled through and I am in complete awe of our strength as humans, women, and mothers. This time is simply unlike any other.

Feels Like Home (Ethan)

The clock struck 12 just as you tightened the hold around your locket with a picture of you and Ethan sitting inside. He had sent a letter a week ago, finally saying his six month deployment was going to be over on this exact day and the plane would land back in Jersey that morning. You had started to worry if he was even getting to come home today, seeing some of your friends had already posted pictures and long paragraphs to Facebook claiming their significant other was already here.

You had wanted to go to the airport to be able to pick him up, but he claimed he wanted you to stay home and relax until he got there. Glancing at the clock again, your anxiety started to kick in full force and your leg began to bounce uncontrollably.

‘What if he’s hurt?’

‘What if he has to stay an extra week or maybe an extra month?’

‘What if they told him he can’t come home until he goes on ANOTHER deployment?’

All of those thoughts haunted you and consumed your thoughts, until the doorbell rang.

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Texas senate advances anti-transgender "bathroom bill" SB6
The bill requires people to use restrooms based on "biological sex"
By Katy Steinmetz

Yesterday, the Texas state senate voted to advance a bill that would ban transgender people from using bathrooms that affirm their gender identity. SB6 will now move to the Texas house of representatives.

If passed, SB6 would apply to public schools, universities and government buildings (i.e. that’s where trans people would be forced to use bathrooms based on their birth-assigned sex), but not privately-owned businesses.

The primary sponsor of the bill, Republican Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, gave an emotive speech to begin the debate on Tuesday, taking issue with the notion that the bill is a solution in search of a problem, as many of her Democratic colleagues alleged.

“I will tell you as a woman, this is not a joke. This is about dressing rooms, lockers, showers and restrooms. This is about privacy and protection for all people,” Kolkhorst said. “It’s not perfect. It’s not easy when we talk about these issues. Cisgender. Transgender. How many genders are there? Are we created man and woman? Or do we internalize something different?”

And in final words before the vote on Wednesday, as she asked for her colleagues’ votes, she said she was being driven in part by religion. “I think the god I believe in, the cross I wear today, said there was man and woman,” Kolkhorst said, adding that the bill is “an attempt — maybe wrongly, maybe history will prove that it’s wrong — but I believe in my heart an attempt to be as inclusive as we possibly can when we, men and women … find ourselves in the most intimate situations.”

It’s not over yet. Even if this passes, it won’t be over yet. My heart is with you this week, Texas friends. 

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Negan x You / breeding and lactation kink

Since a week he’s avoiding you, glaring whenever he thinks you’re not looking. He’s definitely mad while you’re suffering and carving for this man like a person starving.
Right now you’re standing in his office together with the other lieutenants while he’s barking orders at you. The others are wondering what’s going on and you already can hear the gossip spreading.
Finally it’s over and you make sure to be the last one who’s heading towards the door, quickly closing it as they’re all gone.

“Go.” He grumbles, but you just shake the head.
Nervously, because you don’t know how he’ll react, you straddle his lap and lock your arms around his neck. A warm feeling spreading in your stomach as he doesn’t push you away, brown eyes sparkling excited what you’ll do next.
“Lemme make it up to you.” You whisper in his ear and his breath hitches. “Tell me your kink.”
“No, you’d fucking laugh.”

“Bullshit. You didn’t laugh about mine and I’ll not laugh about yours, promise.”


You freeze in the spot before a slight smirk flashes over your face. Teasingly you move the hips against his, pressing your mouth on his neck.
“Then give me your big load and get me pregnant.” You mumble hoarsely, hearing his quiet groan.
Suddenly he stands up and sits you down on the table, his cock already hard as he strips out of his pants and boxers down. Quickly you following his example to get out of your own clothes as he pushes your shirt up and puts a hand on your stomach.
“Gonna put a baby in there.” He growls and you gasp in response.
Arousal letting you feel light headed and juices moistens your labia as he thrusts in you. Forceful, nearly possessive he claims and fucks you, making sure to bury himself as deep as possible in you.
“I want to see your belly swell for me.” Groaning he fixes his gaze on your stomach.
“Yes. Oh shit yes, impregnate me.” You whine, clawing at his wrist as he bends down to kiss you.
It’s more a pressing together of hot, wet lips than an actual kiss, but it’s enough to bring you closer to the edge. You dig your heels against his ass cheeks, urging and encouraging him to take you harder.
“Want everyone to know who makes you fucking scream.” He pants. “Gonna show your fat belly around like a damn reward.”
Sweat mixes together as he rests his forehead on yours, his eyes closed while his mouth is open, filling the room with his and your sounds of pleasure.
“Fu-fuck yes, fill me. Fill me up.” You groan as your pussy spasms around his throbbing cock.
A raspy growl is the response as he grinds your hips against his until it nearly hurts, but then you feel the pulsation of his dick. Every nerve on your clenching walls tense as he spills his semen in. Your nails digging in the muscles of his upper arms, because you never felt it so intense like now.
Felt him so close…

You’ve the feeling that you passed out as eyes open, showing you a blurry sight and a grinning Negan.
“Back to life?” He asks, his hand covering your pussy to stop his come to drip out of you. “Think you can take round two?”
Confused you blink a few times, not because of your dizziness, but because he’s back in his pants. Stuttering moaning you feel how his palms circles over your clit while he bends forward to press his mouth on your right tit.
You gasp as he draws the nipple between his lips, sucking it gently first until you lean in the touch. Your head falling back as he groans against the sensitive skin, sending a vibration through your breast right down to your core. His tongue flicking over the hard nub before he sucks harder like your breast is filled with milk and he wants to get every drop of it.
It arouses you more than you thought and soon you cling on his neck, leaving red marks there.
“Oh god, yes.”
A smirk flashes over Negan’s face as he’s turning his attention to your other breast. His tongue swirls and lips sucking in deep pulls while the caresses of his palms becoming faster and firmer. With a huskily cry in pleasure you come all over his hand, pushing his head closer to your tit.
“Damn woman, you’re really something else.”

It’s nearly midnight as you stand in the bathroom, holding the birth control pill in your hand. It’s insane as you throw it in the toilet, because it was just Negan’s kink and not his actual wish…

BABY! It's cold outside

Or the one where the clique six get snowed in with a very pregnant Maya.

The blonde walked in, balancing the plate of her swollen stomach and looking rather proud of herself for doing so.
She took a bite of the chocolate cake that was tested on top of her Burgundy sweater dress clutching her stomach tightly as she waddled into the room with a frantic Riley behind her.

“Lucas.” She said whilst still looking at the chocolate cake adorning her fork.

“My water’s broken.”

She sounded so casual as if she had just mentioned she was popping out to get groceries instead of popping out their first child.

“WHAT?! Are you okay? When did the contractions start? Is it coming soon? Are you okay? Are you su-”

She held her fingers together to signal Lucas to shut up as she held her bump and winced, eyes shut trying to focus on breathing. He grabbed her hand to which she immediately swatted it away and death glared him, at which point Zay, Isadora and Farkle walked in, Zay with cookie in mouth.


“BABINEAUX! I will throttle you to death if you don’t take those Christmas cookies and your fat mouth as far away from my sight as humanly possible.”

“Yeeshhh.” Zay quivered away, hiding behind Farkle who was carrying all the food. Farkle stared at the sight: a pacing Lucas and Riley who was rubbing Maya’s shoulders, whispering breathing instructions into her ears as Maya caressed her protruding abdomen and he already guessed what had happened: Maya Friar-Hart was in labour.

The whole pregnancy had been quite a shock to the clique six, not because they didn’t think the two were going to be great parents but they weren’t expecting it only a few months into their marriage. To be fair, even though it took so long for the two to get together, they had been fast paced ever since they got together and were married and pregnant before Farkle had even put a ring on Riley or Zay even asked Isadora out. However, Maya was already past her due date and they should have seen it coming but their annual Christmas Eve get together didn’t seem like the ideal place to go into labour, especially as they had held it at Riley and Farkle’s that year instead of Lucas and Maya’s like usual.

“Right, get in my car Maya we gotta get to the hospital.”

Smackle shook her head whilst looking out the window. “Sorry guys, no such luck. The news just said all the freeways are shut because of the snow and plus the traffic on the streets will, taking all the factors into account, be packed with back to back traffic.”
The blonde let out a livid breath. “You are telling me I have to birth my firstborn child in Riley’s house without any drugs or qualified midwife’s?! Oh nuh uh I did not sign up for that c'mon we’re going to the hospital.”

“Maya, please stay here. I did a course in midwifery back in high school and trying to drive there would mean it’s more than probable that you have the baby in the car which is a lot harder to deal with than a home birth. We don’t exactly have a birthing pool but I could fill the bathtub with warm and soothing water. You and little one are going to be just fine.” Farkle was rubbing her hunched back soothingly.

“Farkle why the actual fuck did you do a course in midwifery?” Lucas furrowed his eyebrows at his best friend whilst rubbing circles on Maya’s knee and gripping her hand.

“Doesn’t matter! He knows about the vaj-jay-jay and that’s all we need to get this watermelon out of me okay?” Maya’s patience was running dangerously low but she did decide that between contractions, it was worth going over to the plate of cookies Zay had brought and devouring a good few of them. What could she say? She was eating for two which meant twice as many cookies!

A few hours passed and contractions got more frequent as well as everyone’s tempers shorter (apparently Maya wasn’t fond of Lucas’ joke about her temper being as short as her height). However, just as they had started to relax again, things took a sharp turn.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” A sharp scream rang throughout the appartment.

“Riley you can still see us I’m standing right infront of you. The power has just gone off.” Farkle pointed out to his fiancée who was still shook by the loss of lighting. A power cut was not going to help the situation at hand at all but they could try.

“Also Maya, I rang the doctors a few hours ago. They can’t get to us but they’ve given me a list of things I need to do. We need to measure how dilated you are…”

“NOPE! I am not having my childhood best friend looking up places that no one else needs to see.”

“Clearly Lucas would be willing.” Zay smirked, earning a sharp elbow to the side from his girlfriend who was cleaning her glasses. “Dearest one, hormones run high during labour which can mean the female gets agitated easily and is quick to take action on her emotions.”

Zay shot her a confused look, to which Maya decided to cut in.

“Translation: shut up or loose your balls.” And that showed him pretty well.

Farkle led Maya, Lucas and Riley into the bathroom with a flashlight so he could well… Inspect (Maya was clearly not amused by his actions but just lolled her heavy, tired head against Lucas’ knee who was standing next to where she was lying.)

As soon as Farkle finished and told her it would be another few hours yet, they decided to meet the others back in the lounge to sing carols since there was no power and it was dark. Halfway through though, they were curled up and dozing off one by one.

“Lucas. I can’t sleep.” She whispered as Lucas kissed her neck gently. “It hurts real bad.” She said with a little tear rolling down her cheek.

“It’s okay baby, it’s alright. You are so strong and I love you and think in just a few hours we’ll be holding our little one.” He replied in a soft, low tone that made her knees week and her stomach flip. No wait, that wasn’t the gushiness, that was-

“The baby!! The baby is coming Lucas shit ow.” Her whole body was wearing with pain and her fires had woken up her friends who were now rushing to her side, Farkle with torch in hand ready to make sure everything was ready before they moved to the bathroom to begin the birth.

“Yep, she’s ten centimetres dilated. Time to start this.” Riley let out a squeal and hugged the exhausted blonde bestie.

“Maya! You’re about to have a little baby!” She delightedly exclaimed, squeezing Maya before all three boys rushed to her side to help her stand up. Her knees started to buckle from all the overwhelming sensations so Lucas sweeped her up in his arms and carried her into the bathroom, quickly helping her strip until she was in the bikini top Riley had let her borrow so she wasn’t completely indecent whilst giving birth. Her husband (who’s hands were shaking from nervousness bless) helped her into the warm bath that she immediately savoured in and welcomed the others into the room. It was extremely dark in the room so Riley and Isadora had gone about lighting candles whilst Zay and Farkle set up flashlights. Luckily both the room and bath was big enough for Farkle to stand on one side, directing her when to go and the other could watch from a distance, except Lucas who was rubbing Maya’s shoulders and squeezing her hand.

“Start pushing in 20 second inserts okay? You’re doing fantastic Maya.” She let out an exhausted breath and began to push whilst squeezing Lucas’ hand very hard.

“Fuck you friar how dare you fuc-”

“Okay little one let’s chill it out. C'mon keep going.” Lucas stroked her hair, planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Don’t tell me what to do Mr ‘So ready for children’ bullsh-”

“I can see the head! A few more pushes and you’ll be at the shoulders!” She sucked in the air and let out another deep breath.

Riley wanted to squeal and scream in excitement but knew it might be safer for her life if she didn’t so managed to hold herself back.

“Last few pushes and little one will be hear.”

Maya winced, and gripped Lucas’ hand as tight as possible but tears began to stream down her cheeks and a lump formed. “Lucas I can’t I’m so tired.”

“Maya, just a little longer and we will have little one with us. Breathe in and out, we’re going to do this together okay?” And she nodded as he places a kiss to her flushed cheeks.

And just like that, without a door or window opening, or a noise passing by, there was another human in the room who would be loved more than they could ever know by everyone in that room and many more. That was one damn lucky kid.

The sounds of newborn baby cries rang throughout the room as both Riley, Maya, Smackle and even Say wiped their tears. Farkle quickly helped the baby out of the water, drying it off and letting Lucas cut the chord.

“It’s a boy!”

Maya could tell Lucas was choked up as he passed their little boy to his rightful mother who sighed in content. The others exited the room to let the two new parents adjust and Maya knew as soon as that little one was in her arms that her heart was more full than she could ever have wished for and that the two males with her in the candle lit room were all she would ever need (she was just blessed enough to have so much more than them too).

“Hey little fella.” Maya chuckled, nuzzling her nose into his little one and wiping a tear away from her face.

“We did it. We have a son, and I’m so proud of you. You were a fierce little Amazon warrior tonight.” Lucas exclaimed quietly, trying to keep the peace whilst kissing both of his two most loved people in the world (even though he only met one of them 10 minutes ago).

“I wanna call him Austin.” Lucas’ face lit up at Maya’s statement. “Austin Matthew Friar-Hart.” And he nodded a million times.

“It’s perfect. I love it, and I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied, kissing him on the lips.

The gang returned into the tranquil, candlelit room since they couldn’t wait any longer. “Guys, come and meet Austin Matthew Friar-Hart.” Riley grinned from ear to ear: “Matthew!? As in…”

“Yep. I wanted a little bit of Matthews in this kid like I got a little bit of Matthews in me.” Maya grinned to which Riley burst into tears and went over to squeeze her best friend and new godson tightly.

“24th December might just be the best day ever now.” Maya grinned down at her new little one.

“Oh hun, it ain’t the 24th it’s 3 am. It’s the 25th. You’ve got yourself a Christmas baby there.” Zay smiled walking over and stroking the child’s light hair. He truly was the spitting image of Lucas but with Maya’s wild eyes (boy was that kid gonna be trouble).

The blonde looked up at her tall cowboy husband and she didn’t think she could grin any bigger as he knelt down. Somehow, as if they worked in sync, they said the same thing at the same time and kissed either side of his little, soft head.

“Merry Christmas, little one.”

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Imagine your best friend knocks you up before moving away. You don't tell him. Nine months later he invites you to his bachelor party. You go. You say your belly is just weight gain and act as designated driver. Just as the night is starting you go into labor. You hide it long enough to return your hotel. Your bf has a key to your room and lets himself in talk, but finds you in a hotel bathroom giving birth to his child the same morning he's supposed to marry someone else.

so you want Viagra?

It’s hard to be a 16 year old girl in America. We face a lot of problems just from the fact that we’re teenagers. But we also face societal pressures and institutionalized sexism that seep into every aspect of our lives, including our health. Besides the fact that society has shamed girls for interacting with any even remotely sexual topics, the American society and culture has placed mens sexual pleasure and health over women’s reproductive and general health by making birth control and other reproductive health amenities difficult to access. This institutionalized sexism is what leads to things like teen pregnancy, high abortion rates, and lack of treatment for medical conditions (including ovarian cancer). However, things like access to Viagra or vasectomies are still easily accessed by men.

In order to obtain Viagra legally, there are a couple of different choices. The first, and most common, is to receive a prescription from a doctor, online or in person, then pick it up at a pharmacy. Assuming the man in question receives a prescription, there is a large chance that the medication will be covered by his insurance. If a man decides he doesn’t want to have a child, or he wants to improve his sex life, he can do so easily at little cost.

Birth control, however, is different. Under the Affordable Care Act, most companies are required to cover birth control. However, if a woman is not covered by the ACA, she has to pay out of pocket, and has to have a prescription. This means any woman in a situation where she cannot access a doctor for a prescription cannot access contraceptives.The big difference here is that Viagra is a pill to treat erectile dysfunction. The purpose of the “little blue pill” is to help aid sexual pleasure for men. Viagra does not treat a medical condition that disables a man or is detrimental to his performance day-to-day. Birth control, however, can be used as a contraceptive, or as a treatment for medical conditions ranging from ovarian cysts to cancer.

It’s important for women to have easy access to birth control. It’s important for women to have easy access to medication that helps them control their lives outside of the bedroom. Teen girls should have the comfort and safety of knowing they have options for their reproductive health. Birth control helps women be fully prepared for pregnancy when they want to become pregnant, and also provides health benefits. While condoms are available in drug stores, and even most public bathrooms, birth control still remains out of reach of many women. Our society should not prioritize men or erections over women’s health.
Bar tells trans woman she has to use the men's bathroom because she'll "make women uncomfortable" in women's room
"They don’t get to dictate which bathrooms trans people use."
By Lauren Strapagiel

Here’s what anti-trans discrimination looked like last week in Alberta, Canada:

River Rising, a transgender woman, was told she wasn’t allowed to use the women’s restroom at a bar after showing the bouncer her ID. The bouncer asked her inappropriate questions about her body and told her that if she wanted to use the bathroom, she’d have to use the men’s room. 

A female bartender even told River that she would “make other women uncomfortable” in the women’s room, and that if the owner were there, he’d kick her out of the bar altogether. A few days later, the bar put up a sign that said “You must use the bathroom of your birth gender.” 

And then things got even weirder: 

On July 26, the bar posted an apology on their Facebook page and announced that a bathroom had been designated as gender-neutral. But even that, Rising said, contained very problematic language.

First, the bar began the statement by claiming they’ve had “numerous complaints about males going into the women’s washroom” since the passing of Bill 7.

“The clientele that we serve are often under the influence of alcohol and some young men who are not transgendered [sic] have been claiming to be, to enter the women’s washroom,” the statement said.

The bar also said it has “no bias against those who are LGBTQ.”

Rising said that while gender-neutral washrooms are great, especially for nonbinary and genderqueer folks, everyone still has the right to use the men’s or women’s washrooms if they prefer.

Plot twist: In Canada, all of this is illegal. Transgender people are protected under human rights legislation — not that this wouldn’t have been humiliating and uncalled for if they weren’t. What an absolute mess. Hoping River is okay.

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How would Jackson bambam and yugyeom ( if you were married ) react if they came home one day after the studio and found you sleeping, and went to the bathroom and spotted a birth test thingy lol ( idk what it's called ) and it was positive.


Gave the loudest gasp, my whole family turned around and stared at me for a while…anyways it turned out more like a scenario but oh well :D


Jackson: Okay, he’d walk in carrying his backpack and then give you a small smile, admiring how your sleeping so calming. He would do everything quietly and tip toe around the house, making sure not to wake you until he walks into the bathroom. He’d be pissing or washing his hands or something then notice the small packet. Jackson’s eyes would widen and he’d rush to it and fumble it in his hands until he’s got a good grip on it and sees the positive sign! First, he’d be surprised, because the idea of becoming a father isn’t that easy or simple. He’d probably do his hyena screech which would obviously wake you up. Then, he’d hop out of the bathroom and jump on the bed where you were and start overflowing with joy! You’d then realize why he was so happy and he’d probably spin you around in his arms and cover you with kisses and whisper in your hair, “I’m going to become a father!”

Bambam: I feel like Bambam wouldn’t even notice the pregnancy test until he was about to go out of the bathroom. Like, he’d shut the lights and exit but then, he’d rush back in and close the door slowly and search the room to where his eye caught the word “pregnancy” and rush over to it. He’d look at the test and see the small pink plus sign and just stand there. Frozen. In. Time. Processing everything. A big, goofy smile would appear and unlike Jackson, I feel like he would gently awaken you because he couldn’t wait till morning and ask you about it. Then, he’d find out its for real and give you such a warm, comforting, loving hug. He’d kiss your forehead then he’d probably start talking to your stomach!

Yugyeom: He would just blink a few times as he kept staring at the test in his hands. So many question buzzing through his head. He’d look back out the bathroom door to where you were sleeping and then come back in and stare at the test for 10 more minutes. Having a little fanboy moment, he’d calmly exit the bathroom like nothing happened, trying to resist the urge to scream out loud, y'know, since Yugyeom is such a shy cutie! I feel like he’d wait till morning to ask you and I can guarantee you this, that would be the only thing on his mind the whole entire night. While you cuddled up next to him in bed, I can imagine him stroking your hair and smiling down at you, so delighted that you guys were starting a family!

The Prom Mum 
Melissa Drexler 

On the 6th of June 1997 at her New Jersey high school, 18 year old Melissa Drexler was attending school prom. Halfway through she used the bathroom and gave birth to her baby and cut the umbilical cord on a sanitary wear dispenser, she then strangled the baby to death and put it in the trash bin and returned to prom, ate food and danced with her boyfriend. 

Teachers became concerned after they saw a lot of blood, but Melissa shrugged this off as a heavy flow. The school janitor found the newborn hours later. 

2 weeks later Melissa Drexler was arrested. Prosecutors didn’t seek the death penalty and she pled guilty to aggravated manslaughter. Sentenced to 15 years in prison she was released in 2001. 

We are told our core identities are a delusion that needs fixing. The ignorant believe we should be put in camps or thrown in mental hospitals. Pockets of supposed professionals push their unsupported theories that gender identity doesn’t exist, that all transgender individuals are either self-hating homosexuals or heterosexuals with a fetish.

Either way, we are told our identities are wrong, and that in being wrong we are worthy only of pity, disgust and violence.

Our culture perpetuates the narrative that when we are mistreated, bullied, fired, denied housing or refused service, it is exactly what “those people” deserve.

In a post-Lawrence v. Texas America, where lesbians and gays have had the right to be with whom they love for over a decade, transgender people are on the verge of losing the right to use the bathroom without presenting a birth certificate.

We are told that we are rapists and violators of women and children.

We are told the only difference between a transgender person and a convicted pedophile is the conviction.

We are ordered to accept the fact that other people’s irrational fears supersede our actual need for physical safety, because we are too alien and loathsome to ever hope for empathy.

When we do try to set boundaries, the reaction is swift. We are told that jokes that involve ridiculing “men in dresses” and the use of the word “tranny” are all in good fun, that we should expect the kind of language we endure, that people have a right to know about our bodies, and to stop being so sensitive.

When we try to preserve ourselves from actual physical harm, we go to prison like Cece McDonald. When we die at the hands of our attackers, they try to mitigate the crime with the worthlessness of all transgender people.

All the while, most of the LGBT people murdered in hate crimes are transgender women, and most of those are people of color.

In the face of such unremitting and remorseless treatment by society, it is no wonder so many of our lives are marked by despair. We dream of simply being loved by anyone, even if it is only in the internal security of believing a higher power does so. Yet even that simple hope is often asking too much.

In response, we do not dry up, fester, sag, crust over or explode.

We implode, crushed by the omnipresent violence that is why we are here tonight.

Yet somehow we resist the narrative that our lives lose all value the instant we come out. We fight to show the world that there is a person worth loving beneath the label. We endeavor against all odds to just be loved for who we are.

Being loved requires friends, partners and family to embrace a belief that runs against our cultural dogma, to speak up and act despite the stigma of being seen with “those people” and embrace a marginalized people who are not their own.

This is why loving a transgender person is a truly revolutionary act.

People can’t maintain a positive sense of self when there is literally nothing in their day-to-day life that they can touch, see, hear or feel that affirms their identity.

For a transgender kid in Nowhere, U.S.A., who is being treated like an abomination every day by virtually everyone, it does them next to zero good hearing that someone they will never meet who lives in a place they have never been “supports” them, in a nonspecific “I’ve-never-met-you-and-never-will-but-I-value-people-like-you” sort of way.

Support and love need to be tangible to resist tangible hate.

It is up to you, those who have had the courage to see past labels with one transgender person, to speak up against the dehumanization of the rest of us. Whether against depictions in media or in personal conversations, it is up to you to challenge narratives that demean the worth of transgender people.

It is up to you to find the daily courage to take on these conversations.

The only way we can someday look back at days of remembrance like these as things of the past and wonder at how far we have come is if we change our culture from one that sees transgender people as less than others to one where transgender lives matter.

In Gizzy’s last Facebook post she wrote, “If you want to keep me, you gotta love me harder.”

If you want to keep us here with you, we have to be loved harder.


Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Call to Action for Trans People and Our Allies Alike | Brynn Tannehill for the Huffington Post Gay Voices

This is the best piece on TDOR I’ve ever read. Please read the whole thing, especially if you’re still uncertain about why we honor this day. 

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As a trans guy I feel like I'm invading the women's restroom every time I go to a public restroom... Do you feel like that when using the men's?

honestly the ‘correct’ answer would be “you’re a man so obviously not” but the reality is that life isn’t always that clear-cut for us.

The truth is that yeah, trans people will use the ‘birth gender’ bathroom simply because the correct one isn’t an option for them, often because of safety or even just anxiety. (I was nervous enough using the bathroom in a conference specifically by and for trans people)

Especially with all the anti-trans legislation popping up I can really consider it invading on women’s spaces when the only other option they give you is getting fired.