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i have this hc that Coran sings old Altean lullabies while he works

Oh boy anon i really like that headcanon and i was so inspired that i came up with more headcanons about Coran

-Coran will intentionally give the paladins inaccurate information about what Altea was like, kinda like how the paladins will make up crazy stuff about earth

  • one time Lance asks him for tips about Altean flirting and he just makes up these outrageous customs and watched as he flounders with Allura
  • Allura gives Coran an earful about it later 

-is actually incredibly gifted in cooking by Altean standards, but by Earth standards he isn’t all that great

  • Hunk volunteers to help teach him (after he grumbles for the 6578932 time about everyone liking Hunk’s cooking better)
  • he picks up a decent palate fairly quickly but he loses track of time and burns stuff a lot
  • with Hunk’s help they create a schedule of who cooks when so that the paladins can get a taste of Altean meals courtesy of Coran

-just like he helps Lance with his homesickness, he’ll also reach out to the other paladins as well

  • with Pidge he shares his knowledge of different alien technologies and customs and helps her learn the Altean language
  • obviously he coordinates with Hunk about meals, but he also often invites Hunk to help him with small engineering tasks around the castle so that he can teach him about how Altean tech works
  • he teaches Keith about Altean fighting techniques, both offensive and defensive, as well as shows him the different weapons Alteans created
  • it was a little harder to find out what he could do to help Shiro but eventually he offered to spar with him and they keep up a routine of sparring together late at night when Shiro can’t sleep

-after Keith and Hunk got back from retrieving scaultrite, Hunk immediately showed Pidge and Lance the video and all three of them grilled Coran for stories from when he was younger

  • it started out as just the garrison trio listening to his stories but pretty soon Keith joined in, and eventually Allura and Shiro too
  • they all enjoy story time so much that it quickly becomes a team tradition to listen to Coran’s stories
  • sometimes Coran will try and play himself up but Allura is there to temper his exaggerating ways

-Coran taught Lance what all of the Altean bathroom amenities are for after Lance accidentally dyed his hair bright green (temporarily) because he mixed up the containers

-when the team receives transmissions from allied alien races, sometimes Coran will use the Altean interface to draw silly faces onto the different diplomats

  • occasionally it will turn into a competition to see how long it takes him to crack the paladins’ composure

-contary to popular belief, Coran is the one who gets himself accidentally married to random aliens during diplomatic missions, and it takes a lot of skillful negotiation on Allura’s part to get him out of them

if anyone wants to add onto this feel free to!!

Regarding Hurricane Irma and Puerto Rico

Specifically, all the posts that say that Puerto Rico is in a terrible state and that the entire island, or a majority, will be without power for 4-6 months? None of that is true. Not entirely.

I live in PR.

Hurricane Irma technically passed us by rather than hit us. The eye of the storm was at least 50 miles north from the northern coast. While we were pelted with strong wings and rain, it was nowhere near as bad as many of us expected it to be.

Most of the damage was uprooted trees, fallen branches, and downed power lines. As far as I am aware, no part of the island suffered major structural damage or casualties. Power has been being restored since the day after the hurricane hit. Most of the island’s inhabitants already have power. Those that don’t (like myself) have been given a rough estimate of 2-6 weeks without power.

While that may sound terrible, it’s not as bad as 4-6 months. Also, a good amount of people who live here were already well prepared with back-up generators. The apartment building complex I live in has several back-up generators. So, while the power is still technically out, I do have electric power thanks to the back-up generators. Those that don’t have generators are being allowed to charge phones and other items in local establishments (restaurants, gas stations, basically anywhere that has a electrical outlet and power).

The Lesser Antilles (the cluster of islands to the east and south of the larger Caribbean islands. This includes the BVIs, USVIs and a handful of other islands) were far less fortunate than us. They suffered a direct hit. Many of the people from these islands have been transported to PR and put in shelters/hotels for the time being. Donation drives have been organized to collect food, water, clothing, towels, bathrooms amenities, etc. These are being given to the refugees that are already here and shipped to the islands where people have been unable to leave.

Please, if you wish to help, focus your attention to the Lesser Antilles. Be careful of where/who you donate to. There are a number of master posts on here as well as independent sites that list which relief foundations can be trusted to put most or all of your donation to use. Right now, people need clothes, towels, menstrual pads, baby diapers, water, and non perishable food items (including pet food). You can try and set up a donation drive where you are to ship everything to PR where it will be given to those most in need.

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A question about hospitals and other medical facilities: Are there facilities that have staff living on the premises? What kinds of amenities are offered for them during their time there, such as for their breaks? What about for any patients staying for long periods of time, if such patients would be kept at a general hospital to begin with? I'm trying to avoid having this hospital specialize in any particular illnesses or age groups, but trauma-related specialties might still work. 1/3

Context: The setting is entirely a modern but abruptly abandoned medical and science facility that was taken over by an all-powerful villain; pretending to be the only doctor left in the building, they have told the kidnapped heroes they must live here forever because it’s “dangerous outside” but otherwise lets them wander the premises with minimal restrictions, as long as they don’t head for the exits or certain other rooms. 2/3             

Because of the nature of the story and plot, there’s precedent for strange amenities in a given location, so this does dip into Breaking and Buying It. However, the heroes initially think it’s a normal hospital and would thus notice anything that seems like it wouldn’t quite belong in a hospital, or at least would be a very unusual addition with Odd Plot Implications. 3/3 Thank you for all your work with this blog, the information on burns was really useful for a character in this story!          

  Hey there! I’m so glad I can be useful to you!!

This is a pretty big ask, so I hope you’ve got a nice hot beverage handy (like I do!) while we go through it all! (I also have a snausage, because if there is anything a Scripty loves, it is hot beverages and snausages).

First off, I think it’s better if you thought of a hospital as a campus rather than as a single building. Most hospitals have multiple buildings for different purposes: the main hospital building, perhaps a power plant, a building for outpatient surgery, a separate building for children, a building for doctor’s offices, a building for security maybe, and a separate building for living quarters. Some may have a separate building for dealing with the deceased. Others may require maintenance sheds, gardening sheds, laboratories, places to do experiments (chemical/animal/surgical/????).  Some hospitals have the actual admissions in a separate building from the main building, because why should they make sense?

 While you certainly can offer all of those things in a single building, it’s going to get confusing, and it’s better to split them up. The size of the hospital at its zenith will tell you the number of buildings it needs, but it’s usually at least a few.

 So yes, many facilities – particularly older ones – tend to have staff living quarters. Many facilities were built during the days when illnesses (and mental illnesses) “required” quarantining people away from the cities and urban centers, and even those within cities kept staff on premises. There are plenty of hospitals that have old nurse’s quarters, and a “resident physician” was just that – they lived on the property. Most still have some kind of dormitory, though they’re usually separate from the main hospital buildings. You typically don’t have patients’ rooms and staff living quarters in the same building, though especially with psych facilities, anything is possible.

As for the living quarters, it really depends. Consider the era the hospital was built in. Are rooms going to have their own bathroom amenities, or are they going to be shared? Older buildings leaned towards shared, newer ones toward private.

If they’re confined to the staff quarters building, I guess the question is… what do you want the characters to have access to? Should they have a small bowling alley? Should they have an indoor garden / greenhouse? A great open lobby? A communal dining room? Do you want them to have access to individual cooking arrangements in each apartment, or something communal, or a professional kitchen and meals were served on-site? You have kind of a lot of room to play here.

As for long-term patient amenities, hospitals typically don’t have them, unless they have a rehabilitation center on-site (where characters may stay for months); most rehab centers are independent, but I’d believe it if you wrote one onto a hospital property. The exception for this is that many children’s hospitals have arrangements for parents, especially if it’s one of those centers people travel hundreds of miles to get to.

I hope I’ve been more helpful than harmful! You’ve got quite a bit of latitude, so my starting point would be to consider the history of the hospital itself – when it was built, when it boomed, when it declined – and go from there. For example, if a hospital was built in the 1920s and declined in the 70s, you might see random disco balls in trashed rooms. Have homeless people been sleeping there? Have drug-partying kids trashed the place? Are there still fliers on the wall advertising movie night for some contemporary thing like Cool Hand Luke?

The possibilities are pretty endless. One other suggestion: do some searching for urban explorations of abandoned hospitals. Get a feel for the imagery, the spaces. And look up maps of existing facilities for some real-life inspiration.

I think an old/abandoned-ish hospital is a phenomenal setting for your story, and I hope I’ve been useful to you! Best of luck 😊

Oh, and one last question…. what caused the decline? Give the hospital, like a character, a history. Your story will be much richer for it!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Belmond Hotel Caruso, a perfect place, a perfect swimmingpool

Imagine a perfect swimming pool in Amalfi coast. Suspended between the sea and the sky, a part of an 11 century palazzo. Look no further, I found it for you.

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Prompt: Will meeting Hannibal's family :D

Will had never met Molly’s parents. Her father had died and she was estranged to her mother, their engagement and wedding had gone smoothly and quickly without Will ever having to explain himself to a pair of vastly unimpressed and worried parents.

Meeting the in-laws was not something he’d expected he’d be doing being with Hannibal. But Hannibal was always intent to surprise him.

Sometimes it ended well. Sometimes Will would need recovery time.

This time, he wasn’t sure how it would end. 

Will adjusted his tie. His hair felt messy. He’d combed it twice and then had Hannibal adjust any stray hairs before they arrived, the amused tilt to his lips the entire time had been endearing and irritating. Will wished there was a mirror. He hadn’t been this nervous over his appearance since his first formal dinner at Hannibal’s house with Abigail and Lounds.

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Out of interest, in the student/teacher au, does Tsuki and Rize know about Sasaki being in love with Touka?

anon!! thank you for your ask! which straight-up became a prompt, haha.

important disclaimer: teacher/student AU is originally neimana‘s idea! this is like…a fanfic of her AU, & veers from the timeline she wrote originally.

hope you all are having a good day and taking care out there~

~3600 words. there are a lot of (spoiler-y) content warnings for this one, so please click here to see them if you need to. excerpt:

“So,” Rize says, as Haise watches the coffee drip down. “How was your first week?”

“It was…good. Yes,” he says, decisively, and with a rub of his chin, “it was good,” and Rize snorts.

“Alright, how many troublemakers are there?”

“None,” Haise says. Rize stares, waiting, as he pours out coffee into a little mug.

“…one,” he admits, finally.

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trans people shouldNT have to PASS to go to the bathroom of their gender

aLSO just…. gender neutral bathrooms….. more gender neutral bathrooms thats my solution, theyre safe and judgement free….. gender neutral bathrooms amen
This Big Transgender Ruling Is Worth Your Attention

Wayne Maines was in a meeting when he got the call. His daughter, a transgender teenager who had been fighting the state of Maine for years over her right to use the girls’ bathroom at school, had finally won. “I just broke down right then …

“the court ruled that fear was not a good enough reason to discriminate. "The law protects everyone, even and especially when it’s politically controversial,” he said. “People who are transgender are not dangerous, and people who are transgender need to go to the bathroom.””