allow me to introduce you Juliette:

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this sweet gardevoir belongs to an ex pokemon trainer who leaved his career to have a family and a more quiet life, Juliette wanted to stay with him instead to be freed or selled into a pokemon daycare.
She never leaved her master, even when he was married and got childrens, Juliet don’t fight anymore and instead now she help with family issues and household chores: so she take care of the children, help her master wife to cook, clean the house, etc etc…
When she meeted Lance for the first time it happened casually: the lucario get too much closer to her master’s home, the ex pokemon trainer gave him something to eat and hospitality,
and with the time Lance and Juliet befriended.
Even thought she’s faithful to her family and her master, she’s always curious about Lance’s travels, about every place he visited, so he tells all she want to know in exchange of a good meal.