bathing suits women

Bathing Suit, Djerba, Tunisia, 1965
Frank Horvat (Italian; 1928– )
Photograph for British Harper’s Bazaar
© Frank Horvat



I am so shook.

I got a last minute invite to the Torrid Pool Party this past weekend and this happened.

These are from Allure and I’m on major websites with plus size models and bloggers.

I do not deserve this. I’m a grad student. I never considered myself to be a part of the body positivity movement.

But here I am. With all these other beautiful women.

It motivates me to accept myself for who I am. To stop hating myself and my body and to embrace it. To make a name for myself. The sky’s the limit, right? 💜

The Tacoma Times, Washington, August 3, 1917

This is the way the new idea works out. Take a piece of court plaster. Cut out the initials and design you with to register on your arm. Paste them on te arm and the sun does the rest.

You must wear your sleeveless bathing suit, of course. The sun tans your arm a fine brown color. The court plaster is then taken off, leaving the initials and design neatly engraved in white flesh.

Ready for beach dayssss! ☀️

Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar