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Start using support levels instead of functioning labels!

For the uninformed, functioning labels are terms like high functioning autism, low functioning autism, mild autism, severe autism. Other words like moderate or level 1, level 2, etc may be used too.

Functioning labels are extremely offensive because they’re placed on autistic people based on observation from the outside. This is problematic for three reasons.

  • Functioning labels determine how autistic people are treated. People associate “low functioning/severe” with incompetence or infancy and they end up treating the autistic person like a pet or a baby. High functioning/mild gets stereotyped as people who are just a little quirky and their difficulties get ignored as laziness or intentional stubbornness.
  • Functioning labels imply brokenness and treat people as if their intrinsic value is determined by what they contribute to society rather than the fact that they are a living being with oxygen in their lungs and blood in their veins like everybody else.
  • Functioning labels create a dichotomy as if there are differing “levels” of autism or that people exist on different areas of the spectrum. NO, NO, NO, that’s not how it is.

Think of spectroscopy and how the elements create their own signature color lines. Now put peoples’ names in place of the elements: Hydrogen/Harold, Helium/Henry, Lithium/Luke, Oxygen/Olga, Carbon/Carol, Nitrogen/Nadine.

Autism is like that. We’re all on the same spectrum and all that is unique is how we display our symptoms, our sensory issues, our splinter abilities and so forth.

In light of that, I want to change the language. Let’s start pushing for support levels instead of functioning labels.

High support: Anyone who isn’t able to live independently and needs help with some or all of their basic daily living skills such as eating, bathing, basic grooming, putting on makeup, getting dressed and completing tasks. Can be abbreviated online or in writing as HSP for High Support Person or HSAP for High Support Autistic Person.

Usage in speech: Clarissa is a high support autistic person and needs assistance with getting dressed and taking a shower.
Abbreviated usage online: I’m a HSAP and I’m really into physics, so the poor sucker who signs me on is gonna hear a lot about it when they hand me my iPad! 

Medium support: Anyone may or may not live independently and doesn’t need help with basic living skills, but needs help with other things like cooking, completing some tasks, transportation if unable to drive and assistance for things like grocery shopping. Can be abbreviated online or in writing as MSP for Medium Support Person or MSAP for Medium Support Autistic Person.

Usage in speech: Kevin is a medium support autistic person and needs some assistance to prepare meals and shop for the wood he uses for his carpentry projects. His boyfriend, Max, usually helps him with those.
Usage online: I’m a MSAP and I’m looking for info about saws. Any fellow auties know what’s best for cutting oak? 

Low support: Anyone who more often than not lives independently and may only need assistance with minor things like balancing a checkbook, getting started on some tasks like organizing a garage sale or arranging to move from one house to another. Can be abbreviated online or in writing as LSP for Low Support Person or LSAP for Low Support Autistic Person.

Usage in speech: Jesse is a low support autistic person and she only needs help keeping her checkbook balanced.
Usage online: I’m a LSAP and I’m thinking about moving to Seattle. What’s the weather and traffic like there? 

Reasons support levels are better:

  • They don’t make assumptions about intelligence
  • They don’t encourage infantilization or pity
  • They sound more respectful and dignified

Ditch functioning labels and start using support levels. These terms can apply to practically every kind of disability, not just autism.

For the record, I’m a MSAP.

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Prompt suggested by @magical-mistral​:  Yuuri works at build-a-bear. and one day single father viktor comes in with his grumpy son yurio who wants to get a stuffed cat/tiger and viktor falls for this cute employee who is helping his son make his toy (put in a heart, make a wish, brush it, get an outfit, naming it etc)

Bonus Otayuri at the end, because bears suit Otabek too.

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An Iron-Clad Love Affair

Gajeel sat at his desk in the Main Headquarters of the Magic Council, scratching away at the enormous pile of paperwork that had accumulated on his desk. He sighed, resting his chin on the back of his hand. The Council had told him that he could go home early today if he finished his paperwork, but he was barely halfway done! It was already 4 o’ clock! There was no way he’d be done in time to go home at the proper time, let alone early.

The Iron Dragon Slayer sulked at his desk, groaning loudly. Paperwork had never been his strong suit. He normally had his favorite little shrimp handle the logistical work while he went out and did the dirty work. It wasn’t entirely fair, but it played to their strengths, and he helped when he could. But today she was off preparing for some big Council meeting and he had been left to complete it all on his own. He sighed again, ducking his head down to continue the work, when Councilman Yajima came around the corner.

The tiny old geezer yelped when he saw Gajeel. “Gajeel?!?” he shouted. “What are you doing here?!? You’re supposed to be at Levy’s…Levy’s meeting!” he stuttered.

Gajeel just stared at him incredulously. “The shrimp’s meeting doesn’t have anything to do with me. Besides, I’ve got to finish this stupid paperwork, ‘else I can’t go home.” He grumbled.

Yajima shouted again, “of COURSE Levy’s meeting has something to do with you, you fool! Leave the paperwork here! I’ll see to it that it is completed! You are to head to your place of residence, get yourself bathed and groomed, and report to the Golden Deucalion in your finest attire as soon as possible!”

Gajeel started to interrupt when Yajima hushed him. “That is an ORDER!” he barked.

The Iron Dragon Slayer leapt to his feet and scurried out the door. He had never seen Old Man Yajima in such a tizzy before. He figured that whatever this meeting was about, it had to be important, and probably dangerous if his presence was so adamantly required. Probably some sort of undercover mission if he had to be bathed and groomed properly and dressed in his best suit.

He rushed into the apartment he and Levy shared, scrambling into the tub to wash up before combing out his tangled mane of hair and pulling it back into a neat and kempt ponytail. He bathed using the pine-melon soap that Levy had bought him, causing the whole house to reek of it. He slipped on his finest suit, a pure-white number with a matching fedora that he had worn to a Fairy Tail talent show some years before, adding his own personal touches of hand-formed metal buttons and cufflinks. Then, he used the special cologne that Levy had picked out for him and he was out the door.

He hurried down the street, rushing towards the Golden Deucalion as fast as he could without drawing attention to himself. When he finally reached the restaurant, he was taken aback by how extravagant it was. The doorway was framed with a massive golden arch adorned with whales that circled the threshold before culminating in a solid-gold statue of a leaping whale at the top of the structure. Carefully pruned ivy circled the arch as well, giving it the illusion of being aged but well-cared-for, even though the building had only been there for a few months. The inside was even more spectacular. The ceilings were high, with extraordinary chandeliers hanging every few feet. Each booth was sectioned off by a partition of thin golden metal, creating an air of private intimacy at each table.

But none of it was as breathtaking as the sight that stood before him in the center of the restaurant. Levy stood waiting for him, smiling warmly as he entered. She wore a long, elegant silver evening gown that barely wisped across the floor as she moved. Her short blue hair had been delicately curled, causing each tiny strand to become an azure ringlet that framed her face beautifully in the warm light of the chandeliers. She wore the flawless pearl earrings that Gajeel had made for her the month before. (He had been studying how to make jewelry using his Iron powers.) And she looked absolutely stunning.

She grinned as he entered and rushed over to him. “I’m glad you’re here!” she said. “I was wondering if you were ever going to show up!” she said, pouting playfully.

He blushed slightly and stuttered, “well, I…was gonna come sooner, but I didn’t know I was supposed to be here.” He said, lowering his eyes to the ground.

Levy fumed to herself. That Yajima! He was supposed to have sent Gajeel two hours ago! She couldn’t believe he had waited so long!

She sighed to herself before smiling again and grabbing Gajeel’s arm and pulling him towards a booth. “Well, since you’re here, why don’t we get something to eat!” she said.

“But…but what about the meeting?” he asked, incredibly confused.

Levy just giggled. “The meeting will happen when it happens. Until then, let’s enjoy this quality time together.”

Gajeel wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t like Levy to be so carefree about work. Nor was she usually this bubbly. He smelled a rat.

Gajeel yanked his arm away from her, warping it into an iron hammer and pointing it at the woman. “Who are you and what’ve you done with Levy?” he accused.

Levy stared at him open-mouthed. Was this…this idiot…REALLY not sure it was her? She growled angrily, swiping her hands through the air furiously. “You…IDIOT!” she shouted. As the second word escaped her lips, an iron-clad version of it landed square on the top of his head.

As the blow had Gajeel seeing stars, he realized that Solid Script magic was definitely hers. He smirked to himself, retracting the weapon, and laughed. “Sorry, gorgeous. It’s just…you seemed so giggly and ready to blow off work, and all the weird smells in here mixing together threw off my nose…just had to make sure.”

Levy sighed, lightly brushing some dust from the sleeve of her gown. “It’s fine. Just don’t let it happen again.” She pouted.

Gajeel grinned and the two sat down to eat. Their food came extraordinarily quickly after they ordered it and Gajeel was in awe of how delicious everything was. It was all made from perfectly fresh ingredients, as if it had just been picked that morning. It was all seasoned and cooked to perfection and he had never had anything like it.

As he was savoring all the delicacies, he noticed Levy fidgeting in her chair, the food on her plate left virtually untouched. “Something wrong?” he asked her.

Levy sat in silence for a moment, remembering all the prodding and advice that Lucy and Cana had given her while they helped her prepare. She gulped and started to speak. “Gajeel…I…I have to ask you something.” She stammered.

Gajeel stopped eating and stared at her, causing an intense blush to spread across her cheeks. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“N..nothing!” she managed to stutter, reaching slowly into a small bag she had brought with her. “It’s just…we’ve b…been together for a long time now, and…I was wondering if you…would you…will you…”

Gajeel stood up and smacked his hands on the table. “Hell no!” he shouted.

Levy was dumbstruck. “Hell no what?” she asked.

Gajeel looked her in the eyes. “You were about to ask me to marry you, weren’t you, shrimp?” he asked sharply.

Levy was speechless. How had he known…? But more importantly…”What do you mean, ‘hell no?!?’ If you knew what I was going to ask, how could you POSSIBLY have said NO?!?” she yelled.

Gajeel growled and smacked the table again. “Because I wanted to ask you first, you dumb midget!” he screamed.

She was stunned into silence. “You…you what…?” she said.

He sighed. “Yeah. I’ve been planning it for months now, but you had to go and ruin it.” He said. “Made you a ring and everything…” he sulked as he pulled the ring out from the chest pocket. It was a gorgeous silver band, delicately formed to appear like overlapping tendrils of ivy, each one inscribed with tiny runes that read “G+L” in every alphabet imaginable. She could only guess how many hundreds of hours he had spent poring over books to get each symbol exactly correct. And sitting at the top of the band was the clearest, most flawless diamond she had ever seen.

“I recognize that stone…” she said. “That’s the diamond that was the reward for that quest you went on six months ago! That thing you went hunting for six weeks for!” she said.

Gajeel nodded. “It really was a pain in the ass to get. But it was worth it to see the look on your face.” He smiled.

Levy blushed profusely and fumed. The ring was beautiful. And she had ruined his surprise…but he had ruined hers! “Do you know how many Council favors I had to call in to make this happen?!? To get the whole Council in on this?!? To get the whole restaurant rented for just the two of us?!? To buy this ring?!?” she fussed.

Gajeel grinned. “Alright, alright, fine. I’ll concede that you went to more…logistical effort than I did. But I went to more physical effort than you.” He teased, sticking his tongue out playfully.

She sighed and smiled warmly. This really was just like him. No concern for other people, just as long as he could make her happy. She smiled and hugged him tight, burying her face in his chest.

He smiled and softly patted the top of her head. “I love you, midget.” He smirked.

She smiled up at him, tears forming in the sides of her eyes. “I love you too, asshole.” She cried back.

He grinned and softly stroked her perfect ringlets. “Wanna ask at the same time?” he asked

She smiled and nodded.

“Okay…” he said.

“3…” he started.

“2…” she continued.

“1…” they muttered, leaning slowly towards each other.


“Will you marry me?”

I love thinking about Sebastian devouring Ciel’s soul and enjoying it to the fullest in a somewhat cocky manner, only to come back from his high, see his dear, dead lord and have a hole in his chest not even 100 times the value of Ciel’s soul could manage to fill and be completely lost and distraught with the death of his young master who he got to know and care deeply for.

So after hours of contemplating everything he gently scoops up his little doll of a master, bathes him, grooms him, dresses him, lays him in bed and goes downstairs to inform the servants that their young lord has passed.

A funeral would ensure, and Sebastian would make sure to oversee that Ciel was properly respected and buried next to his parents on the estate.

Sebastian is left to regret what he has done, living on the grounds of the abandoned manor, watching over the cemetery, keeping the manor and white rose garden tidy, and making chocolate ganache birthday cakes every December.


Thranduil Fan Fiction

by ladywyldfire

18+, eventually nsfw, starts fluffy but ends smutty

Links to previous Chapters:  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Thranduil continued to sit by the fire after Maderia left his chamber.  He was well and truly fascinated by her now.  And his physical reaction to her was a mystery to him.  Her ministrations to his wound had been a sort of sweet torture. The gentle touch of her hands and the way she had tucked his hair behind his ear had sent the blood racing through his body.  Since she was a human he was certain she didn’t know of the sensitivity of elven ears. Or the effect it had on the body of an elf. Her touch to his ear had sent such a rush of desire through his body that he had been unable to do anything but shudder.  

He shook his head in amazement at himself.  He was nearly 6000 years old and this human woman with a handful of years had captured his attention so thoroughly.  By elven standards, she was still a child, but he knew that humans matured much more quickly.  By the age of 100, when an elf was considered an adult, a human would rarely be alive.  How could he hope to begin to know someone with such a short time here in the mortal realm?  Why, it could take an elf years to even think about approaching another elf, let alone move toward a betrothal and a marriage.  And why was he thinking such things about a woman he had met just a few hours before and a human woman at that?  He shook his head at himself.  Maybe he should relax for a few hours in the resting state that passed as sleep for the elves.  Perhaps that would calm his mind and his body.

Thranduil rose from his chair and moved to the inner chamber of his apartment.  He built up the fire a bit to chase the chill from the room.  Then he changed into a simple loose robe and pulling back the covers, reclined on the immense bed in the corner of the room.  It wasn’t necessary for him to close his eyes to attain the resting state, but he did anyway.  He felt himself drifting away from his body and his mind relaxing into a state of inactivity, while still maintaining his full awareness of the room around him.  He could still hear the crackle of the fire, smell the slight bit of smoke that escaped the hearth, and feel the warmth of the blanket he rested under, yet it was all distant.  He let himself slip deeper into the the resting state, seeking refuge in the simplicity of not having to think or act.  

It was then that he saw her.  Maderia.  But not as he had seen her last here in his chamber, in her somber dark blue dress, with her hair sedately pinned up.  Here in this dream she was attired as an elf woman would be dressed for a formal occasion.  She stood gazing at him, wearing a lavender colored dress of the finest silk that both covered and revealed her figure at the same time.  It swept to the ground and fell behind her in a train.  The sleeves were long and draped into an elegant v shape over her hands.  The neckline of the dress framed her shoulders, drawing attention to the perfection of her skin.  Even covered in freckles it was beautiful and he longed to touch it.  She wore an ornate silver necklace set with dark purple stones around her neck.

But it was her hair that truly caught his attention.  The color remained reddish gold, but it was freed to spill down her back, slightly past her waist, in a cascade of curls and waves. It was utterly unlike the smooth and silky elven hair he was accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. It gave her a somewhat untamed look that was not at all unattractive. She wore a silver circlet atop her mane, set with a single purple gem resting on her forehead.  On one of her fingers she wore a simply engraved band, so silver it appeared almost white, that appeared to glow slightly with it’s own light.  

Thranduil glanced down and found himself similarly attired in formal wear.  He wore a long, light silver, shimmering robe over dark gray velvet pants. They were tucked into supple leather boots of a slightly darker gray that were worked with fanciful designs in silver thread. On his fingers were several rings and he could feel the weight of what he assumed was his ornate silver circlet set with the single white gem on his head.  Not his usual choice for formal dress, but it was a dream after all and they didn’t always make sense.          

He turned his attention back to Maderia.  Her eyes lit up with joy as he approached her and her mouth curved into a smile. He offered her his arm and she tucked her hand into the crook of his elbow.  He marveled at how tiny she was beside him, the top of her head barely reaching his shoulder. They strolled together through the torch lit tunnels of his Halls. Thranduil found he could think of little other than the feel of her hand on his arm.  Heat seemed to radiate out from her hand to course through his entire body.  

Eventually they made their way to the topmost part of the caverns, where one could glimpse the stars through a crack in the roof.  There were several benches scattered around this particular room meant for the sole purpose of stargazing.  It was to one of these that he lead her.  They sat close together and as she dropped her hand from his arm, he took the opportunity to wrap that arm about her shoulders. She sighed and leaned her head against his shoulder. They found themselves with no need for words, but simply sat and basked in the glow of their love and affection for each other.  He didn’t know how long he remained in the dream with her.  There were no declarations or discussion, just a mutual joy of being together.

When the light of day began to color the sky, he simply bowed his head to her and released himself from the dream state.  He felt calm and rested, yet full of energy and desire.  He hadn’t felt such things in such a long time. Not since his wife had died so many years ago. It was common among elves as they aged to lose their desire for physical forms of intimacy.  It simply diminished over time, replaced by other interests. However, that hadn’t happened to Thranduil.  He had never stopped desiring his wife nor she him.  It had taken her death to quench that fire in him. He had thought he may never rediscover those feelings in himself, but one wild horse ride the previous evening appeared to have restored them. He shook his head at himself.  This was ridiculous.  He felt like a young elf, just discovering the desires of the body all over again.

He began to prepare himself for the day.  He bathed, dressed, and groomed himself.  He took special care to arrange his hair to cover the dressing Maderia had applied along his hairline.  Today was not the day for questions about his state or state of mind.  He went about his tasks with his normal air of indifference.  No one could read his inner turmoil or how often his thoughts strayed, for which he was grateful.  Maderia intruded upon his thoughts at almost every turn.  He found himself thinking not only of her small body in his arms atop his horse, the touch of her hands on his face in the stable, and the unintentional caress of his ear as she tended his wound, but of the feel of her hand on his arm, of how his arm had fit around her body, and how she had leaned against his shoulder in his dream. It felt as though the day would never end, but finally all his tasks for the day were accomplished and he was free to retire to his chambers and await her arrival.  

Chapter 6