SAHIH-alBUKHARI : Characteristics of Prayer : Hadith 38

Narrated Al-Bara:

I heard the Prophet reciting wat-tini wazzaituni" (95) in the ‘Isha’ prayer, and I never heard a sweeter voice or a better way of recitation than that of the Prophet.

SAHIH-alBUKHARI : Characteristics of Prayer : Hadith 38/134


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Aries: *turns on shower* *doesn’t get in and plays on phone for 20 minutes*

Taurus: quickly washes hair and body in 5 minutes and sings for the next 15

Gemini: takes fast showers but sits in the bathroom on their phone for 40 min

Cancer: uses up all the hot water every. damn. time.

Leo: *two tablespoons of shampoo* *3 liters of conditioner*

Virgo: *3 minute hair washing* *2 minute body* *10 minute shaving*

Libra: can’t even get in the shower bc their sibling is taking too long

Scorpio: bubble bath bitch

Sagittarius: takes nearly 1 hour showers get your shit toghether sagittarius

Capricorn: my time has come. I must. sing.

Aquarius: scrubs down like they were handling an elbola patient

Pisces: runs the bath and just sits in it enjoying the hot water.