My most luxurious bath cupcake yet! Experience the Together Breakfast in bath form. The bath bomb part is scented like maple syrup, the bath frosting is hot cocoa, the strawberry is fresh strawberries and the popcorn is butter mints. You can find it located in my etsy shop


Jungle waterfall in the Philippines

how the signs bathe

Aries: *turns on shower* *doesn’t get in and plays on phone for 20 minutes*

Taurus: quickly washes hair and body in 5 minutes and sings for the next 15

Gemini: takes fast showers but sits in the bathroom on their phone for 40 min

Cancer: uses up all the hot water every. damn. time.

Leo: *two tablespoons of shampoo* *3 liters of conditioner*

Virgo: *3 minute hair washing* *2 minute body* *10 minute shaving*

Libra: can’t even get in the shower bc their sibling is taking too long

Scorpio: bubble bath bitch

Sagittarius: takes nearly 1 hour showers get your shit toghether sagittarius

Capricorn: my time has come. I must. sing.

Aquarius: scrubs down like they were handling an elbola patient

Pisces: runs the bath and just sits in it enjoying the hot water.