Novel Pages on Furniture
Crafts with Melissa, as told by Michaela via text

(steps 1-4 i made up)
1. Get cha pages from a cool ass book, i chose Hamlet
2. Make some coffee, pour said coffee into a large pot and put three times as much water
3. Put pages in pot, wait for pages to sink to the bottom, this means they are heavier and have soaked up all of the coffee
4. Wash and dry them
5. Take Elmers glue and Wood glue, mix it, paint pages on
6. Smooth them with credit card
7. Paint down edges
8. Repeat until furniture is covered

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Why i am not a gun?

ahh okay i think that last send failed…In the movie the iron giant they are trying to say he is dangerous and just attacking him and trying to get rid of him and he just shouts i am not a gun, i am not dangerous and its just sort of like a protest to people who dont know who i am inside and create this image of false ideas or false names.