bathe in glory

Hamilton characters as things my friends have said
  • Hamilton: I may be small but I will kILL YOU FOR A DONUT
  • Burr: sometimes you annoy me. Other times, everything annoys me
  • Eliza: don't send my unborn children into battle
  • Mulligan: *screaming, to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb*
  • Lafayette: looking at baguettes is like looking at hot men. It's nice, but it doesn't turn me on.
  • Laurens: bathe in my glory
  • Angelica: you don't need to have an education to fIGHT ME
  • Peggy: *violent sobbing, punctuated by occasional lyrics to In the Heights*
  • Maria: hEY BITCH
  • Washington: am I the father of this group??? This family tree is weird
  • Lee: why would you even do that i'M OFFENDED
  • Jefferson: am I the only one that loves the sound of my own voice?
  • Madison: *whispered* I'd like to report that you're disturbing the plans for my life just by existing

SU fandom:
Check your sources and don’t interact with trolls. They feed off of reactions. They love upsetting you. Never respond to them directly, but it is fine to nonchalantly mention amongst yourselves about how pathetic their trolling attempts are.

@ OP & similar trolls
Stop trying to pass off your prank as a teachable moment. You just wanted a laugh at the expense of a sensitive fandom. If you really wanted to teach people about fact checking or mental health, you’d have made an empathetic and informative resource post using material other than SU. Nobody learns from mean “GOTCHA” posts and you probably know it. On the small chance you really were trying to teach people something, wow, you really fucked that up. But your glory-bathing in others’ reactions leaves me pretty sure you’re just a troll. Don’t pretend to be otherwise. It’s really pathetic.

all the knights were sleepless
and the jester without
a court

peeked in through the window
cast a barbed hook at her
heart shaped mouth

all the nights were sleepless
the days unruly upstarts
morning bathed in
glory sunsets
red with

souls lost and found
truth written foreheads

all the knights were sleepless
the nights there restless too
the maids took in the beasts
the jester did unscrew
every bolted kid
that brayed
the court
then unglued

as goats

we ran and ran
downhill and landed
dropped boots
skirts flew

no one
ever knew

I can feel it. The switch era will finally be THE TIME

The time of all times. The time we all have been waiting for.
The return of the king.
To reclaim former glory.
To reclaim justice as the IP it deserves to be! 

We will leave behind the lost age of nothingness.
The Dark Dawn will come to an end. 
So we can once again bathe in the almighty glory of the


one day while akaashi is watching bokuto bath in glory after a winning spike, he catches bokuto looking his way, and he’s suddenly overwhelmed with a mountain of thoughts and feelings. he starts thinking about how someday a stranger will be the one setting to bokuto instead, and a stranger will be the one sharing his victories and defeats. he hates that he’ll never be good enough to stay by his captain’s side, and imagines himself staring through a TV, watching from afar as someone other than himself jumps into bokuto’s arms after a victory. he hates the idea so much that he starts to cry, and bokuto of course notices his distress and runs to his side. he doesn’t know what’s wrong, but he tells akaashi that he’ll always be here for him and gently wipes his tears away, pressing his lips to his forehead.

inspired by @durrrrito‘s artwork

  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you so much
  • igbhbhiggaiwbhweigaimhbfmaiwhfosaibsgswmtbha: i'm gonna baptize her, bathe her in god's glory, and i will baptize her with everything i got, and i'll make her beg for more as i wash her free of sin, and it'll be so good, she'll want me to baptize her again

Apollo pulls the sun across the day sky
In his chariot that drips golden.
But, it is Helios that makes it shine, beating
A pulse across the Earth, burning our skin
Until it turns to candle wax and drips off
Our bodies to reveal white bleached bones.

And just as the flip of the coin reveals Artemis,
So it does show Selene, in all her glory,
Bathing the world in silver, and bringing
The wolves to howl at her brilliance. At her splendor.
The world forgets that the wolves loved Selene first.

—  titanomachy- part 1 of ?|| JnW