Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson interviewed by Lydia Batham for Mockingjay: Part 1 

Jennifer Lawrence's Red Carpet Interviews at the Mockingjay Part 1 World Premiere

The nutritionist said I should eat root vegetables - said if I could get down 13 turnips a day, I would be grounded, rooted; said my head would not keep flying away to where the darkness lives.

The psychic told me my heart carries too much weight - said for twenty dollars she would tell me what to do. I hand her the twenty and she says, ‘Stop worrying, darling, you will find a good man soon.’

The first psychotherapist said I should spend three hours a day sitting in a dark closet with my eyes closed and my ears plugged. I tried it once, but couldn’t stop thinking about how gay it was to be sitting in the closet.

The yogi told me to stretch everything but the truth, said to focus on the out breaths, said everyone finds happiness if they can care more about what they give than what they get.

The pharmacist said klonopin, amyctyl, lithium, xanax.

The doctor said an anti-psychotic might help me forget what the trauma said.

The trauma said, 'Don’t write this poem. Nobody wants to hear you cry about the grief inside your bones.’

But my bones said, 'Tyler Clementi dove into the Hudson River convinced he was entirely alone.’ My bones said, 'Write the poem for the lamplight considering the riverbank; for the chandelier of your faith, hanging by a thread; to every day you cannot get out of bed; to the bulls-eye of your wrist; to anyone who has ever wanted to die.’

I have been told sometimes, the most healing thing we can do is remind ourselves over and over and over, 'Other people feel this too.’

To tomorrow that has come and gone, and it has not gotten better; when you are half-finished writing that letter to your mother that says, 'I swear to god, I tried, but when I thought I’d hit Batham it started hitting back.’

There is no bruise like the bruise loneliness kicks into the spines.

So let me tell you, I know there are days it looks like the whole world is dancing in the streets while you break down, like the doors of their looted buildings.

You are not alone and wondering who will be convicted of the crime of insisting you keep loading your grief into the chamber of your shame. You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.

I have never met a heavy heart that wasn’t a phone booth for the red cape inside.

Some people will never understand the kind of superpower it takes for some people to just walk outside.

Some days I know my smile looks like the gutter on a falling house, but my hands are always holding tight to the rip cord of believing a life could be rich like the soil, can make food of decay, turn wound into highway. Pick me up in a truck with that bumper sticker that says, 'It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.’

I have never trusted anyone with the pulled back bowl of my spine the way I trust the ones who come undone at the throat, screaming for their pulse to find the fight to pound.

Four nights before Tyler Clementi jumped from the George Washington bridge, I was sitting in a hotel room in my own town, calculating exactly what I had to swallow to keep a bottle of sleeping pills down.

What I know about living is the pain is never just ours. Every time I hurt, I know the wound is an echo, so I keep listening for the moment when the grief becomes a window; when I can see what I couldn’t see before through the glass of my most battered dream.

I watched a dandelion lose it’s mind in the wind, and when it did, it scattered a thousand seeds.

So the next time I tell you how easily I come out of my skin, don’t try to put me back in. Just say, 'Here we are, together at the window, aching for it to all get better, but knowing there is a chance our hearts may have only just skinned their knees; knowing there is a chance the worst day might still be coming.’

Let me say right now for the record, I am still going to be here, asking this world to dance, even if it keeps stepping on my holy feet.

You, you stay here with me, okay? You stay here with me, raising your fight against the bitter dock, your breath longing, your brilliant fists of love striking.

The only thing we have to gain in staying is each other.

My god, that is plenty. My god, that is enough. My god, that is so so much for the life to give.

Each of us at each other’s backs, whispering over and over and over, 'Live. Live. Live.


Andrea Gibson

The Nutritionist

Calling all DNB heads, all Junglists, if you’re on Spotify and haven’t listened to these playlists then you’re missing out. Here’s Number 40.

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Cyantific – 88 Mph
Fragz – Abduction Theories
The Prototypes – Abyss - VIP
Actraiser – After Dark
Mayforms – Aint No Love - Original Mix
Chase & Status – Alive - Mefjus Remix
Sid Batham – All Lies - Brookes Brothers Remix
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis - Noisia Remix
Alphabet Pony – Atoms
Medicin – Autumn Attraction - DJ SS remix
Version – Backbone
Mutated Forms – Best Served Cold VIP
Black Sun – Black Sun
Mediks – Blown Away - Raise Spirit
HavocNdeeD – Blue - Original Mix
Skaylz – Brainwash - Original Mix
Linden Jay – Break the Hold - Rollz Remix
Need For Mirrors – Bubble Wrap
Rollz feat. Katie’s Ambition – Burn Up
DC Breaks – Burning - Original Mix
Kasper – Collective Matter
Matrix & Futurebound – Control - Matrix & Futurebound’s S.T.F.U Mix
Callide & Intraspekt – Crowd Control
Cyantific – Cyantific Dub
Shrust – Deadly Venom
Ed West – Dem a Fight (feat. Parly B) - J-Man Jungle Remix
Fanu – Dirt
M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S – Don’t You Forget It
Loadstar – Dr. Karg - Abstr4ct Remix
Loadstar – Eat My Tears - Rene LaVice Remix
Cain Mos – Echo
Blackman – Eclipse Solar
Mystific – Eleven Note - Original Mix
Hoogs – Enemy Dead
LM1 – Evolver - Original Mix
Shufunk – F.E.A.R
Agressor Bunx – Fade To Black
Krafty Kuts – Feel Like Jumpin - Ed Solo Jungle Remix
DJ Spice – Feels Good
Squidla – Fire Hazard - We Bang Remix
Marvel Cinema – Free Your Mind - Original Mix
Shadow Child feat. Takura – Friday - The Prototypes Remix
Viniselecta – Ganja Smoka - Ricky Tuff Remix
Kasper – Give In - Original Mix
Misanthrop – Greed of Gain
Mob Tactics – Grotbags
Need For Mirrors & HLZ feat. DRS – Gunga P
6Blocc – Gunman - Original Mix
Cabin Fever Uk – Hard Goin
Drum Cypha – Heat Signatures
Braincrack – I See You - Original Mix
Cyantific – Ice Cream
Maztek – iMaz
Bazil – Isolate
Medicin vs ZyZ, Ruffen & Jssa – Juzzy - DJ SS remix
Prestige – Looks Like You Know Nothing
Maztek – M Theory
Flat T – Mind Implode
Cyantific – Mirador
Krafty Kuts – Monkey Dance - Ed Solo Jungle Mix
Marvel Cinema – Motion - Original Mix
Hybrid Minds feat. Jasmine Spence – Mountains
Soligen – Nearfield
Loadstar – Need You - Frankee Remix
Kasper – Nepsis
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Nicaragua
Divine Elements – Night Fall - Original Mix
Keeno – Nocturne
6Blocc – One Dub - Original Mix
DC Breaks – Pickett Line
Majistrate – Play It Safe
Version – Playin that
Neonlight – Power Hour
Electrosoul System – Reflecting on the Past
Original Sin – Return of the Overfiend
Majistrate – Ruled
Joel Compass – Run - High Contrast Remix
Random Movement & Jaybee – Say
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Serious Business
Emperor – She Said
Shrust – Shiva
Blu Mar Ten – Somewhere
Tango – Soundboy Dub - Original Mix
State Of Mind – Spastic Audio - Mindscape Remix
Cabin Fever Uk – Strangest Feelings
Medicin – Summer Drummer - Rollz remix
Original Sin – Superman
Misanthrop – System Crash
Amaning – The Getaway
NickBee – Third Entity
Chris.SU & Mindscape – Timerider
Fanu – Too Blessed to Be Stressed
Vospi – Too Fast to Age (Love Vip Version)
Prisoners Of Technology – Trick of Technology - Sub Zero VIP Mix
DLR – Tugboat
Sub Focus – Turn Back Time - Metrik Remix
Jabro Grow – Twist
Brains – We Are One (feat. Sian Evans) - Chris.SU Remix
DLR – We’ll See
Basher – Weep - Original Mix