Lavender Bath Melts | Soap Deli News Blog

If you enjoy a nice relaxing bath, then these lavender bath melts will be right up your alley! All you have to do to use these melts is drop them in your bath, then lay back and enjoy! You can also use these in the shower - melt one in between your hands and massage into your skin. Sublime! And as always, you can substitute the lavender essential oil for any other scent - Aromaweb has a great guide!

New products to try! Also got my second type of toothy tabs (Ultrablast), but forgot to include them in the photo.. Silly.

Anyways, pictured:
❀ You’ve been mangoed bath melt
❀ Dreamtime bath melt (I got this for free, yay!)
❀ T'eo deodorant
❀ First Snow dusting powder
❀ Tropical Fruit Jungle solid conditioner

Try these natural bath and body recipes for making your own all natural lemon verbena bath melts recipe as well as a homemade lemon verbena solid sugar scrub cubes recipe. These all natural bath and body products are made with rich argan oil, butters and coconut oil. You can find both of these natural bath and body recipes at Soap Deli News blog here.


Testing my design for the self cooling melt display! I know it’s gonna get pretty warm in AA so I’m planning ahead! Pictured are the flavors of all natural bath melts I’ll be stocking >:3 Get ‘em while they’re cool hot cuz i have a feeling these puppies aren’t gonna last long.

I’ll be making another batch of each flavor tomorrow, these will likely sell for 4 each!