so …humm…. How tell this ? 

Me and kit-replica have start this collab in … october 2013 … I ask myself if it was not our first one …. bref , i have draw Jack, Kit Hiccup . And we was supposed to color a version, for other .

But time go fast, and we have forget and we are booked…. i have just found them, so i have finish quickly the last one ;)

It’s a very very old drawing ( almost one year ….) so our style have change a lot since ;)

have a good day / night


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 7.23.15

theme thursday: super soap

soap sticks jar by cleansewithbenefits

soapy good finds for you today, followers — let’s start with a soap stick sampler jar full of colorful shea & cocoa butter soap bar bits. cleansewithbenefits says they’re perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, or the gym!


Lyndsey’s first giveaway! I thought it would be fun to give away a few things to you guys and i’m really excited to be doing my very first (hopefully not last) giveaway!! Please read everything before asking questions! (some pics from the internet) 

To enter: 

- You mbf me (i’ll check!)

- Reblog this post (likes don’t count but can be used for bookmarking)

- For another entry follow me on Instagram (@ lahudgins) and then message me your username! (off of anon)

- No giveaway blogs, thats not fair

- Don’t tag as #giveaway and don’t delete the caption!

You will win:

- Granny takes a dip bath bomb

- Butterball bath bomb (np)

- Phoenix Rising bath bomb

- Fun (any color you want!)

- a toothy tab of your choice!

- 3 pairs of art socks (your choice) from hotsox (please nothing over $12) 

- i’ll through in a letter and some doodles for you!!

Other info: 

- I will ship international (if its really expensive you might have to chip in) 

- All Lush items are vegan so anyone can use them!

- The winner will be chosen by a random generator 

- Reblog as many times as you like!!

- Make sure to have your ask box open so i can contact you if you win!

- The winner will be messaged privately and then will be given 24 hours to respond. if there is no response there will be a re draw and a new winner will be chosen. 

- This giveaway will end on September 5th around 8:00 pm central time

- Goodluck to everyone!!

if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!