I’ve been seeing a lot of these posts with the same damn products on all of them and I really feel like we’re recycling the same shit and there’s nothing new to read anymore which is part of the reason I made this account, to add my own remedies and routines in hope that it could help someone else~

African black soap-
Lemme tell you right now. Ditch whatever shit you’re using as a body wash RN and go cop some (RAW) African black soap. That shit is natural and is bursting with vitamin A and E. It helps with eczema too. I personally use Alaffia which also contains Shea butter and I use it everday. Love it and love my skin+it smells super fresh

Apple cider vinegar-
Add abt ¾ of a cup of ACV to your bath and let it work its magic. Its anti fungal and battles against body odor. It makes your hair shiny and is considered a skin detox bath, I personally experience softer skin. ALSO it resets your pH and fights again vaginal odor and yeast infections naturally too.

Jojoba oil-
Jojoba oil is the oil that everyone thinks coconut oil is. It is a natural moisturizer for hair and skin and it works way better than coconut oil could ever hope to do!!

Coconut oil-
Let me tell u something. In a previous post I copied a message on of my followers sent me abt coconut oil being horrible for your hair because it breaks down proteins. It got a lot of positive and negative feed back, some saying I was trying to speak for them or leave out black hair, no that is not the case. I simply copied a message and released it for public knowledge cause im here to HELP YOU NOT HURT YOU! I’m sorry if I offended anyone~ but coconut oil, regardless of hair, is not the angelic product everyones made it out to be. STOP PUTTING THAT SHIT ON YOUR SKIN IT CLOGS PORES. I use it to oil pull, its a natural way to remove the toxins from your mouth and it also whitens your teeth. You put abt a teaspoon or less of coconut oil in your mouth and swish for a minute or 2. Love that shit my teeth are so white. But other than that I wouldnt put that shit on my hair or skin, unless you’re shaving your legs or sometin. Although I do put it on my pussy after I shave and idk what i’d do without it. But coconut oil is NOT for everything.

Rose water-
Sorry for the extremely long coconut oil excerpt lol this one’s short. Rose water can be used as a toner/makeup setter. It controls oil and hydrates your skin. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Its also good on dry/frizzy hair

Castor oil+Vitamin E oil-
Another 2 great oils. I’m lazy and didnt want to make another 2 oil sections lol but basically castor oil can be used on eyebrows/eyelashes to thicken them. Its also a natural laxative. Vitamin E oil is a great hair/skin moisturizer and heals scars.

If you arent taking biotin everyday I want you to go to your local pharmacy and cop a bottle because beauty starts from the inside. Its a hair skin nail vitamin and boosts healthy growth of hair/nails and keeps skin healthy. I do love it.

Charcoal soap-
Instead of using a typical bar of soap, invest in a charcoal one instead. Charcoal contains a powder called Binchōtan which cleanses and moisturizes skin. For all u natural bitches out there.

Also a lil side note~ for anyone who wants to comment to mine or any other ‘hoe tip’ posts saying “these are life tip not hoe tips” SHUT UP! We know! But these tips were originally for tips and products to be as sexy and well maintained as they can be. Usually before somekind of sex appointment. Let the hoes have this instead of trying to shame it

“How do you feel about getting a cat?”

“A cat?” Andrew knows his tone is incredulous but even before Neil answers, he’s second-guessing himself.

On one hand, a cat is difficult to train, difficult to set boundaries with, and could end up a disaster for someone like Andrew. On the other, cats are independent creatures, don’t demand attention as much as dogs do, and wouldn’t take up too much of their time.

“You don’t have to give me an answer now,” says Neil, holding out the leaflet he’d picked up from a shelter that afternoon. “I just thought it could be something to consider.”

Andrew hums, takes the leaflet, and retreats to the lounge to read it. “It’s not a no,” he says.

A month later, Andrew is still undecided. He’s visited multiple shelters and spent time with the feline residents, but nothing’s clicked yet. He scrolls through pictures of people’s cats on Instagram from time to time and wonders what it would be like to own one, but it seems superficial to go out and choose one like he would a book from a store.

He’s startled from his thoughts by the sound of the door latch clicking. Neil had gone out to pick up ice cream a while ago, and Andrew was beginning to worry about it melting. He wasn’t worried about Neil, of course. He can take care of himself.

Nevertheless, Andrew jumps up from the sofa to check on him and is surprised to find him struggling with a sodden cardboard box. In fact, Neil is soaked through himself, his usually bouncy auburn curls drooping sadly and plastered to his forehead. Andrew almost reaches out to brush them aside, but is distracted by a scraping noise emerging from the box.

He narrows his eyes as Neil sets the box onto the floor and opens it. Two bedraggled cats are huddled inside, mewling pitifully. They’re caked in mud, and Andrew’s first thought is to keep them away from the furniture.

“They were hiding under the car when I got out of the store,” explains Neil, a fond smile on his face. “I think they were trying to find some warmth. I was going to take them to the vets but they were closed. I didn’t want to drop them at the shelter in the state they’re in.”

Andrew heaves the box into his own arms without a word and sets off for the bathroom, trying not to jostle the animals too much.

“They’re staying in here tonight,” he says firmly, filling the sink with tepid water and grabbing a cloth. “I’m not letting them get fleas all over the furniture. We’ll take them to the vets tomorrow.”

“Okay,” agrees Neil easily, lifting one of the cats out of the box carefully so Andrew can begin cleaning it. “Is there still some leftover chicken in the fridge? I’ll fix something up for them to eat.”

Andrew nods, distracted by the already sopping wet cat trying to wriggle away from the clean, soapy water. He huffs in a mixture of exasperation and amusement.

By the time Neil comes back, both cats are clean and shivering in a corner while Andrew attempts to coax them onto a towel. He can tell that they’re nervous, not to mention shaken from their bathing experience, so he’s trying to be mindful, but he still scowls at the soft look Neil sends him.

“Stop it,” he says, but since he’s trying not to startle the cats further it comes out too gently to be an effective warning.

Neil kneels down next to Andrew and holds out a piece of poached chicken. It’s on their contractually-binding diet plan, but Andrew tends to dump most of it in the fridge after a meal. He looks at the cats thoughtfully as they edge forwards to chew on the meat scraps.

“What if we keep them?” he asks suddenly, ignoring the way Neil’s head whips around to look at him.

There’s silence for a minute, broken only by the soft purring now emanating from the cats. Now that they’re drying, Andrew can see that one of them is fuzzy and tortoiseshell and the other is fluffier and grey. He’s sure they must have been strays for a while because even the bulk of their fur can’t hide the sharpness of their shoulders and spines as they crouch on the floor.

“I wouldn’t object,” replies Neil finally, still staring at Andrew, who reaches out slowly to let one of the cats nudge its face against his hand.

“Okay,” he says, and that’s that.

(part two)


*He fed me. He bought all food, cooked all meals, washed all dishes.

*He dressed me in the morning, undressed me at night, and took my laundry to the cleaners along with his. One evening, while taking off my shoes, he decided they needed resoling and took them to the shoemaker the next day.

*He read to me endlessly: newspapers, magazines, murder mysteries, Katherine Mansfield short stories, and my own files when I brought them home to catch up on work.

*Every three days he washed my hair. He dried it with my hand dryer and was clumsy at it only the first two times. One day he bought an outrageously expensive Kent of London hairbrush and beat me with it that evening. Its bruises persisted beyond all others. But every night he used it to brush my hair. Neither before nor since has my hair been brushed so thoroughly, for such long periods at a time, so lovingly. It shone.

*He bought tampons for me and inserted and extricated them. When I was dumbfounded the first time he said, “I eat you while you’re menstruating and we both like that. There’s no difference.”

*He ran my bath every night, experimenting with different gels, crystals, and oils, taking an adolescent girls delight in buying great varieties of bath products for me, while sticking steadfastly to a routine of showers, ivory soap, and Prell Concentrate for himself. I never stopped to contemplate what his cleaning woman thought of the whip lying on the kitchen counter, of the handcuffs dangling from the dining room doorknob, of the snakes’ heap of narrow, silvery chains cooled in the corner of the bedroom. I did idly wonder what she thought of this sudden proliferation of jars and bottles, nine barely used shampoos crowding the medicine chest, eleven different bath salts lined up on the edge of the tub.

*Every night he took my makeup off. If I live to be a hundred, I won’t forget how it felt to sit in an armchair, my eyes closed, my head thrown back, while the gentle pressure of a cotton ball soaked in lotion moved across my forehead, over my cheeks, lingering on my eyelids…



—  Elizabeth McNeill, Nine and A Half Weeks: A Memoir of A Love Affair

Summer Garden Milk Bath

This bath feels and smells like a summer garden in the late evening; imagine crisp warm air, fireflies, and the scent of fresh, culinary herbs like rosemary and basil. The floral scent of lemon balm add a lightness to this fresh bath and combines beautifully with freshly tried thyme and gently exfoliating pink Himalayan salt, all wrapped up in a soothing blend of organic milk powder.

For a soothing and relaxing bath, add about 1 scoop of this mix to a full tub of hot water, or for a extra luxurious bathing ritual experience, add 4 to 6 large spoonfuls to your tub. Soak and feel your skin be soothed and cleansed by milk powder proteins and calming herbs. ​

Ingredients: Powdered milk, pink Himalayan salt, rosemary, basil, thyme, lemon balm, garden sage, tricolour sage.

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Bath Bomb *Treat yo self gif* anon back at it again :) - I kinda messed up my phrasing with my last request lol but I still loved your reply so thank you! What type of bath bomb do you think the inqusition's inner circle member + advisors would use?

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by Lush, Mod Vic just really likes them!

Blackwall: What better scent for the man you found wandering the forest than Blackberry? This cozy bomb is perfect for winding down after a hard day and forgetting your troubles, right Thom?

Cassandra: If you tell anyone, she’ll deny it then kill you for good measure, but just like those trashy romance novels of hers, Cassandra loves a good Sex Bomb every once in a while. Even battle-hardened Seekers need to relax every once in a while!

Cole: Even spirits of the fade get tired, and Cole needs to show himself some compassion, and what better way to love yourself than with the beautiful hues of Twilight? Tonka and lavender come together to have Cole becoming a wisp of soothing scents breezing through the halls of Skyhold, providing an extra comfort to those he passes by. 

Cullen: Andraste’s Holy Tits this man needs a break. And do you know what goes well with a break? The simple, calming feel of the Butterball bath bomb. The soothing cocoa butter and vanilla scent are guaranteed to relax even the most tightly-wound warriors. 

Dorian: This magical Avobath bomb is perfect for Dorian, it leaves the user feeling soft, relaxed, and absolutely sparking. He’ll be positively glowing on even the harshest winter days in Skyhold, and you’ll be left green with envy. 

Iron Bull: Oh he would, without a doubt, LOVE Dragon’s Egg. I mean, the second he sees the name he’s GONE. Plus, the refreshing citrus scent is sure to awaken even the most tired individuals after… eventful nights. 

Josephine: This simple, exhilaratingly scented bath bomb is perfect for the romantic Ms. Montilyet. Tisty Tosty is a beautifully sophisticated combination of rosebuds, jasmine, and citrus. The only thing more romantic would be dueling your lover’s fiancé for her hand! Oh wait…

Leliana: Leliana’s had a tough life, and becoming the spymaster of the Inquisition isn’t making things any easier. Sometimes you just need to take a breath and enjoy the simple, frivolous things in life, like shoes and bath bombs. Leave time Frozen for a moment and just remember, the Maker has plans for all of us.

Sera: Although it may have a rather plain exterior, Fizzbanger is perfect for Sera. Swirling colours, the scents of apples and cinnamon, a plethora of little fizzy pops, like Sera this bath bomb is an experience. 

Solas: When the feelings of stress and dread are just too much, and finding abandoned ruins to meditate in is out of the question, the next best thing is to run a warm bath and experience the Guardian Of The Forest. Includes the calming scents of the forest without the risk of wolves!

Varric: Every writer comes across it: writer’s block. But when the world’s got you down, there’s nothing like a Metamorphosis to get you going again! The deep earthen scents and bright colours are sure to get anyone’s creativity flowing again. Now if only water-proof parchment existed…

Vivienne: For such a refined and classy lady such as Vivienne, the obvious choice would be Rose Bombshell. The relaxing scents of rose and lemon giving way to real rose petals? This is perfect for the Orlesian Mage. 

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RFA + V + Saeran hcs for a Mc who loves cats, but will get super itchy if the cat wasn't washed in the past month. If you can't that's okay.


  • It’s a good thing Yoosung got Lisa as a kitten and MC told him about her allergy early
  • Otherwise, Lisa would never have gotten used to taking baths so that MC could be itch free
  • And of course MC is able to help him wash her, and it becomes a regular thing that they do, so no matter how busy they are, they will give Lisa a bath together
  • It’s a bonding experience and Yoosung always looks forward to it


  • When MC told Jaehee about her allergy, Jaehee breathed a sigh of relief
  • Allergies meant no cats
  • No cats meant no C-Hair
  • Except MC volunteers at a cat shelter on her days off
  • She tries to hide it, but a roller only gets so much, and Jaehee freaks when she finds a clump of C-Hair on her couch where MC was just sitting
  • MC fesses up and promises to be more careful in the future
  • Suddenly MC coming home itchy makes so much senses
  • MC refuses to quit her volunteer job, and Jaehee wouldn’t stop her, but she helps MC come up with a system that helps with MC’s allergy so it doesn’t affect the rest of her week


  • I was so tempted to give MC a sphinx
  • Well, because they can never have a cat, MC takes care of a bunch of strays
  • She drops food and cat nip for them, pets them, but always wears a mask and brings a roller with her so that she’s not covered in cat hair when she gets home
  • Because she keeps this part of her life a secret from Zen
  • It’s not until she accidentally comes home with a single cat hair on the back of her coat (seriously, ask Jaehee, it gets everywhere)
  • Zen starts sneezing up a storm and MC is forced to explain
  • He asks why she would do this when she’s allergic too, but MC just explains she wears gloves so that she doesn’t get itchy and wears a mask and glasses to keep herself from sneezing or getting anything in her eyes
  • She may be horribly allergic, but she still loves them, even if she can’t have one for her very own
  • Oh, he’s so conflicted, but MC states that she’s been doing this successfully since before they met, so as long as she’s careful, neither of them have to suffer
  • Zen can’t stop her anyways, but he really can’t stand cat hair and begs to buy a special outfit specifically for meeting cats so that she can keep it separated from all her other clothes


  • Elizabeth would totally get baths anyways
  • So it totally wouldn’t be a big deal until the groomer was forced to miss an appointment
  • So MC started sneezing and sniffling around Elizabeth, but she endured it and cuddled with her anyways
  • Jumin got a little worried, but MC just explained she’s allergic to cat dander and once Elizabeth is bathed again, she’ll be fine
  • Within minutes, Jumin has called a groomer, saying he’ll pay double their usual fee if they can give Elizabeth a bath ASAP
  • In under an hour, Elizabeth is back home, bathed and happy, the apartment has been completely cleaned, and MC is in an oatmeal bath so soothe her itchy skin on Jumin’s insistance


  • He’s not totally comfortable actually having a cat, but MC convinces Saeyoung to go to a cat cafe with her
  • Saeyoung’s just like “!!! Cats!!! Kittens!! Everywhere!! Yes!!”
  • He just lays down on the floor and lets the cats run all over him while MC picks up, plays with, and pets the other cats
  • They’re eventually kicked out because the cafe is closing
  • As they’re driving home, MC is scratching up a storm
  • When they get home, Saeyoung notices her skin has gotten kind of red and blotchy around her arms and hands
  • He’s worried, but MC just takes a shower, and puts on some anti-itch cream
  • She assures him she’s fine, explains her allergy, then they begin gushing about that super friendly, super sweet calico that wouldn’t leave Saeyoung’s side unless it was for MC’s lap


  • They were on a nice walk when a neighborhood cat strayed across their path
  • MC cut herself off mid-sentence to kneel down and call for the kitty
  • It came running, was happily picked up and cuddled with MC
  • V smiles because he didn’t realize MC loved cats so much
  • Once they said good bye, she started scratching everywhere
  • He didn’t ask why, he simply took her home and helped her apply some anti-itch cream or allergy cream or whatever
  • Of course, when he presented her with kittens one day, she told him about how they’d have to give them baths
  • V volunteers to do all the washing because he got the cats as a surprise, but she agrees to alternate with him


  • MC took Saeran to the pound to adopt a cat for Saeran to bond with and learn some basic social skills
  • MC played with, petted, and cuddled a bunch of cats, while Saeran sat to the side
  • One cat, beautiful, fluffy thing missing an ear, curls up on his lap, and lays claim to him
  • If any other cat comes along, just out of curiosity, the cat shoots them a look or stands up and shifts (and only hisses once) to scare them away
  • Needless to say, Saeran is in love, so they take that cat and her littermate, a big, fluffy, shy cat, home
  • After a few days because of the adoption process
  • But on their way home, MC’s super itchy, Saeran’s worried she has fleas, but MC just explains her allergy
  • Saeran’s suddenly not sure if they should get a cat, but MC insists that they do
  • They make sure to wash the cats regularly, starting the day they come home
One for the future

Dedicated to @abloodneed, a magnificent person and a writer I look up to. 

You have inspired me so much.

The sunset is all wine red and eye-shadow gold, flirtatious and languid. A soft breeze blows through the curtains around the open balcony doors, bringing in the smell of New York along, brushes through their hair like a soft hand. Alec can hear Magnus take in a deep breath, can see his broad chest rise out of the corner of his eye as they look onto the panorama, try to spot the world behind skyscrapers and plumes of smoke.

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Um, Original Source… can we talk?

I’d like to take you back to around 6.45am this morning, when I stepped into my bath, and found that my usual, rather innocuous bottle of shower gel (Waitrose essentials, Rose) had run out. A tad irritating, but fortuitously, I had a solution close to hand. A brand new, unopened bottle of your very own Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel. My bodily cleanliness was assured once more. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I took the Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel and began to work it into a lather. I applied it to first one leg, then the other, and shaved them diligently. (Yes, feel free to be impressed at my commitment to body defoliation at 6.45am on a Wednesday morning. I was too.) So far, so good.

I washed my arms and shaved underneath them. I washed my neck, breasts, stomach and back. Thus far, it had been a positively first class bathing experience.

And then.


Oh. Dear. God.


For a moment, I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. Had I repeated the never to be forgotten error when I managed to apply hair removal cream which was strictly not for front bottoms to my front bottom? Had a stray spark inadvertently set light to my pubic thatch?


Yes, Original Source, your innocuous looking green bottle of so called shower gel, it turns out, is an absolute fucking liability. MY FLAPS WERE ON FUCKING FIRE. I had a quick look at the ingredients list to see if it contained gasoline. It did not. There was a warning though. ‘KEEP AWAY FROM EYES.’ Keep away from eyes? KEEP AWAY FROM EYES? Frankly, my eyes were the least of my problems right now.

I frantically scrubbed my flaps, which by now felt as though they were being ceremoniously scrubbed by ants wearing ice skates laced with chilli sauce. ‘7,929 tingling leaves’ claimed the front of the bottle. Tingling? TINGLING? This wasn’t tingling my minge. It was starting a fucking bush fire down there. (Pun entirely intended. You can thank me later.)

Some twelve hours later, my front bottom has finally calmed down, though may well be suffering from as yet unconfirmed PTSD. My eyes have eventually stopped watering. And so, in the interests of public safety, I thought I would pen you this missive.

May I suggest a rebranding of the front of your bottles of Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel? Something along the lines of the following:

‘7,927 tingling leaves which will accost your genitalia until it screams for mercy.’

If nothing else, it will certainly stand out on the shelf.

Anyways, thanks for brightening up my morning. And my front bottom, which has never been so lively.

Kisses, IKINTST xxx

So I was chatting with @jikookjikook, and we started talking about Jikook as dads with CHILDREN and this happened and I’m sorry but I’m still squealing inside >_<

Originally posted by kookmiin

>> Jungkook and Jimin were college sweethearts–they moved in together during Kook’s sophomore year and have been inseparable ever since then

>> Jimin’s gift for Jungkook at his graduation dinner was a wedding ring. They didn’t even wait three months to tie the knot. (@jikookjikook)

>> They made a comfortable living, sharing an apartment in the city.

>> It’s a lazy Sunday: Jimin’s laying on Jungkook’s chest, sun streaming through their balcony windows while the younger threads his finger through the older’s chestnut brown hair, Suddenly, Jimin puts his magazine down against his chest and announces to his husband: “we should have a kid.”

>> Jungkook: “you mean like a dog right?”

>> Jimin gives him a look before flipping over the magazine he was reading, showing an article about a gay couple in England that had successfully had a child with both their DNA carried by a surrogate mother. “No silly, like an actual kid!”

>> Jungkook reads the title and then keeps looking down the article, his eyes growing wider and wider with wonder. “D-do you think we’re ready for something like that?”

>> “Only one way to find out,” Jimin cooed with a smile, snuggling into Jungkook’s chest more.

>> The next day, Jimin reaches out to the lab in Seoul handling the first trials in South Korea. Within a few weeks, they’re arranged to meet with a surrogate and some people from the medical lab to make sure they want to go through with it.

>> At the end of the informational schpiel from the researcher, the older woman asks, “are you sure you want to do this?”

>> “Yes,” they respond in unison, looking at each other with the fondest looks. They sign their names at the bottom of the contract and walk out with the biggest smiles on their faces, Jimin leaning into Jungkook’s side. They kiss in front of the hospital.

>> A little over a year later, and they have a baby boy. Cradling the little boy in their arms, they’re proud fathers.

>> The first few months are rough.

>> “Kookie, it’s your turn to help Junho back to sleep,” a sleepy Jimin yawns into his pillow. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” Jungkook yawns back.

>> They wouldn’t trade the feeling of being fathers together for the world. In fact, they decide to use the program two more times, and they move their family of five out to the suburbs.

>> “Junho, stop teasing your little sister!” “But Jae-eun’s so funny, daddy!” “Listen to your daddy,” Jungkook reminds the oldest.

>> *five minutes later* “That doesn’t mean you tease Jinsoo instead!” “But he likes it!” their oldest child pouts. “He has a point, Jiminnie.” “You’re supposed to be on my side, Jungkook!”

>> Every Tuesday night, they do family story time before bedtime, all three children piled into Jungkook and Jimin’s bed. Jungkook likes having Jinsoo resting on his chest. Junho clings onto Jimin’s arm, and Jae-eun is sandwiched between the two fathers. (@jikookjikook)

>> Bath time is an experience. Jinsoo loves bubbles more than anything in the world, Junho is scared of water, and Jae-eun giggles at all the bathtime toys for no reason. Drying them is next-to-impossible, but Jimin and Jungkook work out a system similar to an assembly line. (@jikookjikook)

>> When the kids are a little older, Jimin and Jungkook start doing PDA again. The first time they kissed in front of their kids before sending them off to school, there was an “EW, DADDIES” in unison. Jungkook and Jimin blushed so red in front of their own kids. “It feels like college all over again…” Jimin mumbled. (@jikookjikook)

>> The oldest, Junho, ends up being a lot like Jungkook. He’s a little mischievous, a little shy and very dorky, but, like his father, puberty does WONDERS. He loves clinging to Jimin.

>> The middle child, Jinsoo, is more like Jimin. He’s graceful, loves to dance and draw and talk to everyone all the time. He’s very unsure of himself like Jimin, so Jungkook showers him with love and attention all the time.

>> The youngest, Jae-eun, is the baby of the family. Both Jimin and Jungkook are so soft for her. She’s smarter than both of them together and ends up being a lowkey heartwrecker in elementary school, according to her teachers.

>> “So?” Jimin says one day when they have a day off while the kids are at school. “Hmm,” Jungkook hums back, enveloping his arms around Jimin’s waist. Jimin starts swaying slightly: “Do you think we were ready for kids?”

>> “Absolutely not.”

>> “– But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Inspired by the movie Spirited Away, turn your bath into a private bath house experience with expertly blended bath tea. Blends come in a 5" x 3.75" bag. Get all the benefits of a soak without having to clean up petals and tea leaves afterwards!

Two different kinds of soaks:

Luxury Soak - A soothing blend with a delicately balanced aroma. This all natural tea blend contains: chamomile, cornflower petals, calendula flowers, lavender, rose petals, hibiscus and orange peel.

Soy Soak - Want a creamy, moisturizing bath experience? Look no further. This blend contains everything from the luxury soak, but with a heaping scoopful of soy milk powder included.

Natural Medicines: Treating Anxiety 

(In response to an anonymous request)

Anxiety, stress and nervousness are experienced by the majority of people in this age and time. A lot of times we deal with these issues or settle for always feeling this way, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t need to get a prescription for over-the-counter medicine either, as the potency of those medicines can often cause addictive behaviours and can do more damage than they are doing good.

Though there is a plethora of natural plant remedies out there, one can also find calm by removing themselves from the over-stimulating environments, withdraw from society or a while, and take time to calm down.Yoga, tai chi, dancing, running groups, bird-watching groups, native plant societies, meditation groups, and spiritual/religious practices are all wonderful for healing.

However, if you are in a pinch for time, and you don’t have time for any of those activities, these plants can come of use. They can be taken in pill form, in teas, tinctures, and in bath teas (teas you pour into your bath for an aromatherapeutic experience).

  • St. John’s Wort
    It’s one of the ‘super plants’ and is a heal-all for many, many maladies. It’s used to prevent and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially when used frequently (the more you use it, the better shape you’ll be in).
    However, contact a physician or experienced herbalist before you use St. John’s Wort long-term. Avoid using this with 'life-sparing pharmaceuticals’ (eg. anti-rejection drugs, blood-thinners, and antiretroviral drugs). This herb is powerful and can lead to changes in blood-serum levels of these medications. Photosensitization is possible, but it will probably only occur in fair-skinned individuals who are using large and regular doses.
    Fun Fact: This herb’s yellow flowers turn blood red when squeezed.

  • Valerian
    This herb is probably the most widely recommended calming and sleep-promoting herb. Freshly harvested roots and rhizomes have stronger and more calming activity than the dried herb, so opt for fresh valerian root if you can find it.
    Some people report feeling an unexpected stimulating effect after taking valerian root extracts. This is much more likely to happen to you when you’re consuming older valerian than fresher valerian (such an effect is very rare to nearly null in fresh root). In only a few scenarios, people have developed headaches from taking too much valerian, but these are rare and idiosyncratic cases. 
    Dosage is specific to the individual. Start small, and work up from there if no effect is felt. What is excessive to one person may be just right for another. Don’t exceed recommended dose without professional advice.
    Fun Fact:   The name comes from the Latin valere, which means “to be in good health.”

  • Lavender
    This is widely used in inhalants and tea baths to create a sense of relaxation. 
    Lavender oil can occasionally cause allergic reactions with repeated use, and the internal use of lavender can cause a mild allergenic effect in sensitive people, but both occurrences are exceedingly rare. 
    There are no contraindications for using lavender teas or tinctures during pregnancy and lactation, but the oil should be used with caution during those times, as with any essential oils.
    Fun Fact: Lavender’s unique flavour is the surprise ingredient in herbes de Provence. It tastes great in desserts, too!

  • Lemon Verbena
    Lemon verbena is a very mild herb that is used for calming. It’s safe for kids as well, and works excellently in a bath tea. It’s also rich in antioxidants, and at one point lemon verbena was given to male runners to help speed their muscle recovery and protect their tissues against oxidative damage during repeated running sessions. 
    Lemon verbena is also traditionally used in teas, and the extract has been used to aid digestion, promote sleep, and of course, act as a mild sedative or calmative.
    Regular long-term use may cause indigestion or upset stomach in some people, but again, these are rare cases. When used externally, the essential oil form of this may cause photosensitivity in some individuals.
    Fun Fact: Victorian-era Europeans believed in the power of this herb’s perfume to induce passion in anyone who sniffed it.

  • Hops
    Hops, most commonly found in beer, promotes good sleep and calm (not surprisingly). As it’s not always suggested to drink alcohol whenever you’re nervous or stressed out, opt for nonalcoholic “hoppy” beers (eg. Clausthaler), as they contain high levels of this herb.
    Some herbalists feel it wise to avoid using hops if you are depressed, for fear that the sedative could accentuate this mood state.
    Handle hops carefully, as the pollen can cause a skin rash. It would be wise to avoid hops during pregnancy, as it has known mild estrogenic effects.
    Fun Fact: The flowers of this plant give beer and ale their bitter flavours and are widely used as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Rhodiola
    This is an excellent adaptogen and nerve and brain tonic. Rhodiola is a very popular herb in Scandinavia and Russia, and its popularity is increasing across the world. The root is considered to be the part of the plant that is the adaptogen (a substance that helps your body adapt to stress and restores its normal, healthy function). It’s also used to help counteract stress and fatigue, and promote physical vitality and good mental functioning.
    The root of the Rhodiola plant is similar to ginseng and has many like beneficial properties. It’s also used as an antidepressant, an antioxidant, antiviral, immune system stimulant, nervine, heart and lung tonic, etc.
    Clinical studies note that regular use of supplements containing rhodiola and has beneficial effects including improving memory, counteracting mental and physical fatigue, and improving mental and physical performance, especially after mental work or physical exercise. At least two studies show measurable reductions in anxiety and nervousness with rhodiola. 
    There are no known interactions with other herbs or drugs that have been recorded.
    Fun Fact: Russians and Swedes use this succulent herb of the far north to promote mental clarity.

  • Gotu Kola
    This plant is an excellent tonic herb for the nervous system, as well as for improving and preserving memory, mental function, and longevity. It also shows evidence of benefitting cardiovascular health, diabetes, and oral and gum health, and reducing inflammations and clearing your body of toxins (the latter of which can be especially beneficial to ease the symptoms of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis). The juice or leaves can also be used to stimulate your appetite when needed and promotes good digestion.
    For those of you out there that live with diabetes, gotu kola can be quite helpful to you. Studies have shown that gotu kola extract can benefit the circulation in diabetics and shorten the time it takes to heal diabetic ulcers. It also helps reduce risk of hypertension and abnormal clotting and plaque formation in the blood vessels.
    Gotu kola also support traditional uses of gotu kola and have shown that the extract helps reduce anxiety and improves memory and mood. It has been used as a common culinary green in Asia for centuries, and it is considered to have low toxicity. The herb has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen and to help improve the toe of veins near the surface of your skin.
    Fun Fact: This tropical weedy herb is an ingredient in popular health drinks that aid mental clarity.

  • Lemon Balm
    This is another mild herb used for calming, and like lemon verbena, it is safe for kids and can be used in baths. It’s not only settling to the nerves, but also to the stomach, and can be used for settling stomach aches as well. Herbalists recommend it for calming a nervous heart and counteracting tension and insomnia, as well as for relaxing spasms of the stomach and the intestines. 
    If consumed as tea after meals, lemon balm can also ease heartburn and relieve digestive upsets, such as a feeling of pressure or distension in the abdomen.
    Lemon balm has antiviral properties, and in the case of such viral conditions as herpes, you can drink the tea throughout the day and before bedtime. The phenolic fraction (a group of chemicals that have strong antioxidant properties), which can be extracted from the plant by gently simmering the whole herb for 40-60 minutes, is effective at relieving the pain and duration of herpes sores.
    The cooled tea infusion of the herb can be given to infants and young children by the spoonful to relieve colic and restlessness. There are no safety concerns known for lemon balm.
    Fun Fact: The “gladdening herb” is an ancient monastery herb used to calm and ease fevers and agitation.

  • Hawthorn
    Hawthorn is a great heart and digestive herb that has mild calming effects, especially when used regularly. The leaf and flower have traditionally been used in Europe to promote heart health. European doctors and herbalists alike frequently recommend hawthorn preparations for anyone with cardiovascular problems, especially in the beginning stages of disease. This includes hypertension, cholesterol imbalances, heartbeat irregularities, and even congestive heart failure, as hawthorn acts to strengthen the heart’s pumping action.
    Flavonoids and other powerful antioxidants in hawthorn can help protect your heart and promote cardiovascular health. It can be used regularly, even for years. Hawthorn is commonly known to reduce anxiety and nervousness, benefitting insomnia and calming a racing mind. For thousands of years, the large, glossy, red fruits of the Chinese hawthorn have been an important remedy in traditional chinese medicine for preventing and treating bloating, stomach distension, and difficulty in digesting fatty foods.
    Most worries about hawthorn’s safety are theoretical, but it can strengthen the effects of digitalis medications, although these are not commonly prescribed in modern medical practice. If you are taking beta-blockers or other drugs for high blood pressure, or if you have very low blood pressure, talk with your doctor or experience natural-care practitioner or herbalist before taking hawthorn.
    Fun Fact: It has white flowers that look like roses and is considered one of the most beautiful of all the shrubs that flower in the spring.

  • California Poppy
    This plant was used by American Indians to help soothe fussy babies. These poppies contain non-narcotic alkaloids that help promote calm and good sleep, as well as helping relax smooth muscle, especially in the uterus and bronchial airways, treating menstrual cramps and spasmodic coughs. 
    Poppy teas, tincture, and other preparations are recommended by herbalists for relieving anxiety, nervousness, stomach and uterine cramps, and bronchial constriction.
    California poppy promotes healthy sleep and is a mild pain reliever. Health professionals use it to help their patients slowly reduce prescription drug use and withdrawal from addictive substances, as well as to treat children with hyperactive tendencies.
    Safety concerns are all theoretical. The safety of California poppy during pregnancy has not been studied, but no harmful effects have been noted.
    Fun Fact: Called “cup of gold” by the Spanish, this herb is powerfully calming and safe for all ages.

anonymous asked:

How would the skelebros (UT/US/UF/SF) react to bath bombs?

* But like… I don’t have a bathtub
* I just longingly stare at youtube videos of bath bombs and… cry.


He appreciates the aesthetic of bath bombs but doesn’t see the point in them. They’re cool, sure but a normal shower works the same?? His opinion absolutely changes 180 turn around when he discovers galaxy bath bombs.


YES! THEY ARE THE SECOND GREATEST INVENTION BY HUMANS AFTER SPAGHETTI. He loves the aesthetic, the stimmy sounds of a dissolving bath bomb, the scents, the happiness of hopping out of a tub glittery and moisturised and smelling good yes.


They’re okay?? Why does it matter what his opinion is????? They’re just, body cleaning things????????


He uses this brand every night. Either red or black of course. To bathe in the blood of his enemies or the sin in his soul~


He doesn’t really like bath bombs, personally. He loves the aesthetic of it, but his nose is pretty sensitive so he can’t ever use one himself without sneezing his ribs to a rattle.


No comment. He doesn’t really care. Must he have an opinion on everything?


His guilty pleasure. He loves bath bombs but will never admit he uses them because his favourite scents are things like Sex Bomb, Tisty Tosty and of course, Blackberry. Plus his bro would tease him if he was caught chilling in the tub. THIS IS NOT LAZINESS, THIS IS SELF CARE!


He really loves the aesthetic pictures people take of bath bombs, often posting more than a few himself. The fact that he’s a skeleton seems to up the grunge aesthetic.

Absolutely Ridiculous

Pairing: Soukoku

Rating: G

Summary: Dazai has always found it ridiculous that Chuuya spends hundreds of dollars at a time on products meant to enhance his bathing experience and then proceeds to sit in a bathtub for hours on end for no good reason, but when Chuuya asks Dazai to join him for one of these baths, Dazai ends up finding more joy in it than he expected.

Author’s notes: Alternate title: Rose writes 4000 words of Chuuya and Dazai taking baths together and has no regret whatsoever. Consider this an early Valentine’s Day present for my waifu @kiimone who was my inspiration for writing this fic in all honesty. I’ve never laughed this hard while writing a fic before; starts out pretty hilarious but it gets really soft by the end. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing! Love you!!

Read it on AO3

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The Prefects' Bathroom

2.8k words, R rated

Scorpius takes Albus on a trip to the Prefects’ Bathroom, where general shenanigans including messing around with bubbles, making out, and more ensue. 

This is a birthday present for the wonderful @anthonyboyles. Happy (ever so slightly belated) birthday my friend. <3

Beta’d by @bounding-heart.

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“I cleanse myself of all selfishness, resentment, critical feelings for my fellow beings, self-condemnation, and misinterpretation of my life experiences.

I bathe myself in generosity, appreciation, praise and gratitude for my fellow beings, self-acceptance, and enlightened understanding of my life experiences” - Lidia Frederico

courtneyosgan  asked:

I am having sooo much trouble with my hedgehog at bath time. He is terrified of the water and I feel so awful. Any tips on making him more relaxed and comfortable with bath time?

I’d say 95% of hedgehogs hate bath time. They will desperately try to climb out of the sink and give you the look of “why? I trusted you! How could you?” And then proceed to pout for the rest of the day.

  • Try and make bath time short and rewarding for him (giving him some treats).
  • Avoid getting soap/water around his face. I know my hedgehog hates that the most.
  • Avoid giving him a full bath workup, only doing so if he really needs it. Foot baths with just a shallow amount of water will get you very far.
  • Skip the soap unless you really need it.

In my opinion, hedgehogs are also the biggest drama queens in the animal kingdom. From my experience, the bath time ‘protest’ is just them throwing a tantrum equivalent to that of a human child. You gotta do what you gotta do. That includes bath time. He’s gonna have to deal with it.