bath w bubbles

future house/apt goals:

  • a big bathtub so i can stretch all the way out and also have bubble baths w my future partner
  • a bedroom big enough to put a bed in the middle instead of against the wall so when u change the sheets u don’t gotta like. stick ur foot in the depths of the Abyss between the bed and the wall
  • lots of plants and at least one cat
  • BIG window
  • Cozy™

legitopal  asked:


That didn’t take long, yes a chance to talk about my demon child!

Full Name: Lust but her superhero alias and name she usually goes by is Valentine
Gender and Sexuality: Female, Pansexual
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Ethnicity/Species: Demon
Birthplace and Birthdate: The Underworld, birthdate goes back to around the end of the 1800s and beginning of the 1900s
Guilty Pleasures: Super sweet foods, trashy romance novels and fancy hot baths w/ bubbles, flower petals and bath bombs
Phobias: Sharp objects like scalpels, being restrained, demon hunters and heights
What They Would Be Famous For: Well I suppose her being a superhero while also being a demon, something you certainly don’t see often
What They Would Get Arrested For: Her getting on the wrong side of the law with her superheroing
OC You Ship Them With: Don’t have any specifically yet, but I’m brainstorming possible love interests
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Nomed, a priest, and demon hunter who was raised to zealously despise demons and other supernatural creatures except angels
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Romance, horror, and supernatural
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Cynicism winning against and belittling idealism
Talents and/or Powers: Short-range teleportation, pheromone manipulation, and supernatural flexibility
Why Someone Might Love Them: Her friendliness and casualness when approaching nearly every situation, making them seem not as bad
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Her tendency to flirt with people and making jokes at inappropriate times
How They Change: Acts more mature, doesn’t try as hard to gain everyone’s respect, accepts her demon nature rather than try to deny it but knows she can still be a hero as well, is aware now not everyone will change but still holds her ideology to help criminals change their ways
Why You Love Them: Gives me an opportunity to write more outgoing and flirty characters, something I don’t do often. Plus it’s fun to reimagine demon mythology while also torturing her at the same time. But I still think she’s my precious demon girl and didn’t expect to develop her the way she is, but I ain’t complaining.

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I treated myself so much today.. I shaved EVERYTHING, washed my hair and body, took a bath w lush’s milky bubble bar, used a lush face mask and moisturized everything. I am ready for this NYE party 🍾