bath w bubbles

the andy and april sns au where sasuke n naruto move in together but theyre totally broke n also useless ppl so they just have like a couch where they sit n they eat food out of frisbees sharing the one single fork they have. they wash their clothes w bubble bath instead of clothes soap

future house/apt goals:

  • a big bathtub so i can stretch all the way out and also have bubble baths w my future partner
  • a bedroom big enough to put a bed in the middle instead of against the wall so when u change the sheets u don’t gotta like. stick ur foot in the depths of the Abyss between the bed and the wall
  • lots of plants and at least one cat
  • BIG window
  • Cozy™
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I treated myself so much today.. I shaved EVERYTHING, washed my hair and body, took a bath w lush’s milky bubble bar, used a lush face mask and moisturized everything. I am ready for this NYE party 🍾