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honestly, im just gonna fire off a bunch of upopular opinions and i just wanna see wat u think about some: Alphonse is just...ok; the animation in brotherhood (or atleast the style), is kinda blocky and at times hard to look at; the winry bath tub scene (tho i guess it can be justified???) was unneeded, esp since she was 15/16 around the time; Broho isn't really feminist, like it's better than a lot of other stuff that's out there, but it's not feminist, or incredibly inclusive of anything rlly

1-I agree. I’ve talked about it before actually

2-Not sure what you mean. Like, during talking scenes when it’s more stilted?

3-Again, a lot of it is the how the camera angle treats the scenes apposed to the fact that the character is naked. A good example of doing this well is the anime ‘Shuffle!’ that treats nudity as just another part of life. But…they did do a panning shot of her in the tub that wasn’t needed. I’m not gonna take points away for just 1 shot, but I know what you mean. 

4-Feminism is believing that men and women are equal. Even if it doesn’t carry a ‘girlz rule’ attitude, the fact that it doesn’t treat one sex better than the other makes it feminist. People think feminism = misandry because of idiots who do/say misandrist things while claiming to be feminist. So…yeah. Brotherhood is actually pretty feminist. 


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