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Similarities between A Clockwork Orange (1971) and The Big Lebowski (1998)

Both of the main characters are iconic for drinking beverages that contain milk and alcohol, as well as constantly getting high. 

They both have an overweight friend, as well as a friend who works as a foil for the way they go about life. 

They also have a friend who seems to be out of sync with the rest of the group, and ultimately serves little significance to the overall plot. He’s just kind of… there. 

Established rival who has just about no impact on the story whatsoever. 

Iconic bar scene

Characters are fond of the old In-and-out 

Both of the main characters are nearly drowned to death

Woman obsessed with sexual art

Phallic drawings 

Humorous bath tub scene where something goes horribly wrong.

Both films are dark comedies. 

An antagonist, crippled to a wheelchair, who aims to exploit the main character for his own gain. 

Both films discuss what it truly means to be a man. 

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Doctor Who

    -> Twelve and Clara go on a road trip across America and make out and eat burgers and crash weddings, as a present for @longjackets :D

   -> all the smiles and sighs, about Clara and the many loves of her life - v much a WIP - probably about four chapters to go? The next one is Clara/Eleven. Also for @longjackets <3

Janet King

  -> Bath tub scene speculation fic of FEELINGS, prompted by anon 

  -> Bianca Grieve and motherhood

  -> Fic series based of the ‘things you said’ prompt list, requested by anon like YONKS AGO. Specifically, ‘things you said when you were scared’, ‘things you said after it was over’, ‘things you didn’t say at all’, ‘things you said with too many miles between us’. 

-> Janet law school introspective


-> ‘all the pretty things that we could be’ - Bernie and Serena and their many first dates. The next chapter’s going to be angsty!sabbatical reunion date at Harvard Uni, swiftly followed by fluffy Paris snuggles, feeding pigeons, speaking French. 

Tagging whoever wants to do this :)))) 

Fairy Tail’s Going Downhill (or: guys, I really hate the Alvarez arc)

Hey guys. We’re taking a break from my stream of anti-gruvia to get me back into the swing of things with what may actually be an even more controversial topic. I’d ask you all to strap in but I might be the one in danger here.

A handful of people both on tumblr and off tumblr have been asking me to take a knife to the Alvarez arc and share my thoughts on the matter. I haven’t been able to keep up with Fairy Tail on a weekly basis for personal reasons but managed to sit down and get completely up to date in one sitting, and I find myself utterly baffled. Heads up; the more I wrote the more I found that annoyed me. Take this with a whole handful of salt. Sorry in advance if I’m a total debbie downer, and if you don’t want to read me putting a fair amount of effort into explaining why I think this arc sucks I recommend you don’t hit the read more. 

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No thanks Lush, I’ve seen the Grudge and every other scary movie with a bath tub scene.

anonymous asked:

hi! Love your blog! Could you pls explain how the bath tub scene in bvs was not objectifying Lois at all? I know some people who keep saying that it is but I know it isn't. Its just that your use of words would be more coherent and clear :)

Hi! Sorry for my belated response - I’ve been very busy with work. I think most DCEU blogs have already covered this more than adequately but I’ll accept your invitation to put my thoughts into words (and thank you very much for thinking my use of language coherent and clear).

Because Wikipedia is my source (and a scourge to my credibility as an academic), I will link you to this and this. We will focus our discussion on the properties identified by Rae Helen Langton and sexual objectification in general, because the charge that people have levelled at the bathtub scene stems more from feminist critique of the sexual objectification of women in the media.

Director’s intention

…or what I like to call the “Why was Lois naked for the bath tub scene?” I will assume the critique stems not from the rather interestingly impractical position that one takes baths in the state of being clothed, but rather whether the very show of skin in that scene was objectifying.

The conclusion of objectification is not supported with reference to the intention of the director. A quick comparison of the treatment of Bruce’s training scene and Lois in the bathtub should give a very clear idea of how Snyder does objectification when he wants to. (Or watch Sucker Punch and compare the composition of the shots. Snyder is routinely called out for being unsubtle - though I think it’s just that he likes iconography - as a filmmaker, and so I think it’s safe to say we will know if he intended to objectify any of his actors in a scene.) These extra-textual cues (I know Bruce’s training montage is in the film but it is external to the Clois scene) should tell the reasonable and informed viewer that the bath tub scene is not meant to objectify Lois in any way. To leap on the show of skin as definite evidence of objectification is to invite the speculation that the viewer himself (or herself) is uncomfortable with bare skin qua bare skin, and so anyone who reached that conclusion should really question him or herself about why he or she reached that conclusion, and also reflect on how fun they are when presented with the Nude in art history lessons.

The director is dead

But for the sake of argument, let’s say that even though Snyder may not have intended to objectify Lois, the way he carried out that scene was still objectifying her because the shots would be interpreted as voyeuristic by the reasonable viewer. To sustain this position, the scene must have reduced Lois to her body parts - and because of the rating we’ll focus our discussion on her limbs, since you can’t show anymore for a PG rating. For it to be sexual objectification the point of the scene has to be to show her primarily as an object of erotic desire - with no reference to her personality or dignity.

I use this video as my reference when I talk about specific parts of the bathtub scene. Lois first comes on at 0:03, and the only movement there is her holding the bullet in her hand. Her body language is closed, and while Amy Adams is obviously a goddess among women we note that she is not emphasising just how long her limbs are. At no point before Clark enters at 0:09 does she take a bath the way shampoo ads think women take baths - instead we see her clearly reflecting on what happened in Nairobi, and the emotional toll it has taken on her - her expression is clearly a lot more troubled than what it was when she was clearing her mail in public. The way Amy has been directed in there is focused entirely on her allowing herself to be vulnerable in a moment of privacy, and in that moment she is thinking. We don’t even fail the sexual objectification charge at this point, we fail objectification in general.

Lois comes back onto the screen at 0:24 where she smiles at Clark from the bathtub. It’s a much wider angle here but note again Amy’s body language. She’s not languorously stretching out - it’s not even the Female Nude, guys - and the closed fist and the bent leg suggests that she’s a little more relaxed around Clark but still caught up in her inner world where she’s reflecting on the impact of her being in Nairobi, and she invites Clark to take part in that serious discussion with her first line in that scene. See how the woman is leading the charge for the discussion of accountability, a key theme of the work? Her body language remains closed around 0:50 when she clutches of the side of the bath tub. Amy Adams’s serious expression is the focal point of the scene - you’re called upon as a viewer to look her in the eye and listen to what she has to say, which is not - repeat, not objectifying in any way. At the one minute mark the composition of the scene changes, and again the main focus is on Amy’s facial expression - Clark is just the comforting hand on her neck and an intimate whisper of “Don’t know if what’s possible?”. What does it mean that the woman’s emotional response to what happened is the focus and the man her comforter, especially when said man is none other than Clark Kent, Superman? What does it mean that his question about her inner thought process is the focus of that part of the scene?

Note that Zack Snyder allows Amy Adams a second to react when Henry first presents her the tulip from about 1:29-1:34. We’ve established that the focal point is her face, so now she’s allowed to emote via the spread of a smile across her face when the titular lead character expresses his love for her. That means it’s not just about Clark, the hero, declaring his love to a passively accepting woman (the trophy, the princess in the castle) that he just rescued. It’s also very much about Lois choosing to accept that love, which she does, and that gives Clark his next cue. Consent 101? Yes. Objectification? On what planet?

At 1:37 Clark steps into the bath and we see more of Lois’s body. Where is the focus of the shot? Definitely not on how sexy Amy Adams is - look at the photographs she did for GQ as a counterpoint as to how she is shot when her sexuality is meant to be the object of the scene. All the way put to 1:54 Snyder never once lingers on her legs or the curve of her arm/neck, which are fair game under the rating requirements. His focus is always her face, and Amy displays a range of emotion throughout the scene, but never once does she give a sexy come-hither sort of look to Henry. It is implied they make love after the camera pans away, of course, but that is within the context of their clearly close relationship, and meant to reassure her of the depth of his feelings and the rightness of their relationship. Again, to belabour the point, the focus is on her agency and her personality, never her body parts or her sexual attractiveness.

In case you weren’t already convinced that Snyder is a feminist, this whole sequence of events ends with Clark cooking eggs in the kitchen (presumably post-coital), like he said he would in that conversation. Very subtle, Zack - but you know how much I approve :>

The bath tub scene was still gratuitous

But Lois didn’t need to be naked in the film at all, they say. There was no need for a bath tub scene; they could just have had the conversation anywhere else in the apartment. Firstly, this is why I can’t have nice things as a Clois shipper, but more seriously, let’s consider whether the bath tub scene itself had a function beyond what it was - a conversation about accountability between a couple, which, by the way, are the relationship that is meant to take central importance in the whole franchise.

The scene addressed the Woman of Kleenex sort of argument that has been floating about the fandom for a long time, as a challenge to the viability of the relationship between Clark and Lois. Snyder’s response is to say, Clois are in a committed relationship that includes sexual relations, moving on, fandom.

I think there is a symbolic function to showing Lois in water. Remember the allusions to Excalibur peppered throughout the film? Lois is the Lady of the Lake where Clark’s Arthur is concerned, so it makes sense to reinforce that by showing her near water. Water is also typically shown as a source of power - see continuity with Man of Steel’s use of water bodies - and you’re meant to juxtapose the scene with the desert sequences in the film, both of which involved lots of gunfighting and chaos. The water sequences here? Apart from Aquaman’s cameo, which for some was life-giving, they were all followed by our heroes being empowered to do what they must. With this in mind let’s go to the writer’s room. Now that we need to have Lois associated with water and address their relationship, since she just came out of a dessert, we have three options: 

(1) Have a illogical oasis scene where Clark and her declare their love for each other right after the battle in Nairobi, I’m sure everyone will appreciate the callback to their awkward kiss in Man of Steel and the scene where Senator Finch is having hearings that follows will not be jarring and weird! 

(2) Have Lois go swimming, not because she has a long history of swimming in the comic books or indeed, anywhere in the existing canon, but just because we need this to happen. And then uh, the love scene can be inserted elsewhere. Or they can get it on in a pool or near a pool, since they obviously own a pool. Oh wait, maybe they can use Bruce’s pool. Or have them use a beach! Except not in public, because Secret Identity. Also clearly no beaches in Metropolis or Gotham. So maybe river.

^clearly no

So that leaves us with (3) let Lois take a bath after she gets home from a long haul flight like a normal person would (particularly if she had to deal with sand during her trip, which, as Anakin Skywalker has already very astutely pointed out, is rough and coarse and irritating and must have gotten everywhere), and then proceed as happened in the film + allow Amy Adams to be her adorkable self and come out of that scene with a adorkable story about how she kissed Henry’s stomach as an acting choice because she stopped thinking when she was blinded by the brilliance of his physical perfection, allowing fans world wide to laugh with glee.

Perhaps my imagination is limited, being only able to come up with 3 scenarios, but I know what is the most logical choice within the world of the story, and it is what happened in the film. I think we’ve established here that people who are worried about objectification need to focus very hard on the way Snyder casually pans down Ben’s abs or whether Henry needed to be shirtless for the egg-frying, not the bath tub scene - no reasonable and/or informed viewer can reach that conclusion unless they were grasping for straws. Hate straws, I tell you, hate straws.

7 Things I want for Bamon in Season 7

So I waited awhile to do this because I wanted to see were Bamon relationship would stand by the season finale. They are in a really good place, I mean Damon killed someone for her, that’s major, he picked her life over his lover. Kai gave him a dying Bonnie Bennett on a platter and he didn’t take it, he saved her life. He decided to give up his only chance of having a human life with Elena and leave Elena in a sleeping coma for however many years, because he wasn’t going to let his best friend lose her life after everything she’s done for him. This was a huge moment for them, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they come out of all of this especally since there’s going to be a huge time jump for season 7. I’m expecting Bamon to be even closer than we remember in the premiere.

7. More Nicknames- In the season 6 finale Damon told Bonnie he’s not out of nickname for her yet. I’m guessing that was a nod to the books, if you ever read the the vampire diaries series, Damon has about 30 nicknames for Bonnie like, little bird, sweet songbird Bonnie, brown-eyed enchantress, his witch etc.. I would love if that to really become a thing next season.

6. Road Trip- I’ve been wanting this all season, I kept saying Damon and Bonnie need to have a road trip episode, Damon has been on the road with, Elena, Alaric and Stefan, it’s time for Damon to takes Bonnie on the road as well. Imagine them fighting over who picks the music, them stoping off to at Damon’s favorite diner to get Bonnie food, and we actually get to seem them have a casual conversation together about anything. Just the two of them spending their day on the road doing whatever.

5. Party/ Club Scene- I wanna see Damon and Bonnie go out together, I don’t care if it’s another rave like 6x16, but since Damon is swearing to be a monk right now, I wanna see him standing by the bar while Bonnie is on the dance floor dancing with some random guy and Damon watching her have a great time, while he’s moping and drinking, turning down any woman that ask to dance still watching Bonnie being carefree and looking at her in a different life because he never seen her like this before, it hit him that he can’t pause his life anymore, it’s time to start moving on.

4. Mistaken for bf/gf- Remember in 6x03 when Liam Elena’s classmate was in the car with Stelena on their way to the lake party and he asked them if they were together because they were weirdly funcational. If Brian Young ever dares to give us a Stelena parallel I want this one for sure, if any two people are weirdly funcational is Bamon. I feel like there’s a good chance they’ll be mistaken for a couple and Damon will try to play it off quickly or vice versa and the other one will be offended, it would be hilarious I need this to happen.

3. Forehead kisses & Hugs- But I wasn’t expecting a 2.0 hug and a forehead kiss written by Julie Plec but she gave me both this season, and I want more of it. Bonnie feels comfortable jumping into Damon’s arms and Damon feels comfortable with kissing Bonnie’s forehead, like I need more of this next season Plec.

2. Feeding scenes- We finally after how years got to see Bonnie feed from Damon. I would actually like another scene like this, were he feeds on her, he’s dying he needs blood and Bonnie offers it to him, and it’s this intense moment, because he’s about to die and the last time he bit her was in the first season when he tried to kill her, it would really come full circle how much has changed between them since that night.

1. The Bath Tub scene- Another thing from the books that I crave more now after the finale than ever, that bath tub scene if any of you read the books, it was epic. Bonnie in the books gets attack by a tree… don’t ask and Damon finds her half dead, he takes her to the house undressed her put her in the tub and feeds her his blood. A quote from Nightfall “Contemplating his bedraggled little bird [Bonnie], who was clutching the towel to her instinctively, with her fiery hair plastered to her head and her big brown eyes blinking between strands, something swelled in Damon.The new thing he was feeling had swollen inside his soul until the pressure was almost too much to stand. When Bonnie said "But I’m alive!” with an abrupt 180-degree turn in mood, her heart-shaped face flushing with joy, the fierce pride Damon felt in response was intoxicating. And then the swelling thing burst. There was to Damon, a palpable if not audible crack as the stone encasing his soul burst open and a great piece fell away. With something inside him singing, he clutched Bonnie to him, feeling the wet towel through his raw silk shirt, and feeling Bonnie’s slight body under the towel.“

I feel like Ian would take that scene to another level, he’d kill it, I want this so bad, like this is such a moment for Damon’s development and Bamon. This was the first he let himself feel something and even though he’d never admit to anyone his feeling for Bonnie, everyone already knew he care every much for her, because his actions always spoke for him. I already believe that Damon next season will be attach to Bonnie, so a scene like this would actually work, Dries said she’ll be his moral center and she’ll have a closness with Damon. So why not have their epic bath tub scene.

anonymous asked:

Overall I enjoyed BvS but there was one thing that really upset me. It seemed that Lois Lane was just in the movie for the sole reason of being a ‘woman’. It’s hard to explain but it just seemed like there was a lot of stereotyphical behaviour. As she was ‘the damsel in distress’ Superman had to save several times. And the bath tub scene where she was naked just seemed completely unnecessary. She was the one who needed to stand there crying so the death of superman was more emotional.

Please read this.

Stereotypical behavior? Like what? Right off the bat we have “Im not a woman Im a journalist” shes far more than her gender. She is here for a story and she will get it even with a gun on her temple. She is the reason Lex is in jail. She is the reason Superman didn’t die.

“Damsel in distress” she did not know superman was coming in the desert scene. She is visibly relieved when clark arrives. She has been getting into life-and-death situations before Clark and she continues to now. Actually Clark is the damsel in distress here really because if it wasnt for her he would be dead.

“Bath tub scene where she was naked just seemed completely unnecessary” I hope for a day when women can take a bath/shower in the movie without it being considered sexual. That scene was not sexual in any way. It was meant to show both Lois’s and Clark’s vulnerability, their humanity. Here she is after nearly getting killed, sitting in the bath tub like we all might after a long day. Here comes Clark, with a bag of groceries and flowers, right after we see him donning the suit and saving her. They are human. They are like any other couple. They love each other. The world sees them as these huge figures, but here they are, in this tiny bathroom. 

Think about it. Lois putting in the bath soap and waiting for the tub to fill up, looking at the notebook, thinking about what happened. She checks the temperature of the water, she puts her hair up, she slips in to relax. Think about it. Clark shopping in the grocery store, thinking about what flowers to get her. “Should I make pasta tonight? Do we have tomato sauce? Was that in aisle 3 or 4?” It’s sweet. Theyre a couple. They have sex, they make love, he looks into her eyes and thinks that she is the reason to live, that she is worth fighting for. Clark jumps in the tub with clothes on—it’s silly, Lois laughs. Here they are after such a traumatic moment, being a couple. It shows us that they are just like us. It’s relateable.

“She was the one who needed to stand there crying so the death of superman was more emotional.” I mean yeah. thats the point. The world knows him as superman. He can fly, he shoots lasers out of his eyes, he pulled a ship. But to her? He is clark. No more waking up before him and looking at him as he sleeps peacefully. No more silliness while she tries to make breakfast. No more playfully arguing over what to watch on netflix. No more sleeping in on Saturday while they both try and wake each other up and softly giggling since theyre both lazy and just wanna sleep in more. No more shoulder to cry on to.

Lois reminds us that Superman is at the end of the day a farm boy from Kansas. Not an alien, not a hero. Just a regular dude that loves his girl.