bath timee

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child

One of the new favourite times of the day since Rosie is older is bath time. She still has to use her own special tub but her eyes light up when John or Sherlock mention it’s bath time.  She babbles and claps her hand and Sherlock almost always beats John to the announcement because he loves bath time just as much as Rosie.  

It’s not to say that John doesn’t help.  He gets the tub ready while Sherlock is readying Rosie and lying out her romper for after bath time.  Meanwhile John runs the water to the perfect temperature and gets all her favourite toys ready - her pirate ship, fish, whale and octopus.  He puts the tear free soap nearby along with the flannel and the towel he sets on the basin. He also places the jug within reach to rinse her hair after its washed.  By the time he’s finished setting up, Sherlock and Rosie arrive back downstairs ready to begin their adventure.

First Sherlock checks the water even though he knows the temperature is adequate and then he gently places her in her own little tub. She giggles and splashes the water and John stands by the door way and watches.  He’s so enamoured by the way Sherlock cares for his - no their - daughter that he doesn’t think he’s seen anything more beautiful in the world.

Sherlock meanwhile plays with the pirate ship with Rosie while takes the whale and splashes water everywhere including all over his shirt, but that doesn’t matter. She babbles about their battle, and just before the water cools too much Sherlock hands her the pirate ship and picks up the flannel and the soap and begins to wash her ten little toes, chubby little legs, her tummy and arms and ten little fingers, then back and neck and when he does her hair he extra careful not to get any in her eyes even though it is tear free.

After Rosie is nice and clean, Sherlock hands her off to John who is waiting with the towel and ready to rush her up the stairs to dry her off and dress her in her romper and get her ready for bed. 

Meanwhile, Sherlock empties the tub and cleans off the toys and the tub and dries everything off and puts them in their places.  He then pads out to the kitchen and readies Rosie bottle so it all John has to do is feed her when he comes down stairs and just like clockwork, John is standing by his side reaching for the prepared bottle and commenting on how soaked Sherlock is.

“It was worth it.” He smiles, “I’m going to go change, back in a moment.”

“And here I was hoping I could help.” John winks at him.

“You get Rosie to bed and you can help me undress while I help you do the same.”


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