bath tattoos


A Ritual Bath to aid in past life recollection, accessing ones Akashi records, lucid dreaming, self love and awakening to remembering. 🔮🌸

Spirulina to purify.

Dessert sage to cleanse negative vibrations & invite divine protection.

Rose Quartz to live through my Heart, and for self love & trust 💕

Clear Quartz to amplify my intent & connect to Divine Source.

Labradorite to aid me in past life recollection, accessing my Akashi records & awakening my Soul.

Chryssocola for Divine Feminine empowerment, expression of Truth & Inner Wisdom.

Blue Aragonite to invite calm, peace and conscious communication of One’s Truth.

Hydrangeas for devotion, binding, aura cleansing & karmic work.

Himalayan salt candle lamp to dispel negative energy.

Aloe Vera for serenity.