bath scenes


I cannot for the life of me find if I posted this already on Tumblr, nor can I find it saved out in my sketch folder. SO I think I had saved it out just to post on Twitter and then promptly forgot. I mean, it IS ridiculously sketchy, and just straight up ridiculous (and out of character).

I think I did this shortly after the bath scene awhile back, as that, coupled with my tendency to draw Vex with an absolutely inhuman amount of hair, well, it made sense to me. And it was cute. Looking at it now, I still love this a lot. So if it was already on Tumblr, whoops, I apologize!

the creators of pride and prejudice 1995 were so thirsty for colin firth they give him a completely unnecessary bath scene a fencing scene where he sweats up that thin cotton shirt to really enhance his angst and then have him dunk himself in a pond in said cotton shirt to really have you salivate during that iconic pemberley meeting what mvps

I wish that the stylization in this game let us see the difference in the characters body types more. Here’s a doodle of da boyz and how I like to see them.

-Our precious noodle boy protag. What’s not to love, he is exactly as noodly as the character model looks.

-Yusuke also noodle boy. So tall, so skinny. The most accurate starving artist physique (emphasis on starving)

-Ryuji precious boy. You’re supposed to be a runner but you are all guns and no legs. What are you doing child

-I am convinced that Goro is kind of huge under the cute face and preppy clothes. He cant be in any of the bath or beach scenes because he is too intimidating without a shirt on. Cyclist legs

Where was that hand?

A lot of fans wanted to know about that bathing scene in Sebastian’s cinematic record…. The manga shows this rather obscured version:

You can’t tell where Sebastian’s left hand is. We assume he’s steadying the earl from falling, but… where is he grabbing? The earl’s right hand? Some other… appendage?? Well, the anime team must have had to figure out where to place his other hand. This is what they decided to do:

We will probably never know where his hand was supposed to be in the manga…. Perhaps they even just forgot to draw it in? Who knows; Yana-san and K-san might never explain it….

“Exposing Cecile”

I think every person who’s done hey Arnold fanart needs to draw a scene of Arnold realising Helga is Cecile, it’s in the fanart rulebook.
I thought it would be funny if Arnold found out in the worst, least touching way possible.

Also finding references for Helga’s bathroom is hell.

See you tomorrow ;)

Aang: This is a sacred temple! You can't treat it this way. I've seen it when the monks were here. I know what it's supposed to be like.