bath sabbath

“To release the soul one must die, to find peace inside, you must get eternal i am a mortal but am i human? how beautiful life is now, when my time has come…” - Life Eternal - Per Yngve Ohlin,1969-1991

sent the seller a message about this one, seeing as they are no longer produced. will post when i receive a reply

***Virginia replied that it should take a couple of weeks to restock & that hopefully they’ll be available by the end of the month.

i will definitely be buying one of these

My fiance Virginia is having a Re-Grand Opening of her Etsy shop; Bath Sabbath! So I made this for her because I hate my job and I’d rather be doing other things - like working with and for her.

We have a few mutual followers but if you aren’t familiar with her shop, she makes heavy metal inspired bath and beauty products. Her beard oils are the best in the rockin’ universe and I should know because I have very full-healthy-giant fucking beard because of them.

i was a daughter-meant-to
-be-son. i was from a town
where the sky knows when
someone is missing. i didn’t
have a backyard, i was one.
being born backwards on
the sabbath, bathed
in porch light, i remember
all of it. how god knew good
& evil because he was.
then one miniscule lucid
movement & i am standing
in a yellow kitchen again,
still sister to miscarriage,
still wondering when the years
quit being years. wondering
if it’s wrong to name something
that’s already dead.

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okay so i was just taking a shower and randomly remembered that jeffery dahmer used to shower with bodies in his bathtub and i couldn't help but wonder how he managed that? like did he just shower around them? or like step on them and squish his toes in or what? i just need to talk about this with someone

this message has set a new highest bar. 

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i’ll now and forever be gravely disappointed to hear any sentence spoken to me that doesn’t start out exactly with “i was just taking a shower and randomly remembered that jeffery dahmer used to shower with bodies in his bathtub…” 


also, there’s this from a 1992 article: 

so, prob not too many romantic candlelit baths with black sabbath ballads playing then. pity. (please continue to share all future shower-time thoughts.)

Bath Sabbath - Feed my Frankenstein review

Go Buy it here!!! – Go Buy it here!!! – Go Buy it here!!!

Alright dudes! Ya’ll know that I love soap a whole lot, so cue my joy when I found an online soap shop that caters to people that love METAL and scents that aren’t super flowery or dainty. The shop is called Bath Sabbath and trust me, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

I bought two soaps, the Excider and Feed My Frankenstein (apple cider and pumpkin pie) and just got a chance to try the FMF soap today.

And guys.

It’s awesome. Usually when you get pumpkin pie scented anything it’s sickly sweet or smells more like the pumpkin SPICE instead of actual pumpkin. But if you really crave that Pumpkin scent….this is the soap for you! It’s balanced out by vanilla and butter scents, so the soap is smooth and mellow smelling. Don’t get me wrong you really SMELL the pumpkin but it’s not like getting a bottle of pumpkin spice poured down your nose.

The bar is also made with goat’s milk so it left me feeling really smooth and soft after the shower. Plus the square shape made it easy to grip so I can rub it into my loofa and not drop it all over the place like a dumbass. Plus for your money you get a LOT of soap. I imagine that If I bathed everyday with that one bar it would last me over a month.

And with November coming up it’s a perfect scent :3

PLUS BROWNIE POINTS because when I came back into my room my boyfriend could smell me and was like OH BBBY ;D because Pumpkin Pie is his favorite thing ever.

So YEP A++ SHOP and I can’t wait for the winter soaps to come out :3 I recommend getting a bar of this before they retire!


Okay, so photos as promised. You’ll notice that two of them are in fact named after goddesses, and I figured I would be starting my Goddess line (still unisex of course) with polishes and cuticle cream, and probably soap. Though I need to catch up on the Greek and Celtic molds, so yes. ANYWAY.

The bottom photo shows each polish after 3 coats, except the Hel and King Diamonds only have 2. They can be worn as a topcoat, or you can build up the jelly tint to your preference. And I will definitely be doing more solid sans-glitter polishes like the Hel one. I figure all of them will be scented in single-note fragrances. Nothing from the Bath Sabbath line, as more complex scents don’t tend to show through…and it’d drive up costs, which would just be a waste since the fragrance only lasts a couple days.

So I’m not sure if the polishes will be named after Songs, Bands or even just musicians. At one point the Turisas polish was going to be called the Netta, and Gamma Ray was Starchild. Any thoughts/preferences/desires?

I’m not sure what version of the King Diamond one I like best, I think I like it better without the red…And for the Gamma Ray, I personally like big chunky glitters to be pretty sparse, because I tend to like them more as an accent and not so much an all over thing…WHAT SAY YOU?

Let me know if you have any colors you’d like to see, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll definitely keep it mind. I should be ordering more supplies pretty soon! THANKS LOVELIES<3

Here is your stupid question mark tumblr?

My shipment of Bath Sabbath goodies came today!  SQUEEEEE I’m going to smell amazing for MONTHS.  Seriously this stuff is like crack.  Actually holding up Once Sent From the Golden Hall to my nose and I refuse to put it down.  

Off to bathtime!  

Giant kudos to the lovely and multi talented Virginia Giordano.

Highly recommend this shop.  Looking at YOU, dirty metalhead boys and girls!  Scrub that post-show grime off with this magical stuff and you’ll be all set.  Buy the Headbangers Balm for good measure.  


Check it…

I’m really excited, my test runs for the scented nail polishes are going pretty great. I’m thinking I’ll release the first one at the beginning of October. It’s a seasonal Orange jelly glitter topcoat with gold and black glitters, pumpkin pie scented of course. I applied some this morning and I’m still smelling the pumpkin! So that’s a good sign!  I’m just hoping there’s no residual staining of the nails once I remove the polish. *crossing my awesome smelling fingers*

I’ve got 7-8 polishes I’m really happy with, I will take some photos tomorrow because I need your input! I might make mini-versions and put them up in the shop for the sole purpose of getting feedback. WE SHALL SEE. <3