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Also, if you are sexist, homophobic, transphobic, a racist, a rape apologist or any other form of evil, please be forewarned: if you ever come in contact with my soap, it will turn to ashes in your hands. So many ashes. Too many ashes for 5.2 ounces of soap, and as you try to comprehend the dark magic that is unfolding before you, a bitter wind will blow and they will cloud your eyes. You will claw at your face until you realize it is futile. You are blind. Blind to all worldly things, your only visions will be that of the Nine Circles. A prophetic nightmare, too unreal to comprehend but you know with certainty you are witnessing your damned fate. Each second will seem an eternity, and with every blink you will live out a fresh new Hell; you will chase your former life on a never-ending shore, wasps and all manner of filth will pursue you whilst maggots feast on your sweat and tears and so much blood, Minos embraces you and you are caught in a wind so strong it steals the breath from your lungs and you will find no safe footing. And you will lose count of the days, your flesh will heal only to be torn anew by the river of boiling blood and fire. But one day, when a millennia of torment passes, you will awake in your own bed, the memory of a thousand horrors fresh behind your eyelids. You will stumble to your computer and turn to the Bath Sabbath Etsy page looking for answers, a confirmation of your countless miseries, a tiny spark of hope, a chance to repair the tattered shreds of your life… You will plead and I will whisper, "No returns on bath & body products. It’s unsanitary.
—  One of the Bath Sabbath policies.

My fiance Virginia is having a Re-Grand Opening of her Etsy shop; Bath Sabbath! So I made this for her because I hate my job and I’d rather be doing other things - like working with and for her.

We have a few mutual followers but if you aren’t familiar with her shop, she makes heavy metal inspired bath and beauty products. Her beard oils are the best in the rockin’ universe and I should know because I have very full-healthy-giant fucking beard because of them.


Happy Valentine’s day from The Animation Archive! Here’s One Song, featured in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), my favorite love song of any Disney animated feature.


     Hey! So here’s some info on a few at-home acne treatments. I made this to accompany my Acne Remedies write up. I’ve also got some info on the Oil Cleansing Method, as well as a few more Tutorials.

    Please feel free to share your own Acne remedies, I would love to hear them! Just keep in mind everyone’s skin is different, what works for you might not work for others and vice versa. Thanks!<3

Bath Sabbath - Feed my Frankenstein review

Go Buy it here!!! – Go Buy it here!!! – Go Buy it here!!!

Alright dudes! Ya’ll know that I love soap a whole lot, so cue my joy when I found an online soap shop that caters to people that love METAL and scents that aren’t super flowery or dainty. The shop is called Bath Sabbath and trust me, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

I bought two soaps, the Excider and Feed My Frankenstein (apple cider and pumpkin pie) and just got a chance to try the FMF soap today.

And guys.

It’s awesome. Usually when you get pumpkin pie scented anything it’s sickly sweet or smells more like the pumpkin SPICE instead of actual pumpkin. But if you really crave that Pumpkin scent….this is the soap for you! It’s balanced out by vanilla and butter scents, so the soap is smooth and mellow smelling. Don’t get me wrong you really SMELL the pumpkin but it’s not like getting a bottle of pumpkin spice poured down your nose.

The bar is also made with goat’s milk so it left me feeling really smooth and soft after the shower. Plus the square shape made it easy to grip so I can rub it into my loofa and not drop it all over the place like a dumbass. Plus for your money you get a LOT of soap. I imagine that If I bathed everyday with that one bar it would last me over a month.

And with November coming up it’s a perfect scent :3

PLUS BROWNIE POINTS because when I came back into my room my boyfriend could smell me and was like OH BBBY ;D because Pumpkin Pie is his favorite thing ever.

So YEP A++ SHOP and I can’t wait for the winter soaps to come out :3 I recommend getting a bar of this before they retire!

Heyo! So I just passed the anniversary of my first sale on Bath Sabbath a couple weeks ago, so let’s celebrate with free crap and a coupon code!

You’ll win:

Products total over $50, and 16+ ounces of soap!


  • You must be following my Bath Sabbath Tumblr.
  • Not a requirement, but feel free to follow my pages on Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media amiright?
  • Only Reblogs count!
  • Winner will be chosen Saturday, June 15th.
  • Will Ship anywhere in the world!
  • Please have your ask box open, if you do not respond within 72 hours another winner will be chosen!
  • Vegan options available, just let me know!

 And a huge thank you from the bottom of my cold, dead heart for all the support you guys have given me and Bath Sabbath. I appreciate it more than I can possibly convey, but here’s a coupon code for 10% anyway: TUMBLR10, expires on the 15th!

Thanks again for the amazing year, I love you all! <3

My shipment of Bath Sabbath goodies came today!  SQUEEEEE I’m going to smell amazing for MONTHS.  Seriously this stuff is like crack.  Actually holding up Once Sent From the Golden Hall to my nose and I refuse to put it down.  

Off to bathtime!  

Giant kudos to the lovely and multi talented Virginia Giordano.

Highly recommend this shop.  Looking at YOU, dirty metalhead boys and girls!  Scrub that post-show grime off with this magical stuff and you’ll be all set.  Buy the Headbangers Balm for good measure.  


Check it…

I promised a Holiday Gifting so here it is!

*YOU WILL RECEIVE (over $40 value)*

-3 Full size Winter soaps in the scents of your choosing.

-5 sample vials of Perfume oil in the scents of your choosing.

-1 Dram of Perfume oil in the scent of your choosing.

-Assorted sticker art/stuff.


-You must be following me!

-A like to the Facebook page, and Etsy shop would be appreciated, but not required!

- Only one reblog and one like will be counted!

-It ends on December 10th!

-Winner will be chosen via random generator and alerted via ask, if no response within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

-Will ship anywhere!

Thanks guys! And double your chances by liking the Bath Sabbath Facebook page, 90 more likes and I’ll do one there!