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Where do Catholics buy bathing suits?

Um idk you can wear whatever bathing suit you want so???? I mean you’re at the beach? Please don’t wear it to mass and give the elderly women heart attacks though…

Imagine learning that to finalize a dwarvish courtship the couple bathes each other, but only after you and thorin bathe together

You: want to take a bath together? *this is after some months of courting*

Thorin; *shocked but pleased* yes!

*after a very ‘special’ bath* *hint hint wink wink*

Kili: (y/n) and uncle thorin smell like each other!

Fili: yeah they smell like they used the same products…Did you and uncle bathe together?

You: Yeah, does that mean something in your culture?

Dwalin: It means you’re now engaged to be married to Thorin, lass.

You: Oh okay, cool…I just asked him because it was time efficient, but whatever.

Thorin: You didn’t know? Do you want to pretend it never happened so I can ask you properly. *dreading your answer*

You: Nah, let’s just call it a happy accident, to spare each other the stress of having asking again.

Thorin : oh thank Mahal.

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Spell Challenge Day 2: Relaxation Bath Potion

(word inspired by: Bath)

Use this potion in a warm bath to help relax your body and mind. Ease away worry and give yourself a calming moment. This potion is to invoke calmness and relax you while you bathe; best used after tiring, stressful and/or busy days. May also be used for bath meditations if desired.

You Will Need:

  • A bottle with a cap or cork (can be plastic or glass)
  • Scentless liquid castile soap (or scentless gel soap)
  • Bath safe blue glitter
  • Bath safe silver glitter
  • Coconut Oil
  • One or any of the following herbs: mint, chamomile, lavender and/or rose petals (white or pink preferably)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil (amount varies)
  • Optional: store it with or when using it bathe next to amethyst and/or rose quartz


  1. Clean out your bottle if needed. You can also optionally charge it in the moonlight before adding in your ingredients
  2. Into it add whatever your preferable amount of blue and silver bath safe glitter. Then add your herb(s), the amount of which will depend on the size of the bottle you are using, though do not add too much. A small amount goes a long way.
  3. melt your coconut oil to a slightly warm temperature, just enough to melt it before pouring it into the bottle. Please do not heat it until it is boiling!
  4. Fill the bottle with your scentless castile soap until it is full or near full. If necessary do it in small bits so you can mix the glitter and herbs into it as you fill. Shake it as well to further mix everything together. Add more glitter or herbs if needed.
  5. Finally add your eucalyptus essential oil until it is scented to your pleasing. This may depend on the size of the bottle you are using. The smell of the eucalyptus will help you relax but you don’t want it too overpowering.
  6. Store at room temperature. When using add amount desired while filling a warm bath. While using focus on the bubbles, glitter and scent of the potion surrounding you easing away anything weighing you down. Allow your body to relax. Place gemstones around tub or rim of tub to help with the relaxing energies.

Other Notes: You may also add food coloring in small amounts to potion to color it if desired, especially if the color is one that corresponds with relaxation such as blue. Food coloring will not stain tubs and is safe to use though not much is needed. This bath can also be used after tiring rituals or spells. You may charge the potion with the crystals previously listed above or in the moonlight.

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Lately I've been losing motivation to do anything. And I've been feeling so lazy, worthless, and I'm so stressed out. Like I feel I cant and won't do anything right. Finals are next week and I have late work from some of my classes. Any advice?

I don’t understand why, but stress makes people loose a lot of their motivation. Forget about “getting work done”, the second I feel stressed I start binge watch crime dramas. Science Side of Tumblr please explain.

My advice to you is to take a little bit of time to relax. I know this may seem counterproductive, but you’re not going to be able to get the work you need to do done if you stay stressed. Spend some time taking care of yourself, and then take care of everything else!

Stress Relief 

1. Take A Bath. Baths are my go to stress reliever (I like to watch my crime dramas while submerged). Use whatever you already have lying around: 

  • Bath bombs
  • Bubble bath
  • Tea candles
  • Incense
  • Bath salts

2. Spa Day. There is nothing that I love more than a low-budget Spa Day. It’s so important to take care of your skin- it’s the largest organ in your body. 

3. Day Trip. It’s so hard to get away, especially when you’re trying to plan a long trip with friends and/or family. Treat yourself to a day trip solo or with a few close friends. Day trips don’t have to be big occasions! They can be as simple as driving a few towns over and getting food and seeing a movie. Here are some ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Road trip
  • Picnic at a destination
  • Visiting a museum/planetarium/aquarium
  • Shopping at a speciality shop
  • Visiting a friend who lives a couple hours way

4. DIY/Home Repairs. An easy way to feel productive is to do some simple housework. This can be anything from straight up cleaning to simple DIY repairs.

  • Hang the poster you bought three months ago
  • Clean out your closet and donate to your local shelter
  • Weed your garden
  • Bake an apple pie
  • Sort through your old paperwork
  • Groom your pets
  • Mop your kitchen while listening to the Broadway station
  • Tighten any loose screws in wooden furniture

5. Treat yourself. While many of the other options I suggested cost little to no $$, these options do.

  • Get some Panera to-go
  • Buy those things sitting in your Amazon cart
  • Take yourself thrift store shopping
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Get a professional massage
  • Buy the most expensive chocolate bar you can find
Pop My Bubbles, Babe

Hwasa (MAMAMOO) X (Female) Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 975

A/N: There’s definitely not enough Mamamoo smut in this world. (I should’ve made this dirtier because it’s Hyejin, but I want to save that for another smut (;)

Seriously, he dies in the end?!”

You yell at the television as Hyejin is curled up under your arm, hiding her face with your hand. She peeks up at you

“Is it finally over?”

“Yes, turns out it was a guy and not a ghost after all. I’m going to take a bath, just put on whatever you want.”

You toss the remote in her direction and she grabs a hold of your shoulder and pulls you back down. Her face formed puppy eyes as she rested her head on your shoulder.

“Can I please take a bath with you?”

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Hi there! I'm somewhat new to witchcraft, and I wanted to know: are there options for witches who aren't allowed to buy anything, go anywhere, do anything, or make anything, and can only really read about it? Thanks!

but of course :)

the first thing that comes to mind is sigil and symbol magick

in short, a sigil is a symbol of power - usually one that is made by combining letters from a sentence that represents your intent (remove the repeated letters and vowels and voila!). 

you can draw sigils or symbols in inconspicuous places and hide them, throw them away, flush them down the toilet, whatever. (please don’t ruin your plumbing by flushing entire sheets of paper down the toilet) a common way to use sigils is to create it, and then either dispose of it or hide it to forget about it so it can manifest in your subconscious.

the other thing is bath magick. bath magick is so easy that i literally do it every day. the ingredients and scent of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap is likely made from some kind of fruit, flower, herb, whatever. find out the correspondences of those ingredients and use them to your advantage. 

glamours - a glamour is a spell meant to alter the perception of others. so that means you can put a glamour on anything: yourself, your car, your cat, idk. the idea is to make something appear differently to others. glamours can be done with very little ingredients - sometimes your intent is all you need. 

kitchen magick - incorporate magick into your cooking! once again, find the magickal correspondences to the various ingredients in a meal and make a spell out of it! 

meditation, grounding, and centering - meditation is generally used to achieve a state of relaxation, where the mind is free from clutter and stress. grounding is an exercise used to dispel and release negative energy from yourself. and centering is using energy to focus on a specific task. these are pretty easy to do in the comfort of your own bedroom. 

energy work - this one can be done anywhere with no tools whatsoever. it relies heavily on visualization and the ability to sense energy. 

check my tags list for information on these topics!

i hope this gives you a place to start. :) good luck!

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If you have the time, can you do headcanons of vanderwood and saeran taking care of their s/o when their sick or vice versa? I really love your blog btw!!

Awwh, thank you, anon! Here you go, I hope you enjoy~


(taking care of MC)

  • Mask on? ✓
  • Hair in a ponytail? ✓
  • Chicken stock, onions, celery, carrots, basil, freshly made noodles, basil, oregano… and tons of other ingredients from the grocery store all ready to go? ✓
  • alright Vanderwood it’s chicken noodle soup go-time
  • As soon as they hear you’re sick, they show up in total and complete mom-mode. They do your dishes, vacuum your floors, fold your laundry, and basically make sure you’ve got nothing to do around the house during the entirety of your illness.
  • You don’t actually see a lot of them while they’re over. Mostly they just confine you to bed rest while they get their work done in the other room and make you meals. They say it’s because they don’t want to catch your illness - but the way they avert their eyes signals one of their typical evasions of the truth.
  • It’s just… so uncomfortable seeing you miserable, especially when they know they can’t do very much. Honestly? They’d love to just stay in bed and cuddle with you but oh boy is that embarrassing to admit, and, y’know, it’s true that they don’t want to get sick. They hate getting sick.
  • being left totally alone is driving you a bit nuts though, especially since they won’t let you DO anything, so you manage to convince them to at least let you be in the same room as them. So they’re working at the table while you’re sprawled out on the couch watching TV in a stupor…
  • and. okay. maybe about an hour in they give up - not because they’re worried or want to be by you or anything, they just. y’know. are tired of work and want to also take a television break next to you.
  • (they totally pet your hair, because there’s no germs on ur hair ok)

(Being taken care of)

  • Vanderwood hates being sick, so when they catch a cold they are just the sulkiest bastard on the planet
  • seriously they will not stop whining and moaning about it
  • “please let me tear off my nose it’s not necessary”
  • “use the stun gun, MC, knock me out”
  • They want to be on whatever drugs make them the sleepiest.
  • The worst thing is the snot. They feel so gross and want to take a million showers.
  • (You bring over some nice bath salts and other fancy toiletries to make them feel better. vanderwood secretly loves bath bombs ok)
  • when they’re not conked out, they’re getting extremely anxious over the state of the house. (there’s dust on the windowsill! there’s dishes in the sink! LET ME VACUUM THE FLOOR)
  • they try to get up and do those things but you’re like
  • get the fuck back in bed u giant hypocrite
  • (you try to do the housework but they whine at you that you’re not doing it right)
  • basically, what I’m saying is Vanderwood is a huge pain in the ass.
  • they make you wear a mask around them because YOU’RE NOT GETTING SICK OK
  • actually, they tell you to stay away from them, and are mostly very insistent about this
  • when they are really sick and really sleepy tho, you basically get a big, miserable Vanderwood in your lap. you don’t complain, because you know this is what they wanted all along.
  • (when they wake up and realize they drooled ALL OVER YOU they apologize like a million times)
  • shut up vanderwood u big baby


(taking care of MC)

  • you tell saeran it’s fine, it’s just a cold, but lmao this child does not listen
  • He is by you 24/7. he doesn’t even care if he gets sick it’s YOU and he will be READY TO ADMINISTER THE KISS OF LIFE THE SECOND U NEED IT
  • (saeran that’s NOT WHAT THAT’S FOR)
  • Seriously he is rendered useless by you being ill, and he will NOT leave the chair in the corner of your room.
  • (you have to shove him out so you can shower)
  • Saeran tries to be a responsible adult and take care of things for you but you walk in one morning and lmao he’s ruined one of your pans in a horrible pancake accident
  • (plz baby it’s ok we’ll just order takeout)
  • he won’t even let you eat by yourself, seriously he tries to feed you everything
  • but he won’t even admit that this is weird and that he’s freaking out
  • “No this is normal, this is what you do for sick people, I read it on the internet”
  • “where.”
  • “….….  .. a website.”
  • “what website”
  • anyway, as bad as Saeran is as a caretaker…
  • he’s an even worse patient.

(being taken care of)

  • “i have a runny nose and a fever I MUST HAVE LUPUS I OBVIOUSLY ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS TO LIVE”
  • (take mayoclinic away from this idiot)
  • he hides in closet like a dying animal because he doesn’t want anyone near him while he’s sick and vulnerable
  • you coax him out with goldfish and candy bars.
  • eventually, you manage to convince him to take some fucking nyquil and it’s probably the most intimate display of trust he’s ever shown you
  • While he’s out, you make him all of his favorite foods to try to make this less miserable. You also get a bunch of DvDs of his favorite shows.
  • He lives on the couch from that point on and is just curled up next to you.
  • he complains so much.
  • more than vanderwood.
  • that is a lot of complaining.
  • he totally clams up around anyone else though and you realize he’s only doing that because he trusts you enough that he’ll display weakness around u
  • you’re like the only person he’ll voice his troubles to congrats
  • enjoy your horribly whiny sick boyfriend.
The Empath Bath

Okay, so it’s not just for empaths, but it will help empaths and those who need help staying grounded and whose energy needs cleansing. This spell is all about balancing and cleansing your own emotions and energies and protecting you from the energy of others. While it is a bath spell, it could easily be modified for a shower satchet/disk. 

What you need:

Nice hot bath
Gem elixir of your choosing, preferrebly charged in moonlight
Lavender - for peace
**Wormwood - to be rid of negative energies and balance emotions
Sage - protection and cleansing
Angelica root - for protection from evil and cleansing of energies

Rose petals/water (mostly for aesthetic tbh) - drawing in love
Sigils of your choice (I used this one, this one, and this one.)
Gemstones to sit by your bath (I used obsidian and Tiger’s Eye)
Dragon’s Blood incense (I find it gives my spells an extra powerful kick)

Suggested gemstones to use: rose quartz, obsidian, tourmaline quartz, black tourmaline, lepidolite, lapis lazuili, flourite, kyanite, amethyst. (Please note that not all gemstones can/should go in water. If you want to make a gem elixir with a gem that should not get wet, put it in a smaller, dry cup/bowl and place that inside the water you plan on using.) 

**Please note that wormwood can be dangerous for pregnant people. If you are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, I do not recommend the use of wormwood. (It encourages menstruation.) While it is fantastic in a bath for cleansing energy and is surprisingly good for your skin, this herb may not be safe for everyone. Please use caution in using various herbs like this one.

Draw your water. In a coffee filter or whatever you use to make a bath satchet (I personally use coffee filters, as they are cheap and easily accessible) put the herbs the filter and tie it up with a string. (You can even color code the string with your intent!) 

Place the satchet in the water as the tub fills up. Pour the gem elixir in the water. By the time the tub is full, you’ll have some great magick and energy already flowing! If you use rose petals, add those in once the water is done filling the tub.

Light the candles and incense if you’re using them. Put on a nice playlist of music that makes you feel calm and relaxed. It may also help to rub or place the satchet on certain energy points on your body to help clear away any energy blockages you may have. (I find the heart and solar plexus energy points get clogged easily for me as an empath.) 

I don’t tend to speak much when crafting spells, but if you do, you can easily chant over the water or while you are soaking in the tub. 

As the water drains, imagine all of the negative energy washing away. As you dry off and put on some comfy clothes, feel confident in the way your emotions and energies are your own and you are safe from stray energies.

If you use this spell, let me know how it works for you!

So naïve

Robb Stark x fem!Reader

Words: 1084
Notes: Y/N = your name

Imagine taking a bath in your room while talking with Arya about her eldest brother, ending up bare naked in front of him.

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– Please, don’t make them too straight or she will know – Arya pled, worried, as she looked at the stitches you were sewing.

You were in the tub right now, because you thought you could have a relaxing warm bath for once.

So naïve from you.

After a crazy morning, you were in your chamber at last, Grey Wind beside you: you didn’t know the reason, but sometimes he just joined you, wherever you were and whatever you were doing. Maybe he appreciated your company, maybe it was the fact you allowed him to sleep on your mattress.

However, right when you eased down in the hot embrace of the water, Arya burst into your room crying: she had to complete her embroidery for the next day, or Septa Mordane would have forced her to sew all week long. Obviously, it was late afternoon and her work was still up in the air.

– Jon promised me he would train me, tomorrow – she sighed falling on her knees in front of the tub, – I can’t miss that!

Her big sad eyes locked on your hesitant ones, and the next moment you were in the water sewing stitches.

– You owe me one – your voice taking a vague scolding tone, but Arya, now seated on your bed with Grey Wind, could see you were laughing on the inside.

Of all girls in the house, you were the only one she could really get along with. You were the first child of your family, staying in Winterfell in care of Catelyn Stark to become a proper Lady of the North. Lady Catelyn respected you for your cleverness and education, Sansa admired your perfect manners. Then there was Arya, the one who liked you because you could kick ass at riding and archery. Despite your age difference, since you were nearly the same age as Robb and Jon, Arya really considered you her friend, from the first time you comforted her after Septa Mordane scolded her, the time you told her about all the hurdles you had to face to become like a Lady.

– I swear, my dear Lady Y/N – she answered acting formal, – I will commend you for your beauty, your kind heart and your mercy in front of Robb every day of my life, from now on!

You looked at her in shock for a second.

– Where does Robb come in? – you asked, trying your best to get a grip of yourself, doing another stitch on the cloth. It came out ugly and crooked, the worst stitch ever sewed.

Even if it was true that you had taken a fancy on the eldest Stark son, you were sure, totally sure you had concealed it pretty well; but Arya had just proved you wrong and now she was smirking, very amused, at you. You could say it from her gaze, she was aware of that for a while now.

How many people noticed? Theon? He would have forever teased you for that. And Robb? What if Robb knew?

– Promise me you’ll never tell anyone, give me your word! – you beg the girl, sticking a little bit out from the tub, because the situation was really making you nervous.

Arya seemed not to get your distress and started laughing. Then you stretched out your arm with the embroidery in your hand, dangerously close to the water surface, and she quit it.

– Or I sink it right now – you threatened. The girl started pleading again.

– I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Y/N! I’ll do anything, just don’t ruin it!

You eased down, laying your back to the warm tub, your eyes still on Arya. You scrutinized her carefully, then asked – How did you know, however?

Arya swallowed, keeping her gaze glued to the embroidery you were about to complete.

– Sansa told me – she admitted.

A sigh left your lips as Arya kept on talking while distractedly petting her brother’s direwolf.

– She saw you that day, you and Robb… When we were riding back home…

You could remember that day perfectly.

It was a warm afternoon, so Arya, Sansa, Bran, Rickon and you decided to take a stroll to the river in the Wolfswood. After more or less an hour, Robb, Theon and Jon rode along too and you all spent a great time together. Eventually the evening was coming, and everyone agreed it was easier going home by horse; that was why you ended up riding with Robb, on the same saddle, right behind him. The feeling of your chest against his back, the comforting warm spread from his body, and the way you hold on to him…

– You’d better tighten your hold, Lady Y/N – he said at some point, turning his head to check on you. He was smiling and, as he kept looking at you with his lovely Tully eyes, his hand softly took yours. You were speechless, totally and splendidly dazed just for having him so close and in your arms. Before turning again, Robb stared at you for another moment, as his eyes seemed to glow in a different light. He was the most handsome man you had ever seen and his face was just a few inches from yours. That single thought made you blush madly, all of your feeling towards him written all over your face. His fingers gave yours a little squeeze, than he spurred to make the horse run faster.

Feeling your face heating up, you came back to reality, in your room with Arya and Grey Wind, as your body started freezing for the water become cold.  

– You know, – the girl added, – I think he likes you too-

Suddenly Grey Wind straightened up pointing at the door. You could hear a scratching sound and a whine.

– Nymeria! – Arya shouted out running to the door and opening it.

The direwolf trotted in happy to see her little owner, then barked at her brother Grey Wind that answered with an acute and long howling.

– Oh, perfect… – you whispered, setting the finished embroidery down on the floor and getting out of the tub.

At the same time you stood up, Grey Wind hushed up and jumped off the bed. You were looking for your towels as your eyes followed him and ended up setting on Robb.

Robb, standing there. At your door. In that very moment. Looking at your naked body.

– Seven Hells – he gasped, completely unable to find other words.

Arya gaped at the scene.

You just screamed, Grey Wind and Nymeria howling along too.


Link to the next chapter —> Here  :)

Hello everyone!

This is my very first one shot!

English is not my first language so, if I made any mistake, feel free to contact and tell me!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it! :D

Homework - Jungkook (Smut) Warnings: BDSM, Sexual Content, Strong Language

Reader’s P.O.V

‘X^2 - 4x + c = 0, where the equation has only one solution… Find the value of c.’

“Is that even fucking possible?!” I cursed as I read the third question I had to do for my math homework. The questions given to us were ridiculously hard that even someone who’s majored in math, can barely answer.

“What’s not possible?” I recognized the voice immediately, it belonged to my boyfriend of three years. Jeon Jungkook.

“This stupid math question. It makes no fucking sense. What’s worse is that I’ve been doing the goddamned homework for over two hours now and I’m only on the third question and the shithead of a teacher wants it in first period tomorrow!” I exclaimed, throwing my pencil on the ground. “I give up. I can’t do this shit. Like who the fuck would use this in the outside world? A murderer is gonna try kill you, it’s not like you’re gonna say ‘With the power of triangles, I shall destroy you’.” I complained, running my hand through my hair in frustration. “Argh, but if I don’t do it, he’s gonna blow his nuts. Fuck. My. Life.” I groaned into the palms of my hand, I suddenly felt arms slithering itself across my waist, and a hand placing the pencil I dropped, onto my desk before roaming the sides of my torso.

“If you don’t wanna do homework, I know something else you could do instead…” His voice dropped an octave and his breath tickled my ear, but me being the stubborn person I am, refused to give in to him. Bad. Idea.

“Fuck off, Jungkook. I need to finish this.” I shook him off, he eventually let go. He huffed angrily and walked out, slamming the door behind him, making me wince before sighing and returning to my godforsaken homework that Satan decided to give me.

Hours later, I managed to complete the homework…with minor distractions. “Jung-fucking-kook. I have no fucking idea what that brain of yours is thinking, but if you could please keep the fuck down, I’d appreciate that very much.” I yelled to him, I heard footsteps and a knock on my door as I rested my head on my folded arms on top of my closed math textbook.

“Jagiya…” I groaned at him, letting him know that I wasn’t in the mood for whatever scheme he had. “Jagiya, I ran a bath for you…please, go in and relax yourself.“ I reluctantly dragged myself towards the bathroom, whilst undressing, I had a sneaky suspicion that this was just another scheme of his, but I brushed it off. After stripping off all my clothing, I climbed into the bath tub and slowly lowered myself to a sitting position and relaxed. I’m not going to lie, it felt so good. No homework. No people. No noise. No distrac-

“How does that feel, jagiya?” I moaned quietly under his fingertips, his soft hands massaging my shoulders. So much for distractions. He continued to massage his way lower and lower, until they reached my waist. Not realizing I had closed my eyes, I opened them to find him somehow behind me, legs either side and hands now rested around my waist. How did I not notice him coming in?

“When did you get in?”

“A while ago,” He breathed in my ear, I shivered at the feeling and he smirked, knowing that he was the one to cause it rather than the cool air. Somehow, I knew that relaxing alone in the bath would be too good to be true. At that moment, he started nibbling on my ear lobe and moved his hand downwards to my clit and rubbed gently.

I leaned my head back against his shoulder and let out a quiet moan, “Argh, y-you little shit. You planned t-this…” I said hoarsely, trying to push down my moans, not wanting to show him that he got through me.

“Maybe…but admit it,” He said, then leaned downwards towards my ear, “You need it…” He whispered huskily, I brought my hand up to my mouth and bit it, hard, trying to contain my moans. He growled at this, not liking the resistance. Suddenly, he stood up, hands removed from my clit and on my hips to pull me up with him. I almost whimpered at the loss of contact at my throbbing clit, almost.

“What are you doing?” I asked, he arched his brow at me, taken back by my sudden confidence.

“To my playroom.” My eyes widened behind him as he grabbed my arm and pulled me along, roughly. Although my eyes had fear, my body had been driven mad by absolute pleasure. Once we reached his ‘playroom’, which essentially was just his (our) bedroom, he flung me onto the bed. He gave me a look, warning me not to move an inch. I gulped, slightly too loud, but I refused to obey. I swung my legs over the bed to stand up, but he saw. He yanked the box of toys out and pushed towards the bed before grabbing my arm and once again, threw me onto the bed. I could feel myself getting more and more aroused at his dominance, but my stubbornness was pushing the boundaries. “Arms up.” He instructed. I shook my head. He let out a low growl and gave me a warning glare. “Put your fucking arms out now, (y/n), or I swear to fucking god, you won’t be able to fucking walk tomorrow, let alone get up. And that’s a fucking promise.” I whimpered quietly, yet no matter how hard I tried to obey him, my body decided to test the limits. By now, his eyes were shooting knives at me, I’d be dead by now if it were possible to do that. “GET YOUR FUCKING ARMS UP!” He barked at me, his body radiating somewhere between lust and anger. I whimpered, throwing my hands up above my head, to which he held onto tightly and wrapped a belt around.

He secured my arms above my head, to the bed post, then took out a blindfold. “Fuck no.” I hissed at him, he knew that I hated/loved it when I couldn’t see what was going on around me. 

“Fuck yes. I am in charge here. I gave you your fucking chance, now just fucking deal with your punishment.” With that said, he tied the blindfold around my eyes. With my sight taken away, I could only rely on my touch to find him. But the closest I got to where he was, was off the bed, stripping off his clothing. The last of his clothes came off and I felt the bed dip and then the weight was lifted. Footsteps walked away and out of the room, what the hell?

“J-Jungkook?” I called out feebly, suddenly, a breath tickled my ear, making me squirm.

“You called?” A hand came in contact to my right breast, stinging it, yet giving me pleasure. “You are not to move an inch. Understood?” I didn’t respond, which earned me punishment, again. He slapped my breast, harder this time, I let out a yelp which turned into a moan. “Do you fucking understand?” I nodded furiously. He moved away from me and retrieved something on the bed stand beside the bed. I gasped loudly when a cold cube of ice came in contact with my neck, he slapped my breast again. “You never learn, do you? Don’t. Fucking. Move.” He continued his actions, moving the ice down my chest and circling each breast. At one point, I felt his lips too. Then, he brought the cube down to my stomach and then slowly, very slowly, dragged it down to my throbbing lower region, making me moan and raise my hips. A hand forcefully pushed my hips down and pushed the ice cube against my clit, leaving it there whilst he moved back to my upper torso. 

He seemed to be studying me for a bit, before moving back down. Two hands separated my legs and he softly blew onto my clit, I squirmed beneath him, only to be held in place. “You are not to cum until I tell you to.” He wasn’t asking this time, he was telling. If I disobeyed him this time then I’d probably receive a worse punishment than before…but who was I to ruin the fun? 

He returned himself to my lower region, he took his time, licking from bottom to top. I bit down on my lip to restrain myself from moaning, he didn’t like that, not one bit. “My my, someone’s being very bad today. Let’s see if we can get those pretty lips of yours to make a sound…” Without leaving me much time to prepare, he shoved two fingers into me. I shut my lips tightly, forcing down the moan, threatening to come out. He noticed this, so he started nibbling and licking my clit. I managed to hold out for a while, but he started getting frustrated, I could sense it. I knew I went too far with the resistance this time, as did he. His pent up rage finally released when he, unknowingly to me, took out his fingers and released his mouth from my clit and pushed his cock into me. 

“J-Jungkook….” I cried out in pleasure, moans falling effortlessly from my mouth, but it stopped when he did. 

“What?” I whimpered at his tone, “What do you want? Tell me, baby girl. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.” His tone was teasing yet husky, he wanted me to beg. 


“You what? Tell me, princess.” He whispered into my ear, then moved down to suck on my neck. 

I moaned loudly, “I-I, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, oppa…” I could feel the cocky asshole smirk at this, he felt smug about himself for making me beg. That. Little. Shit. He’s gonna fucking get it.

“With pleasure.” He suddenly bucked his hips into mine at a fast pace, making me moan loudly. His hands moved up to remove my blindfold, letting me soak in what I hadn’t been able to see for this whole time. His chest was heaving heavily, sweat forming on his abs, his V line trailed perfectly down to his cock. I moaned more at the sight, tilting my head back. He reached up to undo my restraints and I sighed inwardly, finally being able to have something to grab onto. I wrapped my arms on to his back, on his shoulders, nails digging into it at the immense pleasure. 

He roughly slammed his cock in and out of me, grunting and groaning at the feeling. Intentionally, I tightened my walls around him, almost making him collapse on top of me. “(y/n), fuck…” He moaned. Soon, we were both a bunch of moaning messes until we finally came, not that that would end anything. 

“J-Jungkook…” I moaned, relaxing a little as I came. He too moaned my name as he reached his point, but all too soon, he grabbed my hips, making me go on all fours before pushing into my ass. “Fuck, oppa…” I moaned, trying to steady myself. He wrapped one arm around my waist, to my clit and rubbed hard and quick. “F-fuck, I can’t take it, oppa. It’s too m-much…” I cried out, despite the pleasure it gave me. Soon, my second climax of the day reached its point and I came again, as did he. We collapsed onto the bed, tiredly, trying to catch out breaths. 

I turned to face him, almost wanting him to take me again as I devoured his face that was twisted in pleasure. “You little shit. I have school tomorrow!” I groaned, slapping his chest. 

“Sorry, princess…” He chuckled lightly as he kissed my forehead. I only whined at him because all parts of my lower region ached, and it was all his fault. Not that I’m complaining. “You could always call in sick and spend the rest of the day with me…it’s not like you can walk anyways…” I gasped loudly, laughed and then moved to hit him, but I winced at the sudden soreness taking over as I moved, in which he laughed at.

“Dick…” I muttered, loud enough for him to hear. 

“Sorry, jagiya.” He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me, making me smile and forgive him, for now…

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Helloooo, sorry it took so long to write this! Remember that if you have any requests, just ask and I’ll try to write it in my free time :) 

(Requested by @naughtymaknaes , sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind)

[Translation] Please, Kuroko-Sensei (Aokuro DJ)

Having some aokuro feels lately and decided to do a rough translation of this cute and funny dj by Inumog.

Disclaimer: I make no profit from this. Just doing this from a fan to fans. Please do not use my pictures or translation without permission. Please support the author Inumog whenever possible, sensei draws really beautiful aokuro and general knb stuffs really.

Warning: Police uniform & apron kink ahead!

Title: Onegai Kuroko Sensei (Please, Kuroko-Sensei)

Page 1


Ao: I’m back ~

Kuro: Welcome back. (Good job at work). Bath is already warmed up.

Ao: Oh - in that case, I’ll get in now.

[rustle, drop]

Page 2


Ao: Hey Tetsu

Ao: This is the apron you wear at work, right? Won’t you put it on for a bit now?

Kuro: ….why do you want me to? (he’s butt naked…)

Page 3

Kuro: Also please don’t take things out of the laundry basket.


Ao: I want to see Tetsu wearing this. Come on it’s not a big deal right?

Kuro: ….somehow, I don’t want to.

Ao: Why!?

Ao: It’s not fair that you always see me in my uniform?

Kuro: It’s not the issue here.

Kuro: Please stop staying these unreasonable things and get in the bath. You’re gonna catch a cold.

Ao: Eh - in that case

Ao: If you put this on, I’ll get in that bath - So, please Kuroko-sensei.

Page 4

Kuro: Haa….

Kuro: Nothing to get excited about even if you see me in this

Ao: That’s so not true ~


Ao: Oohh ~ you can feel the aura of ‘Kuroko-sensei’

Kuro: …. I am Kuroko-sensei

Page 5

Ao: Somehow, hearing you say ‘I am Kuroko-sensei’ is very nice, say it one more time ~

Kuro: Are you an idiot?

Ao: The one who calls others ‘idiot’ is an idiot, Kuroko-sensei

Kuro: Ah whatever, please just get in the bath.


Kuro: Aomine-kun?

Ao: ….my first time seeing Tetsu like this, and it really suits you.

Page 6

Kuro: Thank you, in that case…

Ao: Ha - …. it’s not fair that those kindergarten kids have Tetsu as their sensei

Kuro: what the hell are you saying….

Ao: Umm - …

Kuro: What is it…?

Kuro: this… I guess this is what they call spoiling the kid? (and still butt naked…)

Page 7

Kuro: … come on, be a good kid and let’s get in the bath?

Kuro: you promised to do so just now?

Ao: Would Sensei also get in with me?

Kuro: Daiki-kun is a big kid so you can take the bath by yourself, right?


Kuro; Hey, come on ….

Kuro: What are you pressing against me? please stop it ~ (<— lol sensei, you know what it is :3)

Page 8

Ao: Hm, it’s Tetsu’s fault just now ~ (calling me Daiki-kun …)


Kuro: Wait


Page 9

Kuro: What are you doing… come on…

Ao: Hm - … I’m trying to make Kuroko-sensei mine

Page 10


[snuggle snuggle]

Kuro: Wait…

Kuro: I said no, stop!!

Page 11

Ao: Ah - this is bad…

Ao: Can’t get enough of being scolded by Kuroko-sensei … could become a habit

[grin grin]

Kuro: ….. (lol at his ‘i’m-so-done-with-this-shit-aomine-kun’ look)

Kuro: Bad kids who don’t keep their promise with Sensei deserve a beating on their bottoms. That will also become habit, understand? (also it’ll be easy for a beating since you’re already naked~)

[whoosh, whoosh]

Ao: No, actually it’s fine not to take that far ~

Kuro: So, hurry and get in the bath…

Page 12

Kuro: and what are you still doing? I told you, please stop this. (so persistent)

[grind grind]

Ao: Um, how should I say this… it’s kinda begging me to put my hands through here ~

Ao: you get me?

Kuro: I do not understand.

Ao: Eh -

Ao: That’s right, Tetsu -

Ao: Since you’re already in this get up, let me also see you take your clothes off and just wear an apron ~

Kuro: … what crap are you sprouting?

Ao: If you do that, it’ll be the greatest sight. (too perfect, u get me.)

Kuro: ….. 

Page 13

Ao: Come on - no big deal right? Please, Kuroko-sensei ~

Kuro: One moment acting like a kid, and like a old man next, what game are you playing….?

Kuro: ….anyway, let’s try this out.

Ao: For real!?

[rustle, take off]

[thump thump]

Page 14

Kuro: …..

Kuro: Eh—um, very questionable?

Ao: you’re right.

[water running]

Kuro: [he’s singing a song from CM (advertisement)]

Page 15

Kuro: Haa…. honestly

Page 16

Kuro: …. although I think it suits you better when you’re in your uniform, Aomine-kun.

Ao: I want to make Kuroko-sensei mine ~

Page 17

Kuro: What a troublesome Mr. Policeman….


Aomine-kun becomes butt-naked as soon as the story starts, and since it already started out like that even though there’s not much setting around it, It was fun to draw AoKuro being lovey dovey like that! Thank you very much for reading!

Fujino, Marumo

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This dj hits all my kinks. Give me all the police aomine and apron kuroko ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ Thank you Inumog-sensei and again please support her work. Hope you guys enjoy reading (ᗒᏬᗕ) ˡ̵˖✮⃛

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part 3



I was still cuddling up to Sammy when we arrived at a house. It was average size, really nice for California anyway.

The outside was really pretty, neutral toned and had a million little lights covering it giving a nice glow, but not overpowering.

“JACKS! WE WANT SOMEONE HERE FOR YOU” Skate yelled. I burried my ear into Sams chest, his voice is very loud and booming when he wants it to be. “Skate, cool it” Sam said, he noticed my movement and put moved on of his hands from my butt to over my ear.

It a few seconds two boys came up the stairs, laughing. It was sweet to see that some people still have fun in this world.

“Who’s this little cutie?” The shorter one asked. Sam swiveled with me in his arms so that I could face the two Jacks. “Guys, this is Ivory, she’s going to stay with us for a while” Sam said. “Nice to meet you Ivory” the tall Jack said. I nodded my head and hid my face into Sams chest. “Well, I think I’ll get her to bed, she’s had a rough night” Sam said.  

I was thankful for him getting my out of that position, “Sam?” I asked, my voice quiet and low, Sam lowered his head and looked at me. “Yes Angel?” “How long are we staying here?” Sam sighed, and opened the door to the room, I turned my head and was in awe at how nice it was. I started to wonder what the boys did for a living, they’re 20 at oldest and they live like moguls or something.

“Uhm, a while. Nate wants you to meet somebody, and it’s pretty urgant” he answered. I was dropped to the bed, earning a giggle from me. Sam smiled and I could tell he was happy with how comfortable I was getting. 

I figured it was better to not fight, with all the travelling I had alot of time to think and I figured that Sam didn’t want to hurt me. Hell, he protected me from Nate and his loud voice countless times. “Well, the bathrooms the door right there, and if you want you can come down with me and the boys” he said, he was walking out the door when I stopped him.

He turned around and looked surprised that I called his name. 

“Do I have any clothes? All I really have are my pajamas and a blanket” I said. Sam looked down and smiled at my outfit, I was still in my crop top and booty shorts but I had Sam’s sweater over top now. “Uh, not really, but if you want you can wear some of my clothes tonight and i’ll take you shopping bright and early tomorrow morning?” I nodded my head and collapsed onto the multiple pillows set onto the bed.

Once Sam left the room, I took the opportunity to take a bath. the Mahogany chick told me not to wash my hair for 2 days, but I think i’m going to wait a while longer, so I started running the bath and looked around the room. Everywhere I go, this place just amazes me, they have nice taste for 20 some year old boys. It’s like i’m in a mansion right now. 

I looked around as the bath was being drawn and noticed a tv, I smiled and turned it on. Atleast I could relax while being in the bathtub. As the water kept filling in, rather slowly might I add, I found some bubble bath in the cabinet. ‘Eh fuck it’ I thought and dumped a bit in. Maybe 5 minutes later, I stripped down and put my hair up in the messiest bun I could ever do, my ponytail was too stretched out and wouldn’t hold any shape, but  it kept my hair up so ehhh fuck it.

I sank down into the bathtub and let the sounds of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ fill my ears. “THIS IS AN AMBER ALERT WARNING FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Teen missing from Omaha Nebraska now for 72 hours, an aspiration for the young girl was to move to Los Angeles to persue a career in Acting” I sprung up in the bath, letting bubbles fall all around me. My photo showed up, I rolled my eyes, it was the only one my parents approved of. 

It was a ‘headshot’ for my attempts of getting into acting. “This is Ivory Mason, recently turned 16 bleached white hair, pale ivory skin and stunning grey eyes. If you have any leads please call your local crime stoppers” then the show went back to KUWTK. 

I sighed and sank back into the bath, no one would be able to find me. I look completely different with my rainbow or galaxy whatever the fuck you want to call it. 

I stayed in the bath until I heard the bathroom door close, and in came Sam. “We have an appointment tomorrow” he said, he sat on the edge of the bath looking at me. I rolled my eyes, “appointment for what?” I asked “your face is now public, we got rid of your hair, now we need a spray tan and we’re going to get you some contacts” he said. “Sam, I don’t even like the way I look now, can we please stop with adjustments” I asked, he looked down and started to rub my feet. “No, we can’t have you leaving and we can’t have anyone taking you from us” he said. I rolled my eyes and kicked bubbles into his face. Instead of getting mad he just laughed and splashed some water to my face. “Come on, it almost midnight, lets get you to bed” he said. 

Sam turned around as I got out and put a super big bathrobe on me. “You look adorable” he said. He kissed my head and grabbed a new toothbrush and some facial cleanser out for me. “I’ll be in the room when you’re ready for bed” he said.

I looked in the mirror and saw a tear streaked face, I knew it felt dry but I didn’t think I was covered in tear stains. So I grabbed the cetaphil cleanser and started to massage my face. Considering this was my first time actually massaging my face in forever, it felt like sex. I was thoroughly enjoying every moment. As I started brushing my teeth, the power went out. “ARE YOU SERIOUS” A Jack yelled throughout the house. I giggled and brushed my teeth the best I could in the dark. 

The bathroom, was actually pitch dark when I finished. I couldn’t tell the layout, I couldn’t tell where anything was; So naturally I dropped to the floor and started to crawl towards the door. “Ivory?” Sam called, his voice was really close so I kept following it.

But he had the same idea and was coming into the bathroom. As soon as I reached the door, he opened it and it was hit kinda hard into my forehead. I hissed in pain and fell backwards, and almost as if on cue the lights turned on. “Shit Angel im so sorry” he said. 

He came to my side and craddled me into his arms. But once again, the lights turned off. I laughed and held my head in pain, I felt something wet but I couldn’t be certain. 

Sam laid me down on the bed and sat next to me. “I need light, you need to help me” I said. Sam scrambled to find his phone and handed it to me, I feel like he trusted me alot if he trusted me not to call the cops or anyone to find me. I flipped on the flashlight and handed it back to him, “I feel something wet, am I bleeding?” I asked, Sam moved the fallen out hair and checked my forehead. “God damnit” he whispered, “I’m bleeding arent I?” I asked, “yeah, and it’s qutie a bit actually” “hold on, I’m going to get a towel and band aid, be good” he said. 

I slumped back into the bed, but before I knew it I fell asleep.

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Take a nice bath, lotion, oil whatever makes you happy. Take a small break from everything, please. All your followers love you and it hurts to see you like this 💕love you, T. I hope you feel better with everything you're going through. Relax a bit please, we would all feel terrible of you hurt yourself.

Thank you, I’ll definitely make myself a bath when I get home even if I end up sleeping in it asdfghjkl Thank you so much for suggestion! ~(^^ ~)

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please let me be gay with Jaehee I beg of you. What would her and her gf's dates be like? How would they deal with homophobic customers at the coffee shop/family members/random strangers on the street? How would they comfort each other on bad days and what would their good days be like? I just... I love Jaehee so much I have so many questions my gay little heart is beating so fast.

I’m totALLY feeling this ask for gayhee jaehee thank you for this.
This does have direct spoilers to the after ending of her as well btw so proceed with caution

  • Going to a quaint coffee shop with her would be so cute
  • In summer you could get the drinks to-go and sit in a park together
  • And then in the colder months you’d get a corner table by the window so you can see the pretty scenery around
  • There’d be so many casual nights in front of the TV watching musicals
  • And you’d go to see musicals every now and again and the atmosphere is amazing with her
  • Loves to place her head on your chest and listen to your racing heartbeat
  • If you got any homophobic comments she’d just link arms with you or hold your hand
  • While she’s 110% ready to fight them show them that there’s nothing wrong with being in love she knows that making a scene isn’t worth it
  • She’d much rather just leave the situation calmly
  • If they’re a visitor or customer then she’d just ask them to leave (hOW does Baehee keep her cool so well??)
  • but you two could rant later on about them
  • Over time you’ve found that playing with her hair calms her down, especially after she grows it out
  • And she equally loves to play with yours
  • Braiding her hair is so nice and sometimes you sit and braid each others together
  • If you’re ever upset she’ll sit for hours with you
  • Holding you close and letting you talk everything out like the super supportive girlfriend she is
  • If she’s doing work and you give her a shoulder massage she’ll melt
  • Early mornings are so cute because you can both sit outside together with a hot drink and slowly shift out of tiredness
  • Bed-headed, sleepy eyed Jaehee will be the death of me 
  • And if she’s in the middle of a busy day
  • She’ll do whatever she can to sneak some time in together
  • She’d always insist on you taking care of yourself at all times
  • And after a long day she’d offer to run you a bath with scented candles, bath oil and literally whatever
  • Loves to see you doing or talking about something you’re passionate about
  • also 100% sings to herself when cooking and sounds like an angel
  • She’s so shy when it comes to public displays of affection though
  • If you hug or kiss her in public she’ll low-key start blushing and it’s adorable
  • You’re both so comfortable with each other you could walk out in your underwear and she wouldn’t bat an eyelid
  • And she’s so supportive of whatever you want to do and loves you so much I just
  • Cheritz please let us have a romantic ending with her i bEG
The Greatest Surprise Of Them All

“Do you feel any pain?” His voice was soft, your back pressed against his chest as he had his arms around your large belly. You let out a breath, closing your eyes as you relaxed into him. Shaking your head, you turned your head to try and get comfortable, something you hadn’t been able to do for the past couple of weeks. His fingers were kneading into the small of your back and you let out a breath of relief.

“Not really. My back is just killing me,” you groaned, burying your face into his chest. He gave the swell beneath his stolen shirt a rub and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“I know, sweetheart. If I could take it away, you know I would without even thinking about it,” he scooted over so you could rest back. You knew he meant it; he’d always try and soothe you when you weren’t feeling well. When he found out you were pregnant, you’d never seen him as mushy as he was that day. But when he found out you were having a boy, you watched as he cried in the seat beside the examining table. You smiled through your own sobbing before he leant over and wouldn’t stop kissing you.

He painted the nursery blue but threw in stripes of green to color it up. He plastered animals on to the wall and set up the crib that came along with the rest of the boyish furniture you’d picked out with him. Once it was done, you had to give him the props he deserved.

 “Do you want me to run downstairs to grab your body pillow?” You gave him a nod, leaning over and climbing in under the duvet.

“Please.” He was already out of the bed and making his way out of the room when you turned to him. In a matter of seconds, he was back and sliding the pillow into your side.

“Get comfortable, baby,” he climbed in, lying on his side to face you with a grin on his face. “You look beautiful.”

You felt yourself blush and you buried your face into the duvet, draping your legs around the body pillow. “Shut up.”

He chuckled, leaning in closer and wrapping his arm around your waist. “It’s true. You’re stunning,” his fingers glided across the large bump, a smile on his face.

“You’re not getting any tonight if that’s what you’re trying to get at.” He let out a loud laugh, throwing his head back before looking at you once more.

“I know, baby. It was worth a shot, yeah?” The playful look in his eyes made you laugh, leaning over to smack his arm softly.

“You’re terrible,” you mumbled, your fingers reaching up to push his curls out of his eyes. He kept a grin on his face, his thumb leaning up to brush across your bottom lip.

“But you love me, right?”

“Oh, definitely not,” you joked, watching as his lips turned into a pout. You let out a laugh, leaning in closer to him as best as you could with your belly interfering. He batted his eyelashes at you, his lips still in a frown. Rolling your eyes, you pecked his lips softly.

“I love you,” you whispered, letting your eyes drift close as he began to knead his fingers into your back softly; ultimately relaxing you deeply.

“I love you too, beautiful. Now get some sleep before our little one arrives and causes havoc.”


You let out another breath, the ache in the pit of your belly making you clench your eyes tightly. You weren’t due for at least another week and you figured these contractions were Braxton Hicks, something you’d gone through before. But the more they intensified, the louder your groans grew. You looked over at Harry; his body buried deep into the duvet on his stomach, his curls splayed across the pillow, and loud snores falling from his lips. Another pang of pain rushed through you, causing you to sit up and grasp the bedside table.

“H-Harry,” you choked out, climbing out of bed and turning to lean against it in an effort to get comfortable. He didn’t twitch, his snores continuing their rhythm. You let out an unsteady breath, leaning over to give him a shake.

“Harry, wake up,” you watched as he fussed for a moment before he ran a hand over his face and leaning over to turn the lamp on. He squinted briefly and his eyes suddenly widened when he saw you hunched over.

“Sweetheart,” he rasped, quickly climbing over the bed and to your side. “I-Is it time?” Another breath left your lips before you nodded, feeling his hands grip around your hips.

“Oh my God,” he whispered as he scurried to get dressed, throwing on whatever was in his path. “The bag’s already in the car, let me help you get dressed.”

You were swift to shake your head, holding out a hand and placing the other on your lower back to steady yourself. “G-Get the bath running,” you murmured, watching as he stood surprised.

“The bath? But baby, we’ve got to get you to the hospital.”

“Please, just make it hot,” you took in a deep breath as you pulled his shirt over your head and into a pile on to the floor. You watched as he hurriedly made his way into the bathroom and you followed behind, each step making the aches worse. He’d just finished setting it up for you when you slid the rest of your undergarments off, his hands wrapping around you to guide you in.

“Easy, baby,” he lowered you in gently, every nerve in his body standing on the edge. You sunk in, your eyes closing at the warm water lapping around you.

“Can you grab my razor?” You peeked an eye open, watching as his eyes widened in disbelief.

“You’re going to shave?!” Letting out a sigh, you pouted up at him.

“I…I have to,” you watched as his eyes softened and he dropped to his knees beside the tub.

“You don’t have to, my love. You’re about to have a baby, our son. There’s absolutely no reason you need to do anything besides be comfortable. But if that’s what you want, I’ll get it for you.” You nodded, your eyes not leaving his before he got up to fetch your razor. You took it from him, leaning over to begin on one leg and on to the next. Once you’d reached past your upper thighs, you looked up at him and pouted.

“You want me to get out?” He sighed, leaning against the counter as he watched you. Nodding, you whispered a soft ‘please’ before he pushed himself off of the counter and gave you a nod. “I’ll be right outside the door,” he leaned down to press a kiss to the top of your head as he settled you on the edge. You watched as he shut the door behind him and you quickly began to clean yourself up, hissing softly as another contraction shot through you.


“Harry, it’s 6-“

“Gem, it’s happening. The baby’s coming,” he breathed out, grasping on to the edge of the dresser as he tried to even out his breathing. He heard her squeal and a bit of shuffling before she turned her attention back to him.

“It’s alright, kiddo. Just relax and it’ll be alright. Are you on your way?”

“No, she’s in the bathroom. Gemma, she’s shaving for crying out loud.” He was frustrated, running his fingers through his hair as he paced. “I just don’t want anything happening to her.”

“Hey, relax. If she says she’s okay, she’s okay. I’m getting dressed and I’m going to wake mum up now. We’ll meet you there. It’s going to be fine, Harry.” He pressed his back against the wall as his sister comforted him, letting his eyes drift close.

“Alright, see you soon,” he didn’t get a reply as she hung up quickly and he heard your voice call out.


“We need to start timing,” you panted, wrapping yourself in a towel as you settled down on the toilet to catch your breath. He rushed over with the clothing he’d found the most comfortable and knelt down in front of you.

“Just tell me when, baby,” he slid the panties up your legs and pulled them up to rest them on your hips. You felt another one coming on and you gripped his shoulders, squeezing tightly as it passed through you. He fumbled for his phone and glanced for the time.

“6:12,” he whispered as he began to slide your loosest sweats up your legs. He settled you into one of his jumpers before he wrapped his arms around you and helped you up. “Breathe, my love.”

Another contraction came through, this time lasting a bit longer than the previous ones. You groaned and gripped his t-shirt, a cry escaping your lips. He held you tight, his hands running up and down your back. “6:20. We should go,” he whispered into your ear.

“N-Not yet. She said 5 minutes apart, 1 minute duration for 1 hour. I’ve been up for 40 minutes,” you wrapped your arm around his waist as he began to help you down the stairs. Settling you down on the couch, he knelt down in front of you and pressed his lips to your belly.

“We’re about to become parents,” he grinned, looking up at you. He was tired, exhausted actually. The dark circles under his eyes were evident, his disheveled hair sticking out under the beanie he managed to slip on. You bit your lip and nodded, dropping your gaze from his own. He noticed, his hands quickly coming up to cup your face.

“Hey, hey, what’s the matter?” You felt the tears prick your eyes and you tried to quickly blink them away but failed as one slipped down your cheek, his thumb quickly swiping it away.

“I…I’m so scared,” you croaked, your hands squeezing his shoulders once more as another shot of pain dug into the pit of your belly. He leaned in, his hands rubbing the inside of your thighs as he tried to soothe you. He glanced at his phone again and looked back up at you.

“6:26,” he pressed a kiss to your swell once more. “It’s okay to be scared, my love. I know you’re scared, I am too. But you’re going to be just fine, I promise. I’m going to be right there no matter what and you’re about to give me the greatest blessing. We’re going to be parents to a beautiful boy,” he smiled. “I love you. I want you to relax. Focus on your breathing, that’s all.” He leaned up to press a soft kiss to your lips, letting it linger for a second before pulling away.

Letting out another cry, you squeezed his hand until you were sure there was no blood left in it. “I…They’re getting worse.”

“Let’s go have us a son, missus.”


“We’re here, we’re here!” His sister chimed as she strolled in, bags swinging back and forth in her hands. His eyes glanced up and he’d never felt more relieved in his life. You were sat up, your face buried into his neck as you sobbed; feeling like the pain was never ending.

“Oh, darling!” His mother was at your side in seconds, her hands rubbing up and down your back. “How’re you holding up?”

“It hurts so bad,” you sobbed, the tears streaming down your face as your fingers clutched his shirt. He let his eyes close for a second and he kept his arms around you, his cheek pressing to the top of your head.

“Did you get the epidural yet?” He shook his head, his eyes turning back to his mother.

“She doesn’t want one,” he sighed. “She wants to do it all natural.”

He watched as his mother frowned, her hands continuing their trail to soothe you. He’d been trying to convince you that it was perfectly fine to get an epidural and you’d be just as strong. But you weren’t having it and he knew how stubborn you were so he let it go.

“Do you want to lay back?” He whispered into your ear, watching as you shook your head and tightened your grip around him.

“Hello, hello!” Her voice made his head snap up and he never thought he was ever as grateful to see the doctor then he did at that moment.

“Baby, your doctor’s here,” his lips were pressed against your ear as he talked, his voice soothing.

Turning your head to the side, you were met by her pout as she began her testing. “How’re you feeling, sweetpea?”

“So bad,” you croaked, your hands reaching up to wipe away the tears. She ran her stethoscope over your chest and down to your belly, resting it there for a few seconds as she listened.

“Everything looks good so far,” she reached down between your legs before looking back up at you. “Did they induce labor or did your water break on its own?”

“It broke on our way here,” he pouted. “All over the passenger seat of my rover.” It earned him an elbow from his sister and he held his hand up in surrender. He heard you sob again before he heard a soft “I’m sorry.”

He immediately regretted what he said and he pressed his lips to your temple. “Please don’t be sorry, baby. I was only kidding, I swear.”

“Alright, you’re only about 4 centimeters so you’re going to have to stick it out for a while longer, sweetheart. Are you sure you don’t want the epidural?”

You nodded, your head falling back to his chest and you let your eyes drift close. “I’m sure.”

Harry looked up at her, a look of desperation in his eyes. You were in so much pain, he didn’t know what to do but tell you it was going to be alright. She gave him a nod, almost as a reassurance that it was just fine.

“I’ll be back in a bit to check on how things are going. Stay hydrated and try to relax.”


Hours of sobbing and cries of pain were being endured; all he could do was sit by your side and tell you it was alright.

“Just breathe, baby. All you need to do is just focus on breathing,” he was sat behind you, his lips pressing soft kisses into your shoulder as you leaned back into him.

“It hurts so bad, Harry,” your hands gripped the bars of the bed, your eyes shutting tight. Gemma was sat at the end of the bed, her hands rubbing your calves gently. You opened your eyes again and looked around the room; Anne was sat in the chair beside the bed, the boys were pressed up against the wall, their eyes focused on you. Almost 16 hours into labor and just when you thought you couldn’t handle it anymore…

“I think it’s time,” the OB grinned, her eyes looking up at you and Harry. “Harry, I need you to come around and hoist her leg up. Mrs. Twist, I need you to do the same for her other.”

“Please, just get him out,” you groaned, the feeling of safety gone as Harry slid out from behind you. You heard her laugh before you watched as she settled down in front of you.

“Whenever you feel ready to push, that’s when you go,” her gloved fingers felt cold against your sensitive skin, a whimper escaping your lips. Giving her a nod, you tried to lie back in the bed and your eyes glanced up at Harry.

“You’re okay, baby. You’re doing so great,” he smiled, his lips pressing a kiss to your knee.

“Try and start pushing, darling.”

You were terrified. No matter what anybody said to comfort you, it didn’t change the fact that you were absolutely terrified. For the past 16 hours, you endured the worst pain you could’ve imagined and now this was it; you were about to give birth to the baby boy you’ve been waiting 9 months for.

Holding your breath, you began to give the smallest of pushes. The pain intensified with every breath you took, your head leaning down to press your chin against your chest.

“Another big one, you’re doing so well.”

You felt the blood rush to your head as you pushed again, a cry of pain falling from your lips as you continued. You had to stay focused, had to get this over with. But the more painful it grew, the more you felt you couldn’t take it.

“N-No, I can’t,” you sobbed, the tears streaming down your face. You threw your head back against the pillow and hid your face into your elbow, the gasps coming out as you cried.

Harry shot Gemma a look and he watched as his sister rushed over to take his spot, wrapping her arm around your leg to hoist it up. Harry was quick to take your hand in his and wipe your tears away.

“Baby, look at me,” he watched as you dropped your arm from your face and met his eyes. His heart sank when he saw how red and puffy your eyes were and he leaned in close. “You are so strong, the strongest woman I know. 16 hours of labor without any drugs is so mind-blowing, you know I wouldn’t be able to take 5 minutes. You’ve come this far and you’re almost done, I promise. I just need you to focus for me and in no time, he’ll be here. I love you so much, so so much.”

You nodded and wiped your face, your hand squeezing his tightly. Your eyes glanced up at the boys and you sniffled, looking back up at your husband.

“I got it,” he turned to his band mates and nodded to the door. “I’ll come out as soon as he’s here.” He watched as all the boys smiled sympathetically at you and shuffled out, the door shutting behind them.

“Alright, we have to get him out, sweetheart,” the OB’s voice called from between your legs, her eyes focused on getting the baby out. You nodded at her, taking Harry’s hand tightly and drifting your eyes closed.

Push after push, you thought it was never going to end. But when you felt yourself crowning, you could’ve swore you were on the brink of death. You grabbed Harry’s shirt, pulling him down next to your face as you continued to push.

“Almost here! His shoulders are out!” She called out as a sob escaped your throat. You heard a soft cry come from both Gemma and Anne, wide smiles on their faces as they held your legs up.

“Harry,” you breathed out. He shook his head, his lips pressing to the top of your head.

“Just one more push, my love. He’s so close,” he reassured, kissing your hand softly. Nodding, you took in a deep breath and gave it all you could. One thing happened after another and your eyes shot open to the sound of a loud wail.

“O-Oh my God,” you cried, looking up at an already crying Harry. He smiled down at you, quickly pressing his lips to yours.

“You did it. He’s here,” his palms wiped away the tears streaming down your face as a wet, wiggling little body was being nestled against your chest.

“Oh my,” you sniffled. “Hi, hi. Oh my goodness, you’re so beautiful,” your fingers ran across his wet scalp and you leaned down to press a kiss to his head. You looked up at Harry and smiled, watching as he swiped at his face to keep the tears at bay.

His fingers leaned down to unwrap the towel draped around the baby, ready to confirm what you’d both been told. He looked down and what he was met by took him by surprise. It sure wasn’t a baby boy.

“He’s…” his voice trailed off and he caught the panicked look in your face.

“What? Harry, what’s wrong? He’s okay, right?!” The doctor must’ve heard the commotion and she rushed over, her eyes frantic.

“What’s going on?”

“He’s…a girl,” he looked at you and then back at the doctor, a look of shock spread across his face. “We had a girl.”

“What?” You couldn’t believe it until you sat up as best as you could, leaning over the baby’s shoulder to check for yourself. He wasn’t lying.

You couldn’t believe your eyes as your mouth fell open, your gaze falling between your husband, the doctor, his sister, and his mother.

“But…I don’t get it. They said it was a boy,” you choked out, pressing the baby girl to your chest as she gurgled.

“I know, but it happens more often than you think. From what I saw, it looked like a boy and it all seemed just f-“

“It doesn’t matter,” Harry interrupted, his eyes gazing lovingly on the newborn on your chest. “It doesn’t matter. Boy or girl, our baby’s here and it doesn’t make a difference.”

You looked up at him and back down at the baby on your chest, a smile on your face. “Hi, gorgeous.”

“I’ll give you a few moments and I’ll have one of the nurses come in to let you cut the umbilical cord,” the OB grinned as she walked off.

“She’s got so much hair,” Gemma beamed, her eyes looking down at her niece as she dabbed at her eyes. “Looks like Haz is going to have to redecorate that nursery.”

He took his daughter into his arms, a smile on his face. His lips leaned down to rest against her forehead, taking in her new scent and running his fingers gently over her soft skin. “You’re perfect.”

“What’re you guys going to name her?” Anne piped, her eyes bright and the smile on her face from ear to ear. Harry sat down next to you, his eyes never leaving the newest lady of his life.

He looked at you, his smile breaking out on to his face. Before you both found out the gender, you’d picked the names for a boy and a girl. He nodded down at you and he looked back up at his sister and mother.

“Darcy Gem Styles.”


“You were quite the surprise, weren’t you little lady?” He cooed down at her as he rested back against the chair near the window. She was wide awake after just being fed and you’d fallen asleep only a couple of minutes ago leaving him alone with her for the first time.

He’d never been so in awe. Sure, he was expecting his boy and he day dreamed of playing video games and going to his football games. But as he stared down at his daughter, he felt his heart flutter. He’d paint her nursery pink, making sure to add the sparkles every little girl loved. He was going to spoil her and play dress up with her. He was going to give her baths before bed and learn how to braid her hair. He was going to drop her off every morning at school and pick her up every afternoon just to be the first one to know about her day. But most importantly, he was going to love her. She was now his biggest priority and he couldn’t think of anything else that mattered besides his daughter and his wife.

“You are the most beautiful little thing,” he whispered, his index finger trailing down her cheek gently.

“And I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise.”

There you have it, darlings! Thank you to gingerlvr for requesting this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoys! Drop by my ask for some feedback or anything else you may have. Love you, dolls.

Anna x 

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Hi, I've been wanting to get into witchcraft ever since I was a little kid but even stuff that's considered minimal requires a lot of preparations and items I can't get without my dad suspecting something, do you have any advice for starting out small and low key?

Sigils. They can be placed in discreet locations, notebooks, the inside of bags/purses, under nail polish on your nails, hidden areas on your body, the bottom of laptops, bottoms of makeup or bath products, the bottom of a bath before you draw the bath, under your bed or pillows etc etc. Or you could simply draw them on paper and charge them fire, destroying the paper and activating the sigil. 

Oil burners or incense. They’re not suspicious and you can buy almost any herb you need as incense or oil.

Tiny witch kits. Atloids tins are usually for ‘witches on the go’ but they could be used for discreet and low key witchcraft. Tailor it for whatever your personal needs are. 

Finding time for witchcraft (or low key witchcraft)

Enchanting things with touch

If anyone has more ideas for this please add on to this.

Romantic evening

Pick a night you can give your girlfriend everything she desires. This could be a fantasy, a new toy she want to try, a night where you completely cater to her pleasure, or a night where you both do something you never though you two would do.

Star the evening by either preparing a meal or ordering a meal from her favorite restaurant. Once she’s home, completely shut out any disturbances and let her know this night is for her and her only. You are there to please her in every way possible and cater to her every demand.

Prepare a bath, nice and warm with some soothing bubbles or oils that will help relax the body. Even through in a couple of rose petals along with a nice drink on the side, which could be wine or something you know your girlfriend enjoy. Save the small fruit for the bedroom (could have fun with this outside of the bathroom) and just bathe her. Have music playing that she enjoys, nice and low.

Afterwards, take her into the bedroom and do whatever she wants, desires, and fantasize about being done to her. Please her body and her mind.

Hello Seattle friends!

So as many of you know our pride festival is on June 28th, and I wanted to make a little think to help us all remember out wonderful city’s pride!

So I will be selling t-shirts with different pride flags on them on here and I can ship them to you if you have a safe place for me to do so, or I can just bring them to the event!

and theyre only $10

I will be making the shirts that say “Seattle Pride 2015″ on them with every flag you can possibly imagine and they will be made on an order by order basis. And you can chose any colour of the 100% cotton t-shirts they will come on.

Flags including but not limited to:
Gay/rainbow (I will make some of these in advance)
Gender Fluid
Gender queer

I will also be making BATH BOMBS with the flags, with whatever flag you please and those are only $6 and can be made with all kinds of yummy scents!

HALF the money from this project will go to the Lambert House, an LGBT charity group in Seattle, the other HALF will be going towards me going to university and on July 15th I will make the donation to the charity, and will show proof (either by receipt or email from Lambert House) of the donation

So please, if you could signal boost this is would be very very helpful, and if you are interested in getting a bath bomb, a t shirt, or both, please send me an ask on here, and my email will be given out on a need-to-know basis


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My request as promised!~♥ How would EXO react if you put a bathbomb into their tub which got them completely covered in sparkles?

Xiumin: This… [sigh] You’re lucky you’re cute.

Originally posted by mminseok

Luhan: What the heck is this!? You! Get over here, before I attack you with all this glitter on me!

Originally posted by dawnlus

Kris: I… kinda like this… What? Who said that?

Suho: I’m not a big fan of this… but thanks anyways for the bath, babe.

Originally posted by jonginence

Lay: Welp. If I’m going to be a unicorn, I might as well be a pretty one.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Baekhyun: That might have been a girly bath, but I’m still a man… [cue the smoulder]

Chen: Baaaaaabe, what is this!? Okay, okay, fine! I won’t whine and be a baby – on one condition! Get in the tub with me! 

Chanyeol: Whaaaaat?! This ball just exploded! That’s amaaaazing! 

D.O.: I can’t say I’m pleased… you better not tell anyone about this!

Originally posted by exoyouaredrunk

Tao: THIS. IS. FABULOUS. We are going back to the store after this bath!

Kai: Okay, but will this be all over my fingers or face? – Why are you still laughing!? [sigh] Well… whatever makes you smile…

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Sehun: You betrayed me…

Concerns and Concerning

She’s scared, Soryu. 

Pregnant women are really sensitive. You can’t just leave her hanging for weeks like that because you’re going on a dangerous mission. It’s going to kill her, not knowing.

Soryu didn’t quite notice her weight until today.
It was at first strange to him that she never gained any weight, staying the same slender and normal figure thought the first five months of her pregnancy. Of course, that didn’t really bother him, deciding that it was “just how she was.”
However, just standing in the doorway after Luke’s multiple urging phone calls and Inui’s puppy-like impatience and pleading, he finally understood their panic.
She looked, in simplest terms, not well.
Very unwell.

Her voice was soft and weary, sparked with unmistakable relief as she spotted him from her spot on the couch. His wife struggled to get up to greet him, a delighted smile blossoming across her lips along with a pale and helpless look on her face. Her hair fell limp around her face, outlining the gauntness of her face and casting even deeper shadows around the shades under her eyes.
He had only been away for three and a half weeks, dealing with some trouble the Ice Dragons ran into in the far East side.
And she was already like this.
Thin hands batted the heavy blanket back as she got up. The fabric fell away and crinkled at her hips, revealing the way the bulge of her stomach contrasted her frailness.
“Soryu!” She was desperate to get to him, trying her best to get out of the couch. A rush of blood to her head from sitting too long and her excited haste made her sway where she sat and collapse back into the cushions.
She seemed even thinner than before.
Soryu hurried up close to her, and she smelled faintly like Chinese herbal medicines and dark fatigue.
“Sit.” He pressed her shoulder back gently to lean against the couch and felt the stiffness of bone right in his grip.
She had never been like this before.
His large hand reached out to caress her cheek, and she pressed against him like a tired cat, relaxing in his contact.
“Thank goodness you’re home safely.” She whispered, looking up at him with those kind and tender eyes that he knew he would always melt into.
But today she just looked tired, the happiness of his return sparkling like dying embers in the depth of her gaze.

“Do you want an omelette?” She asked warmly as she lay her hand over his, cutting off the way Luke’s words rang in his mind. Soryu fluffed up the blanket around her and tucked it about her body.
“I’m fine. You sit here and relax. Do we have fish? I’ll make you fillet congee.”
He could feel her shining eyes follow him.
“I’m not hungry.” She said as loudly as she could, each word a difficult huff of air she had to force out. “Can you sit with me for a while?”
“Of course.”
Soryu sank into the couch beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his chest. She leaned into him and he was again shocked by the scent of medicine and sickliness clinging to her skin. He kissed her cheek, and felt a flicker of warmth catch onto her face at the contact.
“Thank goodness you’re home safely.” She mumbled again.
“Of course.”
He couldn’t think of anything better to comfort her with. Soryu’s other hand reached over and stroked her stomach, an ever-evident bulge against her delicate form.
“Sorry.” He squeezed her closer, needing her presence.
“For what?”
He could feel the minute tremors in her body as she wiggled, trying to get closer to him. Soryu embraced her harder.
“I didn’t tell you where I was going.” He turned his head away in guilt, training his slate grey eyes on the posted plant in the corner. “It was really urgent.”
“I’m just concerned.” She explained. However, at the same time, her thin fingers wrapped tightly around his hands and gripped them with a strength almost surprising from a woman this frail looking.
“I should have told you.”
“Luke said I’m worrying too much.” She tipped her head to look up at him.
“I was making myself concerning.” Soryu admitted. “But I’m home now. I’m safe.” He kissed her forehead. “And so are you.” His thumb ran lightly over her stomach. “And so is the baby.”
She just smiled weakly.
“How about you take a bath?” Soryu asked. “I’ll draw some warm water.”
She nodded obediently, happy with whatever he came up with. As long as he was with her.

Soryu helped her out of her bath. She looked even thinner without all the layers wrapped around her. He bundled her back up and tucked her in bed, lying down beside her. She curled right into him, silently begging for his attention like an autumn leaf being blown against his side by a faint wind.
He kept her held tightly against him.
“I won’t ever just leave you behind like that again.” He promised, pulling the blanket up over her shoulders.
“Please don’t…”
“Never again.”
He stroked her back with a slow, rhythmic pattern, and felt her start to relax against him.
“It hurts me, seeing you like this.” Soryu said quietly. “I always knew you to be so strong. But I overlooked the fact that you’re as scared as anyone would be in your situation.”
She didn’t reply, the steady breathing indicating a comfortable sleep that wrapped her in its wings.
It was very possibly the only time she has been relaxed for a while.
“I’m so sorry. I won’t leave your side like that again.”
She must have not been eating well, not sleeping well, and he could only imagine the torment running through her mind during the weeks he was away.
She was a strong woman.
Soryu kissed her cheek lightly.
And he was her biggest weakness.

Thanks for the read,
Hope you enjoyed!