bath or bathe whatever you please

Purification with Baths

(All of this is from this book that I made a post about. Authors: Raven Kaldera & Tannin Schwartzstein. This is from chapter 4, Internal Hygiene: how to not get ugly)

The problem with smudging is that it always involves smoke. People with asthma or sensitive fire alarms may want to use a different method. The nest most common purification method is baths. You will need a bathtub for most of them, although we will include shower formulas for those of you with only shower stalls.

Floral bath

Soothing, calming, and brightening for depressed days. Also good for getting one in a romantic mood, not just before the a date but when the magic is going out of a long-term relationship due to stress and exhaustion. You can either use floral oils such as jasmine, rose, lavender, or apple blossom, or use live flower petals. For the destitute, check dumpsters behind florist shops and pull the petals off the discarded or bruised flowers. You will need at least two cups of flower petals. If you’re worried about clogging the drain, put them in a bag (even an old t-shirt with the holes knotted shut will do) and float them in the water. If you like them floating around on the water, put a piece of fabric over the drain when you let the water out.

Herbal baths

Cook the herbs into a strong tea on the stove and pour them into the water. Simmer, do not boil. Suggested herbs include sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon for courage, ground sandalwood for sensuality, bay leaf for warrior energy, or mint and eucalyptus to promote physical health. Resins will not break down when boiled. If you want to use a resin, you must add the essential oil or absolute (resin tincture).

Shower formulas

For this, you need to brew up one to three gallons of a strong tea. Take your shower first, like you normally do, and then at whatever temperature you can tolerate, dump the pots of water over your body. These teas can be boiled and set aside in gallon plastic jugs for when you want them – in the hot summer, you may want to dump them over you cold. Don’t keep them for more than a week and check them frequently for nasty, green floating things or bad smells.

Steam baths

Yes, baths can be done in an apartment, if you have big pots and a stove. Fill all your large pots with boiling water and add herbs or oils. Fill the tub half full with the hottest water you can get from the tap and place a chair in the tub. (If you use a metal chair, rest your hand on it before sitting down to test the temperature. If it I wooden, make sure you have a place for it to dry out afterwards. Avoid padded chairs as they will absorb moisture and get mildew.) Then, pour the boiling water and sit on the chair, being careful not to touch the water. Relax in steam until water cools.

The White Bath

Famous in Afro-Caribbean traditions. It is associated with this Orisha (deity) Obatala, who represents justice, compassion and healing. The most common ingredient in a white bath is coconut milk, usually canned, since if you use real coconuts, you’ll have to split a lot of them. Other suggestions are baking soda, or sugar, or a few drops of vanilla extract, or powdered milk. Powdered moo-juice will last forever and may be carried with you anywhere. You can combine any or all of these, but no more than two cups of material per tubful. For dissolving purposes, make sure the water is pretty hot. Soak for as long as you need and then rinse off with the shower. Lighting white candles around the tub is also good, as is coconut incense.

Although you will want to rinse off at some point, we recommend that you wait at least twenty minutes before rinsing, in order to let the energy of each bath soak into your skin as you get up and move about. It’s traditional, though not necessary, to wear only white for the first few hours afterwards. (A really big t-shirt works well.) If you hate white, you don’t have to wear it, but please, whatever you put on should be clean and freshly laundered, and also have clean towels ready to dry off with.

* ♡. — LABELS; PART 01. A-F

Under the cut, you will find 32 unique labels that you can use for your characters ! All of the labels shown were gathered and alphabetized by myself. TW: mentions of drinking, religion + drugs.

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  • THE ACE – someone who is very good at what they do,  whatever that happens to be, and everyone knows it
  • THE ADORKABLE – someone who is shy / clumsy and dorky but somehow still cute
  • THE AFFLUENT ASCETIC –  someone who is financially well off but chooses to live modestly or even spartanly
  • THE ABSENT-MINDED – someone who’s head is always in the clouds; they are usually very forgetful
  • THE ANAXIPHILIA – someone who loves or is attracted to an unsuitable partner
  • THE BATHING BEAUTY – someone, typically a female, that seems to enjoy baths and showers a lot and is often shown bathing more frequently than any of the other characters; much like a neat freak
  • THE BEASTRESS –  a female who is big, strong, and intimidating, while showing primal or animalistic trait
  • THE BUG MANIAC – someone who loves bugs
  • THE BIBULOUS – someone who drinks excessively
  • THE BROKEN BIRD – someone who has been through tough times and has not yet recovered
  • THE BLANK CANVAS – someone who is some kind of artist but lacks muse
  • THE BAR HOPPER – someone who loves to drink
  • THE CASANOVAtypically a male, someone who is a smooth talker; they’ve likely mastered the art of meeting + seducing others
  • THE CASANOVA WANNABEtypically a male, someone who wants to be a smooth talker but may be too awkward or just simply can’t do it
  • THE CHURCH OWL – a religious person
  • THE CUPID – someone who aspires to be a matchmaker, whether they’re good at it or not
  • THE CUTENESS PROXIMITY –  someone who turns into a bowl of mush at the sight of something cute ( me af )
  • THE CROWD PLEASER – someone whose motivation is public approval and praise; likely a kiss ass
  • THE CELEBRITY – someone who is famous in some way
  • THE DREAMER – someone who has many ambitions and dreams
  • THE DESPONDENT – someone who isn’t very happy, is often at a loss for hope
  • THE DRUGGIE – someone who enjoys doing drugs + may be a dealer
  • THE DEMUREtypically a female, someone who is shy and reserved
  • THE DRINKING BUDDY – someone who is willing to go out with nearly anyone for a drink; they are always a good time
  • THE EPICURE – someone who loves food
  • THE EBULLIENT – someone who is very cheerful and optimistic
  • THE ECCENTRIC MENTOR – a wise person who seems to be strange and is likely foolish
  • THE ESCAPIST – someone who wishes (or does) escape from reality
  • THE FERVOR – someone who feels emotions very intensely
  • THE FAINEANT – someone who is usually very lazy and doesn’t feel like doing anything
  • THE FACADE – someone who is likely an introvert / fake / hides behind a mask
  • THE FACEBOOK GAMER – someone who is obsessed with facebook games and will likely send you many game requests
🌌Spacekin self care tips🌌

🌌Surround yourself with things that remind you of home. Buy galaxy/alien/space themed everything.

🌌Dress in galaxy patterns, or clothes with aliens or flying saucers on them. Show the world you come from out there.

🌌Read or watch documentaries about space. It will remind you of your home.

🌌Make art of space. Paint, draw, write stories and poetry, make music, anything you can!

🌌If you feel nostalgic, buy a galaxy/space-themed bath bomb, turn on some ambient space music, and close your eyes as you soak in the bath. Enjoy the floating feeling and imagine you’re floating through space, either to your home planet (alienkin) or just through space (spacekin,galaxykin,etc.) .

🌌Look at the night sky.

🌌Stay safe! ^-^ Even if you were a galactic mass of stars, or a swirling nebula, or an alien creature on a far off planet, you’ve been put in a human body for whatever reason so cherish it, please. Your time to return will come, don’t rush it. I care.


Wrong Place Wrong Time (9)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 9 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 3,610

You woke up on the floor of the dusty room that Baekhyun had brought you to, looking up at two familiar faces. Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

“What happened?” Baekhyun frowned looking down at you.

“I don’t know I just came to see if she needed anything and to talk, but then I saw Sehun strangling her, she just blacked out.” Chanyeol bent down rubbing the side of your arm, trying to provide you with some comfort.

You lay there motionless for a while, wondering what exactly had just happened and why it happened. You knew Sehun was a nutcase but not to this extent. You allowed yourself to be helped up unto the bed by Chanyeol and Baekhyun, each taking an arm and escorting you over, supporting half or your body weight.

“What happened Y/N?” Baekhyun asked, stroking your shoulder lightly and waiting for your response. You sat there for a while not saying anything, still dazed by the situation and the loss of breath, eventually turning to Baekhyun you blinked and shook your head slightly.

“I don’t know. He just got mad, shouting about me not being allowed in this room or something. And then all of a sudden I –I couldn’t get his hands off of my neck.” You spluttered and burst out crying for the thousandth time in the past 48 hours. Chanyeol held his arms out towards you signalling an invitation for embrace, but you rested your head into Baekhyun’s chest instead, earning a scowl from Chanyeol.

“Hey that’s okay, don’t cry, you’re okay now right?”Baekhyun whispered in your ear, stroking your head almost lulling you to sleep. You nodded your head slowly, you were so tired all you wanted was some sleep, but you kept getting denied the chance. You were just about drifting off when a shouting voice brought you back to consciousness.

“Baekhyun! Baekhyun! Where are you?! Baek—oh here you are. What are you doing in here?” It was Kyungsoo standing at the door with bloodied hands by his sides, beads of sweat were rolling down his face and his dark hair was stuck to his forehead, he looked an absolute hot mess. “Why are you in here?” He said coldly, staring at Baekhyun square in the face. He stood there at the door breathing deeply in and out, you couldn’t tell whether or not he was breathing heavily due to the fact that he had ran down the corridor to the room or because he was getting mad at you Baekhyun and Chanyeol for being in the room. Why was this room conjuring such strong emotions from these men?

“That’s beside the point right now.” Baekhyun broke the unnerving silence. “What happened? Is everyone okay?” He pointed down at Kyungsoo’s blood- stained hands.

“No. It’s Jongdae he’s been shot. I –I don’t know if he’s going to make it. You have to do something. I can’t… with all that blood. It just –I just… I feel sick Baekhyun. Please go help him.” You held your breath, witnessing a crying Kyungsoo in front of you. Something you never thought you’d see. His crying was soundless but tears were streaming uncontrollably from his red eyes. He had that same blank expression on his face, but this time around you were capturing a sense of sorrow from it instead of one of hostility. Baekhyun didn’t need to be told twice, he bolted up from his place on the bed and sprinted out of the door to wherever he was needed, followed by a worried looking Chanyeol.

“Look after Y/N okay.” he called before he disappeared, but by the looks of things you were the one who would be looking after Kyungsoo. His face had turned pale and he was staring blankly at his hands, covered in what you now assumed to be Jongdae’s blood. His breathing was shallow now, the sound of it barely traceable and it was at this point that you found yourself dumbfounded at how ridiculous and ironic it was for a man who killed many others on a regular basis to be traumatised by the sight of blood and affected by the current situation so badly. You stared at Kyungsoo’s hands for a while, feeling a stream of bile rise to the back of your neck. His hands were absolutely soaked in blood, as though he had dipped them in a bucket full of it. Silently you stood up from where you were sat on the bed and exited the room down the corridor. Before long you were back with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a towel. Placing all of the items on the floor in a row you sat cross legged on the carpet in front of Kyungsoo, delicately taking one of his hands in yours you began to scrub the blood away. His face was still blank, staring at his hands in silence. He lifted his head up looking at you and blinking, once you were done with one hand, you placed it back down and carefully set about scrubbing the other hand.

“S-stop that.” Kyungsoo scowled at you, but you carried on washing his hands, making sure you reached under his nails.

“I said stop it!” He roared, grabbing his hands out of yours and rising up from the bed. “I’m capable of going to a sink and washing my hands!” He grabbed the towel that you had placed next to the bowl on the floor and set about drying them.

“I was only trying to help…” You trailed of, scooting yourself into the far corner of the room, you had been abused too many times in the past 48 hours and you didn’t want any more of what you had already received.

“Did anyone ask for your help?!” he raged, blood rushing to his face. “Honestly, I told Chanyeol to stop talking to you, for 3 years now I’ve been hot on his ass to ditch this stupid friendship of yours and he never fucking listened to me, now look where we’ve all ended up. Chanyeol can’t perform well, Yixing won’t concentrate and Jongdae is…” He let out a short breath and sank into a heap on the floor, shaking his head violently.  
Whipping his head back up, he glowered at you, a fire of fury and hurt burning in the depths of his eyes.  “And you’re in this fucking room.” He stood up again, picking the bowl of bloodied soapy water up with him, emptying it’s contents over your kneeling figure and dropping the bowl by your side. You were shaking with shock and the realisation that you and the carpet surrounding you were soaked in blood-mixed water.
“If you’re really desperate to clean something up, then deal with this shit. Don’t ever touch me without my permission again.” He kicked the bowl at the desk and stormed out of the room.

You sat there, covered in Jongdae’s blood hugging yourself and rocking yourself back and forth. This had to be a bad dream, a crazy nightmare. This couldn’t be where your life had ended up. You thought about it, you had been ‘missing’ for 48 hours now; your phone was ‘off’, you hadn’t shown up to work. Wasn’t anyone you knew worried about you? Your friends, your family your colleagues? Hadn’t anyone filed a missing report for you? Where were the police? You couldn’t live like this for much longer. But deep down inside you knew you had to cope because you weren’t getting out anytime soon, not if it meant you’d be getting out alive anyway, so you had to bare it no matter what. The blood was sticking to you now; you had to wash it off. Slowly you rose to your feet and trudged out of the room. You hadn’t been here for too long and you were already becoming overly familiar with how sick the corridors were making you feel, you turned a corner bumping into Chanyeol.

“Ah shit –You scared me. I was just coming to see how you were and—Y/N, what –what happened?” He stared at you with concern and confusion, pushing some of your hair out of your face he squinted, as if to get a better look at the state you were in.

“Please Chanyeol, I just need a bath.”

“But I —”

“I said I just need a bath!” You side stepped him quickly rushing further down the corridor and locking yourself inside the bathroom once you finally reached. You filled the tub up with warm water and threw in whatever type of soap you could find. Peeling the sticky clothes off of your skin, you threw them to a corner and sunk inside the tub. Dipping your whole body under water seemed tempting right now, but to be totally honest you were too cowardly to even dream of doing such a thing, so instead you grabbed a yellow sea sponge from the side and started scrubbing away at your body. You weren’t sure who it belonged to but you didn’t care at that point in time, you were just focused on getting Jongdae’s blood off of your skin.
You were rubbing so hard that your skin was becoming sore, no longer just scouring off the blood, you found that you were also trying to scrub away the emotional turmoil and physical pain that you had come face to face with in the short period of time you’d been here. Now you weren’t sure whether or not the blood washing away into the water was that which belonged to Jongdae or that which belonged to you and the new cuts and sores you were creating with the sponge.
Once you were sure that you were done, you pulled at the plug in the tub and had one last rinse down before jumping out. You saw a white bathrobe hanging on the back of the door and slipped into it before quietly making your way down the hallway. This time instead of going into Chanyeol’s room, you had found yourself in Baekhyun’s and were rummaging through his wardrobe before you found a navy blue baggy T-shirt and a grey pair of shorts. You didn’t know what to do after that; you were slightly lost you didn’t know where to go, you couldn’t go back to that room, you’d probably get attacked again, so instead you just curled into a ball under Baekhyun’s desk and feel asleep there.


That morning you weren’t woken by the beautiful cliché, fairytale sunlight peaking through the blinds, but instead you were greeted with a piercing scream. Your eye’s shot open and you looked to your right seeing a half naked Baekhyun standing there in his boxers, attempting to cover himself with his hands. You shut your eyes tight, covering them with your fingers.

“Y/N, what the heck are you doing here?! Get –get out!” He threw a pillow at you under his desk and wrapped his body with the duvet. He didn’t need to tell you twice, you scrambled to your feet and ran out of his room, not turning back as you apologised running down the corridor.

Your next point of call was the kitchen, you were starving and your rumbling stomach was telling you that it was time to eat, but when you go there you were alone with the last past person on earth that you wanted to be with. Kyungsoo.
Catching each other’s eyes, you quickly averted your gaze down to your feet and shuffled along to the fridge, looking through the shelves you saw a yoghurt and granola pot, it looked more than appetising so you grabbed it, taking a spoon out from a draw nearby and sat at a stool. The silence in the room was deadly, it was thick and could be cut with a knife. You did everything in your power to not look up and over at Kyungsoo, he seemed a lot better than he was yesterday. He still wore his signature unbothered pissed off expression but the hurt was no longer evident.

“Sorry.” You heard him mumble from across the table. You looked up at him in confusion knitting your brows together, surely you had heard incorrectly.
“What?!” he spat slamming his hand down onto the counter top. “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me. I’m not repeating myself.”
Gosh this man was stubborn you thought to yourself.

“Sorry… I was just shocked.” You mumbled, shovelling your yoghurt into your mouth.

“I’m man enough to know when I’ve made a mistake.” He rolled his eyes, his features softening slightly for the first time ever, making you raise your head in awe. He moved his head forward, narrowing his eyes slightly as he did, peering at you.

“What’s that on your neck?” He asked you, pointing his finger below your chin.

“Oh that.” You brought your fingers up to your neck and traced lightly above the cuts left behind. “Minseok —”

“No not the cuts, I’ll already know I was there remember.” He cut you off ignoring your statement, “I’m talking about those bruises. I didn’t know Jongin was into that weird kinky shit.” A look of disgust lingering on his face.

“Oh that… It wasn’t Jongin. It was Sehun.”

“Sehun? I didn’t know he was into that shit either. You’ve only known us for 2 minutes and you’re trying to get with everyone in the house. Wow you really are a whore. Jongdae wasn’t wrong.” He scoffed. You shook your head; you had enough of being called a whore, you were anything but that.

“No it’s not like that, I don’t like Sehun! He’s a fucking psycho! He strangled me, I was in that room and he got mad then he strangled me.”

“Oh he did? Of course Sehun did. Good, you deserved it.” Kyungsoo stared straight at you, gracing you with a twisted smile and rising up from his seat. “I don’t know what you thought you were doing waltzing into that room in the first place.”

“I didn’t just waltz into it.” You raised your voice defending yourself. “Baekhyun took me there.”

“You’re such a dirty liar Y/N. The only place lying will get you in this house is dead.” His face returned back to its usual expression and he started walking slowly out of the kitchen.
You had enough of the men in this house, but you knew you were stuck here so you had to endure it whether or not you wanted to. You sat there silently on your own finishing your pot of yoghurt when you heard someone else come into the room. Was it too much to ask for a moment’s peace?

“Can I speak to you please?”

It was Yixing he looked tired and pale, unlike you had seen him before and it was quite shocking to say the least. You nodded your head slowly.
“Actually maybe we can get out of this house for a while, what do you think I mean you’ll have to change first and put a mask and cap on, we can’t have anyone you know seeing you.” Your eyes widened with excitement, the thought of getting out of this hell hole for even just a second setting your heart racing with exhilaration and pleasure, you jumped up from your seat and walked over to him. You didn’t know what he wanted to talk about, but anything was worth it in exchange for a little taste of freedom, even if it was temporary.


The weather outside was grey and really nothing special, but to you it felt like paradise, when you realised that you hadn’t been outside for a couple of days now, you were wondering whether or not this was actually doing you any good since you’d be cooped back inside again soon and may end up more depressed after reliving everything that you were missing all over again. You took a quick glance over at Yixing and although he was pale and sweaty he looked so much more handsome in natural daylight. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, and yet his dark hair glistened and had a beautiful kind of sheen to it.

“Wow this is nice. I haven’t been out in the day for a while. This is nice right?” He looked to his right, down at you. You nodded meekly, things were still awkward between the two of you and him acting like nothing happened was making the tension even worse the air between the two of you was thick and you were sure he was aware of it just as much as you were. He sighed heavily and began to speak.

“Look I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday. I’m aware me and Baekhyun are the only ones ‘you have’ right now. So I shouldn’t have acted that way, but I felt a bit let down. You not taking my advice and everything, I felt like I was wasting my time talking to you. Also you defied me. That’s something I can’t stand.”

“I didn’t purposefully find Jongin and have a conversation with him; he practically dragged me to his room.” You frowned, angry that Yixing thought it was his business anyway. “Besides he didn’t seem that bad to me regardless.”
Yixing stopped in his tracks sneering at you and shaking his head.

 “You know nothing about Jongin. But if you want to hang out with him fine, you can do whatever you want.” He continued walking ahead of you, angry at this point. “Hurry up and don’t fall back!”

You arrived at a clothes shop on the corner of a high street that you did not even know existed. Yixing handed you a card that didn’t belong to him. “Go and pick stuff that you need and be quick about it.” He huffed crossing his hands over his chest tapping his foot on the floor impatiently. Nodding once, you rushed off down the aisles of the shop in search of clothing items that you needed

 “You’re sure that’s all, because you’re not coming back here anytime soon. The others don’t even know we’re here right now.” He said pointing at the bag in your hand and taking the card out of the other.

“Actually Yixing, I was wondering if we could go next door.”

“What for?” he frowned, creases on his forehead appearing from nowhere.  

“It was a health and beauty store.”

“Yeah, I know that. But you won’t need any makeup around the house. Trust me the last thing us guys give a shit about is the way you look.”

“Actually I umm… I need to pick up some sanitary towels.”

“Oh…” His face went straight; he nodded not saying another word and following you out of the clothes store to the store next.

Once in the store you hurriedly picked up some sanitary towels and popped them in your basket, you thought some makeup wouldn’t hurt too since you were already in the store, you already felt shit about being locked up in that house, the least you could do was doll yourself up to get yourself into a better mood. You quickly payed for all of the items in the basket and walked over to Yixing who was waiting for you by the door. He was paler than ever, sweating and panting for breath.

You hung your head in embarrassment handing him over the card. “Alright Yixing, I know that was awkward and stuff but it wasn’t that bad you don’t have to act like that.”

He shook his head at you. “No that’s not it.” He said breathlessly, “that’s –that’s not why… agh shit..aghh…”He pressed his fingers against the right side of his rib cage and winced in pain. “Let’s –let’s go back, you’re done right?”

“Yeah but, Yixing are you okay?” You lifted up his shirt to find a slit under his breast bone. You blinked twice out of shock and lowered his shirt. “Oh my gosh Yixing, what the –why haven’t you got Baekhyun to do anything about that?”

“It’s nothing. I’ll be fine”

“That’s not nothing. Have you seen how deep that is? Goodness you need to get that stitched up and treated Yixing.”

“No I can’t, not now. They need to focus on Jongdae. This can wait; he’s the priority right now. He needs Baek’s undivided attention.” He breathed in sharply and winced in pain again.

“This isn’t okay you look like you’re at deaths door. You need –”

“Just leave it Y/N okay! If you tell anyone else I won’t be responsible for what I do to you next!”
Even through his pain he was still capable of glaring at you and threatening you. He was supposed to be the nice one out of the bunch. It made you wonder just how bad Chanyeol was at times. Sighing out, you nodded your head and walked slowly back home allowing him to use your frame to support his weight.


Quite a while later you made it back to the house.
“I think I need to sit down” Yixing wheezed, nodding you walked to the kitchen with him. Minseok was there, eating an apple on the seat closest to you and Yixing.
“Yo, Minseok move down one will you? I have a headache” Yixing breathed slowly, shifting his weight from your shoulder to his feet, but as he did so, you saw his eyes roll backwards and he collapsed to the ground.

“Shit!” Minseok shouted running up from his seat and kneeling down beside Yixing. “Xing! Yixing wake up!” But there was still no reply, he lay there motionless, his skin whiter than before, if that was even possible.  Minseok looked up at you through angry eyes.

“Where the fuck have you two been and what the fuck did you do to him bitch?!”

Simon Scorns

(hi tumblr, welcome to another one of my fics written in 1 hour and uploaded without proofreading or editing! this was inspired by this post, where i was tagged by @carryonbydefault to write this! hope you all enjoy this, @witchraftywizardry, @lmaolanguagesamiright, @ anyone else)

Baz knew he had fucked up on the night that Simon Snow came home with his tongue pierced.

It wasn’t that Baz disliked it - in fact, it was rather attractive in a grungy sort of way - but he had chosen a silver sterling tongue stud, and refused to take it off.

“C’mon, Snow, don’t be that way,” he pleaded. Everytime he tried to get closer, Simon would stick out his tongue menacingly, and Baz was forced to retreat. It probably made a funny sight. It wasn’t funny to Baz, though. “Fucking hell, what did I even do?”

“Nothing,” said Simon, stubbornly.

Baz rolled his eyes. “Don’t give me that. I must have done something. And from the looks of it, something terrible, considering you went and got your tongue pierced just to spite me.”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you,” he insisted. “Maybe I just like how it looks.”

“Sure.” Baz said. “So you’re saying you’re not mad at me. That you just put the one metal I can’t touch in your mouth. Because you like it.”


“… Alright. I guess you can change it in a few days when it heals,” he said, still not buying it but not willing to press the subject. He couldn’t think of anything he had done (recently) to warrant this, so maybe Simon was telling the truth? He was airheaded like that sometimes. “So, what are we having for dinner?”



Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time his boyfriend had done something like this. Simon wasn’t very good at communicating his feelings, so he often resorted to petty actions whenever he was upset. But poor Baz was honestly stumped over what he had done this time.

(He was currently standing ten feet away from where Simon sat eating garlic bread, with a look of pure loathing on his face.)

“Love…” he began. “Are you sure there’s nothing you want to talk about?”

“Nope,” Simon said, taking a giant bite out of his garlic bread.


“There’s nothing!” the other boy insisted. “Except I kind of smell like garlic now. I’ll go take a bath, since it bothers you so much.”

“Thank you,” said Baz with obvious relief in his tone. He loved Simon, but it was hard to be around him while he stunk of the most evil bulb in all of the bulb family. (Except maybe onions.)

Simon walked past him to get to the bathroom, sending Baz skittering away from him to avoid the stench. He smirked as he pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and opened the bathroom door.

“What, you’re drinking in the bath now?” asked Baz.

“This isn’t for drinking,” said Simon. “This is for bathing.”

He turned the clear bottle so that Baz could read the label. When he did, Baz groaned.

“Babe, can we talk about this?”

“No,” Simon said, and poured all the contents of the vial labelled “holy water” into the bath.

This couldn’t continue. Once Simon got out of the bath, Baz cornered him, intent on fixing whatever he had done once and for all. But Simon wasn’t responding, and it burned to get too close.

“Please talk to me,” Baz begged. “I can’t take this, not knowing why you’re mad at me or what I’ve done to deserve this!”


“Come on.” He said. “Use your words, Simon.”

That finally got a reaction out of him. He crossed his arms and scowled. “Open the fridge.”

“I’m not getting you more garlic.”

“Just open the damn fridge.”

Baz opened the fridge and looked at his boyfriend inquiringly.

“Tell me what you see,” he demanded.

The cold-blooded boy leaned forward for a better look. “Last night’s chicken, lettuce, milk, ham, leftover Italian-”

“And you were the last one to go grocery shopping, correct? You bought everything?”


“Now tell me what you don’t see.”

“Lots of things? I don’t see a 3 pound gummy bear, because you ate that last week. I don’t see my dignity.”

“Look harder,” Simon commanded.

Baz sighed but did. His eyes darted to all their usual provisions, including eggs and cheese, almond milk and fruit, but he still didn’t understand what was in their fridge that could have angered Simon so much-



“Butter,” he said. “I forgot to buy butter.”

Simon leaned back in his chair with an angry expression on his lovely face, looking for all the world like a toddler that had just been denied a lollipop.

“Simon, did you go through all this just because I forgot to buy butter?”

“I always remind you, and this is the second time you’ve forgotten it! I wanted to make scones yesterday but then I realized that my loving boyfriend forgot the most essential thing on our grocery list-”

“Christ, Simon, I’ll go buy you butter right now if it means you’ll cut it out!” Baz choked out through his laughter. (He was laughing harder than maybe ever before in his life. His boyfriend was ridiculous.)

“Better get a move on, then.”

“I’m going!” said the hysterical vampire. “I’ll be home with butter or my name isn’t Baz Pitch. And will you please wash all that shit off? I want to kiss you when I get home.”

Simon scowled again, but nodded. “Only if you get the good butter.”

Baz groaned (but agreed) before sweeping out of the apartment and onto the streets. The best brand of butter was called Echiré and cost a ridiculous £10, as opposed to the usual price of £1-£2. But Simon was worth a few extra pounds, even when he was an idiot.

Baz remembered the tongue stud and how good it looked, how hot it would be with anything other than silver in it, and decided that he wouldn’t change his idiot for the world.


☡self care is important☡

Just a reminder that IT’S OKAY to treat yourself every once in awhile. Today, I wanted to get so much done. But it was stressful for no reason in particular, so I decided to take a step back, relax, and self indulge. Bath, tea, facial mask, music, a good book. Whatever you need to center & refocus yourself. Your mental health is so so so important! Please look after it 💕💕💕

「 rainy days ☔︎ 」

● jeon jungkook / reader

● fluff ☕︎

● word count: 2.2k

summary: a rainy friday evening in with your sweet, sweet boyfriend.

Today’s shift at your part-time job took its toll on you. Usually, coffee shops are calm and cozy. The “Kim’s Coffee Shop” owners are kind people who treat you like their own family and just recently, they left to go on vacation, leaving you and a few others to take care of the shop. The owners do this once in a while, taking a break and enjoying their savings, and before they did, they even gave you two weeks off starting at the end of today’s shift. But of course, on your last day, the shop would be as busy as ever. It was as if the whole population of the city of Seoul came to get their coffees and cakes as if the city only had one coffee shop. Business was booming, but so was your headache.

The day finally came to an end, and you didn’t think it was possible for it to get worse. The moment you closed up shop and waved everyone goodbye, the sound you were dreading to hear boomed across the sky. Thunder. You knew it was bound to rain by the looks of the clouds while you were working but were hoping it would start when you got home. You liked the rain. The soft pitter-patter of the raindrops against your window was calming and easily lulled you to sleep, but on some days, like this, the rain came with loud thunder and lightning flashes. You weren’t a fan of the latter. What’s even worse is that you forgot your headphones and umbrella at home which made your mood even worse.

“Ah, what the heck.. this day just keeps getting worse.” You sigh, wanting to smack yourself for not even wearing clothes with a hood as you began to walk the five blocks home. Everything seems to be getting worse as the rain fell on you harder, leading you to take shelter at a fast food restaurant. You’re quick to pull out your phone, hoping to send a text, but to your dismay, the all too familiar scene of the shutting down of the screen only meant there was no battery remaining.

“Seriously?” You groan, ignoring the eyes that were on you. The people seemed to stare from the booths they were sitting on to where you stood; a soaking wet Kim’s Coffee employee and her bad attitude due to the rain and lack of phone battery.

You stayed at the restaurant for about ten more minutes before deciding that the rain has slowed down a little before proceeding to continue walking home. The walk home seemed quicker than usual, most likely because of your lack of focus on anything else. You just wanted to get home after such a long day. Your fatigue seemed to wash over you as you search for the apartment keys in your bag, the lack of energy and the possibility of sickness from the rain was taking over. Before you could unlock the door, keys in hand, it swings open to reveal the very aspect of why you call your home, a home.

“Baby,” he lets out a sigh of relief as he pulls you into the foyer of the apartment you both share. His warmth and the familiar scent of his cologne makes your headache disappear, and you gladly accept his affection.

“I was so worried about you. You didn’t answer my calls.”

“My phone died right when I was just about to text you Jungkook. Sorry.” You mumble, and he hums in content as he holds you by the shoulder at an arm’s length to examine your drenched appearance.

“Wait right here,” he sits you down on the bench near the entrance before helping you remove your shoes. He makes his way down the hall and enters the bathroom. A moment later, you begin to hear the sound of rushing water.

He returns with a towel hung over his shoulder. He holds his hand out for you to take and you give him a smile as he leads you to the bathroom. The scent of vanilla that was filling the room emanated from the bathtub where it was a creamy and buttery froth of bubbles.

“Get in the tub. I’ll be right back.” He places a kiss on your nose before disappearing down the hall. You chuckle at his thoughtfulness. You weren’t surprised, though. Jungkook knew how to treat you. You strip down after pulling your hair into a messy bun before stepping into the tub. The warmth of the bathwater made you hazy. You felt like you were about to fall asleep right there if not for the way Jungkook rapidly opened and shut cupboards from the kitchen. Ah. What could he be up to now? You sigh, sinking deeper into the bath, inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla.

“Don’t fall asleep on me now, princess. Not after all the trouble I went through to prepare this five-star meal,” he pouts, and you melt at the sight of him. He held a small wooden tray (the one you would serve breakfast for him in the lazy mornings in bed) with two glasses of water and two cups of ramen. You giggle as he wiggles his eyebrows. Five-star meal, huh? He takes a seat on the comfy leather chair beside the tub.

“You know, I thought you put this chair here just for the anesthesia-”

“Pause! Do you mean the ‘aesthetic’?” You burst out laughing while he pouts, and you completely forget about today’s tiring events.

“Aesth- Ah! Whatever! It just makes me appreciate that with little things like this chair, we can still hang out even when you’re in a bubble bath!” You smile at his words but before you could agree to his statement he cuts you off, “I mean, I know, we’ve had lots of fun in the bath and shower together but-”

“Okay, I get it. Please stop. You’re ruining the tranquil atmosphere.” You roll your eyes at him but gladly accept the cup of ramen he was gracefully handing over to you.

“I understand the concept of people having a glass of wine in the bath but to have ramen?” You grab the chopsticks that he was giving to you.

“We are simply ahead of our time, baby girl,” he chuckles as he begins to eat, “We should like- Fill the bathtub with hot water and cook like thirty-two packs of ramen..”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” he teases in a sing-song voice as you roll your eyes.

“I have two weeks off, by the way. Maybe we could finally take this time to talk about getting a puppy?”

“Forget about that, are you saying we have a whole two weeks to ourselves?” He wiggles his brows and you raise a finger to point at the door.

“Get out, Jeon.”

As you both finished up the cup ramen, Jungkook puts the trash away along with the glasses as you finished your bath with a cold refreshing shower. After drying up you made your way into your room, you found clothes already laid out. The all too familiar oversized sweater and silk shorts.

“(Y/N)! Get over here!” You hear the loud gruff of your boyfriend, and quickly you shuffled over to where he was. The living room was glittering with fairy lights, the once that belonged in your bedroom.

“What is this?” You observe the living room set up. Multiple blankets were strewn across the big “L” shaped couch that you had. Pillows and a few of your stuffed animals were also present among the mess of blankets. Your eyes finally land on Jungkook. He switched his casual attire for gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He had a warm smile that made you feel as if you were melting. His eyes seemed to twinkle more than usual. You tried to make yourself sound less infatuated with him by claiming that it was probably the work of the fairy lights.

“Pillow fort!” He cheers, arms high in the air, and you chuckle.

“This looks more like a fluffy cloud to me,”  you pad on over to him, taking a seat beside him as he pulls the blanket over both of you. Right now, everything is perfect. You are in the warm embrace of your boyfriend and you couldn’t be happier. As you both sat there at the corner of the sofa, the soft sound of Crush’s voice and the sound of rain begins to lull you to sleep. It wasn’t long before Jungkook began to sing with the track. All the more, the vibrations you felt as your head was placed on his chest only added to your comfort.

“Beautiful life, beautiful day..” He sang, and you hummed in agreement. Somehow, the thought of loud thunder and bright flashes of lightning didn’t bother you anymore. He stops, only to tilt your chin up so you could face him.

“You had a long day today, right?” His brows furrow in concern and you bring your finger up to tap him on the nose.

“I’m better now. Thanks to you.” You lean up to place a gentle peck on his lips, though he’s quick to bring you back for more. The hand around your waist tightens, and the other pulls you in closer to sit on his lap. As you wrap your arms around his neck, Jungkook lets out a moan that masks the sound of thunder outside.

“Next time it rains, I don’t want you to be scared,” he moves a strand of your hair out of your eyes, tucking it in behind your ear. “I want you to remember tonight, so rainy days never bother you again.”

Your heart flutters, and you can’t help but kiss him.

“Is this all we’re doing tonight?” You ask him, and he smirks as he moves his lips to the base of your neck.

“Oh? Want to do something else? Care to enlighten me, baby girl?” You feel the all too familiar feeling of his lips against your neck, and you shudder.

“Shut up, you pervert. That’s not what I meant.” You roll your eyes as you push his face away from where he was nipping at your skin.

“We could watch a movie if you want?” He proposes as he brings the hand pushing him away up to his lips, placing soft kisses along the palm and fingertips.

“That sounds nice. Could we order food too?” You bring another hand up, running your fingers through his hair and you smile in satisfaction as he shudders. He loves it when you play with his hair.

“That ramen wasn’t enough, huh?” He laughs as you pout.

“If I can’t be full from one, I know you can’t be. You once ate six cups of ramen in the middle of the night.” You roll your eyes at him, and he chuckles as he ruffles up your hair.

“Hey, we said we wouldn’t talk about that again..” He buries his face into your neck in an attempt to hide his embarrassment, and you giggle as he groans.

“When did we establish that? I’ll be telling this story forever!” You laugh as he pinches the tip of your nose.

“Come on, (Y/N), don’t do this to me. I was just really hungry, okay?”

“No way! I still can’t believe I came home from a late shift to find you sprawled on the floor of our kitchen, six empty cups of ramen at your side.” He pleads for you to stop, not wishing to hear the all too familiar situation.

“Your lips were so swollen from the spicy broth. It was adorable!” You continue to tease him as he stiffens under you, and soon you were on your back as he held both of your wrists by your head.

“Am I still adorable now?” His eyes are dark, and his voice is low and husky. You can’t help but think of how good he looks right now. At this point, you’re fighting the urge to lean up and kiss his lips that are oh so close to yours.

“You’re as cute as ever!” You chuckle, and he groans in defeat, beginning to place kisses all over your face.

“I can never win with you, can I?” At this point, his eyes are back on yours, and you can’t help but sigh.

“You can, but you always seem to let me win.” You smile, and he does the little nose scrunch and neck movement that he does when he gets shy.

“We’ve been together for almost four years, and you still get shy around me, Jeon?” You smirk as he hums. He has become your home and your comfort. He was someone you couldn’t live without.

“Can’t help it. I always feel like this around you.” He shrugs as you free your wrists from his grasp, wrapping your arms around his neck as you bring him closer, noses touching in an Eskimo kiss.

“I love you, baby,” he whispers as he nudges his lips against yours, “so much.”

Before you could even answer, his lips are already on yours. You guess you’ll just have to tell him later when you reward him for being oh so good to you.

a/n: oh my. i haven’t written in a while. it took me so long to finish this. i apologise if it was too fluffy. i’m really bad at keeping up with requests, but feel free to leave some suggestions for me to write about in my ask (and if you wanna, follow me for more of these little writings ☺︎ )! i love jungkook so much, and i appreciate you reading this short little thing that my thirsty ass wrote. ah, please also forgive the mistakes.. i will proofread this soon!! oopsie

- j ❀

lavender & rosemary "i'm sick of being sweaty" bath!

idk about anyone else, but i’m entering into my annual summertime funk. the newness of warm weather has worn off and it’s miserably hot here in the southern united states and i feel very smelly and uncomfortable most of the time. to remedy this, at least for today, i decided to take a cleansing and calming bath, good for both mind and body, and i thought i’d share it with you all!

what you’ll need:
- packet of powdered milk
- plain epsom salt
- lavender essential oil
- rosemary essential oil
- candles or crystals (optional)

how you do it:
1. get your hot bath running! not scalding, but you want the temperature up there so that the salt will dissolve easily.
2. in a jar, mix one to one and a half cups of epsom salt and the packet of powdered milk. you don’t have to do this in a jar - sometimes i mix it all in the packet the milk comes in because i’m lazy and don’t want to clean a container afterwards.
3. into your salt and milk mixture, add the lavender and rosemary oils. the number of drops will depend on how fragrant you want your bath. i do about 15 drops of lavender and eight-ish of rosemary. i like to use less rosemary because i find the aroma of it to be stronger than lavender and we don’t want our sweet calming friend overpowered. adding the essential oils into the milk/salt mixture is important because that allows them to really get into the bath instead of floating on top of the water not doing a whole lot for you.
4. dump your mixture into that bath water! this would be the time to set up any candles or crystals or whatever helps you to wind down and feel the best, and also to say a little blessing over the mixture if you want added witchy oomph. today, i chose to stare at it and think, “i feel like shit this afternoon, please help me to feel relaxed and clean and peaceful” before pouring it under the running water.
5. step into the bath and use your tootsies to mix the powder and salt around. a big lump of epsom salt sitting over your drain is not what we want.
6. sit or lie down in the bath and let those good ingredients do their work! i like to lie down and let my ears go under the water - the sound of my heartbeat slowing is very calming to me. read a book! watch a video on your phone! scroll through tumblr! meditate! do whatever it is that will help you really get into that relaxed mood.
7. when the water has cooled or you’re just over it, pull the plug on the drain and sit in the tub until the water has fully gone, thinking of all your stress and icky sweaty funkiness going down that drain, away from your now moisturized and fragrant body.
8. when you get out, dry yourself with a new towel - not the one you’ve been using the past three showers. put on something comfy that makes you feel cute and bask in the feeling of calm.

that’s it! i hope this helps you as much as it helps me. you can use the milk + salt base for any combination of essential oils for a different vibe for your bath. this is a good bath to do on a lazy day or right before bed, because you’ll be in a very relaxed kind of mood after this one. i apologize for a lack of photos - i’m on mobile!

Spell Challenge Day 2: Relaxation Bath Potion

(word inspired by: Bath)

Use this potion in a warm bath to help relax your body and mind. Ease away worry and give yourself a calming moment. This potion is to invoke calmness and relax you while you bathe; best used after tiring, stressful and/or busy days. May also be used for bath meditations if desired.

You Will Need:

  • A bottle with a cap or cork (can be plastic or glass)
  • Scentless liquid castile soap (or scentless gel soap)
  • Bath safe blue glitter
  • Bath safe silver glitter
  • Coconut Oil
  • One or any of the following herbs: mint, chamomile, lavender and/or rose petals (white or pink preferably)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil (amount varies)
  • Optional: store it with or when using it bathe next to amethyst and/or rose quartz


  1. Clean out your bottle if needed. You can also optionally charge it in the moonlight before adding in your ingredients
  2. Into it add whatever your preferable amount of blue and silver bath safe glitter. Then add your herb(s), the amount of which will depend on the size of the bottle you are using, though do not add too much. A small amount goes a long way.
  3. melt your coconut oil to a slightly warm temperature, just enough to melt it before pouring it into the bottle. Please do not heat it until it is boiling!
  4. Fill the bottle with your scentless castile soap until it is full or near full. If necessary do it in small bits so you can mix the glitter and herbs into it as you fill. Shake it as well to further mix everything together. Add more glitter or herbs if needed.
  5. Finally add your eucalyptus essential oil until it is scented to your pleasing. This may depend on the size of the bottle you are using. The smell of the eucalyptus will help you relax but you don’t want it too overpowering.
  6. Store at room temperature. When using add amount desired while filling a warm bath. While using focus on the bubbles, glitter and scent of the potion surrounding you easing away anything weighing you down. Allow your body to relax. Place gemstones around tub or rim of tub to help with the relaxing energies.

Other Notes: You may also add food coloring in small amounts to potion to color it if desired, especially if the color is one that corresponds with relaxation such as blue. Food coloring will not stain tubs and is safe to use though not much is needed. This bath can also be used after tiring rituals or spells. You may charge the potion with the crystals previously listed above or in the moonlight.

anonymous asked:

If you have the time, can you do headcanons of vanderwood and saeran taking care of their s/o when their sick or vice versa? I really love your blog btw!!

Awwh, thank you, anon! Here you go, I hope you enjoy~


(taking care of MC)

  • Mask on? ✓
  • Hair in a ponytail? ✓
  • Chicken stock, onions, celery, carrots, basil, freshly made noodles, basil, oregano… and tons of other ingredients from the grocery store all ready to go? ✓
  • alright Vanderwood it’s chicken noodle soup go-time
  • As soon as they hear you’re sick, they show up in total and complete mom-mode. They do your dishes, vacuum your floors, fold your laundry, and basically make sure you’ve got nothing to do around the house during the entirety of your illness.
  • You don’t actually see a lot of them while they’re over. Mostly they just confine you to bed rest while they get their work done in the other room and make you meals. They say it’s because they don’t want to catch your illness - but the way they avert their eyes signals one of their typical evasions of the truth.
  • It’s just… so uncomfortable seeing you miserable, especially when they know they can’t do very much. Honestly? They’d love to just stay in bed and cuddle with you but oh boy is that embarrassing to admit, and, y’know, it’s true that they don’t want to get sick. They hate getting sick.
  • being left totally alone is driving you a bit nuts though, especially since they won’t let you DO anything, so you manage to convince them to at least let you be in the same room as them. So they’re working at the table while you’re sprawled out on the couch watching TV in a stupor…
  • and. okay. maybe about an hour in they give up - not because they’re worried or want to be by you or anything, they just. y’know. are tired of work and want to also take a television break next to you.
  • (they totally pet your hair, because there’s no germs on ur hair ok)

(Being taken care of)

  • Vanderwood hates being sick, so when they catch a cold they are just the sulkiest bastard on the planet
  • seriously they will not stop whining and moaning about it
  • “please let me tear off my nose it’s not necessary”
  • “use the stun gun, MC, knock me out”
  • They want to be on whatever drugs make them the sleepiest.
  • The worst thing is the snot. They feel so gross and want to take a million showers.
  • (You bring over some nice bath salts and other fancy toiletries to make them feel better. vanderwood secretly loves bath bombs ok)
  • when they’re not conked out, they’re getting extremely anxious over the state of the house. (there’s dust on the windowsill! there’s dishes in the sink! LET ME VACUUM THE FLOOR)
  • they try to get up and do those things but you’re like
  • get the fuck back in bed u giant hypocrite
  • (you try to do the housework but they whine at you that you’re not doing it right)
  • basically, what I’m saying is Vanderwood is a huge pain in the ass.
  • they make you wear a mask around them because YOU’RE NOT GETTING SICK OK
  • actually, they tell you to stay away from them, and are mostly very insistent about this
  • when they are really sick and really sleepy tho, you basically get a big, miserable Vanderwood in your lap. you don’t complain, because you know this is what they wanted all along.
  • (when they wake up and realize they drooled ALL OVER YOU they apologize like a million times)
  • shut up vanderwood u big baby


(taking care of MC)

  • you tell saeran it’s fine, it’s just a cold, but lmao this child does not listen
  • He is by you 24/7. he doesn’t even care if he gets sick it’s YOU and he will be READY TO ADMINISTER THE KISS OF LIFE THE SECOND U NEED IT
  • (saeran that’s NOT WHAT THAT’S FOR)
  • Seriously he is rendered useless by you being ill, and he will NOT leave the chair in the corner of your room.
  • (you have to shove him out so you can shower)
  • Saeran tries to be a responsible adult and take care of things for you but you walk in one morning and lmao he’s ruined one of your pans in a horrible pancake accident
  • (plz baby it’s ok we’ll just order takeout)
  • he won’t even let you eat by yourself, seriously he tries to feed you everything
  • but he won’t even admit that this is weird and that he’s freaking out
  • “No this is normal, this is what you do for sick people, I read it on the internet”
  • “where.”
  • “….….  .. a website.”
  • “what website”
  • anyway, as bad as Saeran is as a caretaker…
  • he’s an even worse patient.

(being taken care of)

  • “i have a runny nose and a fever I MUST HAVE LUPUS I OBVIOUSLY ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS TO LIVE”
  • (take mayoclinic away from this idiot)
  • he hides in closet like a dying animal because he doesn’t want anyone near him while he’s sick and vulnerable
  • you coax him out with goldfish and candy bars.
  • eventually, you manage to convince him to take some fucking nyquil and it’s probably the most intimate display of trust he’s ever shown you
  • While he’s out, you make him all of his favorite foods to try to make this less miserable. You also get a bunch of DvDs of his favorite shows.
  • He lives on the couch from that point on and is just curled up next to you.
  • he complains so much.
  • more than vanderwood.
  • that is a lot of complaining.
  • he totally clams up around anyone else though and you realize he’s only doing that because he trusts you enough that he’ll display weakness around u
  • you’re like the only person he’ll voice his troubles to congrats
  • enjoy your horribly whiny sick boyfriend.
Bath Magic

I thought I’d make a little reference post for what to add to your bath for whatever troubles you.

I find it not only relaxing but very helpful to add herbs to my bath, along with stones. of course, take out any stones and large pieces of plant matter before draining the tub. You may also use a strainer that can speed up the cleaning.

I also would like to touch on this, while I do offer suggestions for emotional pain, and other problems, I only mean these to be used along with proper medical treatment. Please don’t use any of this as a substitute for medicine, therapy, or other medical treatment. Magic is never a substitute. Everything below is meant to be used in ADDITION to other means of help. I just really want to stress this.

Sleep Issues

  • Can’t get relaxed? Throw some lavender and/or chamomile in there
  • Having nightmares? Toss in some salt and a few sprigs of rosemary
  • Got too much energy to sleep? Put some onyx or jet in the bath. It will help ground you.

Emotional Issues:

  • Feeling down? Pluck the petals from a sunflower and toss them in. You can also add a cup of orange juice!
  • Lacking confidence?  Add in some rosemary, thyme and some basil.
  • Needing some comfort? Rose Quartz, sage and vanilla can do some good.
  • Anxiety? Add some onyx and some lavender.
  • Got alot of negativity in your life? Take a nice milk bath.
  • Dealing with loss of loved one? This one is best to do at night, but you could add rose quartz, wheat and mistletoe.
  • Had your heart broken? Jade, cinnamon and violets.

Other Issues:

  • Having trouble communicating with someone? Daisies, dandelion, lavender and allspice can be of aid
  • Trying to overcome a creative block? Peppermint, jasmine and cinnamon might get the wheels turning.
  • Having family trouble? Lapis Lazuli and rose petals in the bath may help develop solutions.
  • Trying to get pregnant? Pine needles, sage, rose petals and lemon balm will not only smell incredible, but may just help.

 Alright guys!!! I really hope you like and hopefully this helps someone out :) Spent a while on it so if you like it, or want a second part please reblog or like :)

aestheniaa  asked:

Lately I've been losing motivation to do anything. And I've been feeling so lazy, worthless, and I'm so stressed out. Like I feel I cant and won't do anything right. Finals are next week and I have late work from some of my classes. Any advice?

I don’t understand why, but stress makes people loose a lot of their motivation. Forget about “getting work done”, the second I feel stressed I start binge watch crime dramas. Science Side of Tumblr please explain.

My advice to you is to take a little bit of time to relax. I know this may seem counterproductive, but you’re not going to be able to get the work you need to do done if you stay stressed. Spend some time taking care of yourself, and then take care of everything else!

Stress Relief 

1. Take A Bath. Baths are my go to stress reliever (I like to watch my crime dramas while submerged). Use whatever you already have lying around: 

  • Bath bombs
  • Bubble bath
  • Tea candles
  • Incense
  • Bath salts

2. Spa Day. There is nothing that I love more than a low-budget Spa Day. It’s so important to take care of your skin- it’s the largest organ in your body. 

3. Day Trip. It’s so hard to get away, especially when you’re trying to plan a long trip with friends and/or family. Treat yourself to a day trip solo or with a few close friends. Day trips don’t have to be big occasions! They can be as simple as driving a few towns over and getting food and seeing a movie. Here are some ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Road trip
  • Picnic at a destination
  • Visiting a museum/planetarium/aquarium
  • Shopping at a speciality shop
  • Visiting a friend who lives a couple hours way

4. DIY/Home Repairs. An easy way to feel productive is to do some simple housework. This can be anything from straight up cleaning to simple DIY repairs.

  • Hang the poster you bought three months ago
  • Clean out your closet and donate to your local shelter
  • Weed your garden
  • Bake an apple pie
  • Sort through your old paperwork
  • Groom your pets
  • Mop your kitchen while listening to the Broadway station
  • Tighten any loose screws in wooden furniture

5. Treat yourself. While many of the other options I suggested cost little to no $$, these options do.

  • Get some Panera to-go
  • Buy those things sitting in your Amazon cart
  • Take yourself thrift store shopping
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Get a professional massage
  • Buy the most expensive chocolate bar you can find
The Empath Bath

Okay, so it’s not just for empaths, but it will help empaths and those who need help staying grounded and whose energy needs cleansing. This spell is all about balancing and cleansing your own emotions and energies and protecting you from the energy of others. While it is a bath spell, it could easily be modified for a shower satchet/disk. 

What you need:

Nice hot bath
Gem elixir of your choosing, preferrebly charged in moonlight
Lavender - for peace
**Wormwood - to be rid of negative energies and balance emotions
Sage - protection and cleansing
Angelica root - for protection from evil and cleansing of energies

Rose petals/water (mostly for aesthetic tbh) - drawing in love
Sigils of your choice (I used this one, this one, and this one.)
Gemstones to sit by your bath (I used obsidian and Tiger’s Eye)
Dragon’s Blood incense (I find it gives my spells an extra powerful kick)

Suggested gemstones to use: rose quartz, obsidian, tourmaline quartz, black tourmaline, lepidolite, lapis lazuili, flourite, kyanite, amethyst. (Please note that not all gemstones can/should go in water. If you want to make a gem elixir with a gem that should not get wet, put it in a smaller, dry cup/bowl and place that inside the water you plan on using.) 

**Please note that wormwood can be dangerous for pregnant people. If you are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, I do not recommend the use of wormwood. (It encourages menstruation.) While it is fantastic in a bath for cleansing energy and is surprisingly good for your skin, this herb may not be safe for everyone. Please use caution in using various herbs like this one.

Draw your water. In a coffee filter or whatever you use to make a bath satchet (I personally use coffee filters, as they are cheap and easily accessible) put the herbs the filter and tie it up with a string. (You can even color code the string with your intent!) 

Place the satchet in the water as the tub fills up. Pour the gem elixir in the water. By the time the tub is full, you’ll have some great magick and energy already flowing! If you use rose petals, add those in once the water is done filling the tub.

Light the candles and incense if you’re using them. Put on a nice playlist of music that makes you feel calm and relaxed. It may also help to rub or place the satchet on certain energy points on your body to help clear away any energy blockages you may have. (I find the heart and solar plexus energy points get clogged easily for me as an empath.) 

I don’t tend to speak much when crafting spells, but if you do, you can easily chant over the water or while you are soaking in the tub. 

As the water drains, imagine all of the negative energy washing away. As you dry off and put on some comfy clothes, feel confident in the way your emotions and energies are your own and you are safe from stray energies.

If you use this spell, let me know how it works for you!

So naïve

Robb Stark x fem!Reader

Words: 1084
Notes: Y/N = your name

Imagine taking a bath in your room while talking with Arya about her eldest brother, ending up bare naked in front of him.

Originally posted by mofobian

– Please, don’t make them too straight or she will know – Arya pled, worried, as she looked at the stitches you were sewing.

You were in the tub right now, because you thought you could have a relaxing warm bath for once.

So naïve from you.

After a crazy morning, you were in your chamber at last, Grey Wind beside you: you didn’t know the reason, but sometimes he just joined you, wherever you were and whatever you were doing. Maybe he appreciated your company, maybe it was the fact you allowed him to sleep on your mattress.

However, right when you eased down in the hot embrace of the water, Arya burst into your room crying: she had to complete her embroidery for the next day, or Septa Mordane would have forced her to sew all week long. Obviously, it was late afternoon and her work was still up in the air.

– Jon promised me he would train me, tomorrow – she sighed falling on her knees in front of the tub, – I can’t miss that!

Her big sad eyes locked on your hesitant ones, and the next moment you were in the water sewing stitches.

– You owe me one – your voice taking a vague scolding tone, but Arya, now seated on your bed with Grey Wind, could see you were laughing on the inside.

Of all girls in the house, you were the only one she could really get along with. You were the first child of your family, staying in Winterfell in care of Catelyn Stark to become a proper Lady of the North. Lady Catelyn respected you for your cleverness and education, Sansa admired your perfect manners. Then there was Arya, the one who liked you because you could kick ass at riding and archery. Despite your age difference, since you were nearly the same age as Robb and Jon, Arya really considered you her friend, from the first time you comforted her after Septa Mordane scolded her, the time you told her about all the hurdles you had to face to become like a Lady.

– I swear, my dear Lady Y/N – she answered acting formal, – I will commend you for your beauty, your kind heart and your mercy in front of Robb every day of my life, from now on!

You looked at her in shock for a second.

– Where does Robb come in? – you asked, trying your best to get a grip of yourself, doing another stitch on the cloth. It came out ugly and crooked, the worst stitch ever sewed.

Even if it was true that you had taken a fancy on the eldest Stark son, you were sure, totally sure you had concealed it pretty well; but Arya had just proved you wrong and now she was smirking, very amused, at you. You could say it from her gaze, she was aware of that for a while now.

How many people noticed? Theon? He would have forever teased you for that. And Robb? What if Robb knew?

– Promise me you’ll never tell anyone, give me your word! – you beg the girl, sticking a little bit out from the tub, because the situation was really making you nervous.

Arya seemed not to get your distress and started laughing. Then you stretched out your arm with the embroidery in your hand, dangerously close to the water surface, and she quit it.

– Or I sink it right now – you threatened. The girl started pleading again.

– I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Y/N! I’ll do anything, just don’t ruin it!

You eased down, laying your back to the warm tub, your eyes still on Arya. You scrutinized her carefully, then asked – How did you know, however?

Arya swallowed, keeping her gaze glued to the embroidery you were about to complete.

– Sansa told me – she admitted.

A sigh left your lips as Arya kept on talking while distractedly petting her brother’s direwolf.

– She saw you that day, you and Robb… When we were riding back home…

You could remember that day perfectly.

It was a warm afternoon, so Arya, Sansa, Bran, Rickon and you decided to take a stroll to the river in the Wolfswood. After more or less an hour, Robb, Theon and Jon rode along too and you all spent a great time together. Eventually the evening was coming, and everyone agreed it was easier going home by horse; that was why you ended up riding with Robb, on the same saddle, right behind him. The feeling of your chest against his back, the comforting warm spread from his body, and the way you hold on to him…

– You’d better tighten your hold, Lady Y/N – he said at some point, turning his head to check on you. He was smiling and, as he kept looking at you with his lovely Tully eyes, his hand softly took yours. You were speechless, totally and splendidly dazed just for having him so close and in your arms. Before turning again, Robb stared at you for another moment, as his eyes seemed to glow in a different light. He was the most handsome man you had ever seen and his face was just a few inches from yours. That single thought made you blush madly, all of your feeling towards him written all over your face. His fingers gave yours a little squeeze, than he spurred to make the horse run faster.

Feeling your face heating up, you came back to reality, in your room with Arya and Grey Wind, as your body started freezing for the water become cold.  

– You know, – the girl added, – I think he likes you too-

Suddenly Grey Wind straightened up pointing at the door. You could hear a scratching sound and a whine.

– Nymeria! – Arya shouted out running to the door and opening it.

The direwolf trotted in happy to see her little owner, then barked at her brother Grey Wind that answered with an acute and long howling.

– Oh, perfect… – you whispered, setting the finished embroidery down on the floor and getting out of the tub.

At the same time you stood up, Grey Wind hushed up and jumped off the bed. You were looking for your towels as your eyes followed him and ended up setting on Robb.

Robb, standing there. At your door. In that very moment. Looking at your naked body.

– Seven Hells – he gasped, completely unable to find other words.

Arya gaped at the scene.

You just screamed, Grey Wind and Nymeria howling along too.


Link to the next chapter —> Here  :)

Hello everyone!

This is my very first one shot!

English is not my first language so, if I made any mistake, feel free to contact and tell me!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it! :D

A Sea Witch’s Peace Bath

This is a little spell I came up with intuitively with what I had lying around. 

What I used:

  • White candle (tea light is best. You’ll need one that can float)
  • Moon Water in a bowl
  • Aquamarine (multiple pieces) *the idea here is to surround yourself in a certain energy. Aquamarine just makes me feel connected to the sea. This can be changed subjective to the witch. Any crystal you have a lot of/feel strongly connected to, you can use. As long as it holds positive, peaceful meaning to you.
  • Plenty of sea shells (to be placed around the bath. Have them in a container beforehand)
  • Sea Salt/Pink salt/Regular salt (whatever you have access to)
  • Your favourite incense (optional)
  • Extra candles for a relaxing affect, calming music (optional)

Some Optional tips I thought worth mentioning:

  • My sea deity is Yemaya. I always ask for her blessing during bath rites and spells. For this, I light a blue candle and evoke her energy. You can do this with this spell with whichever deity/sea deity you connect to.
  • For me, to really feel the peaceful affects of this spell, I do a little meditation. And yes, in the bath tub. Now, a word of caution! I can easily stay meditative in the tub, because: A) I am hella tall! my legs stop me from sinking downward when I’m relaxing. B) I am able to stay conscious of my body, and comfortable enough that I can meditate in the bath and still stay awake. So please, be very careful if you wish to meditate in the bath! Now, the meditation I like to do is just to close my eyes for a few minutes and imagine myself at the beach, swimming (as a merman through the reef), being on the beach during a sunset. Whatever I feel will help me feel internally peaceful.
  • Add some essential oils. I, unfortunately, have two. Yes, TWO. Lavender (which I use to help me sleep) and Rosemary, for multi usage. Oil is expensive in the suburbs D:
  • The incantations used below can be altered to your liking. I thought they’d be useful, as they rhyme and I find that rhyming spells are much easier to remember and say as you visualise.
  • Feel free to add any bubble baths, bath bombs, bubble bars etc. Whatever’s gonna add to the energy of the sea for you, to relax you! 

Let’s get down to bathing!

Preferably, I like to sink myself before this spell. (Sinking is the alternative to grounding, connecting to the ocean’s energies) So, if you feel you need to take in some energy and cleanse your internal flow, do so now.

In a bowl or container, have the aquamarine (or crystals of preference) and seashells. Visualise any colour energy flowing into the objects from you, place your hand over the bowl. Empower them, send them energy, as you say:

“Healing Power of the sea, I call upon thee,
give these shells and stones your strength,
to surround me in light and peace” 

Have the sea salt in a bowl/container. Again, empower the sea salt. Say:

“Healing powers of the sea,
peace, healing and purification is given from thee.
Blessed sea salt, bring me peace,
And as I bathe, set me free.
Heal me well and good,
Take away that which makes me feel stuck!” 

Run your bath, add your sea salt to the water. Visualise the salt adding cleansing and healing properties to the water as you pour/sprinkle it in.

Take the t-light, hold it in your power/dominant hand, send white light into it and say:

“White light of flame and moon,
Shine around me now, 
to instil the peace that will ensue!”

Place it in the bowl of moon water, light the candle. Visualise the light is releasing the soothing energy of the moon around you, through the candle. 

Place the shells, stones, candle, extras etc around the bathtub on the rim. Play some nice, chilled music. Maybe some ocean sounds or, if you’d like a suggestion, I love Eivor. She’s an amazing artist with a beautiful voice!

Relax and enjoy. You could even empower your favourite incense to bring you comfort, peace, calm etc as it burns whilst you’re near it.

I hope this is helpful! Being a landlocked sea witch, bath magick is my go-to to feel relaxed and connected to the ocean. Also I like to meditate on the sea’s energy and surround myself with ocean imagery. Happy bathing! <3

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We Know Pirates Stink, But Come On!

by Vetica Fuller

Ah yes, dear reader. It seems you have discovered the dark secret of the Straw Hat crew. I can say, from throughout much of my time researching them and a very reliable informant, that the Straw Hat’s captain and first-mate only bathe once a week, despite all the sweat and grease and food that gets onto their bodies. This has left the famous captain Monkey D. Luffy with, apparently, the permanent smell of meat and, his almost equally famous hand, Roronoa Zoro smelling like whatever swords smell like.

Other members of the Straw Hat crew do not suffer this same aversion to hygiene. According to my source, Nico Robin bathes every day and always smells of flowers. Even the crew’s shipwright, “Iron Man” Franky, bathes at least once every three days to rid himself of any dirty grease.

All this writer has to say is, “If you are reading this Zoro or Luffy, please take a bath!”

It is the recommendation of the World Government that, if you come across any dark haired youths smelling of rancid meat, you should inform your nearest marine base immediately.

(((Written at request from @grapesandgold:  “ Please write a short column about the rumored bathing habits of the Strawhats, and how they smell according to the SBS.” )))

maxis-shitshack  asked:

Hi there! I'm somewhat new to witchcraft, and I wanted to know: are there options for witches who aren't allowed to buy anything, go anywhere, do anything, or make anything, and can only really read about it? Thanks!

but of course :)

the first thing that comes to mind is sigil and symbol magick

in short, a sigil is a symbol of power - usually one that is made by combining letters from a sentence that represents your intent (remove the repeated letters and vowels and voila!). 

you can draw sigils or symbols in inconspicuous places and hide them, throw them away, flush them down the toilet, whatever. (please don’t ruin your plumbing by flushing entire sheets of paper down the toilet) a common way to use sigils is to create it, and then either dispose of it or hide it to forget about it so it can manifest in your subconscious.

the other thing is bath magick. bath magick is so easy that i literally do it every day. the ingredients and scent of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap is likely made from some kind of fruit, flower, herb, whatever. find out the correspondences of those ingredients and use them to your advantage. 

glamours - a glamour is a spell meant to alter the perception of others. so that means you can put a glamour on anything: yourself, your car, your cat, idk. the idea is to make something appear differently to others. glamours can be done with very little ingredients - sometimes your intent is all you need. 

kitchen magick - incorporate magick into your cooking! once again, find the magickal correspondences to the various ingredients in a meal and make a spell out of it! 

meditation, grounding, and centering - meditation is generally used to achieve a state of relaxation, where the mind is free from clutter and stress. grounding is an exercise used to dispel and release negative energy from yourself. and centering is using energy to focus on a specific task. these are pretty easy to do in the comfort of your own bedroom. 

energy work - this one can be done anywhere with no tools whatsoever. it relies heavily on visualization and the ability to sense energy. 

check my tags list for information on these topics!

i hope this gives you a place to start. :) good luck!

Homework - Jungkook (Smut) Warnings: BDSM, Sexual Content, Strong Language

Reader’s P.O.V

‘X^2 - 4x + c = 0, where the equation has only one solution… Find the value of c.’

“Is that even fucking possible?!” I cursed as I read the third question I had to do for my math homework. The questions given to us were ridiculously hard that even someone who’s majored in math, can barely answer.

“What’s not possible?” I recognized the voice immediately, it belonged to my boyfriend of three years. Jeon Jungkook.

“This stupid math question. It makes no fucking sense. What’s worse is that I’ve been doing the goddamned homework for over two hours now and I’m only on the third question and the shithead of a teacher wants it in first period tomorrow!” I exclaimed, throwing my pencil on the ground. “I give up. I can’t do this shit. Like who the fuck would use this in the outside world? A murderer is gonna try kill you, it’s not like you’re gonna say ‘With the power of triangles, I shall destroy you’.” I complained, running my hand through my hair in frustration. “Argh, but if I don’t do it, he’s gonna blow his nuts. Fuck. My. Life.” I groaned into the palms of my hand, I suddenly felt arms slithering itself across my waist, and a hand placing the pencil I dropped, onto my desk before roaming the sides of my torso.

“If you don’t wanna do homework, I know something else you could do instead…” His voice dropped an octave and his breath tickled my ear, but me being the stubborn person I am, refused to give in to him. Bad. Idea.

“Fuck off, Jungkook. I need to finish this.” I shook him off, he eventually let go. He huffed angrily and walked out, slamming the door behind him, making me wince before sighing and returning to my godforsaken homework that Satan decided to give me.

Hours later, I managed to complete the homework…with minor distractions. “Jung-fucking-kook. I have no fucking idea what that brain of yours is thinking, but if you could please keep the fuck down, I’d appreciate that very much.” I yelled to him, I heard footsteps and a knock on my door as I rested my head on my folded arms on top of my closed math textbook.

“Jagiya…” I groaned at him, letting him know that I wasn’t in the mood for whatever scheme he had. “Jagiya, I ran a bath for you…please, go in and relax yourself.“ I reluctantly dragged myself towards the bathroom, whilst undressing, I had a sneaky suspicion that this was just another scheme of his, but I brushed it off. After stripping off all my clothing, I climbed into the bath tub and slowly lowered myself to a sitting position and relaxed. I’m not going to lie, it felt so good. No homework. No people. No noise. No distrac-

“How does that feel, jagiya?” I moaned quietly under his fingertips, his soft hands massaging my shoulders. So much for distractions. He continued to massage his way lower and lower, until they reached my waist. Not realizing I had closed my eyes, I opened them to find him somehow behind me, legs either side and hands now rested around my waist. How did I not notice him coming in?

“When did you get in?”

“A while ago,” He breathed in my ear, I shivered at the feeling and he smirked, knowing that he was the one to cause it rather than the cool air. Somehow, I knew that relaxing alone in the bath would be too good to be true. At that moment, he started nibbling on my ear lobe and moved his hand downwards to my clit and rubbed gently.

I leaned my head back against his shoulder and let out a quiet moan, “Argh, y-you little shit. You planned t-this…” I said hoarsely, trying to push down my moans, not wanting to show him that he got through me.

“Maybe…but admit it,” He said, then leaned downwards towards my ear, “You need it…” He whispered huskily, I brought my hand up to my mouth and bit it, hard, trying to contain my moans. He growled at this, not liking the resistance. Suddenly, he stood up, hands removed from my clit and on my hips to pull me up with him. I almost whimpered at the loss of contact at my throbbing clit, almost.

“What are you doing?” I asked, he arched his brow at me, taken back by my sudden confidence.

“To my playroom.” My eyes widened behind him as he grabbed my arm and pulled me along, roughly. Although my eyes had fear, my body had been driven mad by absolute pleasure. Once we reached his ‘playroom’, which essentially was just his (our) bedroom, he flung me onto the bed. He gave me a look, warning me not to move an inch. I gulped, slightly too loud, but I refused to obey. I swung my legs over the bed to stand up, but he saw. He yanked the box of toys out and pushed towards the bed before grabbing my arm and once again, threw me onto the bed. I could feel myself getting more and more aroused at his dominance, but my stubbornness was pushing the boundaries. “Arms up.” He instructed. I shook my head. He let out a low growl and gave me a warning glare. “Put your fucking arms out now, (y/n), or I swear to fucking god, you won’t be able to fucking walk tomorrow, let alone get up. And that’s a fucking promise.” I whimpered quietly, yet no matter how hard I tried to obey him, my body decided to test the limits. By now, his eyes were shooting knives at me, I’d be dead by now if it were possible to do that. “GET YOUR FUCKING ARMS UP!” He barked at me, his body radiating somewhere between lust and anger. I whimpered, throwing my hands up above my head, to which he held onto tightly and wrapped a belt around.

He secured my arms above my head, to the bed post, then took out a blindfold. “Fuck no.” I hissed at him, he knew that I hated/loved it when I couldn’t see what was going on around me. 

“Fuck yes. I am in charge here. I gave you your fucking chance, now just fucking deal with your punishment.” With that said, he tied the blindfold around my eyes. With my sight taken away, I could only rely on my touch to find him. But the closest I got to where he was, was off the bed, stripping off his clothing. The last of his clothes came off and I felt the bed dip and then the weight was lifted. Footsteps walked away and out of the room, what the hell?

“J-Jungkook?” I called out feebly, suddenly, a breath tickled my ear, making me squirm.

“You called?” A hand came in contact to my right breast, stinging it, yet giving me pleasure. “You are not to move an inch. Understood?” I didn’t respond, which earned me punishment, again. He slapped my breast, harder this time, I let out a yelp which turned into a moan. “Do you fucking understand?” I nodded furiously. He moved away from me and retrieved something on the bed stand beside the bed. I gasped loudly when a cold cube of ice came in contact with my neck, he slapped my breast again. “You never learn, do you? Don’t. Fucking. Move.” He continued his actions, moving the ice down my chest and circling each breast. At one point, I felt his lips too. Then, he brought the cube down to my stomach and then slowly, very slowly, dragged it down to my throbbing lower region, making me moan and raise my hips. A hand forcefully pushed my hips down and pushed the ice cube against my clit, leaving it there whilst he moved back to my upper torso. 

He seemed to be studying me for a bit, before moving back down. Two hands separated my legs and he softly blew onto my clit, I squirmed beneath him, only to be held in place. “You are not to cum until I tell you to.” He wasn’t asking this time, he was telling. If I disobeyed him this time then I’d probably receive a worse punishment than before…but who was I to ruin the fun? 

He returned himself to my lower region, he took his time, licking from bottom to top. I bit down on my lip to restrain myself from moaning, he didn’t like that, not one bit. “My my, someone’s being very bad today. Let’s see if we can get those pretty lips of yours to make a sound…” Without leaving me much time to prepare, he shoved two fingers into me. I shut my lips tightly, forcing down the moan, threatening to come out. He noticed this, so he started nibbling and licking my clit. I managed to hold out for a while, but he started getting frustrated, I could sense it. I knew I went too far with the resistance this time, as did he. His pent up rage finally released when he, unknowingly to me, took out his fingers and released his mouth from my clit and pushed his cock into me. 

“J-Jungkook….” I cried out in pleasure, moans falling effortlessly from my mouth, but it stopped when he did. 

“What?” I whimpered at his tone, “What do you want? Tell me, baby girl. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.” His tone was teasing yet husky, he wanted me to beg. 


“You what? Tell me, princess.” He whispered into my ear, then moved down to suck on my neck. 

I moaned loudly, “I-I, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, oppa…” I could feel the cocky asshole smirk at this, he felt smug about himself for making me beg. That. Little. Shit. He’s gonna fucking get it.

“With pleasure.” He suddenly bucked his hips into mine at a fast pace, making me moan loudly. His hands moved up to remove my blindfold, letting me soak in what I hadn’t been able to see for this whole time. His chest was heaving heavily, sweat forming on his abs, his V line trailed perfectly down to his cock. I moaned more at the sight, tilting my head back. He reached up to undo my restraints and I sighed inwardly, finally being able to have something to grab onto. I wrapped my arms on to his back, on his shoulders, nails digging into it at the immense pleasure. 

He roughly slammed his cock in and out of me, grunting and groaning at the feeling. Intentionally, I tightened my walls around him, almost making him collapse on top of me. “(y/n), fuck…” He moaned. Soon, we were both a bunch of moaning messes until we finally came, not that that would end anything. 

“J-Jungkook…” I moaned, relaxing a little as I came. He too moaned my name as he reached his point, but all too soon, he grabbed my hips, making me go on all fours before pushing into my ass. “Fuck, oppa…” I moaned, trying to steady myself. He wrapped one arm around my waist, to my clit and rubbed hard and quick. “F-fuck, I can’t take it, oppa. It’s too m-much…” I cried out, despite the pleasure it gave me. Soon, my second climax of the day reached its point and I came again, as did he. We collapsed onto the bed, tiredly, trying to catch out breaths. 

I turned to face him, almost wanting him to take me again as I devoured his face that was twisted in pleasure. “You little shit. I have school tomorrow!” I groaned, slapping his chest. 

“Sorry, princess…” He chuckled lightly as he kissed my forehead. I only whined at him because all parts of my lower region ached, and it was all his fault. Not that I’m complaining. “You could always call in sick and spend the rest of the day with me…it’s not like you can walk anyways…” I gasped loudly, laughed and then moved to hit him, but I winced at the sudden soreness taking over as I moved, in which he laughed at.

“Dick…” I muttered, loud enough for him to hear. 

“Sorry, jagiya.” He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me, making me smile and forgive him, for now…

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Helloooo, sorry it took so long to write this! Remember that if you have any requests, just ask and I’ll try to write it in my free time :) 

(Requested by @naughtymaknaes , sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind)

momo-no-aware  asked:

Pancake is so lucky to have received such incredible care right up until the very end. You’re an incredible owner and should be very proud. Please do something extra nice for yourself soon. ❤️

Thank you ♥ I have the day off from work, so just planning to hang out & do whatever seems most appealing to distract/comfort myself. Options include Lush bath melt bath, playing games, going to park for Pokemon Go, reading, or just sleeping/hibernating. And going to my partners’ house tonight for extra cuddles & love. ♥

[Translation] Please, Kuroko-Sensei (Aokuro DJ)

Having some aokuro feels lately and decided to do a rough translation of this cute and funny dj by Inumog.

Disclaimer: I make no profit from this. Just doing this from a fan to fans. Please do not use my pictures or translation without permission. Please support the author Inumog whenever possible, sensei draws really beautiful aokuro and general knb stuffs really.

Warning: Police uniform & apron kink ahead!

Title: Onegai Kuroko Sensei (Please, Kuroko-Sensei)

Page 1


Ao: I’m back ~

Kuro: Welcome back. (Good job at work). Bath is already warmed up.

Ao: Oh - in that case, I’ll get in now.

[rustle, drop]

Page 2


Ao: Hey Tetsu

Ao: This is the apron you wear at work, right? Won’t you put it on for a bit now?

Kuro: ….why do you want me to? (he’s butt naked…)

Page 3

Kuro: Also please don’t take things out of the laundry basket.


Ao: I want to see Tetsu wearing this. Come on it’s not a big deal right?

Kuro: ….somehow, I don’t want to.

Ao: Why!?

Ao: It’s not fair that you always see me in my uniform?

Kuro: It’s not the issue here.

Kuro: Please stop staying these unreasonable things and get in the bath. You’re gonna catch a cold.

Ao: Eh - in that case

Ao: If you put this on, I’ll get in that bath - So, please Kuroko-sensei.

Page 4

Kuro: Haa….

Kuro: Nothing to get excited about even if you see me in this

Ao: That’s so not true ~


Ao: Oohh ~ you can feel the aura of ‘Kuroko-sensei’

Kuro: …. I am Kuroko-sensei

Page 5

Ao: Somehow, hearing you say ‘I am Kuroko-sensei’ is very nice, say it one more time ~

Kuro: Are you an idiot?

Ao: The one who calls others ‘idiot’ is an idiot, Kuroko-sensei

Kuro: Ah whatever, please just get in the bath.


Kuro: Aomine-kun?

Ao: ….my first time seeing Tetsu like this, and it really suits you.

Page 6

Kuro: Thank you, in that case…

Ao: Ha - …. it’s not fair that those kindergarten kids have Tetsu as their sensei

Kuro: what the hell are you saying….

Ao: Umm - …

Kuro: What is it…?

Kuro: this… I guess this is what they call spoiling the kid? (and still butt naked…)

Page 7

Kuro: … come on, be a good kid and let’s get in the bath?

Kuro: you promised to do so just now?

Ao: Would Sensei also get in with me?

Kuro: Daiki-kun is a big kid so you can take the bath by yourself, right?


Kuro; Hey, come on ….

Kuro: What are you pressing against me? please stop it ~ (<— lol sensei, you know what it is :3)

Page 8

Ao: Hm, it’s Tetsu’s fault just now ~ (calling me Daiki-kun …)


Kuro: Wait


Page 9

Kuro: What are you doing… come on…

Ao: Hm - … I’m trying to make Kuroko-sensei mine

Page 10


[snuggle snuggle]

Kuro: Wait…

Kuro: I said no, stop!!

Page 11

Ao: Ah - this is bad…

Ao: Can’t get enough of being scolded by Kuroko-sensei … could become a habit

[grin grin]

Kuro: ….. (lol at his ‘i’m-so-done-with-this-shit-aomine-kun’ look)

Kuro: Bad kids who don’t keep their promise with Sensei deserve a beating on their bottoms. That will also become habit, understand? (also it’ll be easy for a beating since you’re already naked~)

[whoosh, whoosh]

Ao: No, actually it’s fine not to take that far ~

Kuro: So, hurry and get in the bath…

Page 12

Kuro: and what are you still doing? I told you, please stop this. (so persistent)

[grind grind]

Ao: Um, how should I say this… it’s kinda begging me to put my hands through here ~

Ao: you get me?

Kuro: I do not understand.

Ao: Eh -

Ao: That’s right, Tetsu -

Ao: Since you’re already in this get up, let me also see you take your clothes off and just wear an apron ~

Kuro: … what crap are you sprouting?

Ao: If you do that, it’ll be the greatest sight. (too perfect, u get me.)

Kuro: ….. 

Page 13

Ao: Come on - no big deal right? Please, Kuroko-sensei ~

Kuro: One moment acting like a kid, and like a old man next, what game are you playing….?

Kuro: ….anyway, let’s try this out.

Ao: For real!?

[rustle, take off]

[thump thump]

Page 14

Kuro: …..

Kuro: Eh—um, very questionable?

Ao: you’re right.

[water running]

Kuro: [he’s singing a song from CM (advertisement)]

Page 15

Kuro: Haa…. honestly

Page 16

Kuro: …. although I think it suits you better when you’re in your uniform, Aomine-kun.

Ao: I want to make Kuroko-sensei mine ~

Page 17

Kuro: What a troublesome Mr. Policeman….


Aomine-kun becomes butt-naked as soon as the story starts, and since it already started out like that even though there’s not much setting around it, It was fun to draw AoKuro being lovey dovey like that! Thank you very much for reading!

Fujino, Marumo

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This dj hits all my kinks. Give me all the police aomine and apron kuroko ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ Thank you Inumog-sensei and again please support her work. Hope you guys enjoy reading (ᗒᏬᗕ) ˡ̵˖✮⃛

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